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Kit Siang’s Merdeka message points way to GE14 hate campaign

Lim Kit Siang’s Merdeka Day message yesterday in Keningau, Sabah could not get away from his career-long trademark of badmouthing Malaysia.

The DAP Mursyidul Am called his country a “global kleptocracy” a total of eight times in his speech to the Sabahans (nine, if you count the title) — see screenshot of the text below.

blog_limkitsiang global kleptocracy keningau


DAP is always destructive, never constructive

They have very little that is positive to share but instead choose to peddle hate. Now they’re exporting their copious hate to Sabah and Sarawak.

DAP wants to make the pribumi hate Najib (and his wife) so much to the point that BN can be toppled.

To achieve BN’s ouster, DAP will amp up to the max the hatred that they’re busy fomenting.

And since bumiputera are their target audience, the Melayu DAP will here play a key role in the Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy.

You can also see how their dirty tactics are deployed in a certain Melayu reject’s blog. This 20k blog is an Ali Baba set-up where the blog admin is a Malay champion whacker but it is his Chinese handlers who determine the direction of the whacking.

And that direction points to Borneo. Hence the mercenary blog’s recent busybody interest in an East Malaysia state.

Click to enlarge

blog_limkitsiang global kleptocracy


Speaking in Kota Kinabalu on Merdeka eve (Aug 30), Lim Kit Siang clamoured a “New Deal” for all Malaysians. In his speech to a forum in the state capital, the DAP Mursyidul Am seven times labeled Malaysia a “global kleptocracy” (or eight if you count the first mention in the title).

Kit Siang latched on to the term “global kleptocracy” after the American Department of Justice (DoJ) gave a press conference on 1MDB.


PAS president Hadi Awang did not mention anything about 1MDB in his Merdeka day message.

One Protun blogger – see below – was earlier so excited by the news that he made three postings in a single day on the kleptocracy allegation by DoJ.

He was further very keen in encouraging his readers to read all 136 pages of the DoJ document. In fact he was so gung ho about it that he even provided the DoJ link multiple times.

Of course he can give the excuse that the topic “is all over the social media” already but still, you can surely figure out for yourself why his sudden u-turn to chorus apa Cina mahu, as well as to echo and amplify the kleptocracy expose that the DAP is highlighting.

Marina armpits DoJ suits Annie







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55 thoughts on “Kit Siang’s Merdeka message points way to GE14 hate campaign

  1. You should have known better one wrong can’t make everything right ibarat panas setahun di curahi hujan sehari

  2. Well congrats to Kt Siang and his DAP supporters and friends for the following
    1. Subang Jaya has no water for 3 days
    2. His friend Uncle Lim has a hot seat (only RM260) realty business
    3. Singapore now exports Zika to Klang
    4. Dr Lim writes that poison letter to Unesco
    5. Seagate Penang and a couple of cheapo Penang factories close… hurray to the consumer
    6. Cockles have entered the Jurassic age in Penang
    7. Swimming pool for his son

    1. Mulan, Sir, with your permission, I add –

      8. We are now watching the dying throes of a self-serving political Dynasty. Where else but Malaysia ?

    1. Surrhead,


      Silap sebut satni bunyi macam “clap tok crazy”.. Hmmm dah tua pun LKS.. mesti cucu2 asyik ajak atok ni main tepok2 “siang” malam.

        1. Surrhead

          Tak payah ulang soalan.

          You tolong sikit call FBI atau Obama direct tanya pasai apa Bush kelentong satu dunia of the WMD tapi FBI sampai sekarang tak tangkap dia?

          Ataupun you forward video kat depa lagu Elvis “go clean up your own backyard dulu”.

  3. Another religious controversy from my Penang. Fresh after Namewee. It seems like Penang is the best destination for religious controversy.

    Apakah tujuan rejim DAP Pulau Pinang meletakkan sebuah patung beruang di Padang Kota bersempena Hari Kebangsaan di mana pada badan patung tersebut tertera Hadis Rasullah SAW dan beberapa tulisan Agama lain.

    Apakah tujuan meletakkan naratif-naratif agama itu termasuk Hadis berkenaan berniat hendak menjadikan patung tu patung pemujaan universal atau apa?

