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The motherland — checklist

Which boxes do Malaysian Chinese tick?

China map

CHINA: Majority race — Han

  • Yup

   NAME: Chinese names

  • Yup

√   LANGUAGE: Speak putonghua (Mandarin) & Chinese dialects

  • Yup

√   RELIGION: Chinese folk religion & Taoism

  • Yup

√   DRESSING: Modern

  • Yup

√   CULTURE: Chinese customs

  • Yup

√   ENTERTAINMENT: Chinese music/songs, Chinese movies/drama serials

  • Yup

√   FOOD: Chinese cooking, use chopsticks

  • Yup

√   SPORTS: Cheer for Lin Dan

  • Yup

√   NATIONAL SYMBOLS: Anthem & Flag

  • Imitation is the highest form of flattery

Doesn’t the J-Star ‘s Bintang Lima logo look remarkably like the five-starred flag of China?

Star logo flag wave

China flag wave 150p


500 miles

If you miss the train I’m on
You will know that I am gone
You can hear the whistle blow, a hundred miles

A hundred miles, a hundred miles
A hundred miles, a hundred miles
You can hear the whistle blow, a hundred miles

Not a shirt on my back
Not a penny to my name
And the land that I once loved is not my own

Lord I’m one, Lord I’m two
Lord I’m three, Lord I’m four
Lord I’m five hundred miles away from home

A hundred tanks along the square
One man stands and stops them there
Someday soon the tide will turn and I’ll be free

I’ll be free, I’ll be free
I’ll come home to my country
Someday soon the tide will turn and I’ll be free

Lord I’m one, Lord I’m two
Lord I’m three, Lord I’m four
Lord I’m five hundred miles away from home

I’ll be free, I’ll be free
I’ll come home to my country
Lord I’m five hundred miles away from home

Woo hoo hoo hooo woo hoo hoo hooo
You can hear the whistle blow, five hundred miles
Five hundred miles away from home

How Malaysian are the Chinese living in this country?

 Malaysia map

Majority race — Malay

  • Nope

   NAME: Malaysian names (like the Thais and Indonesians)

  • Nope

   LANGUAGE: Speak bahasa Malaysia

  • Nope

   RELIGION: Islam

  • Nope

  DRESSING: Hijab, tutup aurat

  • Urm?

?  CULTURE: What is a Malaysian custom (?)

  • Err?

?   ENTERTAINMENT: Namewee (?)

  • “I am a Malaysian First because I eat Nasi Lemak”

   FOOD: Nasi lemak only (?)  Eat with hands

  • Nope (not every Dapster)

?   SPORTS: Cheer for Chong Wei (?)

  • Cakap hormat, bikin tak hormat … but Subang Jaya is forcing shops to fly the flag (was it Hannah Yeoh’s idea?)

ℵ   Respect Negaraku & Jalur Gemilang



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26 thoughts on “The motherland — checklist

  1. The more the “No” answer to second question the more easier and straighforward the decision making process is. Imaging someone who has many “nos” is applying for JPA scholarship – will he or she get it? No, not in the slightest chance. The same applies to businesses, licenses, permits, APs, etc. In fact the the chances of someone taking a one-way ticket out increases as the number of “no” increases. Again, very good for population control. Therefore keep saying “no”.

    1. The DAP evangelistas are not very Chinese. In China, they would be social outcasts viewed with suspicion, esp. if they tried to establish their two renminbi evangelical churches underground.

      Don’t forget that Beijing is freaked out by China’s own hallelujah flock. No element of “racism” (favourite accusation of the Dapsters) over there as it’s Chinese officials taking stern action against Chinese religious cultists.

      The Malay authorities here are too tidak apa.

      1. Ms H. Modernization and capitalism will de-tribalize the Chinese anywhere in the World. We have seen this before our own eyes in Malaysia. The money grasping of these self-created unconventional Christian religions through multiple RM2 tax free incorporated churches hasten the process of de-tribalization until he or she only looks Chinese but completely hollow with no cultural ballast inside. Like those types who appear in your Blog regularly. They even run down the National Anthem and Flag. This degree of brainwashing can only be self-destructive. A socio-anthropological study of the different types of Chinese in Malaysia, before, now and the future would be interesting.

      2. Helen,

        re : “there as it’s Chinese officials taking stern action against Chinese religious cultists. ”

        As I understand it, Chinese officials only take action against ANY “religious cultists” who are not officially registered.

        It is the same here in Malaysia.

        It is an insult to Malaysian authorities to suggest that they are not doing their work.

        1. re: “As I understand it, Chinese officials only take action against ANY ‘religious cultists’…”

          So far it is only the evangelical churches that have been bulldozed in a spate of demolitions.

          re: “It is the same here in Malaysia. It is an insult to Malaysian authorities to suggest that they are not doing their work.”

          Malaysian religious authorities only monitor deviant Muslim cults. The Jerusubang ‘churches’ are left to do as they please. Perhaps the SB monitors but they’re police, not religious authorities.

