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The one-eyed one

Easy riddle … What do you call a creature that has one eye, two faces and a three-forked tongue?

Answer: Dapster


It won’t cross your mind that they’re capable of such extreme malice

Memang kejahatan diorang ni tiada tolok banding.

The latest to complain is the Deputy Education Minister.

FMT reported:

“It is fake. Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan has dismissed a Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) question with racist overtones, currently making the rounds on social media.

“In a Facebook post, Kamalanathan said he was ‘angry and disappointed’ that there were irresponsible parties circulating a question which did not exist in the first place.

“Such lies and slander have sinister motives and are reprehensible by nature.”

Hard habit to break

The ultra kiasus concoct endless lies and spread slander non-stop in the social media.

Another recent piece of black ops was a viral poster — purportedly a news item posted by a Malay daily which about Lee Chong Wei’s loss in the Olympic finals.

Like the UPSR faked racist question which police are investigating, the racist excerpt from the Malay ‘article’ about our badminton ace in Rio was similarly fabricated.

The malice with which these what-kind-of-people carry out their smear campaigns is beyond despicable. It’s pure dajjal.


One of the dajjals
One of the most malicious dajjals

Melayu cakap bohong jadi DAP

Dapsters are conducting a war of attrition. They’re flinging mud and misinformation in the hope their opponent will get buried under the avalanche of smut.

The RBA and their rakan bersekongkol Annie Anakin have been circulating a lot of wicked and nasty lies about me. I’m not going to refute some of the truly evil things they’ve invented and thus giving their rumours undeserved airtime.

I can however address here some factual disinformation that the 20k blogger’s handler has been putting out.

Click to enlarge


To access my archives, go to sidebar on the right and click ‘Select Month’ to pull down box

FACT: This blog started operating in late July 2011

They will do anything to downgrade our achievements.

The truth is my blog has notched 7.25 million hits since I launched on 28 July 2011. So roughly my articles have covered a span of five years to get the number of page views cited.

However the 20k lying blogger’s handler deliberately misinforms the public that my hits count should be pro rated over a period of nine years (i.e. beginning 2008) — which would diminish somewhat my achievement of attaining seven-plus million hits.

This is because 7,252,482 hits spanning nine years is not as impressive as getting – calculated pro rata – more than one million hits each year (7.25m hits divided by five years).

As you can see from the screenshot above, there were no blog entries for helenang.wordpress in 2008, 2009 and 2010. My blog was dormant 3-4 years. The sole entry recorded in December 2008 was the “Hello World” note penned when I booked (reserved) the “helenang” domain name.

The RBA is aware of the above info as I’ve corrected him before.

But the ultra kiasus deliberately keep on repeating this and misinformation that they created — such as that I was a Malaysiakini reporter (not true, I was a contributing columnist) or that I was a “DAP operative” (not true, I merely voted for the party in 2004 and 2008).


Tall tales concocted by the Dapster

Their mountain of lies only goes to show that the RBA are so very kiasu that they can invent the most mind-boggling fictitious details, e.g. they said Joceline Tan is the daughter of the former Penang Gerakan chairman.

Why would they create such a lie about Joceline’s family tree?

(a) To give the impression that Joceline’s loyalty lies with the BN due to family ties, and thus her articles contain an inbuilt bias against the DAP

(b) To create a false perception that she is unprofessional in her writing because of her alleged family political affiliation

(c) To plant a prejudice against Joceline because her purported brother (the late Gerakan chief’s son) was a Pakatan MP who switched sides to become a “BN friendly” rep.

And just because Joceline’s surname so happens to be ‘Tan’ and she hails from Penang, they concocted their story that she is the late Penang strongman Tan Gim Hwa’s daughter.


Dapsters are congenital liars

They lie and they lie … they can’t stop lying kerana sudah menjadi darah daging.

While they tried to deflate the magnitude of my blog’s 7.25 million hits, they do the opposite and purposely inflate my age by a decade or two in order to portray me as “elderly”.

Not too long ago when I took about a week off from blogging during the heat wave to make a garden for my cats as pictured above, Annie spread the rumour instead that I had gone for a liposuction (?!!)

He has spread much worse rumours – really malicious ones – about me which I won’t repeat although the RBAs populating Life of Annie have gleefully taken them up. Their malice is truly astounding. Really, what kind of people are they?

Our problem is not the opposition trying to oust the ruling party. In other countries, they change governments through the democratic process.

But in Malaysia, Dapsters and their new allies are trying to change the government through a demonic process, i.e. by demonizing their rivals, opponents and critics. Their lies assume a thousand myriad shapes and forms, and are as difficult to slay as the many-headed hydra that grows in all directions.

My cat in the mini garden I made for him

Kiasu that must win at Annie cost

The problem is them; the problem is the nature of the beast.

They stop at nothing to win and the result of their kiasu-ness is a society where fitnah is so common that we need to double check whatever we read in social media coming from them — where even the Deputy Education Minister has complained that a lie was manufactured (racist test question faked) vis-a-vis a Standard 6 exam paper.

Ini dok kenakan budak sekolah dah. How low can they go?

(Actually it is the primary schoolteachers setting our national exam questions who have been victimized by the malicious hoax.)

