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  1. The train must first passes Laos, second Thailand before arriving here. Probably the Thai can afford the train but definitely not poor stricken communist Laos. Moreover only an idiot would risk his or her live riding the Chinese made train. The China bullet train accident due to flaws in design is still very fresh. So its a pipe dream away.

    1. Obviously you have not been keeping abreast with all the engineering marvels in China which today can build and make anything – including brains to implant inside your head. Alas, we cannot even build a decent car after 30 years. Just contrast what China and Malaysia was 30 years ago and where China and Malaysia will be come 30 years later.

      The coming century and beyond will be a Chinese century. In fact, Malaysia is almost being owned by China. Come to Johor and see how China is building Johor.

      1. China in Johor? Of course! 30 years from now only ” Bangsa Johor” is the only one remains with the people of Johor. Other than that are all Chinese owned. Daulat Tuanku!

  2. The Malays must protect Keretapi Tanah Melayu if not possible by UMNO then by a new political parti like Pribumi.
    Keretapi Laju Tanah Melayu should not involve the Chinese from Singapore.
    Why must Najib involves the Singaporean when it is on Malay land on the Malay Peninsula?
    Beside the cost of 70 billion is illogical. It is a mega project that is going to be a white elephant.
    It either kill AirAsia/MAS flights to Singapore or it is more expensive than flying.
    Either way it doesnt make economic sense.
    Who is going to pay the 70 billion?
    More railways to Terengganu/Kelantan/Pahang to KL and other destination is more logical.
    Trains are prime movers in England.That is how industrialisation started in UK and US.
    In Malaysia there are 7000 road deaths every year! What is the government doing about this? That is 70,000 Malaysians dead in 10 years not counting the millions young Malay men and women who dont die but maybe lost legs and arms in motorbike accidents.
    Trains can take over haulage lorries which destroy roads and are unnecessary hazards.
    The principle of saving lives and lost to society and improving industry have never been thought out. Instead it is all about mega projects which only benefit crony chinese companies.
    When will the Malays realise what Najib is doing?

    And the benefits or profit must go to the rakyat via KTM.
    Wake up people. Someone is stealing our infrastructure!!!
    High Speed Railway is not going to save 70,000 lives….

    1. “The principle of saving lives and lost to society and improving industry have never been thought out. Instead it is all about mega projects which only benefit crony chinese companies.
      When will the Malays realise what Najib is doing?”

      His whole brain is overwhelmed by his covering-up operations for his personal mega-fiasco. Where got time & energy for kesejahteraan rakyat?

      1. the umno malay used to have a malay statesman call mahathir, now is replaced by a 1mdbman or rosmahman. masih tak nak insaf.

    2. Help Singapore stealing our railways. I have proposed elsewhere that a new railway line be built from Kuala Kubu Bahru through the Titiwangsa Range to Bentong then onwards to Kuantan. This line will be scenic as well as useful to traders and communters.

  3. It is ok, if that is the fate of the malays and the tanah melayu.

    The malays must start migrating now. They need to select several countries to choose from before the doors shut forever, or live in malaysia with full of chinese.

  4. Understand the Chinese bullet train also designed to ferry the cinapekDAP to their ancestors’ homeland.

  5. Ms H. One should view the High Speed Train as a catalyst for the future development of ASEAN. It is good to have this collaboration between Malaysia and Singapore to form a nexus for the joint development of the whole of ASEAN even though its leaders have been doing fire-side chats for over 30 years with nothing much to show for it. However, to put all into perspective, how many of us see ASEAN as a group of peaceful, dynamic and enterprising people numbering 400 millions which is as yet emerging and its people could be turned into raving consumers if their countries are further developed to provide more and more jobs ? Look at the EU, the United States, India and China. These countries are all having one form of problems or crises. It is the ASEAN which is the chief candidate for earth shattering projects to uplift and benefit the World. I can envisage a Fast Train will branch off at Bangkok to India. Why not ? This the way to go tapping the gigantic markets of both India and China – over 2 billions souls ! With the departure of Lee Kuan Yew and his 19th century thinking, now everything is possible. We can have the much touted Isthmus of Kra Canal, Thailand which becomes a huge source of benefits for all in the World !

