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RUU355: You help me, I help you

Quite simply, Malaysia is split in two.

The staunchest proponent of Hadi’s bill is, needless to say, his party PAS.

The most vocal opponent of the bill to amend Act 355 is surprisingly not DAP but MCA. The two Chinese parties are however on the same side of the fence in their refusal to sanction any strengthening of the Syariah Court.


ABOVE: MCA is described in Wikipedia as a “right wing” party

Right wing vs right wing

So we have on one side of the political divide — MCA together with DAP along with yet another Chinese-dominated party Gerakan plus the Christian-majority native parties of Sarawak.

On the opposite side, there is the religious right party PAS and its ally on this particular issue, Umno.

Amidst the fiery rhetoric, it has ultimately boiled down to ethnic right wing MCA being at loggerheads with Islamist right wing PAS, with MCA and DAP both being on the same page (both Chinese), and PAS-Umno having the same wavelength (both Muslims).


Over MCA’s dead body it shall be

Karpal Singh famously challenged an Islamic state to be implemented over his dead body.

Now that Karpal is no longer with us, it is MCA that has boldly taken up his “langkah mayat” mantle.

Previously the Chinese and the Christians were up in arms against the “creeping Islamization” that was taking place in Malaysia.

Currently, the proposed amendments to Act 355 portends a speeded up or “turbo Islamization” process regardless whether the bill is passed by Parliament or not.


MCA and Umno headed for Splitsville

As it is, the relationship today between MCA and Umno is distinctly chilly.

Post-GE14, ties between the two senior BN components will be severely strained if not altogether severed. That’s why we see MCA already acting like it is in the opposition.

MCA is clearly becoming indistinguishable from DAP and we shouldn’t be surprised if MCA soon gets slapped with the “kafir harbi” label by one of the high profile Muslim clerics.

Meanwhile Umno is becoming increasingly like PAS and you can expect to see more jubah and kopiah worn at Umno functions.

PAS Umno handshake flag

Bersih 5.0 will be countered by Gelombang Merah

The motion by Hadi Awang to enhance the jurisdiction of syariah is slated to be debated by the House in October. These Act 355 amendments are the litmus test as to how far Umno and PAS will take their courtship to the next step.

If Umno helps PAS with the Parliament vote in October, PAS will reciprocate and help Umno beef up its Red Shirt rally in November.

Then Malaysia’s split will be visually color coded red and yellow.

MCA has tunjuk belang and DAP has tunjuk taring. So far the Malay and the Muslim party have not reacted.

But should the Dapster-evangelistas continue provoking and attacking over the 355 developments as they’re doing at present, you can rest assured that PAS and Umno will indeed join forces.

Since it is virtually impossible for the Dapster-evangelista horde to restrain themselves, the countervailing reaction will be surely be a stronger show of support for syariah-compliance in all aspects of life. Not to worry, Hannah Yeoh has already started the ball rolling.

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim



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15 thoughts on “RUU355: You help me, I help you

  1. Completely mind boggling for MCA or DAP or Gerakan to oppose RUU355 since they would also benefit from the new codes. For sure Chua SL would not dare doing what he had done to his wife if hudud is in placed. Similarly with the late Teoh BH. He would be legally married to his fiancee years ago, thus avoiding the costly not to mention spooky ritual in marrying the ghost. The list goes on.

    1. You are very ignorant my friend. Firstly, on what basis you want to impose a religious law (hudud) on non believers (non-Muslims)? Secondly, in the CSL video an act of oral stimulation was performed. Under the Penal Code, such act is a crime and punishable. Yet we don’t see any prosecution initiated by the government despite the video and self-confession by CSL. Hudud is a form of punishment after the due process of law, i.e. prosecution and verdict by the judge. If the prosecution and judiciary are partial, there is no point of having hudud.

      1. Blue, what you need is sex education. People are enjoying sex, gasp, whether you are or not. Chinese like DAP didnt understand that even simple pleasures are deem as jahat by DAESH, drinking wine, beer, beautiful women.
        So now MCA, MIC, DAP know what hudud means. No sex, no wine, no swimsuits no you name it No patung in batu caves etc.
        Malays are also against Hadi and RUU355 because we are relax in our freedom for womenw. Nor Dhbaith can wwear swimsuit. Malay gymnast can war leotards etc.
        Women are free to go to work, drive meet men over business, tea, coffee in the wee hours.
        So they have sex maabe but is their sins with Allah.

        UMNO or pas cannot forgive our daughters, women, jandas sins even they whipped and jaild them a thousand years.
        Only Allah can forgive us our sins.
        So all Malay MPS, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Murut etc must reject RUU 355 and Hadi.
        The fanaatics will intrude every households, chinese or kadaznas looking for malays as many have found out in hotels or apartments. Looking for unseen sins as is Allah told them so.
        Allah nevver told them so its just DAESH like ego thinking they are the special ones.