      1. HY. Good question. The British brought into Malaya many different clans of Chinese. Outside of China, Malaysia has the most number of clans. Do you know that the Government forms produced by the British always ask about what dialect a Chinese speak ? These British were smart. They used to send police cadres to Swatow, Canton and Xiamen for 6 months to study the lingo. On return, they were placed in the Special Branch and thereafter, they might end up in the Protector of the Chinese Office, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Penang. Protector is an euphemism.
        These offices were situated next to the Chinatowns to keep a baleful eye on the activities of the Chinese in the 1st half of the 20th century when mainland Chinese left or right politics were imported together with the influx of Chinese. By 1931, Governor Clementi put a stop to the unrestricted flow of the Chinese. What constitute a Chinese ? My answer is as good as yours. The Chinese in the World whether he or she in Jamaica, Chile, Mauritius, Zambia, Solomon Islands, Seychelles, Calcutta etc are the same inside. They still hold the virtues handed down generations. But the lot in Malaysia seem to discard these virtues as something alien and embrace something even more alien. Malaysian Chinese are in transition now faster than ever. And they need to be studied concurrently on a socio-anthropological basis. This would be most interesting. I have seen a black or blonde Jew. I have yet to see a black or blonde Chinese even though ex-Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Julius Chan might qualify. In Malaysia, the Chinese seem to change inside but not the outside !

        1. uncle, my view slightly diff, i think chinese msian preserve the most “chineseness” among all the diaspora (taiwan, hk n macau not really one), even more than the anglo spore, but ours is southern chinese trait n culture, thus might not comparable to todays china common way of living, n of course we were immensely influenced by the malay, indian n the west.

          do u think we shd do without such custom? or adopt a new one? helen mentioned msia custom, but i have no idea what is that.

          1. re: “helen mentioned msia custom, but i have no idea what is that”

            Helen was quoting the bangsa Anak Malaysia credo.

            A person’s degree of Malaysian-ness can be measured by how much love he/she publicly professes for Nasi Lemak. The more Nasi Lemak the individual eats, the more patriotic he/she is perceived to be.

            1. thats a good one lol.

              but i love nasi lemak, i take every weekend until doctor told me to stop, totally. i still take, chng to nasi putih, a bit odd when i order, nasi lemak, tapi bagi i nasi putih, the makcik do without the sampal n i protest, she comment in a perplexing manner, saya ingat kamu tak mahu nasi lemak? its a no no nasi putih with sampal? not malasianness enough? wakaka

          2. HY. Since we are Chinese, we are Chinese of 5,000 years evolution. If not, we would not be around. Instinctively, it is not easy for a Chinese to change into an Indian for example even under dire duress. I discovered that there were Chinatowns in Bombay and Calcutta in 1942. And a Chinese restaurant up 7,000 ft in the Himalayas, Mussoorie, UP. It is fairly certain that these Chinese are still there. Of course, some Chinese would assimilate like other people either for love or money, naturally. But it is a trait of the Chinese that they remember their ancestors. This is one reason why there should be no fear of being pushed into a corner by others especially if the vernacular Chinese schools evolve in tune with national demands or aspirations. They should definitely remain to provide a choice. The Chinese are the most law abiding people in the World. There is nothing for others to fear just because they love to work. I have no qualms in sending my children and grandchildren to the National Schools because I know that if I want to speak Mandarin , I can do it in 3 months. They all came out tops in Bahasa Melayu. I used to speak Hindi, Urdu, Anglo Indian English but this did not change me into an Indian. I think I am still Chinese. A rose is a rose.

        2. Mister AK, you said, “But the lot in Malaysia seem to discard these virtues as something alien and embrace something even more alien.”

          Our lot in Malaysia, many are unschooled in Chinese classics and the traditional three-as-one religion. Enjoying bak kut teh, relishing mahjong and speaking cantonese don’t make you a Chinese. Even some Indians could do that. I suspect, the romantic idea of guerilla Chin Peng and Mao superiority still with the old people and infecting the young – because now China is emergent. All very materialistic together with the mass consumerism – twisted from the Way of the heaven and earth.

          Kung Tze said: “A gentleman, in his plans, ponders the Way; he does not think how he is going to make a living. Even in farming sometimes there is a shortage of harvest; and even learning may incidentally bring forth a salary. A gentleman is concerned with the progress of the Way – he is not anxious about poverty.”

          1. Even for those who do follow – mostly just go through the motions of the rituals without much deep understanding of the philosophy.

            This shallow knowledge makes them susceptible to the ups and downs of life and thus, easy to manipulate with propaganda.

            1. We suffer but not wondering what suffering is all about. We live without concern for the certain dying ahead. We desire this and despise that – never pondering the nature of our instinct and our aspiration. We can’t enjoy the sailing white clouds in the blue sky after the rains drenched the green earth. Too much entertainment to idle away our time. And the economy is tough these days – but how easy should it get before we see through meaning of life?