    Hadis tersebut berbunyi “La yu’minu ahadukum hatta yuhibbu li akhihi ma yuhibbu li nafsihi” yang bermaksud, “Tak beriman seseorang daripada kamu, sehingga dia menyayang saudaranya lebih daripada dirinya sendiri.”

    Masalahnya Hadis tersebut diletakkan di bontot kiri beruang. Kurang ajar!


      1. For exhibition or whatever it is for, a ‘muslim’ wont be so stupid as to put a hadith or any religious text on a ‘teddybear’ ( n the hadith is place on the butt of the bear?) . Please la… dap/penang/non muslim..stop provocating us.. ( i think for the penang authority to agree to for something like this to be put up it is a provoke to muslim)n use ur brain before puting up something like ‘that’ again. I’m a muslim sabahan.. half of my family is non muslim.. but never in my life i saw them do or anything to disrespect my religion. im an open minded person.. but this just blow my mind.

        1. This exhibition was held in a lot of nations, including Egypt, Turkey, Kazakhtstan, India and KL 2011-2012…nobody had an issue with it before except now, and by umno goons…….as expected from umno goons…..

        2. So how is it that there was no ‘provocating’ the last round the exact same exhibition was held in KL in 2012? To pick and choose when to be offended and when not to be offended would be hypocritical…

    1. What about the other cheek? i see something, maybe punjabi related…..and i see also a cross thingy, maybe christian related…why the other religions are not making a scene out of this??

      1. So it is OK to tattoo Bible verses on the butt cheek is it?
        Well don’t rush out and buy garlic, the tattooed bears have been removed. Surrhead must come from a very progressive church that finds it OK for Namewee to show Taoist monks peeping a Jesus in the urinals and to tattoo Bible verses on the butt cheek.

        To answer nikko
        “Please la why do you guys have to link everything ‘wrong’ in your eyes to Penang/DAP/non Muslims”

        (this is only in the subsciber section)

        “Penang paying for cost of exhibition

        Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who launched the event yesterday, said the state was presenting the exhibition for the public at a cost of RM862,000.

        It was launched in conjunction with Merdeka, Malaysia Day as well as Visit Penang Year, Lim said.

        “It’s indeed an ideal day today to have the launching ceremony in celebration of Merdeka. We hope that this exhibition enables visitors to experience a journey around the world while having a great time with family and friends,” he said in his speech yesterday.

        Read more:

        This one we have to link the wrong “in your eyes” to Penang because Penang taxpayer money is used to pay for the tattoo on the butt bear. The butt bear is for us to “hayati Merdeka”


          KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 1 — Two bear sculptures have been taken out from the unity-promoting United Buddy Bears exhibition in Penang after accusations that alleged Arabic script on one of the statues were “demeaning” to Islam. – See more at:

          Anyway the bears cost RM862,000 of taxpayers money.

          1. A poem by Imam Al-Shafi’i, the exponent of Islamic jurisprudence:

            When my heart hardened and my means were circumscribed
            My hope was for Your forgiveness, that was my approach
            I increased in sinfulness, yet when compared to Your forgiveness
            My Lord your pardon was greater; You forgave my sins and still
            Generously and gracefully bestowed and forgave
            Were it not for You, no worshipper could withstand Iblis
            He had already lured your chosen one, Adam
            Alas! Would I be admitted to Paradise I would indeed be fortunate

            Or if in remorse to Hell I am led
            Indeed I despair not if You avenged me (against Satan)
            If into the core of Hell You brought my soul!
            But O Lord, if You forgive me, a mutinous soul You have forgiven
            A wrongful unfair mean-spirited soul
            Who remembers the days of youth past
            And what evils of ignorance he committed

            Then, when the darkness overwhelmed him
            Fearfully he mourns himself
            Saying: O my Beloved You are my longing and my destination
            Sufficient art Thou for the hopeful to pray and beseech
            Were it not always Thee who sustained and guided me?
            Yet still, You grant generously Your blessings
            May Thou, to Whom my charity belongs, forgive me my faults,
            Pardon my sins from what has transpired.

