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Ridhuan Tee and MCA’s Stockholm syndrome

Sampai timbalan presiden MCA pun turun gelanggang untuk menghentam Ridhuan Tee yang sekadar bertugas sebagai pensyarah. Tak ngam seorang berpangkat tinggi mahu belasah individu yang jauh lebih rendah darjatnya berbanding beliau yang bergelar Pak Menteri.

Nyata MCA bukan gajah yang mampu berjuang sama gajah (DAP). Bagi MCA, berjaya menginjak seekor cengkeding pun jadi lah.

MCA Youth’s police report yesterday against Ridhuan is a form of bullying.

A political party that claims to have one million members has stooped so low as to harass one Muslim individual who is not even a politician.

How ‘impressive’ (not!) that MCA Youth sec-gen Datuk Leong Kim Soon had brought along a delegation, no less, to lodge their complaint at the Dang Wangi police HQ so that the authorities can be prompted to take action against Ridhuan.

MCA nih sudah takde kerja. The party wants police to arrest a professor because it feels “insulted” by his remarks.

Imagine if the next time we feel insulted by remarks made about us, we run complaining to the police and expect the cops to arrest that horrible person who offended us.

Or consider the torrent of insults and curses that has rained on Ridhuan by both the MCA leadership and the DAP Rottweilers. Evidently the MCA does not care about this culture of verbal abuse that has been cultivated by the Cina DAP community it represents.

So who is MCA to now complain about the Chinese community feeling insulted by Ridhuan when they are themselves the worst foul-mouthed offenders?

MCA run after Pakatan bus

MCA should bugger off

You can evaluate for yourself – see below – whether Ridhuan’s comments are seditious as MCA alleges or whether MCA is merely wasting the police’s time in pursuit of a vendetta against its former party member.

The contentious passages from Ridhuan’s Sinar Harian Monday column are as below.

He wrote:

“Sukan pada hari ini sudah menjadi perniagaan, mencari populariti, lubuk duit, bukan lagi patriotisme. Patriotisme hanya di bibir bukan di hati.

“Sukan bola sepak dan hoki misalnya, terlalu sukar menarik perhatian orang bukan Melayu seperti dahulu. Kenapa? Jangan bandingkan bola tampar dan bola keranjang yang sudah sinonim.

“Hari ini, kita lebih mengejar acara individu kerana di situ lubuk duit. Manakala berpasukan seperti bola sepak memerlukan kekuatan jamaah.

“Sebab itu, semua mahu fokus kepada acara individu daripada berjamaah kerana ganjaran lebih besar. Inilah sifat individualistik yang ada kaitan dengan ultra kiasu yang selalu saya perkatakan.”

GALLERY OF EX-GIRLFRIENDS: Tiger Woods is a gentleman who prefers blondes

Note: His former flame Lindsay Vohn (pictured with Tiger, middle) looks like a replica of his ex-wife (pictured with Tiger, top)

Tiger Woods

Appraisal of Ridhuan’s article content

Does what Ridhuan said in his Sinar Harian article sound logical and reasonable?

Paragraph #1 …

Tick ~True~ or ~False~

(a) “Today sports has become a business”

To some extent, yes, depending on the sports and the sportsman.

Golfer Tiger Woods, for example, is a walking billboard who is brand ambassador for Nike, Rolex and other prestige products. Another sports brand is David Beckham. So are a number of other international footballers, F1 drivers and world tennis players.

BELOW: Victoria Beckham carrying a Birkin


(b) “Sports has become the avenue to seek popularity and a source of money (lubuk duit)”

Before his sex scandal, Tiger Woods was one of the world’s most popular sportsmen. From his championship prize earnings but more his endorsements, Woods has collected US$1.35 billion (RM5.5b) since turning pro in 1996, according to a Forbes estimate last year.

Popularity is profitable. Filipino sports icon Manny Pacquiao parleyed his beloved boxer status into a successful bid for a senate seat. He is currently YB Senator Pacquiao. In the USA, former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura became Minnesota governor (1999-2003). 

BELOW: American gymnast McKayla Maroney scowling on the podium in London 2012 because she was disappointed that she only won a silver when she had been tipped for Olympic gold



(c) “Sports is no longer about patriotism. Patriotism is only paying lip service.”

Ridhuan’s blanket statement above is admittedly debatable. It varies from which sportsmen to which sports, which sporting event and which country.