So please understand it’s not that we don’t want a two-party system to enable a power transition. We just don’t want the dajjal to occupy Putrajaya.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

53 thoughts on “The one-eyed one

  1. Let’s see whether this news is true or not.

    “KUALA LUMPUR: The tourism and culture ministry plans to impose a tourism services fee (TSF) of between RM5 and RM30 per room, per night on anyone who stays at a hotel or serviced apartment — be it a foreign or local tourist — as a means to increase funds to promote Malaysia as a tourism destination.

    The fee collection, which will come into effect on Sept 16, 2016, will be based on the star rating of the hotel and will be in addition to other fees/taxes levied such as those in Melaka, Penang and Langkawi.”

    I have doubts about this part.
    “When contacted by The Edge Financial Daily, a ministry spokesman said: “The minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, will make the announcement at the appropriate time”.

    Isn’t September 16 just days away? Surely with such a big change, an announcement would have been made weeks or months ago.

  2. Do you hv any proof that the ” racial test questions ” issue started by the opposition supporters?

  3. How did you derive that DAP is behind the misleading exam question? Have police got the culprit, and the culprit was tied to dap?? if not, what makes you different from the daaapsters?

    1. Tell me exactly which accusatory sentence about the DAP it is that’s upsetting you. Copypaste the/my quote, pls.

      I’ve reread my article and can only pinpoint one definite mention of ‘DAP’, i.e. where I wrote “(allegations that Joceline’s) articles contain an inbuilt bias against the DAP”.’

      1. That right there is the sound of a worm. Helen – you’re a worm. At least have the gumption to stand up for what you write. And you handlers pay you for this? Someone somewhere must be really desperate….

  4. Helen,

    You need to stop with all these hate-filled articles which you write.

    Really, you have to.

    I am saying this for your own good.

    It cannot be good for you mentally and spiritually to keep churning such hate-filled articles.

    I mean, fancy ridiculing Hannah Yeoh’s children.

    They are children, for goodness sake!

    How do you justify naming and ridiculing young children who have done nothing to you?

    To be honest, I don’t know what Hannah Yeoh has done to you personally for you to keep attacking her.

    But I can accept you whacking HannahYeoh because she is an adult and a politician.

    But naming her young children and then ridiculing them?

    As you say, it’s your blog and your like.

    My apologies if you are unhappy with what I wrote.


      Pandainya point finger. Your side is the one fomenting endless hatred of BN. Politics of Hate is the opposition ethos.

      In its worst manifestation, think of what nicknames ‘you’ (all) bestow on Najib and his wife, what ‘you’ (all) did to ‘them’ – Najib effigies, portraits, Rosmah’s mock funeral rites, etc) during Bersih 4.0 – and the 24/7 insults, “ridicule” and fitnah.

      Even Najib’s stepson (called a “porn” film maker), son and daughter are not spared being the subject of fitnah (cerita hantaran/wedding – false, shopping spree on government expenses story – false).

      If Najib was not PM, any Umno man taking his place would still be subject to the same ABU treatment.

      On the other hand, how have I “ridiculed” HY’s children as you allege? Have I said anything that’s less than factual?

      – Have I called them any nicknames? No, right?

      – Have I photoshopped their images (clown face, etc)? No.

      – Have I commented negatively on their appearance? No.

      – Have I said anything at all personal about them? No.

      – Is it my fault that one of HY’s kids is officially Indian and the other officially Chinese?


      It was their mother that made it a public issue and put them under the spotlight to the extent of petitioning the PM over their “bangsa” and DAP (+LKS +LGE) running a campaign on the same “Anak Malaysia” issue.

      Worse still, when Hannah was called out by the Indian community upset at why her kid was registered as a ‘Chinese’, the Yang Berhormat big bully turned around and blamed the National Registration Department clerk for foisting the “keturunan” choice on Madame, konon.

      As if!

      If the NRD clerk had really made a mistake unacceptable to the parents, then why didn’t Hannah correct the details in the borang? After all, the clerk had, at the same time, correctly recorded the child’s religion as ‘Christian’.

      Now if that’s not bullying – an aggressive, high profile politician pushing the blame of public odium to a counter clerk – I don’t know what is.


      She has bullied countless Malaysians. The NRD clerk above is one.

      A Sin Chew columnist who was di’kena’kan by her (for pointing out her tudung hypocrisy) is another. She is dua kali lima with Guan Eng wrt publicly sniding Joceline Tan.

      Mengada-ngada … kenakan Tan Keng Liang (her chief victim whom she called “low class”), kenakan Beliawanis MCA, kenakan MIC special officers, kenakan Umno bloggers (Hannah made police report against them), enaan ustaz who innocently asked if she’s converted as well as dissed dozens of ordinary Twitter users whom she has already blocked from her timeline.

      The only reason all the above have not been blown up is due to the Chinese and English media’s extreme bias in favour of the DAP because frankly, I can’t think of any politician in Malaysian history who has bullied others with the malice that Hannah has.

      In fact, a couple of years before I even started this blog, Hannah had already earned herself the nickname “DAP SuperCyber Bully” given her by the MCA young ladies — see 2010 tweet by MCA Beliawanis national treasurer above.


      What kind of exploitative mother is it who’s willing to manipulate her newborn (creating an outcry over the birth cert) in order to push the party agenda?

      Wanita DAP chairman Chong Eng has children and she’s also married to an Indian. Did you know this? If you didn’t, then it means that Chong Eng has never used her mixed marriage and mixed kids for political mileage the way HY does.

      Do you know the names of KJ’s kids? I’m not even sure whether he has two or three. Despite that Khairy is a publicity hound himself, at least in the matter of his young family, he has the decency to accord them privacy.