            In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate Most Merciful

        2. That’s your problem with you and your kind, Mulan…you take thing too seriously and you expect others to display the same stupid behavior. Blame it on your upbringing. Now that i have pointed out your setback, try to change to being a better being….you’ll be a happier person…..And oh, that was jesus in the urinals and christians were supposed to be angry….but…they weren’t…..and that is confusing you, right?? hahahaha….is this something to do with umno Malays being easily confused over anything & everything ?

  4. Nikko,

    Other kurang ajar actions to Muslims in Penang are the Pokemon hunters urinating at the Acheen Street mosque.

    ““The problem still persists and is getting worse. Previously they were only making noise, but now they are using our mosque compound as their ‘toilet’.

    “They are also littering the place with cigarette butts and drinks cans,” she claimed when met on Sunday.

    Sarama said that the players were using the mosque’s toilets but the qariah (committee) had since locked up the toilets.

    “The main gate of the mosque, which is the only way for residents to enter our houses, remains closed. The players would pull open the gate to enter the mosque compound where they would urinate everywhere.””

    1. Then investigate and arrest those found to hv done something as unciviccounscious as that by all means. Just pls don’t see this as something racial. For all u know those guilty could be Muslims OR non Muslims.

      1. Agreed……catch those buggers and charge them….and it is also nice to know the lady made some reports and men were sent down and summons were issued on illegal parkings. This is not a “kurang ajar to Muslim” issue…..Don’t know why everything is racial to you….are you sick in the head??

  5. Ms H. Is this the best LKS can do on our Merdeka Day ? He forgot the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is already 51 years old. The creator Lee Kuan Yew has already departed without his wish being fulfilled i.e. DAP ensconced in the seat of power, Putrajaya to welcome him with a red carpet. This did not happen because Lee Kuan Yew was a dreamer (or Malaysia’s uninvited trouble-maker), not of realpolitik. The whole political structure of our beloved Malaysia is weighed against such non-Malay ambitions. The history of many hundreds of years, culture, heritage, the Royal Sultans, the Consitution, the general populace, the Political System say so. And yet, this rigmarole goes on regardless of the desires of their constituents. One can only hazard a guess that the dynastic leadership of DAP is doing very well. But what about its rank and file ? Through its wisdom surely the DAP leadership must have known about the realpolitik of Malaysia. Even I knew it when I was young . How come they have so many blind followers who follow this Dynastic Leadership blindly in the face of its current troubles and the departure of their creator Lee Kuan Yew, their banyan tree ?

    1. Ms H. The legal brilliance of Lee Kuan Yew must have noted the true Malaysia as regards its laws and politics and personalities. And yet, he let this bunch of fellows whom he set up in 1966 to go on and on banging their heads against the Great Wall of Malaysia. You can now only assume that these fellows are just numbskulls !

  6. Ms H. There is a lot of truth in the belief that a family business whether it concerns politics or whatever, does not last more than 2 generations. I believe we are now watching a repeat of history in what is afflicting the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. Let us say LKS is the RICH MAN, then his son must be the RICH MAN’S SON. The classic scenario in Life’s constant plays on rich men and poor men. For those who believe in the crystal ball or fortune teller latuks, the end is near for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP maybe by the 14th General Elections since they could not think out the easy steps to win Putrajaya in the last 3 elections.

  7. Ms H. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP with its Dynastic Leadership cannot last more than 2 generations as DESTINY FORBIDS ! Their Waterloo will be the 14th General Elections !

  8. Ms H. The Lim Dynasty thrived on Lee Kuan Yew’s karma which is not available anymore. These folks do not have any karma. They are just pretenders. Hence, we all see their downward spiral of troubles from that date, March 2015. If the 1MDB and its close aide are thrown away, there will be no more punching bag for the detractors ! Our beloved Malaysia cannot wait for OKs from those who are pretenders.

      1. Ms H. For a lifetime I have watched, observed and cajoled many people to be good. I found that people are either born good or bad. We cannot change their spots. No matter how hard I tried to coax a bad person to be good, this could not be done. This is one of the many reasons that I believe our Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib were let down by his closest aide. Also, I have seen one or two closest aides who defended their Bosses from trouble loyally eg. YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and YB Tun Daim.

      2. ‘He’s going to jail.’

        Prophetic but it does sound like good tidings. Hallelujah to that and and ho liao!