        1. Pertama dari segi Perlembagaan, Parlimen hanya dibenarkan untuk membuat undang undang terhadap hal ehwal Islam dalam Wilayah Persekutuan. RUU 355 adalah undang undang jenayah dalam Persdekutuan. Suatu yang tidak munasabah untuk Persekutuan mempunyai dua kanun jenayah.
          Hal Ehwal Islam adalah bermakna berkaitan dengan urusan keluarga, kematian dan kelangsungan orang melayu.
          Hal Ehwal Islam tidak termasuk hal ehwal dosa peribadi orang Melayu sebagai jenayah kerana Perlimen memang berhak untuk membuat undang undang jenayah untuk Persekutuan.
          Kedua, Islam adalah dalam bidang kuasa Sultan dan Majlis Raja Raja Melayu. Undang undang berkaitan Islam di Wilayah Persekutuan mestilah mendapat persetujuan Majlis Raja Raja Melayu bukan UMNO atau Parlimen.
          Ini bermakna jikapun Parlimen atau UMNO dan PAS membuat undang undang berkaitan dengan Islam untuk Wilayah Persekutuan ianya tidak terpakai jika tidak disetujui oleh Raja Raja Melayu.
          Adalah satu ketidak fahaman Asraf Wajdi , jika Majlis Raja Raja Melayu tidak setuju dengan UMNO maka jalan belakang adalah dengan membenarkan pembangkang PAS membuat usul. Ini kerana apa- apa usul yang tidak mendapat kelulusan Majlis Raja Raja Melayu adalah tidak sah sama ada diusul oleh UMNO atau Pembangkang PAS. Perlembagaan tidak mengatakan, usul mengenai Islam boleh dibuat oleh pembangkang PAS tanpa pengetahuan dan kelulusan Raja Raja Melayu!
          Majlis Raja Raja Melayu boleh mencela Perdana Menteri atau Presiden UMNO kerana cubaan merampas kuasa Majlis Raja Raja Melayu dan ini termasuk pemecatan sebagai Perdana Menteri.

          Ketiga, Perkara 8. Perlembagaan menyatakan tentang kesamarataan yang tidak mengira AGAMA atau bangsa dalam undang-undang . Tetapi RUU 355, hanya wanita bangsa Melayu dikenakan denda, penjara dan sebatan jika mengandung tanpa suami. Melakukan seks tanpa perkahwinan sedangkan wanita Cina dan India tidak dikenakan sebarang tindakan.
          Perlembagaan juga tidak mengenakan sebatan untuk wanita tetapi RUU 355 buatan Mahathir telah menganiaya wanita Melayu dengan mengenaka sebatan ke atas wanita.
          Dari segi socialnya, kebebasan wanita Melayu adalah mutlak sama dengan lelaki. Wanita Melayu bebas memandu, bekerja di luar rumah, bekerja sebagai askar dsb. Oleh itu wanita Melayu bergaul bebas dengan lelaki diluar rumah.
          Adalah lumrah manusia untuk bercinta dan melakukan hubungans seks oleh demikian adalah kejam untuk menghukum wanita Melayu dengan undang undang budaya Arab yang mengekang kebebasan wanita Arab hingga tidak dibenarkan keluar rumah memandu kereta. Adakah kita sanggup mengekang kebebasan wanita Melayu seperti dilakukan oleh lelaki Arab?

          Undang undang diadakan untuk menyelesaikan kemashlatan masyarakat bukan menambahkan kekusutan dan masaalah kepada bangsa Melayu.
          Siapakah yang perlu bimbang dengan RUU355 PAS dan UMNO ini? Undang-undang RUU 355 akan menyasarkan wanita Melayu, anak gadis Melayu,janda dan ibu tunggal.
          Dosa-dosa yang tidak terampun oleh UMNO atau PAS. Dalam Islam, dosa adalah antara kita dengan Allah bukan dengan UMNO. Ini adalah asas ugama. Segala yang dilakukan adalah kerana Allah. Allah boleh mengampunkan dosa kita. Allah maha pemurah dan penyayang.
          RUU 355 UMNO akan mendera anak anak gadis Melayu dengan denda, penjara dan sebatan yang semuanya tiada dalam Islam. Adakah munasabah untuk kita membiarkan waniita Melayu didera oleh RUU355 sedangkan penderaan dan penyiksaan oleh UMNO dan PAS tidak akan menghapuskan dosa mereka dengan Allah. UMNO atau PAS atau Hadi tidak boleh membersihkan dosa kita anak anak gadis kita/wanita Melayu, janda, ibu tunggal dengan Allah.
          SOP yang tiada dalam Quran atauu Hadith.
          Kita baca setiap hari pegawai kerajaan ugama Selangor JAIS atau JAWI memecah masuk kedalam rumah kediaman orang Melayu walaupun tidak diizinkan oleh bapa atau penghuni rumah.
          Perbuatan mungkar seperti memecah masuk rumah kediaman adalah satu dosa yang perlu ditanggung oleh pegawai pegawai ini serta UMNO dan PAS. Pastinya azab bagi mereka yang mengada adakan perkara yang tiada malah menolak suruhan Allah dengan mengatakan mereka ada tanggungjawab untuk mengikut SOP dan bukan Quran atau Hadith.