      If HY wants to use her kids for political leverage in the first place, then don’t play the whiny, victimhood card.

      If she hadn’t trotted the kids around for political purposes, we wouldn’t know their names. Azmin Ali is my MB. He has young children too. I have no clue what they look like — they’re not in the political limelight.

      Let me tell you this: I’ve had it up to here with Annie’s goons and their smear campaign. I don’t consider you any better.

      And I hope you realise the following sentiments which is becoming clearer by the day. I’m with the silent majority. You oppo people are the vocal and abrasive minority. You’re loud and you’re bullies (like Hannah).

      We’re standing up against you people and drawing a line in the sand. Try crossing it.


      1. Why are you so busy about how Hannah Yeoh name and naming her children?

        You condemn when you have one.
        If not then kindly shut up.

        Nobody cares about how hannah yeoh name and define the race of her children.

        We are more concerned about how the state is being run and how she serve the people who gave her the seat.

        Stop being kepo and do something productive instead, ustazah!

      2. Helen,

        1/ There is a difference between Hannah Yeoh using her children for political purposes and you using her children as objects of ridicule.

        You can ridicule Hannah Yeoh for using her children as political capital, but show some consideration for her children who are blameless.

        2/ My side?

        Well, my side consist of one person – me.

        I am that most hated of all Malaysians – I am a swinging voter.

        I have no allegiance to BN nor to Pakatan.

        At the moment, I consider you to be presenting a poor case for me to support BN, sorry.

        3/ Ridiculing Najib’s step son is quite different from ridiculing defenceless children.

        Riza Aziz is an adult and he has got himself into a pickle by his own actions.

        4/ You can choose to defend Najib Razak all you like but the truth is that there is way too much out there which makes him a political liability.

        You do know what they say about polishing a turd?

        5/ I am not bullying you in anything I have said – so stop playing the victim.

        I have only asked you to stop attacking children to make your political points.

        6/ So, you have drawn a line in the sand, have you? And you are daring me to cross it?

        Your theatrics do not impress me as I have no idea why you are drawing lines in the sand.

        Nothing I have written here should threaten you.

        Like I said, stop playing the victim.

        1. re: “There is a difference between Hannah Yeoh using her children for political purposes and you using her children as objects of ridicule.”

          Yup, pity the two kids becoming the butt of jokes if they register in the same school — what with both having the same set of parents but belonging to different races (Chinese/Indian).

          All because their mother is an extreme political animal. What kind of parent would bring ridicule upon her own offspring just to further her political agenda?

          Perhaps this type of politicians are able to thrive because they have rabid supporters like psychotic AOM who would rather push the blame to bloggers for the ridiculous situation in which the Ram sisters find themselves.

          Always pointing finger at other people, just as how Hannah Yeoh blamed the NRD clerk as if the registration dept should take the blame for the absurdity of their screwed-up ethnicities.

          re: “You can ridicule Hannah Yeoh for using her children as political capital, but show some consideration for her children who are blameless.”

          They can spend the rest of their school life explaining to the teachers why one sister is Chinese and the other is Indian — thanks to doing of their mother (or you’re saying it is thanks to NRD/Helen Ang/Umno bloggers)?

          Unless you hold me or Umno bloggers or the NRD responsible for the ridiculous scenario of one sister Chinese/one sister Indian, then quit your cheap grandstanding about defenceless children.

          I don’t see any other YB using their kids as political pawns, not even KJ. Only an evangelista politician who likes calling others “low class” could have stooped so low.

          re: “I am that most hated of all Malaysians – I am a swinging voter.”

          Quite frankly if you’re registered in an urban Chinese-majority constituency, the BN would have already written off your vote. You can pangkah tunggul kayu and it wouldn’t take anything away from the predictable outcome.

          re: “I have no allegiance to BN nor to Pakatan.”

          Nobody cares.

          re: “At the moment, I consider you to be presenting a poor case for me to support BN, sorry.”

          Can’t be bothered, unless you’re claiming to be a rural voter.

          re: “Ridiculing Najib’s step son is quite different from ridiculing defenceless children.”

          Of course. Always double standards.

          re: “Riza Aziz is an adult and he has got himself into a pickle by his own actions.”

          Exactly like how Hannah Yeoh has got her kids into a pickle by her own actions, no? Or is it the NRD’s fault?

          re: “You can choose to defend Najib Razak all you like but the truth is that there is way too much out there which makes him a political liability.”

          You can showboat all you like on Hannah Yeoh’s behalf but her kids will still remain absurdly one Chinese, one Indian in their official paperwork.

          re: “You do know what they say about polishing a turd?”

          Like how you’re polishing the saint of Jerusubang’s?

          re: “I am not bullying you in anything I have said – so stop playing the victim.”

          You’re just name-calling. Cheap stunt.

          re: “I have only asked you to stop attacking children to make your political points.”

          Have you asked their mother to stop using her children to score political points? Do you know of any other politician’s children’s names? I don’t. Not even KJ’s.

          re: “So, you have drawn a line in the sand, have you? And you are daring me to cross it?”

          You should depart our national boundaries and apply for PR in Tasmania like your political heroine.

          re: “Your theatrics do not impress me as I have no idea why you are drawing lines in the sand. Nothing I have written here should threaten you.”

          You’re just taking cheap shots. No different from Malaysia’s cheapest political party.

          re: “Like I said, stop playing the victim.”