        Sincerely hope you’re proven right about this.

        Btw, what do you make of this? Curious because DAP is far better at exploiting socmed to their advantage than all of BN combined.

        ‘At their highest, DAP had over three million males and 1.8 million females expressing interest in the party during different periods.

        Comparatively, the audience for Umno has remained steady among both sexes, and is now at 3.6 million for males and 3.2 million for females.

        Geographically, interest in DAP fell in every state including its supposed stronghold of Penang; the party lost 69 per cent of interest in the state during a time when PKR, PAS and Umno all gained additional attention on Facebook there.

        Among the opposition, the global loss was unique to DAP; PKR and PAS both made gains in most states.’


        1. re: “Btw, what do you make of this?”

          You’re on Facebook I presume and you live in Penang. So you’re in a better position to enlighten us.

          1. Honestly, I don’t know. Especially because the locals are unbelievably rabid about their support for Tokong and Co, as you know.

            A 69% loss of interest in Penang alone is incredibly unreal, all things considered.

            Are they finally coming out of their zombified states and waking up to the reality of DAP self destructing (and abandoning ship while its still safe) or is their support shown in different ways or is the Politweet survey an unreliable one?

            Wa mm zhai worr…

            1. As best I can make out (my conjecture only):

              (1) Maybe some of them have seen that DAP has led them into a cul-de-sac wrt hudud where the evangelical party made a 180-degree turn from its GE13 rhetoric

              (2) Some of them might be upset by the DAP’s embrace of Mahathir, which is another about-turn by DAP

              (3) Some of them are disappointed and dismayed to learn of Guan Eng’s corruption charges (and now the fiasco with the Adun’s father allegedly soliciting bribes)

              (4) After the high of Bersih 4.0, they’re coming down to earth realising that their political participation did not bring electoral benefits but instead galvanized the Red Shirts to come out

              (5) They spew venom enough to turn Malaysia into a post-apocalypse toxic wasteland but they’ve still not arrived in Putrajaya while Najib remains sitting pretty


              For me the issues are:

              (1) The chink in the DAP armour is visible and Tokong’s image dented. So now is the time for MCA to strike. Yet why don’t they?

              Instead of attacking DAP, the MCA prefers to attack Ridhuan Tee.

              (2) To make up for this erosion of Chinese support, DAP will further intensify its hate campaign to get Malays to spit at Najib.

              If there’s an economic downturn, and fixed wage earners most affected, then the field is ripe for DAP to harvest hate among Malays by playing up 1MDB and Rosmah’s spending.

              Here is where the Melayu DAP have a critical role to play. And of course their 20k Melayu reject blogger who is champion at whacking.

              1. Excellent appraisal, Helen. Makes sense, except for #1.

                I don’t think the average Dapster is much turned off with turn-arounds, because its in their nature too. So it goes with #2 too. I don’t hear any whining about DAP’s new found frenemy. I even tested them for reactions a few times but they seem to be indifferent.

                #5 would probably be applicable to the disappointed tycoons who’ve been financing DAP.


                1. Why indeed? I have no choice but to go with your hypothesis that MCA is actually secretively supportive of DAP.

                2. It goes without saying that this is DAP’s traditional reaction to their own shortcomings or failures – divert the attention or hatred to BN.

  9. Indian. The Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak is definitely not going to jail. But his closest aide will. This guy’s motive is clear. He used stolen borrowed money to buy Picassos, jets, yachts, condos etc at high prices and sold them cheap. Scandalmaker !

    1. ‘The Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak is definitely not going to jail.’

      Yes, that much is quite evident.

      Not too bothered about his aide, though. His time will come, I suppose. All I want to see is Tokong getting the book thrown at him and doing maximum time.

      I just hope he doesn’t end up being the de facto SecGen and Tokong of Penang, like Anwar is the de facto leader of PH from inside the Kajang Hilton.

      With all the letters and statements coming from him, I sometimes wonder if he’s really in prison.

