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Pecah tembelang dah

Remember the grand total of 10 tweets in the J-Star official Twitter timeline when Hannah Yeoh was appointed Selangor Speaker?

But it is zero tweets by the J-Star about DAP Penang’s scandal-ridden Adun whacking her father in the story uploaded by the news portal early this morning.

The DAP Sungai Pinang rep publicly called her dad – who is being investigated by MACC on suspicion of soliciting bribes – “a troublemaker”. In other words, the YB threw her own flesh and blood under the bus for the sake of The Party.

Ouch! And how Dapsters like to accuse other people of being willing to sell their own grandmother for a dime.

It is hard to imagine how decent Malaysians can stomach the DAP’s bloody hypocrite agents nesting in the MCA paper.

The J-Star can’t get more despicable in its blatant pro-DAP bias considering that it is supposedly owned and controlled by a BN component party. PUKE!!

MCA is clearly treacherous to the BN in nodding and winking at the shenanigans of its media machinery.

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Compare and contrast

Since @Staronline did not tweet today’s story casting DAP in a bad light, I’ve referenced a tweet by a member of the public.

In contrast, the J-Star‘s official Twitter was practically unhinged previously — tweeting the good news about Hannah Yeoh a total of 10 times in the span of a few short hours.


Summary below: The 10 fanatic fan tweets

Hannah Yeoh 10 tweets 24 hours Speaker Star


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11 thoughts on “Pecah tembelang dah

      1. ramai RBA dalam nih.
        Ingat semua org UMNO kaya ker?
        Org kaya dalam pakatoon tak ajak pun penyokong jadi kaya.

  1. The fact is Malaysians,Penangite and Selangorians must be on guard against power addiction y PKR and DAP.
    Having their taste of power and in charge of milllions they are just getting heady and drunk with money.
    Just like Naji planned in advance what he would do once he controlled the Finance Ministry, this is what is happening in Penang and Selangor.
    Land especially is a source of money for the ADUNs.
    Far from selcat they are asking themselves wow are we really in charge of these billions?
    So MACC has it work cut out in Penang and Selangor beside Najib of course.

  2. Ditipu,

    Tu laaa dok pikiaq, heran sangat. Macam mana anak TDM bole masuk dalam senarai Forbes among the richest men in Malaysia?

    Keluarga kami sejak tokwan dulu dah ada banyak business, tapi sampai skrg sorang cucu cicit dia pun tak mampu jadi billionaire lagi! Punya la pulun gagah kerja siang malam. Magic juga anak TDM kan?

  3. Another hypocrite revealed on Monday when the lying hypocrite met the man he fired because of sexual misconduct. This desperado is willing to do anything even selling his own family to achieve his goal of ousting Najib.

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