          Continue to be delusional and believe that the rest of Malaysia views the DAP politicians through rose-tinted glasses like you do.

          1. Helen,

            I have no idea why you are fixated on Hannah Yeoh.

            I don’t really know very much about her, other than that she is the Speaker of the House in Selangor.

            Oh, and of course, what you write about her here.

            In fact, I was not even sure if she was PKR or DAP before writing this very response.

            For whatever reason, it seems to me that you have had a long running feud with Hannah Yeoh.

            But your feud appears all one-sided as Hannah Yeoh seems to totally ignore whatever you are writing about her.

            Even when you are making fun of her children.

            No news portal or blog seems to side with you or give your articles any publicity.

            Why is that?

            Is there an untold story behind your obsession with Hannah Yeoh?

            BTW, where I vote, urban or rural, should not really matter but I do understand that a rural vote is a bit more valuable than an urban vote, unless of course, if I lived in Putrajaya :)

            So, regardless of where I vote, there is nothing in what you write which convinces me that BN is a better option than Pakatan.

            Incidentally, that “line in the sand” you are drawing about PRs?

            I know of many Malaysian PRs in many different countries, eg US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, NZ, Singapore, etc and most of them have great lifestyles in their adopted countries, supplemented by regular visits to Malaysia.

            And these are just the PRs from my village. Several of them visit every few months for no reason other than to visit.

            I don’t know why you find PRs threatening.

            They bring new experiences, they bring fresh perspectives and most importantly, they inject lots of foreign currency into the local economy :)

            1. re: “I have no idea why you are fixated on Hannah Yeoh.”

              She epitomizes the very worst traits of her party. When one discusses the Nazi party, is it possible to avoid mentioning Hitler?

              Would you call those who criticize Rosmah as being “fixated” on her personally too or are the critics voicing out because of Rosmah’s actions?

              re: “I don’t really know very much about her, other than that she is the Speaker of the House in Selangor.”

              She’s the most hypocritical politician Malaysia has ever seen.

              re: “Oh, and of course, what you write about her here.”

              re: “But your feud appears all one-sided as Hannah Yeoh seems to totally ignore whatever you are writing about her.”

              re: “Even when you are making fun of her children.”

              Earlier you said I had “attacked” her children for suggesting that the Indian one should go to Chinese school and the Chinese one should go to Tamil school.

              It is not beneficial for you to go overboard and play the anti-Semitic card, such as when Jews are criticized, they try to deflect by simply accusing the critics of anti-Semitism. It is an overkill to claim that I “attacked” HY’s children.

              re: “No news portal or blog seems to side with you or give your articles any publicity. Why is that?”

              (a) Don’t you know that the news portals in the English-language are controlled by the evangelistas? (Like how chettiars control the money-lending business or mamaks control the 24-hour eateries business?)

              Isn’t it overboard for The J-Star to tweet 10 times! (in the period of a few short hours) HY’s appointment as Speaker when comparatively a story like that recent corruption allegation scandal involving a Penang DAP Adun’s father did not merit a single tweet at all?

              (b) The Malay blogs and Malay papers have given Hannah Yeoh negative publicity. Just because you don’t read in the language, you make a blanket statement. Typical of RBA (although I’m not calling you one, just pointing out that you share some of their traits.)

              re: “Is there an untold story behind your obsession with Hannah Yeoh?”

              The story that is not fully unveiled is the viciousness of the DAP mafia (Bintang Lima). You really have no idea how much some of the Malays dislike and despise them. You can start by Googling the term “DAPigs”.

              re: “So, regardless of where I vote, there is nothing in what you write which convinces me that BN is a better option than Pakatan.”

              I don’t give a rat’s ass that you prefer Pakatan.

              Pakatan is the Yellow Shirts and we saw in Bersih 4.0 clearly who the Yellow Shirts are.

              re: “I know of many Malaysian PRs in many different countries, eg US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, NZ, Singapore, etc and most of them have great lifestyles in their adopted countries, supplemented by regular visits to Malaysia.”

              Enjoy their “great lifestyles in their adopted countries” as long as they don’t keep spewing their venom at Malaysia.

              Pity Hannah Yeoh whose application for Australian PR was rejected and thus depriving her of an anticipated “great lifestyle” in her wannabe adopted Christian country. And pity the Malaysians who are subjected to her DAP hate politics.

              re: “I don’t know why you find PRs threatening. They bring new experiences, they bring fresh perspectives and most importantly, they inject lots of foreign currency into the local economy”

              Can’t wait for their citizenship application to be approved. But when it is suggested that these pendatang-at-heart quickly emigrate, they get angry and make police reports demanding for the proposer to be charged under sedition.

              1. Helen,

                re: “It is an overkill to claim that I “attacked” HY’s children.”

                You have attacked defenceless young children who have no control over events.

                You ridicule defenceless young children who are not responsible for the situation they are in.

                No, it is not “overkill” to say that you have attacked Hannah Yeoh’s children at a personal level.

                re: “Can’t wait for their citizenship application to be approved.”

                Of the many PRs I personally know, I only know of two who have applied for their citizenship in their host country.

                The others seem quite happy to remain as Malaysian citizens with PR status for whatever country they are in.

                But I accept that my sample population is relatively small and localised.

                1. AOM,

                  I think you need to distinguish between pointing out fact (Hannah’s one daughter is Chinese, the other Indian) and labeling such a highlighting as an “attack”.