In any case, here Ridhuan is only expressing his personal opinion. You’re free to agree or to disagree with him. Or even “agree to disagree” — which is the DAP’s infamous motto.

But just because you object to Ridhuan’s views, does it mean police have to throw him in jail on the serious charge of sedition as per the MCA demand?

MCA jump fish

What is MCA’s problem?!

Besides being a washout in GE12 and GE13 and waiting to die in GE14, that is.

Probably MCA terasa when Ridhuan uses the phrase “ultra kiasu”.

Okay, let’s check out the rest of what Ridhuan had to say in Sinar Harian a few days ago, as cited above.

Paragraph #2 …

Tick ~True~ or ~False~

He wrote:

“It is very difficult for football and hockey, for instance, to attract the participation of non-Malays as these sports used to in the past.”

True, with regard to the current lack of Malaysian Chinese among our national footballers and hockey squad. However ex-national hockey players Tai Beng Hai, Lim Chiow Chuan and Wallace Tan are involved in the coaching and administration of the present teams.

Paragraph #3 …

Tick ~True~ or ~False~

Ridhuan wrote:

“Today’s sportsmen are more keen on individual events because that is where the money is. Whereas team sports like football requires team spirit (kekuatan jamaah).”

Half true; the second sentence is correct.

Practically speaking, an athlete is more in control of his performance in the individual sports. The harder you push yourself, the further you can go. So a self-starter should not be faulted for choosing to excel in the individual disciplines.

To be fair, Malaysia’s Rio Olympians showed teamwork too. The men’s badminton and mixed badminton doubles were about teamwork in pairs. Likewise the 10m platform diving duo who won the women’s silver.

Paragraph #4 — The jibe that got MCA’s goat

Ridhuan wrote:

“Because of that, all want to focus on individual rather than team events as rewards for the latter are greater. This is the individualistic trait connected to the ultra kiasu that I usually talk about”.

The Chinese-centered MCA interprets Ridhuan to exclude our Bidayuh diver (Olympic silver medalist) and Malay cyclist (Olympic bronze medalist) from his label of ‘ultra kiasu’.

Thus that leaves the five Chinese shuttlers – winning three Olympic silvers between them – for whom MCA is taking up the cudgels and protecting from being slurred as ultra kiasu or unpatriotic.

Additional note:

One half of the silver-winning synchronized divers (10m platform) at the Rio Olympics is Chinese.

Earning Olympic silver is a terrific achievement. They did great and Ridhuan should not have rained on their parade.

Nonetheless, what Ridhuan said would not have courted so much controversy if the subject was broached at another time and couched in more general terms, rather than giving the impression that he was alluding to the medal-winning badminton players.

BELOW: MCA official functions do not use our national language … patriotic eh?

See the banner screen behind the MCA president which says his party’s aim is “to unite the Chinese community”

MCA 66

MCA claims Ridhuan failed its patriotism test

Despite the inappropriateness of Ridhuan’s remarks, MCA too went overboard when its Youth sec-gen Datuk Leong told the press, “[berating Ridhuan] Do not bring up elements of sedition that can jeopardize the peace in the country and unity among the races.”

(1) Can anybody tell me what is seditious about Ridhuan’s commentary above or what is seditious about calling some people “ultra kiasu” or unpatriotic?

In the first place, if name-calling constituted sedition, then a lot of Dapsters would already be in jail for the nasty names they’ve bestowed on our PM and his wife.

Secondly, can MCA define for us how – by providing some benchmarks – the party considers its Chinese constituents to be particularly patriotic. After all, MCA itself labeled Ridhuan as the “Most Unpatriotic Malaysian”.

Since MCA has decided that Ridhuan is unpatriotic, the party must reveal what are its criteria for one to be deemed patriotic.

BELOW: The Bintang Lima logo of MCA’s Star Media Group drew inspiration from the five-starred China flag

Star logo flag wave

China flag wave 150p

(2) In what way does Ridhuan talking about rewards gained from individual sports “jeopardize the peace in the country”?

If anyone is jeopardizing peace in Malaysia, it is the evangelistas and I don’t see MCA demonstrating an iota of concern over their constant provocation.

MCA in Parliament GE

(3) MCA also accuses Ridhuan of jeopardizing “unity among the races”.

It is the Dapsters who are most responsible for jeopardizing unity among the races.

