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“A matter of the heart”

  • Hannah Yeoh’s older daughter Shay Adora Ram, who is recorded in her birth certificate as ‘Chinese’ — well, the parents can send her to Tamil school.
  • Hannah’s younger daughter Kayleigh Imani Ram, who is recorded in her birth certificate as ‘Indian’ — this one can send to sekolah Cina.

Muhibbah, in the DAP style of cross-cultural fertilization …

After all, DAP loves the other races, as seen in their previous embrace of PAS. 

BELOW: Malaysian Chinese girl who loves Muslims


DAP intends to wipe out racism, no?

So when will DAP – whose party members possess a patriotism that is “birthed through the heart” (see @hannahyeoh tweet above) – ever support Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua?

You know … sekolah for bangsa Anak Malaysia and not “racist” schools like SJK(C).

Note: DAP slams MCA (the Malaysian CHINESE Association) as “racist” because its is raced based. Likewise, DAP also calls MIC (the Malaysian INDIAN Congress) “racist” because it too is raced based.

Actually DAP must reject race-based “racist” schools which were especially set up to cater for specific races (Tamil schools are effectively 100 percent Indian in enrolment).


Pakatan’s double standards

If it is a BN component, then the political party (Umno, MCA, MIC) cannot be race based, else it is bashed as “racist”.

If they’re in the opposition, however, it’s okay for them – such as Tun’s new “Pribumi Bersatu” party – to be race based; not racist at all.

The opposition make up the rules on what’s racist and what’s not as they go along, and the goalpost is constantly being shifted.

When PAS was together with Pakatan, the DAP went around trumpeting “PAS untuk semua”. But now DAP has changed its tune and PAS has become RUU355 religious bigots in the eyes of the evangelical party.

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth Hodoh



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  1. Noticed that your readers’ reply getting less and less.
    Wondering if there is anything to do with the broken vinyl record.

    But things not the same at the other blog. The blog that you always condemned. Traffic seems to be good there.

    Also noticed that some of your staunch supporters also feel bored by your broken vinyl record. Even going against you now.

    Karma be-falling. Soon it will be fall on your family members, if you’ve got any, btw.

    1. Helen Ang’s blog ranked in M’sia # 10,019

      Life of Annie blog ranked in M’sia # 27,023

      Screenshots below just taken a few minutes ago @ &


      re: Annie’s hundreds of malicious commenters … dah lah lelaki menyamar awek cun, Melayu menyamar kacukan Cina, pemberita menyamar pendidik, sekarang ini ada apa pula dengan

      Anon, anon, anon, anon, anon, anon, anon, anon, anon, anon, anon,anon, anon, anon, anon, anon,anon, anon, anon, anon, anon,anon, anon, anon, anon, anon,anon, anon, anon, anon, anon,anon, anon, anon, anon, anon,anon, anon, anon, anon, anon … GUESS WHICH MERCENARY BLOGGER IS TALKING TO HIMSELF? ,)

      re: “Karma be-falling. Soon it will be fall on your family members, if you’ve got any, btw.”

      Right, a curse on my family coming from the RBA who insulted my long deceased grandmother. Your kind of people and LoA memang secocok. No surprise that Dapsters and Protuns bersekongkol.

      1. I mentioned ” readers reply “.
        I did not mention blog visitors.
        Why twist the facts?
        So desperate for what?
        Afraid of being kena blast by your dedak master?

        1. Splitting hairs now, are we?

          So you’re ceding to the empirical evidence (Alexa tracking) that my blog actually has more net traffic than Annie’s but fewer reader responses than Annie’s “hundreds” of comments per post.

          Well, who do you think writes those countless Anon comments whacking me ad nauseumin every post? The Malay mercenary blogger talking to himself, wakakakaka?

          Don’t forget that the Life of Annie admin is a liar and fraud (male blogger masquerading as female, Malay pretending to be 1/2 Chinese, reporter passing himself off as an “educator” and concocting endless fibs & fitnah in his write-ups.