                  But then, perhaps such comparison is beyond you, because everything boils down to ABU and demonizing Umno/Najib, and hence the alternative (DAP) must be supported no matter how flawed.

                  No, it is not overkill to say that you practise the politics of ‘the ends justify the means’ even if resorting to character assassination. Must win at all cost — “ini kali lah”.

                  It is the kind of “low class” politics that is not beyond capitalizing on defenceless children to gain political mileage, and then to hide behind, using the kids as ‘human sheild’ when called out.

                  Hiding behind kids to score points in furthering one’s ideological agenda is politik “baling batu sorok tangan”.

                  I guess your belief systems are quite comfortable with misrepresenting arguments to absolve the uber political animal mother who is responsible for the situation her children are in.

                  re: “The others seem quite happy to remain as Malaysian citizens with PR status for whatever country they are in.”

                  Since they behave like aliens, don’t cry foul when called “pendatang”.

                  1. Helen,

                    Would you mind to share with us on the reason(s) of your obsession/fixation on HY?

                    Out of so many oppo politicians, why choose her? I have read so many local blogs commenting on politicians, yet I don’t the see other bloggers using the writing style like you do. Eg, capturing screenshots of HY in tudung, in masjid, her twitter, attacking her children and even creating montage of all her attire wearing tudung.

                    Even if you are obsessed/fixated with HY due to whatever reasons, why be selective on the matters that I mentioned above? Why you don’t write aboute HY’s official role as Adun and Speaker?

                  2. Helen,

                    At the risk of being considered rude, which is not my intention, I find that you play the victim a lot.

                    I have no problems if you attack and ridicule Hannah Yeoh for using her children as political props.

                    Hannah Yeoh is an adult, she is a public figure, so she is fair game.

                    It’s the same as for Riza Aziz, Jho Low, Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, etc etc.

                    They are all adults and they are all public figures.

                    But for you to attack and ridicule her young children by naming them, making comments about their race and making remarks about the schools they can attend is wrong – morally and ethically.

                    I believe that all my comments have been with regards to how you attack and ridicule young children who have no control over their lives.

                    By all means, say what you like about the parents, but for goodness sake, leave young children out of it.

                    Young children are not responsible for the situation their parents put them in to.

                    I have no political agenda when it comes to defending any young child.

                    I am sorry if you are offended by my view.

                    Further, I do not believe that I am pushing the ABU or DAP line when I say that you have not made a convincing case for me to support BN in GE14.

                    As a swinging voter, I have the luxury of being able to listen to both sides of politics.

                    Oh yes, of course I can be prejudiced towards one side over the other if I feel I have been treated poorly by one side or the other, I am human after all.

                    At the end of the proverbial day, I guess it boils down to who makes the most convincing argument.

                    You may feel that your style of writing will win support for BN and you could well be right except in my case.

                    As you say, it’s your blog and your like, so thanks for letting me comment on your blog :)

                    1. re: “But for you to attack and ridicule her young children by naming them, making comments about their race and making remarks about the schools they can attend is wrong – morally and ethically.”

                      You are the one assuming the ‘anti-Semitic’ * victimhood ploy (on Hannah’s behalf).

                      (1) re: “her young children by naming them”

                      Hannah Yeoh – as you’ve now finally conceded – used “her children as political props” [your words]. What kind of “low class” politics is that?

                      As for naming the Yeoh children, I don’t know the names of any other politician’s young (the adult kids of Najib aside) children — be they KJ’s, Nurul’s, Azmin Ali’s or Chong Eng’s, who incidentally are also Indian-Chinese mix.

                      That’s because none of the other pollie-parents practise “low class” politics like Hannah Yeoh — exploiting her newborn (!) for political mileage. If you have issue, you should really take it up with their mother.

                      Hey, you said it: “Young children are not responsible for the situation their parents put them in to.”

                      Correct, the Yeoh girls are put into the peculiar situation because the mother manipulated their mixed descent in order to further her political agenda.

                      And the rabid Hannah goons have been conducting smear campaigns against her various critics because you all are cyber thugs, pure and simple.

                      (2) re: “making comments about their race”

                      Wow, are you aiming for an Olympic gold in Double Standards?

                      In your books, it is alright for Hannah to petition the prime minister to change National Registration Department rules so that instead of ‘Indian’, her child is categorized as ‘Anak Malaysia’ — a new race (keturunan) invented by DAP 2.0.

                      And it is similarly alright in your eyes for Kit Siang, Guan Eng and their entire party machinery to run a public campaign pressuring the government to allow Hannah to get her way so that her child’s race is not registered as an ‘Indian’.

                      But for mentioning the weird scenario that her one daughter is officially Indian and the other officially Chinese, I’m accused by you as “attacking” “young, defenceless children”?

                      Clap, clap, clap

                      If putar-belit were an Olympic sport, and Malaysia is represented by Dapsters, we’d be world champions topping the medal tally.

                      (3) re: “and making remarks about the schools they can attend”

                      If their mother is taking a ridiculous political stance on our education language streams (see @hannahyeoh tweet above), then why shouldn’t the public be permitted to ask what school her kids will be attending?

                      You have vociferously misrepresent my points as an “attack”. So pandai at playing victim and using “young, defenceless children” as a human shield so that the uber ‘political animal’ parent can baling batu sorok tangan.

                      It is you who is attacking my writing credentials and reputation.

                      Typical Dapster who opts to shoot the messenger because you can’t refute the definitely absurd scenario where one child is Chinese and the other Indian even though they have the same set of parents.