          2. Kung. Sir, You are of course correct in a way because the spectrum of human behaviour is so wide. I thought I have seen it all but to my surprise there is more to come. Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew resurrected Confucianism in an attempt to put some form of worship/religion back into his creation, ‘The Neo-Communist Political and Social System of Singapore.’ which is Godless. China a few years ago also resurrected Confucius and permitted the restoration of ancient temples which were vandalized by the Red Guards in 1965. These 2 countries have aethist leaderships. The knowledge of Chinese culture by the Malaysian Chinese is very shallow due to the education available concomitant with its usefulness in every day life and their historical background as poor immigrants. Of course, in China, the Imperial Dynasties of thousands of years which comprised of the Emperor and his Court but not rich traders have long since gone with the Dr Sun Yat Sen 1911 revolution and the ascendancy of the Communist Party in 1949. Hence, the resurrection of Confucius in both countries to provide a spiritual ballast in the face of the onslaught of materialism/money/greed. In the early 1980s, Lee Kuan Yew sent round a rich man’s son to lecture to the schoolchildren that ‘ It is good to be greedy.’

  2. To be very frank, most of the Malaysian chinese especially the younger generation had been badly influence and brainwashed by dirty politicians to hate everything about the malays. Every issue will be turned into racial one with add-in ingredients like hatred and injustice in the name of democracy.

    These dirty politicians are always on the lookout for issues where they can tag them and blown them out of proportion along racial lines i.e. malay, chinese or Indian, instead of helping to solve it as a local issue.

    As I have said before, nobody can take over the government thro’ the legal means if the country is at peace and secured and the people are satisfied with their way of life.

    The only way is to create falsehoods, lies, accusations of wanton corruptions against the pillars of the country’s government namely the governing BN, the Judiciary, the MACC and the Police, and in addition to destabilized the economy and foreign investments through wide spread provocations and illegal rallies.

    Yes, this is happening everyday and the majority of the chinese had been badly drawn into this psychological warfare.

    This psy/warfare is being led by politicians group together to “Save Malaysia”. Really??? Save Malaysia or Save Their Bank Accounts and Children??? Are they all “Upright” people to save Malaysia???
    I can safely say that none of them are “Upright” people. They are as dirty as my floor mat during a muddy flood.

    1. The chinese is also partly to be blame. With them so busily tied-up with efforts in championing their race and culture, they have forgotten that other races exist in this country. Worst they’re completely unaware that someone is taking advantage of their ignorant as you have correctly put. There is no easy way out as each community would immediately stand-up the moment their culture is at stake. There is no room for giving-in. The easiest way is to give-up and go elsewhere which is now very popular among the rich and the affluent. Making this choice affordable to ordinary people is perhaps common to all communities.

    2. The Malay people have failed to promote their most brilliant and upright to become their leaders. Playing along with the chauvinistic politics of religion has blighted the chivalrous character of the Malay peoples.

    3. Equalizer. You are right. The Chinese lack a strong leader who is both wise and experienced with no axe to grind. I have a list of 15 MCA leaders who became enriched through politics the MCA kind. It was Lee Kuan Yew with his hand adroitly on brainwashing and brash comments and insidious news reporting in support by the local Chinese media which stifled the rise of a proper and true Chinese leader in Malaysia. Not only did LKY took up all the space in Singapore, he elbowed into the Chinese space in Malaysia as well because he claimed to be superman in life but he turned out to be quite ordinary with at least 47 failed policies. Check.

  3. ‘NATIONAL SYMBOLS: Anthem & Flag: Imitation is the highest form of flattery’

    You don’t see such fucked up attitudes among the Indians.

    Only with the Malay and Malaysia hating Cinakui. Defilers and scum of the nation.

    1. Most Chinese Malaysians are fucked up people. They think highly of themselves. These Chinese are indeed the scums of the nation and we need to avoid them at any cost.

      1. eleh, kau cakap macam la orang Melayu nie maksum, Aku Melayu.

        the latest case involving child sexual abuse case in up north proves my point about orang Melayu kita ni.

        Now, sebelum hang MELATAH

        in case you are too dense too get my point

        My point being to move forward as a nation , we cannot hang on to old models (Orang cina mcm ni lah, orang india mcm ni lah..orang melayu mcm ni lah)…

        each of us have our own fair share of fucked up ness kat malaysia nie….deal with it. we need to call out ANYONE regardless of race. the problems we have now is not created by only ONE race.

        1. Orang Perlis
          Hang pi Siem Reap makan kat restoran daging lembu naik bukit. Dengan megah depa bercakap dalam Bahasa Malaysia dgn kita.

          Bila tanya macam mana bole fasih? Pasai pernah kejo kat Malaysia selama 6tahun!!

          Yang LUCU ada jenis yang beranak pinak dok dalam Malaysia mengaku “Malaysians Malaysia” sejak Merdeka (mesti guna dokumen2 palsu), takpi satu keluarga KOPEK? Bahasa kebangsaan sepatah tak faham? Pasai tak faham, depa ni yang kalut palu gendang kosong..

  4. Orang Perlis. hang buta didunia. terlebih butalah di akhirat nanti !
    Aku agak mesti bini ko keturunan Cino Kominih dak…. kalo kat Indon. Thai, C’mdia, Vietnam depa nie dah lama kena sepak…. dgn hang-hang sekali ! Hang ja yang terlebih ‘Mak’sam kot…. jjiiiiaaaahaha !!! Buta hati…..

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