          As for the RBA standard slur of dedak, I wonder if Annie’s “blogging captain” has ever read what Annie’s bersekongkol Cina ultra buddies are saying about him in LoA

    2. Spewing hatred is what those DAP dogs and Pakatun love to do and had become a habit and probably a hobby. They love to be constantly fanned by hatred and lies, that’s why they will get sick if they don’t spit their venoms in thoses DAPsters and Protuns blogs using various names just to promote ” syiok sendiri ” attendances. Birds of a feather, flock together.

      We will not be bothered by this type of dirty and misleading propaganda and will only give proper comment when necessary in Helen’s blog here.

  2. Chances would be 9 out of 10 that a lass with placard can speak proper BM even though she would like to be associated with Malaysia first and China second.

    1. As long as she can converse BM in Malaysian way, that should be good….ini kicik punya hal pun mau bikin kecoh ka, blader?? Ada paham sama Malaysian Culture tak??

        1. Well, guess what, the new Benggalis will certainly speak BM in Malaysian way…they are not going to list a proper sentence….you getting my drift??

              1. Tahu, tidak apa – that’s the proper BM usage. Surrhead is s typical non-Malay who speaks bahasa pasar. During my recent visit to Malaysia, I spoke to some Nepalese who worked as security guards at a condo in Damansara where a sister of mine lives together with her husband. I asked them in English but they replied in perfect BM despite having been in Malaysia just a couple of months. Malaysians who do not know how to speak proper BM should be ashamed of themselves and don’t deserve to be Malaysian citizens.

                1. are you aware of our current texting lingo – which is being used widely? i hope you go around correcting all lingos that you come across…..not just another hot air.

                  1. Org melayu lebih senang menerima bangla / nepalese dgn tangan terbuka sebab boleh berbahasa dengan baik dan tahu adat dan tata susila. Lagi senang nak di serapkan ke dalam masyarakat melayu kalau nak duduk beranak pinak sini.
                    Tak macam korang, biadap, angkuh dan sombong. Tak sedar diri, pandang randah orang lain. Tak de tempat untuk orang macam ni kat mana-mana pun.

                    1. Kamu kena belajar menghormat, sblm kamu diminta dihormati…..inikan tak boleh berbaik dgn org yg dah duduk berkurun kat sini, nak berbaik dgn bangla/nepal yg baru sampai konon…….silakan, ajaklah bangla/nepal berjiran atau duduk serumah ……….jgn main ckp jer…….BTW, Islam1st tu bodoh, jenis bangsa yg kena basuh selalu….

  3. ” I don’t think Tamils have got their priorities misplaced or wrong, but they have been misled and misguided over the years by the BN leadership, including the MIC and others.

    There is nothing wrong for Tamils in the country to show their affinity for other Tamils. In the immediate aftermath of the Hindraf protest in 2007, I did not hear any of its leaders telling Tamils or Indians from other countries not to support their movement. Funds were openly solicited from Indians in the country and abroad to support their movement.”

    This is extracted from a letter by Prof Rama of DAP, the champion of Malaysia First and non-racial politics.

    Not only that he’s playing the racist card 24-7 but he also been fighting more for the Tamils in Sri Lanka rather for Penang Indians.

  4. Unthinkable for Rama to fight for Indians in Penang or anywhere in the world. In contrary Rama should be doing the opposite since these people are partly responsible for the suffering and the misery of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Also please stop calling and alleviating Rama to Prof Rama since the term ” Prof” automatically dissapeared when he resigned from UKM.

  5. Patriotism memang comes from the heart. Kita amik contoh Marina dan Ambiga. Isteri melalak Bersih itu ini gitu ghairah konon nak tunjuk betapa prehatin jiwa mereka demi negara.

    Tapi mai kita dalami apakah mereka dapat salurkan semangat yg sama kepada keluarga terdekat ie their spouses dan anak2 sendiri? Cuba hangpa check asal usul keturunan suami2 mereka nih datang dari mana?