                      Playing low class politics indeed.

    2. An Ordinary Malaysian
      What cik Helen is bringging out “in the open” is something not new la… Sejak zaman tok kadok lagi tapi dulu2 kamu semua buat in the quiet, pesyen baling batu sembunyi tangan.

      How did Pipe Piper manage to create tsunami Cina? Almost 95% of MCA members suddenly all tuned in and followed the Piper’s flute? It must have taken kamu semua years nak ketahap sehati sejiwa, tapi malangnya Pipe piper tidak bawa kamu semua masuk Putrajaya.

      Years of hardwork gone down the drain siapa tak geram? Kan? Even with almost 95% Apeks in oppo, still cannot do anything wan, so terpaksa tiup seruling lagi, kali ini terpaksa perangkap kaum2 Bumiputra pula. Hmmm Ada pun yang dah berjaya masuk longkang. waaaa ha ha

      Alaaa aaa An Ordinary Malaysian, tak payah hypocrite la kamu.. trick lama kamu semua dah basi tak laku.

      Ni bulan Zulhijjah where Muslims will celebrate dgn penuh kesyukuran. I ajak you sama2 menghayati bulan yang mulia ini. Kamu ni semua, belajaq2 la apa erti “SYUKUR” dan cuba la jadi makluk yang baik2 sikit atas bumi yang bertuah ini;

        1. If you think it’s ridiculous that two siblings having the same set of parents belong to different races (Chinese/Indian), then obviously it’s their mother who brought the ridicule upon them.

          Not our (bloggers) or anyone else’s fault that their differing ethnicities have become a laughing stock.

        2. An Ordinary Malaysian

          I was commenting on yr September 9, 2016 at 8:54 pm posting tau. Peghati betoi2 ya.

          Anak Hannah? Anak dia registered sorang Indian sorang Chinese you tak pelik ke?

  5. And, nobody gives a damn about the prostitute Joceline Tan’s family.

    She is as thick skin as you actually though slightly less ugly than you.

    1. Hello ordinary malaysian and tehtarik……your comments above are typical of an RBA operatives and comrade. Very rude and biadap. You visited HA blog and write insulting comment and tried to menegak benang basah on HY and Annie20k manipulations of every possible issues.

      Are not what HA elaborated above the truth?…..why don’t you all rebuke instead of getting on her personally. Try managing your inferiority complex and herd mentality plus learn to the truth……then the world will be safer.

      1. lemac,

        I think you need to distinguish between insults and plain old conversation admonishing a person for unseeming behaviour.

        But then, perhaps such comparison is beyond you, so everything becomes an insult to you just because you don’t like it.

        I guess your belief systems are quite comfortable with ridiculing defenceless children who are not responsible for the situation they are in.

    1. Ayam. Islam is superior to Judeo-Christianity this is why Islamophobia was created centuries ago ! I see the rise of Islam today after centuries of suppression.

  6. Ms H. A Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP – a political party created in 1966 – 50 years ago which does nothing but only by saying ‘No’ when it is ‘Yes” and ‘Yes’ when it is ‘No’. Like this millions of ringgits maybe legally collected as Federal and State Governments tax-free emoluments or allowances plus the parties salaries and legal donations to boot ! Syabas ! Malaysia’s finest business or industry !

    1. The White Paper on May 13 fingers certain DAP leaders as being responsible for the hate-mongering that led to the eruption of race violence.

      I credit the police findings in that 1969 report. DAP was a hate-mongering party back then and they still are today. Tak ubah-ubah.

      1. Ms H. Circumstantial evidence points to certain esoteric quarters for the 13 May 1969 riots. I cried when my favourite ‘chay kway teow’ hawker at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman went missing. And from reports from my brother-in-law working at the Paeditrics Ward, KLGH and my relative, Tan Sri Dr C.C. Too. the most senior Chinese Adviser on Counter-insurgency to the Government and my UMNO Youth friends. The inflammable mix in which I was an observer on the spot eg.
        1. Lee Kuan Yew and his cohorts fiery speeches in the Dewan Rakyat and Suleiman Court, KL.
        2. The Penang Riots of 1967
        3. No restricted passage through the Causeway. By 1972, Singapore could register 2,000 gangsters. In 1969, Singaporean gangsters could run into Malaysia easily. Restricted passports came after this.,
        4. The unfortunate shooting of a gangster in Kepong which led to pre-GE mass demonstrations in KL town. I was a witness.
        5. The post-GE racial taunting mass demonstrations by the winning opposition parties along the streets of KL. I was a witness.
        6. The poor MCA leadership which withdrew from the Alliance at 2.30 pm. on 13 May 1969 and rejoined at 10 pm the same night. Instead of standing fast with UMNO, like what we do now. No running away because we are not frogs.
        7. The unfair policies of the Currency Board of Malaya, Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. This made the 2% Malay ownership of the general economy poorer – no OD, credit cards, housing loans, etc. On 13 May 1969, the British had 70% of the best Malaysian assets, the Chinese 25% of the third rate and the Malays 2%. 12 years after Merdeka even though we had Bank Negara Malaysia since 1957. The British dominated the economy right to 1981.
        It was our great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak and the UMNO Youth which charted the NEP which led to the present peace and harmony today. Hence, my 1972 concept to capture Sime Darby for the Malays to fast trek into big business in a fair and capitalistic manner. The cost was only RM 23 millions. But Sime Darby could lose RM1.2 billions in 1996 and RM 1.1 billions in 2010. This shows the power of my concept to give the non-Malays the space to expand and safeguard their businesses without hindrance from the Malays to this very day. Some newly ennobled Chinamen called me a ‘Malay bum-sucker’. I did not mind because I did it in the National Interest for the peace and harmony we have today. In fairness, it was not the Malays, Chinese and Indians who created the riots. It was the circumstances which gave rise to a heady inflammable mix which exploded. The first lesson to be learnt is that there should be no street demonstrations before and after General Elections ! The second lesson is there is plenty for all the Rakyat in this beloved country. Just get it out of our brain boxes – it is there – the ideas which create money without money. We should never use our powers to borrrow money which will end up with one big scandal !

