24 thoughts on “31 Ogos 2016: Mulanya di sini

  1. I am no historian, but in my opinion our merdeka started with the Japanese invasion of Malaya, and later further fuelled by the Brits proposal of the dreaded Malayan Union.

    1. To me…. Merdeka is when we …terlepas dari mulut buaya, masuk mulut singa. Two times, at that too.

      First in 1957, when the Penjajah left after robbing our natural resources… for centuries.
      Second was when Pak Lah took over and appointed himself as Finance Minister in 2003.

      An now…we’re still in a much bigger ‘mulut singa’, since 2009.

      Though it seems, Jho Low was already in TIA when Najib was still the DPM. Therefore, he must have known since then, that Pak Lah was about to go.

      Therefore, Muhyiddin was right…1MDB was a scheme to scam, all along…and the ultimate Merdeka for me will be the day…Najib, his 1MDB and it’s hutang… are gone… after confiscating the wealth of its ‘head’ , includinghis macais and balacis.

      1. Kindly abstain from writing anything bad abt our PM is you have no prove.
        People like you hv no prove yet keep accusing our PM of this and that.
        Useless old fart.

        1. Wow, these RBAs and their reverse psychology. I’ve noticed they’re trying to booby-trap my blog by pitting the Malays against each other.

          1. This RD is everywhere, Helen. He and the commenter with alphabets have polluted LoF, dah jadi macam Malaysiakini. If you visit Dr Mim’s you would stumble into RD. There are blogs these buggers dare not go like MT ( RPK) and Lim Sian See’s. Takut kena sembur oleh RPK or berdebat dengan LSS. And they often talk bad about you in LoA and yet still have no shame visiting your blog. Memang tak ada kemaluan, this RD!

          2. Come-on Helen. You know me.
            If I’m RBA, I would not have defended Najib, UMNO & BN when RPK had sworn SD, implying that Rosmah was at the scene where Altantuya was C4ed.

            However I stopped commenting altogether for 3 month, when Deepak Carpet’s interest free loan of RM30 Million was exposed.

            It was only after 1MDB and Jho Low…. that I made up my mind, …Najib is not good for the Agama, Bangsa & Negara.

            And stop that ‘booby-trap…pitting the Malays against each other’ crap.
            In-fact, a merger of PAS & UMNO will only taint the reputation of Islam.

            1. Aiyoh, look at the position of my reply lah. I was responding to tehtarik. Of course you’re not RBA.

              You can check his track record for the kind of comments that he makes.

              Here he’s baiting you (asking for proof) and that’s reverse psychology. The RBA want to batu api the Protuns against Projibs and vice versa.

              The Mr Alphabet Soup at the cesspit blog (you know which one I mean) is pretending to be a non-Chinese and trying to pass himself off as a Protun. That’s their black ops game. Hope the genuine Protuns realise this and can see through them.

            2. quote,”It was only after 1MDB and Jho Low…. that I made up my mind, …Najib is not good for the Agama, Bangsa & Negara.”unquote.

              Yup. 1MDB was the turning point for me also when I stopped supporting Najib (but I still support UMNO and BN).

              All the hopes and wishes that Najib would undo what PakLah did during premiership tenure, and Najib would continue the development path spearheaded by Tun Mahathir, were evaporated when I realized Najib was 10 x worse than PakLah.

              God help us all.

              1. re: “but I still support UMNO and BN”

                Tun has made it clear that his new party is offering itself as the alternative to Umno and its purpose is to bring down BN. Tun is now a member of the anti-government opposition camp.

                If you support Tun, then you’re against Umno.

                Kan awal-awal lagi saya dah cakap, Tun rela bersekongkol dengan Kit Siang.

                1. quote,”If you support Tun, then you’re against Umno.”unquote.

                  I think that’s a foolhardy statement.

                  You just confirmed my suspicion that your real motive blogging is to split the Malays.

                  For having labelling other people Dajjal, you were just like them.

                  1. Dajjal is the arch deceiver (insofar as I understand).

                    Deceitful = pembohong, penipu, pemfitnah

                    Annie is all of the above, without any shadow of a doubt. Ergo, Annie is dajjal and my label is accurate.

                    Siakap, senohong, gelama ikan duri
                    Bercakap bohong, lama-lama jadi DAP

                    The Malays are indeed split.

                    Some mercenary Malays berlagak lebih Cina dari Cina — vehemently defending Cina DAP, promoting the Firster positions/policies and calling Umno a “racist party” as well as whacking the Malay right wing as “despicable” and “hateful”.

                    Melayu macai DAP are anti-establishment. Since you’re with them, you’re obviously anti-Umno.

        2. Tell me who is Jho Low and why even PAC and the Police seems scare to even ‘interview’ him.
          And why did Najib not sue WSJ, SR or even Dr.M and Muhyiddin?
          They don’t provide any proof too. Did they?

          1. RD
            …And why did Najib not sue WSJ, SR or even Dr.M and Muhyiddin?…

            Kan I dah kata earlier, tuduh Najib ada ekoq dah tu nak najib selak kain pelikat to proof?

            Eli Wong and her selak kain pelikat boyfriend, agaknya dia pun trying to see Eli Wong ada ekoq tak? Muaha hahaha

      2. RD
        Aduh kamu nih! Hari Merdeka pun tak habis2 pikiaq pasai duit.

        Dulu2 tokwan2 kami fought for Merdeka duit sekupang dalam poket pun tara la…

  2. Rasanya ramai RBA tak faham what Merdeka is all about to us Bumiputras?

    Mungkin tokwan2 depa zaman tu ramai masih dok tanam kobis kat ladang atau dok buat garam kat pantai2 dtanah ibunda mereka? Mai sini sekadar dok pikiaq pasai DUIT aje?

      1. Surrhead,

        Hang tanya toknek makayah tak? 31 Ogos 1957 depa kat kampung ibunda dok tengah buat apa? Entah2 Malaya pun tak tau tang mana?

        1. Hoi…..org crita pasal present time la…..ni masih duk kalut pasai toknek makyah….nampak sgt takder pun ambik initiative tuk rai merdeka, bising jer lebih…..piraaah mabuk….

          1. Surrhead
            Kampung kami tiap Merdeka eve akan adakan majlis kesyukuran sambutan menjelang Hari Merdeka tau. Satu kampung tua muda miskin kaya ramai2 celebrate.

            …..org crita pasal present time la…

            Kekekeke dah suspect pun! Ni mesti baru mai Malaysia. Adik Apek Jiran saya pun baru aje kawin dgn Amoy dari mainland China.

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