    Tu la yang saya habaq, kat Malaysia ni ada ramai zonkey. Waaa haaa

  6. On the authority of Abu ‘Abdullah al-Nu’man bin Bashir (ra) who said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah(saw) say:

    “The halal is clear and the haram is clear, and between them are matters unclear that are unknown to most people (the unlearned and unspiritual). Whoever is cautious about these unclear matters is thereby safeguarding his religion and honor. And whoever indulges in them is indulging in the haram. It is like a shepherd who herds his sheep too close to a preserved sanctuary, and they will eventually graze in it. Every king has a sanctuary, and the sanctuary of Allah is what He has deemed haram. There lies within the body a piece of flesh. If it is sound, the whole body (and thoughts and feelings) is sound; and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. Verily this piece of flesh is the heart.” ”
    [narrated by Bukhari & Muslim]

  7. Ms H. I am not against vernacular schools per se. But I do notice that the following do not give rise to racialism and are good for Nation building eg. the Sekolah Kebangsaan and children who do not have racist peers as parents or friends. I know of whole communities which kept themselves from the other communities giving rise to ghettoes. The fear of aliens in their midst due to ignorance. Because of the increase in the number of middle-income families of all races in the urban areas, the use of race and religion in these places as a political tool is becoming less and less effective. Hence, the rise of mosquito political parties. The RM2 tax-free incorporated churches with their young adherents will peter out with age. How long can they dance, sing and shout in an unmoving environment ? Independent observers of the Malaysian political scene like Bilahari Kausikan has already labelled these Chinese as ‘delusional’ ! When they wake-up and dissipate into the background is only a matter of time for the lack of a cogent advantage. For example ‘ What happened to the socialists and the communists ?’ As far as I know the latter have become greedy for money !

    1. uncle, i am not against satu sekolah, or sekolah kebangsaan. I am still wondering y with all the resources, how come sk is not our first choice? y the chinese rather squeeze into a class of 50-60 students?

      most comments i read tell the bad of srjkc n segregation, however if one read carefully when it related to mara, uitm, residential school, their tone change totally. i dun believe sekolah kebangsaan have anything to do with unity, i only see their ketuanan mentality.

      1. HY
        Those who are selected into “mara, uitm, residential school etc” MUST come from national schools. Klo fm SJKC/T mustahil akan dapat masuk kecuali kot dpt “30A” dlm peperiksaan macam UPSR.

        However their early formative years of learnings fm tabika right thru thn 6 (at least 8yrs), they are “already exposed” to mixing with other races from their national schools. You ada faham?

        ……i only see their ketuanan mentality…..

        Rasanya you dok cakap sorang2 depan cermin kot?
        My Apek neighbours gloated how “high standard” their kids’education were sampai ketahap thn 6saja. Lepaih tu PMR, SPM tersipu2 malu nak beritau results anak2. muahaa haa ha macam la saya tak tau..Four of my younger siblings and few of their kids wr fm SJKC.

        Peringkat menengah they move on to SMK. Rakan2 Bumiputra dalam kelas yang ada pun dari kalangan sederhana saja pasai yang the “cream” ramai dah terpilih masuk sekolah2 yang you sebut ie “mara, uitm, residential school etc”.