Over the last decade, during which period the MCA ceded a total of 24 BN Parliament seats – see bar chart above – to the DAP mostly, the Dapster-evangelistas have been peddling hate, lies and endless slander but MCA did nothing to stop them.

It makes you suspect that MCA is in cahoots or why else would its media be promoting the DAP evangelista politicians?

Instead of taking to task the ruling party’s chief political opponent DAP, the coalition’s Chinese component is relentlessly attacking a Muslim convert.

What is the worth of MCA to the BN if all that the party is good for is bashing Ridhuan on a weekly basis? Is there any MCA leader who has not yet bashed Ridhuan?

Click on tweet below for article on MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong chiding him.

Symptoms of Stockholm syndrome

Might as well the battered MCA dissolve itself and formally hand over the party prime assets to the DAP. After all, it’s as if the Gunting Dalam Lipatan is working for the benefit of the opposition anyway.

MCA is being trashed senseless by the DAP but all of MCA’s inexplicable actions of late has been to further the DAP’s interests.

The DAP evangelistas run rings around MCA and yet MCA permits its party media and machinery to operate in ways that benefit the DAP.

Dapsters spit daily at MCA and how does the MCA respond? By barking at Umno and snapping its jaws at Malays.

And it’s pathetic that unable to take on DAP or the evangelistas or the Dapsters, all MCA can do is make police report against Ridhuan Tee.

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11 thoughts on “Ridhuan Tee and MCA’s Stockholm syndrome

  1. Ridhuan Tee is perfectly correct. Undisputed fact.
    Najib and gang and Khairy are stupid to give recognitions and rewards to the buggers.
    Warm welcoming them during the Merdeka celebrations were stupid act.
    Seems Najib and Khairy are not at the same league as Ridhuan Tee. Both should step down actually.

  2. Nothing wrong in rewarding any athelete who brings honor to a country by winning medals, preferably gold. What is wrong is rewarding those who speak broken BM. Worst those who prefer mandarin than english espcially when interview by CCTV.

  3. memperuntukkan beratus juta untuk sukan negara, setakat pulangan 3-4 pingat di Olimpik, adakah itu berbaloi? Terima kasih.

    1. Sama dengan program kursus perkahwinan anjuran Yapeim di Paris, London, New York.
      Apa rasional adakan kursus tempat2 demikian?

  4. Ridhuan Tee is being truthful and sincere in what he feels about sports nowadays.
    I myself have always told my children not to waste time on certain sports which they can’t earn a bright living and future. Their future is always my concerned. Nothing wrong with that. I am sure every parent think the same. As for the rewards, it is up to individuals and the states.

  5. Ms H. If we have no Professor Dato Seri Dr Haji Riduan Tee in Malaysia, we have to invent or create one !

      1. Dr One Kiasu King. Dr. Sir. We have 21 year old latuks and many Doctorates in our beloved Malaysia. I just awarded you a doctorate too. Do you know that in some Indian universities, the candidates may take books to the exams ?

  6. Kan I dah habaq sll, BM/BI kalau sentences translate fm Chinese languages, silap2 perkataan bole salah erti dan ayat boke melencung kot lain. Eg;

    ……Lu peligi mana?…..

    Saya ni org kampung, pasti sangkakan Apek tu nak minum air!

    Kalau dengan Teresa Kok, seram dengaq dia cakap dalam BI! Anyway wonder if they misunderstood what RTee wrote. Maybe macam robot – lookout for specific words used like “ultra kiasu”, otak macam RBA terus kasi hentam?

    BTW, Singaporeans are proud to be referred to as ultra kiasu tau. So whats MCA’s issue here?

  7. Obviously MCA like most Cinas kat Malaysia ni, tak faham bahasa! Period! Tu yang timbul pelbagai salah faham.

    Kecik2 orang suruh belajar BM tak mau. Sombong. Lepas tu bila dah tak faham bahasa. Merangkak bila nak bercakap dan berbahas, habis salahkan semua orang!

    RT patut saman itu WCW dan TheStar!!!!

    Saman jangan tak saman!!!

    1. And I suppose you are using your undisputed fluency in English to make it big in the corporate or professional world?

      Or, maybe, you are nurturing the next billion Ringgit “unicorn” to IPO stardom, again using your undisputed fluency in English and mastery of tech?

      BM is a non-starter in the world of angel investors and ventu

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