      1. Indian. Sir. I agree with some of your comments who are refreshing – a rose amongst the thorns coming from an Indian person. I know India well and her multiferous population. When I was a boy refugee in Mother India, I observed the Indians were kind, hospitable and compassionate. Top to bottom or vice-versa. I have always recommended my friends to visit India for its living democracy, history, cultural sites and natural beauty. India improved on her legacy in the English language. The Dehra Dun/Mussoorie area has been turned into an education hub since 1947. A wondrous place too which is full of fauna and flora. Malaysia’s relevant authorities should have a look-see in India’s Silicon Valley of Education.

        1. but in msia it seem there r more indian gangster n prisoner in ratio to number of their population. however i guess they would continue to chant najib is great, umno is great, bn is great.

          if u have time, go read tagore, not balderdash from a indian wakaka.

        2. Thank you for sharing about India, Mr Avtomat Kalashnikova Empat Puluh Tujuh. Interesting but I’m not that kind of Indian. I’m a 5th generation (maternal side) and 3rd generation (paternal side) Malaysian Indian and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

          In fact, it was only last year that I first visited India, more for its spirituality and my own origins (yes, we’ve traced our roots on both sides of my parentage) than anything else.

          While it was a great experience to be in India, I know for sure that my loyalty lies only with my true home – Malaysia.

          “Tanah tumpah darahku”, so to speak. And I know, I speak for the majority of Malaysian Indians when i say that.

      2. AK 47: “The Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak is definitely not going to jail.”

        Indian: “Yes, that much is quite evident.”

        It is evidently definite you two perceive something else than what we all perceive.

        1. two to tango. Three to form a political party in Malaysia. Do not be deceived by the war-drums of the nay-sayers, the detractors, the saboteurs, the race-haters. etc. All have an axe to grind. We Malaysians are all born good. There is a good lawyer who made tons and tons of money. He now gives good advice. There is somebody who took S$ 3 Millions who also gives good advice. There is another billionaire who also gives good, good advice. They could all do so and give good advice because they are very rich and we are very poor.. So what do poor people do ? They should take all these good, good advice with a big pinch of salt. What is at stake, two to tango ? If you want to tango, then the status quo in Malaysia is just for you. The Government Policies, and the Government have been initiated by honourable Prime Ministers since 1957. Our Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak was misled by an amateur closest aide like all the closest aides who bungled and created huge scandals for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Since he was a Prime Minister for 22 years, there were more bungles as more closest aides were brought into play. Fact. One closest aide of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad boasted in the Net that he now collects Stradivarius violins at US$ 5 millions a piece (RM 20 millions). He has a few like we collect match boxes. He on-lends them to Singapore or Shanghai Philharmonic but not to KL. He lives in Singapore and has a second abode in Subang Jaya. In 1982, this closest aide was only carrying the bag for the manager of a small factory in JB and was drawing a salary of RM 15,000 per month. I say categorically that our Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak is honest, frugal and hard-working like our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Lee Kuan Yew. There is no doubt about this. There was only one single instance when the closest aide reported to the Boss that it could not be done. He was loyal and honest with no hidden agenda. There was no huge bungle. This was the only exception ! Remember two to tango ! Your money and my money and Ms H’s money is in these closest aides POCKETS which is easily recoverable by the MACC after 9/11 !

          1. “I say categorically that our Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak is honest, frugal and hard-working like our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Lee Kuan Yew. ”

            And you never went to Cambridge, I say probably.

            1. Apples to Oranges. I did not enter Cambridge by the backdoor like Lee Kuan Yew into the bottom most non-college too. He had no Latin and over age. Apples to Oranges. Chalk and Cheese. You are Chalk and I am Cheese. I am exceedingly happy because I have achieved all that could be achieved except property development which I avoid with a barge pole. See LGE. See DBKL. You are correct. I never entered Cambridge like Lee Kuan Yew. I suppose you did. Congratulations !

              1. Dear Uncle, do you know about your junior compatriot from Cambridge University, Dr. Shahidan Radiman, professor at UKM? He’s a leader in nuclear physics and expert in nanomaterials applications, nuclear structure modelling and quantum cosmology.
                I think he also would avoid real estate development sir.

                1. Keris. Sir. Thanks. Any Oxbridge is better than Lee Kuan Yew, Cromwell, Blunt, Burgess and Maclean (the Soviet spies) and Lee Kuan Yew. We have many Malaysians holding high professorial posts at Cambrdige and London.. It they are any good , they will not return for want of better prospects because they are world-class. I got stuck here because my guardian and eldest brother stole all my money a life-time ago. I began again with zero money ! It took me 10 years to make one million ringgits. Nowadays, it takes only 2 months for an executive to garner one million ringgits in the GLCs. I suppose you would say this is progress.