      2. HY. You are right of course. No parties are to be blamed except those who pretender to represent this and that. All have their secret agendas as their record and history have shown. They made their money in the process. I have delved into this matter of the vernacular schools sometime ago. However, let us go back in history. The first Chinese secondary school in Kuala Lumpur was established by my father and others – the Confucian Secondary School a respected school. There was no political connotation in those early days of 1906. The swell of Mandarin vernaculary schools came after this with the 1911 Revolution of Sun Yat Sen reaching a crescendo at the outbreak of World War II due to the demands of the Chinese community. The Chinese vernacular schools were not in favour during the British administration because there was no employment for the graduates with turmoil in China. The ebb and tide of the demands of the Chinese vernacular schools go with the political tide in China. These schools had the worst support during the period 1949-1982. From this point, its lowest ebb, the enrolment of the Chinese vernacular schools began to rise concomitant with China entering the World stage. Naturally, hangers on and professional trouble-makers jumped on board the gravy train to now. One set of do-gooders left and another set took its place through the years. All of them knew about World and human affairs only as deep as their noses.
        Hence, as always in our beloved Malaysia, when we have weak leadership we have problems. But if you look at the the Malaysian Chinese political leadership which had no vision of the future which is the present, they were very happy to let sleeping dogs lie by doing nothing. This is where the problem lies. A Chinese school consists of the teaching staff and its pupils. The former wants job security whilst the latter potential places for advancement by way of jobs and further education. Until these two main problems are satisfied then and then only, we look at how to fit in all these Chinese vernacular schools in the national educational stream. Malaysia is the only country not even Singapore actually did very little to incorporate the Chinese vernacular schools in conformity with its changing political structure with is Malay bias in conformation with our Constitution and our loyal towards King and Country and the Royal Sultans. Until a person really takes time to know all the facts, this will be a Chinese puzzle to those who try to resolve the issue. During the British, the Chinese vernacular schools followed the curriculum in China and imported text-books from the Commercial Press, Shanghai. Thereafter, after Merdeka, I believe school subjects were taught in Mandarin. Hence, the pupils graduate with a knowledge of Mandarin/Chinese up to about 1000 characters which are enough for them to read the Sin Chiew Jit Poh. A Chinese university graduate knows about 3,000 characters. of of 10,000. My view is that given the right negotiators the Chinese schools maybe part of the National Educational Schools in time if the interests of all the parties concerned are safe-guarded eg. the Malay and Indian communities included. It so very important for an independent country to stand proud and face the World, that we have a unified national educational system for the common good. Time is of the essence. In this case, slowly slowly catchee monkey as the Mat Salleh says.

        1. Mister AK,

          Confucius said, “There are three methods to gain wisdom. The first is by reflection, which is the noblest way. The second is by imitation, which is easier. The third is through experience, which is the bitterest way to learn.”

          These days, the political leadership culture don’t seem to be wise in their actions and planning, whether Chinese, Malay or Indian. They cannot unify, as you note, as long as the schooling system is segregated by language barriers. Our Malaysian community a little dumb if they do not want to learn English – it is a world language,a unifying force. We don’t have to lose our own mother tongue in the process of one national school system.

          1. “We don’t have to lose our own mother tongue in the process of one national school system.”

            the progress since merdeka until now prove otherwise. reread yr own writes “The third is through experience”

            if u really could understood confucius, i suppose u r (should)discerning enough to know that segregation tend to happen regardless there r 1 school or many school.

        2. Further to my comment on the historical aspects of the Chinese vernacular schools, I now explain that these schools became more and more politicised by the influx of the left or right wing Chinese from the Mainland up to the outbreak of World War II. Hence, the schools through the school teachers were politicised. I recall that the British were very particular in dealing with the Chinese schools because they sent ‘school inspectors’ to keep a baleful eye on what was taught in the schools. The Chinese schools vex and wane with the economic fortunes of the community of the day. Personally, I do not find any merit in pushing young children to jump six feet when they could do three feet naturally. Hence, I sent my children and grandchildren to the Sekolah Kebangsaan. They are now doing quite well in our diverse society. The problem of how to integrate the Chinese vernacular schools on a win-win basis for all has to be resolved sooner or later. The Government could solve the urbanisation of the Malays after 13 May 1969 who are now a large part of the towns and contribute positively to national development.

        3. uncle, interesting read. u really know what is happening. my view pertaining to yr approach is that pandering to yr audience may get u cheers but not sure if u could really bring yr point across, n pierce through their (or my wakaka) thick skull.

          wrt “But if you look at the the Malaysian Chinese political leadership which had no vision of the future which is the present”, u shd aware umno never allow this, they rather have a strong dap. i rarely wan to blame mca n gerakan, just that sometimes they behaved overly ‘dog’, that y i always said there is no diff if i give my vote to a dog. the question is do we have 1 in opposition? the answer is obviously no. lim father n son r happy to have penang.

          thus our future is education, n our next generation must be capable enough to compete with tw, hk, sp n china. forget abt the kebangsaan school, that is mere political rhetoric, we must have our own schooling system that could support this call, ie our chinese school and chinese independent school (like confucian school u mentioned).

          until n unless the tuan n puan can overcome their insecure n fear.

