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TMJ: No more Chinese schools in Johor in future

Tunku Mahkota Johor believes vernacular schools are divisive and wants them to be replaced by single-stream ‘Bangsa Johor’ schools in his state — see video.

Tunku Ismail said, “Pada masa akan datang, awak tak ada (lagi) sekolah India, Cina, Melayu di negeri Johor.”

“Sekolah agama masih ada untuk agama kita tetapi (yang akan ada ialah) sekolah Bangsa Johor. Daripada kecil awak dah patut diajar macam mana untuk bersatu, menghormati agama antara satu sama lain, menghormati bangsa orang lain, kaum-kaum lain,” the crown prince added.



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24 thoughts on “TMJ: No more Chinese schools in Johor in future

  1. The best and timely call by TMJ. Perhaps the “johor” terms should be replaced to “singapura” for numeous reasons. Singapore is much rich state than Johor to start with. The exchange rate greatly favors singapore and english is the medium of instruction there. Above all, the singaporeans doctors are much reliable, not to mention talented, than all bangsa johor’s doctors put together. Historically also Singapore was part of Johor until one non-bangsa johor severed the ties. Long live Bangsa Singapura.

  2. Hey anti-Christ, why do you put up this misleading headline ? TMJ said no more Malay, Indian and Chinese schools, not just abolishing Chinese schools. Be responsible lah.

  3. Haiya….Helen….it’s no more Malay, Chinese and Indian schools. I think TMJ wants English medium schools with vernaculars classes….Looks like Singapore might be the role model here….And It’s a good call for the country….in a way, the education system will change for better….i support this…

    1. Ms H. The resistance to change in the Chinese vernacular schools come from the teaching staff because they would lose their jobs. If anyone wants to be a game-changer convince these Chinese school teachers that their future will be safe-guarded !

  4. Sorry if Im repeating. But it is because idiotic UMNO Presidents who dont understand patriotism and nationhood that leads the Chinese and Indians to create mega chinese and mega indian cities in the Federated Malay States.
    These are corrupt Malays and half indian who hate malay culture and malay people.
    They only see the money from selling land and mining rights to chinese or indians.
    But things are changing.
    With your blog more malays have realised the duplicity of Najib and Mahathir and Pak Lah.
    They are just greedy politicians busy lining their sons , wives and daughters pockets.
    A new Malay party is required and maybe Pribumi may be the starting point.

  5. hmm, hello si empunya blog,
    i really hope no more sjkc sjkt, only sekolah kebangsaan
    hey, malays is just another kindness races ( generally ) that will gives all they have for other, yet it maybe called just an idiot races

    according to “perjanjian” was made in early independent
    sjkc and sjkt will be cut down slowy .. and 2nd generation will be knowing each other in early age at school ( learn together ) , its was sekolah kebangsaan.

    honestly nothing to lose right ? although this is a penisulars malay land. we dont stab at back ( its was GENETIK code) of course i mean most of malays.

    but there will be a “pengkhianatan” and “kebodohan” was fullfilled in MOU that was agreed before.

    but never too late for correction. im not racist .. im a malay and im a muslims.

    have a nice day.

    1. Sekolah english medium la, baru senang menuju ke pentas dunia……dan schooling kuota based on race abolished, semua same level playing field….baru adil….takder ruang org nak label kita racist

  6. I am seeing this as if the chinese has finally fallen into a royal trap.
    It was the chinese mistake anyway who wanted to see the malays and umno politicians split and wrecked with the palace community at the firsthand. They wish to see the malays community relationship in disarray. Thinking by giving the chinese support to the palace will incite animosity between this lots. They know the malays disunity is vital to them and will happen anytime than sooner. Its contribution will give a golden opportunity for DAP to win in the next GE for Johor state, and finally to be “swallowed” by chinese singaporean gov. Thats the main “full course” here. Unfortunately, now after the Johor royal prince insistence to cease the vernacular schools, this is an unexpected outcome for the chinese. The chinese have no choice but have to obey for the time being, even they know their loyalty is fake and untruthful. Just a showoff ! Everyone know this. Buit now the chinese are the one ” sudah kena”. Soon we will see other states and all over Malaysia to follow. There will be no more vernacular schools in Malaysia! But we know the chinese wont stop there, they will have to aggressively plan another strategy to divert this to happen. Let’s see how the diversion plan is going to be.

  7. Helen, the fact that you are posting the statements of TMJ in your blog shows that you support the single stream school concept. I have few questions and would like to know your opinion.

    1. Education is under the jurisdiction of federal government. On what basis/legality TMJ made his statement?

    2. Unity under single stream school for what purpose? Eg, a non-Muslim educated in vernacular school may not understand the sensitivity of fasting, hence he/she sees it not a problem to eat in front of a fasting Muslim. This is not a crime anyway. On the other hand, insulting Islam (eg. Namewee) is a crime and we have due process of laws.

    3. Is there any empirical evidence to prove that vernacular school promotes segregation? Or detractors take an easy way out by simply concluding ‘the fact that children are segregated from young age will result in disunity at adult age’? Having said that, is there any empirical evidence to prove that national/single stream school promotes unity?

    4. Lastly, why the selective criticism on vernacular school? What about segregation on other categories like religion and income class? Consider the schools below:-

    a) religious school;
    b) private school following national syllabus;
    c) international school following UK and US syllabus;
    d) elite school like MCKK etc;
    e) boarding school like MRSM;
    f) private local colleges and universities (including overseas as well);
    g) independent chinese secondary schools following UEC syllabus;
    h) children crossing the causeway daily attending schools in Singapore;
    i) UiTM

    5. Even if single stream school is implemented on all stages of education, unity is only fostered from the age of say 6 – 23 (pre-school until degree), a person will have a total of 30+ years of working life. If he works in civil service, there is no unity/interaction as civil service is overwhelmingly Malay dominated. Same case for private sector especially in companies owned by Chinese and MNCs.