                  1. On the subject of government funding Uncle, it is unfortunate that it is lacking in our institutions. I recently came to know about Dr. Aizura of the Faculty of Medicine at University of Malaya. She is Malaysia’s specialist on micro-surgery operations but the government turned down her proposal to set up a RM15 million research and training center for our budding surgeons.

                    What is microsurgery?

                    1. Keris. I see your concern for the medical progress of our beloved country. It is the leadership which counts. The key for medical funding is from private donors. Cambridge once eschews money. But due to the reduction of aid from the British Government, it is going all out to raise funds from the Alumni and the private sector. There should be no shortage of funds from the MU Alumni as I see many of them are holding top posts at the GLCs. Christ’s College Alumni has Hamid Yusoff the richest Muslim in India and Martin Sorrel the boss of WPP. Yet, its Alumni through the years conributed. You remember our very own astrophysicist who had a special observatory set up behind the KTM for her by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for RM23 million ? The last time I noted she was having an office job in Vienna, Austria ! I hope to see the right person soon to sort out the present phase of our development !

                2. Keris. Not too long ago, the University of Cambridge was very exclusive. A person could only enter through the front door by an Open Examination in competition with the best in the United Kingdom but Latin and Greek was a must. If a person was Christian, Church of England, Catholic, Methodist, it was easier. Lee Kuan Yew discovered that Christ’s is the best. So, he blocked the annual place available for Singapore’s Presidential Scholars. They do not deliver in Singapore. But because of financial constraints of late, the University offers short courses for money – i year, more places for women, maybe a place if you donate to a college even you got top marks, etc. Times have changed and there are many interlopers like the many self-awarded Datos and Doctors in Malaysia today. You may join Cambridge for a short time attending the right course like education or socio-anthropology. It’s only money.

            2. Apples to Oranges. I used to be walloped by the likes of HY, etc who got emotional reading a part of my comments. Some were jealous. Facts are facts. HY is now a friend because he fully understands that I never boast if my comments are taken in their entirety. Lee Kuan Yew was boastful and was not up to the mark with his 47 failed Policies. The worst was his 2 Child Family which was applied on a population of 2 millions consisting of 200,000 old and 200,000 young. How can 1.4 millions sustain a 2 Child Family Policy ? His years of boasting of being superior to all the souls of our beloved Malaysia has come to haunt Singapore and become its intractable demographic dilemma. Even Hitler only murdered the non-Aryans. He wanted to have more blonde Aryans. As a result, Singapore has to import 1,2 millions FTs and 800,000 PRs to boost the GDP. This is solid confirmation of Lee Kuan Yew’s failed intellect ! Hong Kong has 6 millions homogenous Chinamen and women. Therefore, Malaysia towers over Singapore without going to Cambridge, Oxford or the Ivy League. Man proposes. God disposes. Still wanna to go to Singapore ? Hence, Bilahari Kausikan’s ‘delusional DAP’. At the first sound of the bugle across the Causeway, the FTs and PRs will decamp with the GDP leaving you and the 3 millions Singaporeans holding the can ! Because 100 days after the departure of your hero Lee Kuan Yew. Bilahari Kausikan dared to open his mouth because in October 2015, he thought he had to step in as the defence line of Singapore is now UMNO in good old KL and not Singapore’s Maginot Line of Batu Pahat and Muar due to the latest in warfare tactics. So, Singapore’s 300,000 strong military has only one job to do – polishing the jets, rusting tanks, etc.

              1. Apples to Oranges. The 2nd failed Policy of Lee Kuan Yew is his life-long ambition to subjugate our beloved Malaysia which he failed because he did not understand the demographics of Malaysia. His TPPA is on the point of failure. He was no Hakka, He was a Straits born Chinese like our honourable Ms H. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP was his creation which failed him even after 50 years. Hence, Bilahari Kausikan and his ‘delusional DAP’. A true blue Singaporean elite said it which is full of meaning !

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