    2. “The RM2 tax-free incorporated churches with their young adherents will peter out with age. How long can they dance, sing and shout in an unmoving environment?”

      Pakcik, we hope the dancing and shouting will encourage them to do good and stay away from evil. But mostly in humble self-awareness, the soul finds the communion with God All-Knowing & Merciful.

      “And the Garden will be brought nigh for the devout who had kept away from evil, no longer far away. (And it is said): ‘This is what you were promised. (It is) for every repentant and heedful soul, who fears the Beneficent Lord in secret and who comes with a humble heart’. ” (Quran, 50: 31-33)

      “The (Judgement) day when neither wealth nor sons will be of help to any soul; except for them who bring unto God a wholesome heart.“ (Quran, 26: 88-89)

      1. Abdullah, Sir, you are right of course. After a life-time, I have noted that the good are born good like you and Ms H. The bad are born bad like those foul-mouthed pretenders with secret agendas eg HY (it’s a she not a he my friend). The bad do not figure !

  8. Ms H. Further, I have noticed in recent years it was the young Malays who were polite and smiled at me. Urbanisation, sports, Sekolah Kebangsaan which my children and grand-children attended, cuisine, etc are all good catalysts for a Malaysian commonality. Lest we forget, it took the Swiss over 800 years to be what they are today. I have great hopes for our beloved Malaysia. No problem !

    1. Unker AK47
      … it was the young Malays who were polite and smiled at me…

      ‘Charity begins at home’ .. Klo toknek makayah kat blog cik Helen pun tak tau jaga sopan, mencarut, memaki dan guna macam2 nama….bayangkan kat rumah mereka dengan keluarga terdekat macam mana? Thats why they idolise namewee, Alvin Tan dan Monsterball.

      Hannah Yeoh is a public figure.. tengok Bahasa dia guna bila tweet tweet tak renti.. loya tau. Tapi apa bole buat? Mungkin tu yang dia belajaq dari toknek moyang mahayah dia. Isssh kesian Agama dia tak ajaq ke? Gaji elaun banyak, belanja la sikit duit tu pi attend some etiquette courses. UBAH sikit cara hidup tu.

      1. RINA. The young Chinese who bumped into me think the World owes them a living eg. the way they drive and the way they walk and talk.
        The great unifier of all Malaysians is the Lucky Garden Bangsar ‘Ikan Kepala Kari’ stall and Aunty Nat, Sri Hartamas. Check it out, saudara.

    2. Ms H. Very so often at petrol stations and malls, I came across young Chinamen and women who would snub me when I said, ‘T hank you ‘ for opening the door to them. But the young Malays always smiled back at me. What’s wrong with these Chinese in our beloved Malaysia which actually treats the Malaysian Chinese very well ? Do they know the real Britain, United States, Canada and Australia or even China ? Stupid !

  9. Teh Tarik,

    LoA commenters are same old same old who post multiple comments. Most of the comments are not based on facts just vitriols againsts Najib and Rosmah. LoA seldom vet comments, he/she just let these go through including those which are considered garbage. But he/she will not post comments which criticize him/her including asking him/her to reveal his/ her true self. LoA has become a favourite site for Protuns who post multiple comments on the same issue. Some Protuns behave just like RBAs and now I can’t tell the difference between RBAs and Protuns. I prefer quality over quantity anytime.

    1. Aku Melayu. I support you. It is time for us the Rakyat show some decency and civility in our comments on others. To use the Net and hide behind a mask, it is the epitome of cowardice. Let us Malaysians show some discipline and responsibilty when we comment on others. Insults, abuse and vulgarities will get us nowhere.

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