        1. Ms H. Why I cried was because the British blamed the Chinese who only eke out a living in this land. The Chinese were brought in and placed in different enclaves to develop and distribute the British goods under the Empire Tariff for meagre returns. Those Chinese who became rich were the few exceptions. Thousands of Chinese died hoping for the pot of gold under the rainbow. I know a Chinese tycoon who was given a tin tailing (not wanted by the British) within the precincts of KL. By chance, the tailing had the richest tin ore in the land. This was the last, the very last chance he could become rich. It is good for the World to know that by nature the Chinese just love to work, peace loving and law-abiding and care for their families. It is good also that the Chinese learn to live with others in Malaysia with an open heart and mind because our beloved Malaysia is the only country left with all the wonderful attributes !

            1. Ms H. What race war instigated by the naysayers ? They are already non-starters according to the Constitution. This is confirmed by the roving ambassador of Singapore, Bilahari Kausikan who called these folks ‘delusional Chinese.’ I would label them thus, ‘delusional and ignorant Chinese’! Mind you, they only look Chinese externally. What they have internally, no one knows !

              1. Many people are deluded by the great intoxication of youth (yobbana-mada), the great intoxication of health (ârogya-mada), and the great intoxication of life (jivita-mada), like there is no death tomorrow. Or maybe they think can carry on in the next life enjoying the same kinds of intoxication. Little do we understand the nature of karma, cause gives rise to effect. How precious to be born with a sound mind and functioning human being – but too little reflection on the meaning of true living.

                Like master Daisetz Suzuki said:

                – When we start to feel anxious or depressed, instead of asking, “What do I need to get to be happy?” the question becomes: “What am I doing to disturb the inner peace that I already have?”

                – Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend techniques so that art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious.

                Chasing after so many things in life and attaching to so many incorrect ideas, so how to find wisdom to get freedom?

                1. Kung. I respect you for your philosophical comments which are found wanting in other Websites. Your comments are a breath of fresh clean air which are more acceptable than insults, abuses and vulgarities practised by the ignoramuses !

      2. Ms H. The gangsters of 1969 wore 555 singlets from a single race. Now the Net gangsters wear shirts drawn from diverse communities. Their language is the same, abusive, insulting and vulgar. We may say this is progress in our beloved land. We reach fully deveoped status if their arguments become civil and refine.

        1. The cyber thugs are Dapsters under the direction of evangelistas taiko who are aided & abetted by 20k Malay mercenary blogger.

          1. Ms H. These gangster folks are no different from those in the past. I would not enlighten them on how to win the hearts and minds of people. They think they are holy, holy or holier than thou. This is absolutely rubbish. They are also on the take in which I have solid evidence. They only take less without the powers !

            1. Uncle, “holier-than-thou” individuals turn the purpose of religion on its head. And Lucifer the Fallen is the greatest emanation of this evil behavior; his demonic tribes have corrupted men and women of every race and religion.
              It is the battle against the self-righteous Ego that each one of us must fight, isn’t it? We pray our Lord bestow us a greater spiritual intelligence to quell the ignorance and resist the chauvinism that the evil spirits have vowed to spread among the offspring of Adam.

              And in them is not “mercy” but a frivolous charade of goodness, even as their “justice” are their means to garner their profits.

              1. Chris. I respect you like what I respect Kung who specialises in Confucian and Lao Tze phrases. You do the western version. All these philosophers represent the good side of Humanity without which we have no civilization Western or Eastern. This is why the Chinese Communist Government and Lee Kuan Yew propped up Confucianism when they realise they were godless in their political systems. But in the early 1980s, I was shocked to find Lee Kuan Yew sent round the scion of a money grabbing Singaporean tycoon to the schools to teach them ‘that ii is good to be greedy.’ Maybe by the 1990s, Lee Kuan Yew relented. At his departurer, Lee Kuan Yew, the atheist, had 47 failed policies which spelt the death knell of the Singapore he created with his neo-communist Political and Socio-economic System supported by Apparatchiks like Bilahari Kausikan. You and Kung are born good like out Ms H. In my lifetime, I have never been able to change a bad person good or a good person bad. In the end, I just gave up knowing it is just a waste of time. I like all to be rich and successful, Malays, Chinese , Indians and all. Otherwise, we will all be poor, very poor. This the reason why rich Singapore feels poor and forever chasing after the GDP to the extent that they have to import Chinamen and Indians to fill their demographic void. I have answers on how Singapore and Singaporeans live a happier and satisfying life instead of following Lee Kuan Yew’s 19th Century thinking. We Malaysians are eon years ahead of Singapore in terms of happiness and freedoms.

                1. Unker
                  ..Malaysians are eon years ahead of Singapore in terms of happiness and freedoms…

                  Betoi tu. Money cannot guarantee one can buy happiness and freedom.

