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Is MCA helping DAP to win Johor?

Asking Umno to look in the mirror, an MCA bureau secretary yesterday derided the BN Malay party for losing three Parliament seats loaned it by the BN Chinese party in the last election.

Gelang Patah was lost by Umno’s then caretaker Johor MB in 2013 with “a skyrocketing thumping majority”, said Chris Daniel Wong, adding that Kuantan and Wangsa Maju as well had been lost by Umno with bigger majorities compared to MCA’s marginal loss of the two seats in 2008.

Chris Daniel Wong is secretary of MCA’s bureau for Religious Harmony.

See, ‘Umno yang kalah teruk PRU13, bukan kami, kata MCA’ (FMT, 24 Aug 2016)

(Note: Chris Daniel Wong sounds like a Christian name. Are the evangelistas now in the process of taking over MCA too?

johor flag flying

In his media statement, Chris Daniel Wong mocked how Umno had borrowed MCA’s seats only for its Malay candidates to be soundly defeated.

He also gave a reminder that MCA had stood by Umno when the latter was going through a difficult period in 1969, 1988, 1999 and including “the recent crisis following the departure of top big shots from Umno”.

(Note: It is inaccurate for Chris Daniel Wong to term their parting of ways with Umno as a “departure”. The truth is Muhyiddin and Muhriz were sacked and expelled. On the other hand, MCA will not be sacked or expelled from the BN but the party needs to seriously consider its voluntary departure.)

Chris Daniel Wong additionally reminded Umno that Twitter research outfit Politweet recently estimated Umno to have already lost 12 percent of BN Malay support in Johor.

DAP’s intention of winning Johor – which has a large number of Chinese voters including those working in Singapore – is no secret. The evangelical party election strategists have admitted that Johor is the key to attaining federal power.

Against the backdrop of DAP setting its sights on this cornerstone state, MCA is picking a fight with Umno and disrupting BN preparations to defend Johor in GE14.

Do not be surprised when MCA decides to sabotage BN should Umno not return the ‘borrowed’ Gelang Patah, or if some electoral reshuffling occurs that takes away a few critical Malay-majority seats squandered by the MCA losers.

BELOW: Lim Kit Siang and former MCA president Ling Liong Sik hand in hand

DAP MCA Kit Siang Liong Sik

Updated: 6.20pm

The Catholic Church of Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur today consented to plans to demolish the St Joseph’s Chapel in Brehma Estate, by the Kajang municipal council.

This is because the chapel has not been in use since the 1980s, Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Julian Leow said in a statement.

Most of the chapel structure has crumbled over time and the remains are now deemed to be an illegal structure on a road reserve, the church said. — Malaysiakini

Chinese unity while Malays are increasingly fragmented

Knowing that Najib Razak is under attack by various quarters, MCA joins in the fray by snapping its jaws at his party. MCA’s behaviour is becoming more and more indistinguishable from DAP.

Of late, MCA has been taking a belligerent stance on issues pertaining to Islam.

Another deviation from its previous restraint is the MCA now acting like a clone of the DAP in defending Christians.

The deputy chairman of MCA’s bureau for Religious Harmony Ng Chok Sin yesterday took to task the local council in Kajang for attempting to demolish St Joseph church.

Ng Chok Sin called the attempted church demolition by MPKJ as an “unscrupulous and crass” action.

Why is MCA inciting hatred against the local authority without first ascertaining the facts of the matter?

The contractor’s workers who went to St Joseph with their heavy machinery were acting on a valid notice issued by the council. In trying to appear as a champion of Christian rights, MCA is subverting the intent of the MPKJ order.

In the past, it was safe to say that the MCA was a Chinese party dominated by the Buddhists. This element of Buddhist preeminence in the MCA seems to be changing fast.

Day by day, MCA is turning into a mirror image of the evangelical DAP. The evangelista juggernaut rolls on as Malays fight among themselves.


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13 thoughts on “Is MCA helping DAP to win Johor?

    1. If DAP thinks that the sultan is like most malays espcially in Penang then they must be out of their mind . In Penang LGE would not stop stuffing the fat bellies of these malays with ‘dedak’ until they submit to his whims and fancies unconditionally. Try to do this to the sultan and he would surely get a bloody noose.

  1. CD Wong is too stupid to just rely solely on Politweet to say that BN has lost 12% of Malay votes. That social media firm cannot capture the true picture of Malay support for BN or UMNO in the Malay heartlands of Johore. Bet he doesn’t even understand the Malay dynamics in Pagoh itself. MCA simply has lost it & will soon be rendered inconsequential anyway.

    1. The other fella similarly made a boo-boo about the situation with St Joseph’s chapel.

      CD and CS must be evangelistas.


  2. Neither MCA nor DAP nor UMNO is relevant to Johor. Bangsa Johor already has a Sultan and his Crown Prince. More than sufficient to run the state including JDT.

  3. Ghani Othman loss cannot be blamed solely on the Chinese tsunami. Just like the saying there cannot be two tigers on the mountain, you cannot have Ghani Othman and Khalid Nordin together less it leads to factionalism. Thus, Ghani Othman was the sacrificial lamb sent to his political death in Gelang Patah.

    He himself must have sensed it when UMNO supporters sensing Khalid Nordin was odds on to be the next Menteri Besar was ambivalent campaigning for Ghani Othman. Ghani Othman ran a lack lustre campaign. Many of his events hardly had the crowd or support from the Malays. In fact, many who had an axe against him for his close connection with Lim Kang Ho, who during the time was labelled the de facto Menteri Besar also wanted had made up their mind to ensure he lost.

    Granted, the majority Chinese voted Lim Kit Siang but a big percentage of Malay voters abandoned Ghani Othman.

    1. Norman,

      No. If you analyse the vote count, then you will realise that Ghani too got decent votes. and the votes he got roughly tallied with Malay percentage of 39% of total voters in Gelang Patah.

      The truth is that almost entire Chinese voters including those from MCA voted Kit Siang in.All because they were really convinced UMNO would have crumbled away.

      But the government they rejected “hold to the fort” and instead they are out of the government.

      The last PRU13 shows that even without Chinese votes, UMNO still can rules the state (Johor) and even Malaysia.

    1. RBA alert

      What has the above video got to do with MCA helping or not helping DAP to win Johor?

      For the record, some Islamophobes have been trying to spam my blog of late.

      The way these haters keep digging up this kind of video clips just goes to show how focused their campaign is to denigrate the ultra fundamentalist Muslims.

      1. Maybe this is an example of how malays become fragmented? Malays are fragmented into secular and Arabised Malays. Even the Sultan of Johor mentioned that he is not in favour of arabic terms what more arabic culture as in the clip.
        How else then do you define Malay fragmentation?
        In your eagerness to hit out at DAP, please do not forget feminism in general. Showing obvious oppression of women in the name of Islam is not Islamophobic, it is just the right secular thing to do.
        If these men think its okay to force women to act like this, it is just the next step to beheading as a past time.
        The only thing that is fragmenting the Malays is religion. Secular G25, Sisters in Islam, UMNO Ghazali Shafie, Tunku etc and reclusive and literal islam like PAS, Perkasa, Harusaini women must submit to sex even on camel, etc you get the idea.
        Just simple fragmentation.
        But the subjugation of women is part of religion even Christianity Catholics which explains why in Ireland today, women must die rather than have abortion.
        Maybe you should remember the fundamentalist Muslims denigrate you in their secret heart haha…
        The ISIS sure dont need your holier than thou attitude. They are holier than you..

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