    1. Drinho,

      1) Yup.Education is under the purview of Federal authority. But TMJ is the heir to the throne. So, any MB of Johor needs to reconcile with TMJ.

      2) Separate school system is unique to Malaysia. No other countries would want to accept it. Try insisting vernacular school in Australia, UK or Indonesia or even Singapore. You may end up detained under ISA for saying just that in Singapore.

      Let us not be hypocrites. Separate schools separates people. Literally speaking. why on earth all other countries do not allow it? for what reason? For a simple reason that separate schools promotes just that ” SEPARATION

      3) Religious school ( I assume you mean Islamic school) is for Muslim students to study religion. My children go to Sekolah Kebangsaan in the morning . later in the evening they spent 2 hours daily to study matters related to islamic faith. FEEL FREE to sent your children o study Islam at religious schools,

      4). International schools are norms on this planet to cater to children of diplomats, expatriates

      5) MRSM is for Bumiputeras. The ( malay rulers granted unbelievable 1 million citizenships to “pendatangs” Surely, in return you would not upset with MRSM. There are Christians natives from Sabah, Sarawak too.

      6) Bottom line is vernacular schools alienates Chinese students from others, mainly Malays. Ask any malay.

      Do not purposely get confuse vernacular school with learning Mandarin. Nobody is saying Chinese cant learn mandarin. By all mean, learn Mandarin, Tamil, Arabic, Kikuyu or any native tongue like Swahili.

      1. shamshul anuar,

        re: So, any MB of Johor needs to reconcile with TMJ.

        Is education under the purview of MB?

        re: Separate schools separates people. Literally speaking

        What about empirically speaking? Any evidence to conclusively proof that vernacular school foster disunity and national school promotes unity? If none, I think status quo should be retained.

        How do we conclusively connect the correlation “unity = national school” and “disunity = vernacular school”?

        1) Why the selective bias when it comes to vernacular school? Why you are ok to segregate based on economic class (national school vs private/international school) and religious (sekolah agama vs mainstream syllabus school) but not vernacular school. Mind you, vernacular school does not prohibit anyone from enrolling whether based on economic class or religion.

        2) If stats are correct, the % of non-Chinese in SJKC is 12% of its total student enrolment vs national school non-Bumi enrolment which is only 6%. So, who is more multiracial in percentage term?

        3) The dilemma between unity vs upholding parents’ freedom to select school for their kids/rights to education. Which one should prevail?

        4) Even if you abolish vernacular school, can the capacity and quality of national schools accommodate the hundreds of thousands of students from vernacular school?

        5) Looking at the huge numbers of students and institutions outside the national system like private/international school, private/overseas college and universities etc, our government are liberal in allowing education systems outside of national scheme to flourish. Why not allow the same for vernacular school?

        6) Vernacular schools are not fully funded by taxpayers monies, only partial. For an average Malaysian, sending one kid to SJKC will incur additional expenses (few hundreds to few thousands per year) compare to national school. Still SJKC managed to attract hundreds of thousands of students despite the extra financial burden. Same case as independent chinese high schools that receive zero government funding and follow the unrecognised UEC syllabus yet able to secure tens of thousands of students. If government decides not to fund any vernacular school as a precursor to abolish it or hoping for eventual death, parents will still pay from their own pocket to ensure survival of vernacular schools.

  8. While not all monolingual (defined as having just one medium of instruction in its state schools) countries are great, great countries are all virtually monolingual.

    Among the most powerful countries in the world, the G8, only Canada and Russia have more than one medium of instruction in schools.

    Even then, it can be argued that Canada is effectively monolingual as the medium of instruction is delineated by political/administrative boundaries. Russia can also be said to be effectively monolingual – the only groups taught in their ethnic languages are the obscure minorities. More than 90% of all Russian schools are Russian based.

    So there you have it, all of the G8 are virtually monolingual. Mind blown right? Meanwhile kita terhegeh2 extolling the virtues of not two but three(!) separate languages of instruction konon it will make us competitive apa bagai.

    Setakat nak jadi macam Singapore Dubai Mauritius konon2 multilingual multicultural tapi run by expat mob as they squeeze the locals dry tu takyah la…

    1. can I say great countries (g8?) r all non muslim? n secular? n no malay, no chinese n no indian as well?

        1. Is Malaysia aspiring to attain G8 status?

          That’s quite a reach seeing as how it’s not even a member of G20.

          And it’s not even invited to attend G20 meetings, unlike, say, Singapore.

          Pity that…..

  9. Fully supporting to TMJ’s stand. All kinds of vernacular schools and also schools like Sekolah Asrama should be abolished as soon as possible as these schools did not promote unity and all of them are specific to certain races. However vernacular education should be provided alongside BM and English.

    1. shaun

      Whats wrong with Sekolah Asrama? For Bumiputras and ada banyak races dan agama la. You baru mai Malaysia ke?

  10. quote,”Tunku Mahkota Johor believes vernacular schools are divisive and wants them to be replaced by single-stream ‘Bangsa Johor’ schools in his state “unquote.

    I agree 100% with TMJ on his stance on vernacular schools.

    But I don’t believe in the Bangsa Johor crap, though I am a Johorean.

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