                  My son brought home six Singaporean families to celebrate Hari Raya Korban here ala traditional kampung style.

                  Next year they “asked” him to jemput them again and planning to bringging many more of their friends to celebrate with us.

                  Kesian betoi kata mereka tak dapat rasa kemeriahan suasana Hari Raya korbam kat Negara sendiri.

                  1. RINA. Nothing in the World can beat the joy and happiness when we Malaysians gather around our Festive Makans for Malay, Chinese and Indian festivals. Go look at our Malaysians who enjoy together at the Lucky Garden Bangsar Kari Ikan Kepala or Aunty Nat, Sri Hartamas, near the Petronas station. The great diversity in fine Malaysian foods should be encouraged – the first in the World to do so which is our beloved Malaysia. Peace and harmony, joy and happiness through the appreciation of fine foods ! We do it in peace whilst other use guns and bullets. This is why I always remind our Governments to keep the price of rice low, very low !

                    1. Unker,
                      Food….betoi2 agree 100%

                      Baru lunch tadi took the Singaporean families ramai2 makan at Restaurant Kari kepala ikan E & O restaurant, chinese restaurant tau. Total paid convert to sgd mereka rasa nak pengsan, pasai TOO CHEAP!

                    2. RINA. Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore ranges from S$ 20 in a 5 star hotel to S$ 8 in the food court.

                  2. ‘Kesian betoi kata mereka tak dapat rasa kemeriahan suasana Hari Raya korbam kat Negara sendiri.’

                    Must be the Ketuanan Cina in action!

                2. Do you Uncle really have the panacea for Singapore’s indisposition as you have spelled out – i.e. a national identity banking heavily on a money-minded cliche? … and the evolution of a transnational capitalistic bourgeoisie that reduces the fecundity of meritocracy and compels the soul of the homegrown Singaporean into an economic straitjacket?

                  Perhaps Uncle, they wittingly or unwittingly lost sight of “the whole man”; but I would implore together with Thoreau in his “Walden”:
                  “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth!”

                  1. Chris. Perhaps you would have noticed by now my character. I do not like boastful types like Lee Kuan Yew if you really know the true facts of his background. Because he was brash and dismissive of others, he had no detractors who would dare to stand up to him. His 2 Child Family Policy 1972-1985 was the hara-kiri for Singapore which will be the route of no return if they continue with their present conventional mind-set and strait-jacket. If you study the Singapore elites, they are very specialised in selective fields only. Now, suddenly they are left to their own devices. Personally, I have always said that like Tun Dr Mahathir, Lee Kuan Yew was honest, hard-working and frugal. But his 47 failed Policies are the results of his brash and arrogant character as though he was blessed to be the anointed one. History shows he was no anointed one but just an ordinary person like you and me, and Ms H. What has Singapore got today which is to their credit ? Their brand name of good governance, their good education system, a small place which has been blown up by Lee Kuan Yew and had to be propped up by the importation of Chinese and Indians, 2 millions of them, FTs and PRs. They did not think properly about the options which a non-resource Singapore should consider say 25 years ago at the end of the Cold War 1948-1989 because they spent time trying to do down Malaysia and forgot that the World changed very fast with the advent of Uncle Sam’s ‘Globalization, Free Trade and Human Rights’. During this period Singapore got squeezed out by the BRICS and later got hit by the DOT.COM crash of 2000 ! If they really had thought of the options in their OWN INTEREST and how to control the World, the elites would have come across GOLD as one answer – the only answer at that time when Gold was languishing below US$ 300 per oz. They should have accumulated at least 3,000 tons of gold or more. Because with gold, Singapore rules the World in step with the U.S., China, India etc to dictate the course of World economic events. Unfortunately, the elites feared Lee Kuan Yew and their economic tomes which decry gold as a barbaric relic. Gold would have set-up gold refineries, banks, bonds, jewellery industry, exchanges, vaults etc – a whole new world altogther for Singapore. Something also for the 300,000 military to defend meaningfully. Alas ! Like all of us humans, Lee Kuan Yew got buttered up by the denizens of Wall Street and the City and the gnomes of Zurich, and descended to their level of doing business from the Singapore Inc high horse. He got mixed up with the hoi-polloi of these markets and paid the price in October 2008 to the extent of a loss for Singapore, officially declared at US$ 108 billions. And they are still at it !. Of course, there are cogent answers to put Singapore and its indigenous Singaporeans on the right track again with happiness without the stress. All the ingredients are there for the Singapore leadership to put together into a meaningful whole It is never too late as long as they think like Lee Kuan Yew, the answers would not be forthcoming. Comparatively, our beloved Malaysia has better options than Singapore. These are just around the corner !

                    1. Chris. We are now entering a new era of co-operation for progress amongst the nations of South East Asia. The first on the agenda should be between Malaysia and Singapore without the TPPA. Without Lee Kuan Yew and his silver tongue, any venture between Malaysia and Singapore should be on a fair basis as equals. Especially Malaysia is now riding the high horse of strategic geo-political recognition by the U.S., China and the World, not Singapore. With the firming of socio-economic ties between these two countries, the next step should be with Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. To take off, all ventures should be at the private sector level with the blessings of the Governments. In the World today, only ASEAN is poised for further development. This move will form the basis for the RE-CONSTRUCTION of the war-torn Middle East by the ASEAN consortiums in the very near future.

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