    1. Uncle, wasn’t Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s thinking crafted along the ideas of social darwinism? He espoused eugenics in his social engineering, and saw his class of bureaucrat elites as inherently gifted above other people. Their policies have culminated in Singapore being short on local productivity and creative entrepreneurs, with an over-dependence on mobile foreign MNCs.
      The following is a paper from the Economic Society of Singapore that resonates with your vision for ASEAN – I don’t know that the bereaucrats have taken its critique to bear on their policies.. There is a stern caution on the negative social impact incurred by the current force of economic planning.


      1. That was in 2010.

        Its now 2016 & Singapore has a high-powered CFE (Committee on the Future Economy).

        And the vision for Asean is centred on the AEC. Especially on the driving role of the Asean-6 (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam).

        It’s not Malaysia who is calling the shots….

        1. My deepest sympathies to all the Zika cases in Singapore and those who got the virus exported from the island state.

      2. Chris & Kineas1067. Both of you are right. ASEAN has been talking for over 30 years. That’s history. The folowing facts provide our/my optimism for a new dawn in ASEAN co-operation.eg. 1) the passing of LKY 2) new forms of warfare 3) longest unending recession ever 4) rest of the World in a half past six mode. 5) ASEAN after all these years is a fertile ground for a gigantic lift-off. 6) We throw 1MDB overboard. Malaysia & Singapore to be joined by Indonesia & Thailand later to provide the nexus of leadership for the very first time. No glamour boys from Cambridge/Oxon/Ivy League who don’t deliver. But all have this 3 months Harvard diploma for a fee. Lee Kuan Yew entered the non-collegiate Fitzwilliam House by the back door in 1947. Darwin is from the top college Christ’s College. It’s chalk and cheese. LKY screwed up bigtime by being insolent and unapproachable. He has 47 failed policies. If he was so good i) why he did’nt get the Nobel Prize ii) Africa was not recommended by the UN or US to emulate him. Only Communist China and oligarchic Russia did. And maybe Malaysia. Our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak will launch his initiative with Singapore soon. Singapore because of her intractable demographics is now forced with the demise of LKY to play second fiddle to Malaysia’s leadership. It’s cudgel will be taken up by the PM. Hence, the frusterated tone of a Singapore elite apparatchik, Bilahari Kausikan who laid down the line that the ‘DAP is delusional’. Not only that they have been dreaming since 1966 and became rich through the collection of legal Federal and State emoluments and DAPs lush fund for the leaders.

        1. It’s the strangest of cosmic events, but your discourse as such Uncle would never be tolerated in high-powered cosmopolitan Singapore – seeing that you’re a well meaning natural aristocrat with productive ideas who does not see eye to eye with the ruling policies of the establishment.

          1. Chris. I meant Singapore and its citizen well. I am actually pro-Singapore and its citizens. But I am 100% against the 47 failed policies of Lee Kuan Yew. He failed. He failed in the creation of a solid middle income ballast as the bedrock of Singapore’s future, unlike Tun Dr Mahathir. Through his arrogance, he forced through this 2 Child Family Policy of 1970-1980s. This created the intractable demographics of Singapore today. He did a hara-kiri on himself. Please note his only cachet for good governance was his Starred First at Law at Cambridge immediately after the World War II against maybe only 30 war weary veterans in 1947. He had a gala time during the Japanese Occupation translating for the Syonan Broadcasting Service and studying Law with the best tutors in Singapore by his side. I am his brother-in-law by marriage. My elder brother married his only sister. I know what is fact. what is fiction. I gained entrance into Christ’s by taking the open entrance with 100 marks for 4 subjects in 9 months against the best British students. He went into the bottom-most non-college Fitzwilliam House out of 30 colleges by the back door and over-age. The Chaplain to the Queen at Windsor Castle personally recommended me to his Christ’s College where he was Master and Vice-Chancellor of the Cambridge University. I am not boasting after a lifetime. To quote the outstanding Indian journalist, T.J.S. George, ‘ Unlike Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir never lost sight of the human values in his quest for his development projects.’ Hence, he created the 10 million middle income Malays and families which now interact with the 10 middle income non-Malays in the towns. This is our beloved Malaysia’s most important human resource or ballast for the future. I am confident the best for Malaysia is yet to come.

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