          1. RUU 355 tidak sah

            Terima kasih kerana gitu prehatin akan nasib kaum Muslim dalam Negara ini. Kamsia. Tapi saya nak tanya sikit pendaoat kamu contoh dalam bab;

            Prostitution pun tak sah, betoi dak? You pi buat research dan siasat lepaih tu mai cerita kat sini bole tak? Siapa taiko2 ibu2 dan bapa2 ayam dan buat repot kat pihak2 berkuasa bole tak?

            Owh klo terjumpa ada Muslims terlibat tolong lepot kat JAIS, MAIS dan pihak2 berkenaan dan senaraikan semua nama2 mereka kat sini bole tak? Family depa pun perlu tau pasai terjerebak dalam kegiatan ini amat merbahaya.. Mengundang banyak penyakit klo nak tunggu sampai depa mati dulu mungkin dah terlambat.

            Kineas bole join merisik hal ini juga buat reseach kat Singapore bole tak?

  2. MCA is a zombie party. It already dead many years ago, even before 2013. There is no sane Chinese people actually voted for MCA and its “sibling” Gerakan except their families and friends of the members of the both parties. MCA need to die and make way for PAS.

  3. Yes, and that’s the creation of a New Malaysia. MCA, Gerakan and all those Chinese based parties will be behaving like DAPsters as they have been badly cursed as anti-chinese by DAP. Now they have to act more chinese than DAP. UMNO is being pushed to accommodate PAS and vice versa due to the situation as it is.

    This situation of Non Muslim vs Muslim in Malaysian politics is created by DAP, the great creator of racial disharmony. I will buy more tidbits and sit down to watch what further actions these political actors will be dishing out within the next few weeks.

  4. Attacks on Chinese in France getting rampant

    The Mayor of Aubervilliers, Meriem Derkaoui, condemned the killing as a murder “with a racist targeting”.
    Community representatives quoted by local newspaper Le Parisien (in French) say ethnic Chinese people are falling victim to muggings on a daily basis.
    One Chinese group has recorded 100 cases in Aubervilliers alone since November, the paper says

    Chinese tourists have once again been targeted by robbers in Paris, who pounced as they boarded their bus near Charles de Gaulle airport.

  5. Helen:

    Why do you mock MCA?

    Just because MCA opposes the bill to amend Act 355 doesn’t mean they are supportive of DAP.

    I’ve gone on record on your blog writing of my displeasure of DAP and their vile politics.

    But I too oppose the bill to amend Act 355.

    I’m definitely not supportive of the evengelist touting DAP politicians.

    I just oppose the bill to amendAct 355.

    Can’t MCA do likewise, and not be seen as opposing UMNO?


    1. Ti Lian Ker’s latest diatribe is expressive of MCA’s true feelings.

      Umno is the huge, XXL Big Brother. It will take no stick from from a component party that has no seats earned from its own constituent (Chinese) voters — as Nazri Aziz has already spelled out.

      Umno has decided to cut loose the MCA. That’s all. It’s just politics.

    2. ‘But I too oppose the bill to amend Act 355.’

      Why so ultrakiasu one?? Lu orang mau worship apa pun kita tatak larang wor? Why? Why? Why?

  6. Oppose pasai ada udang disebalik batu.

    1. Prostitution
    2. Gambling
    3. Liquor

    Betoi ke MCA and DAP nak membela nasib Muslim atau depa ni sebernarnya dok takut satni selesai aje bab RUU355 melarat pula supaya undang2 diperketatkan bagi kegiatan2 diatas?

    Terutama sekali prostitution, its illegal tapi apasal masih UJUD diMalaysia? Tak caya jom ramai2 gi tengok apa sedang berlaku contohnya dJln Alor and lorong2 Jalan Bukit Bintang. Kita buat operasi selama 3bulan situ tengok apa nak jadi?

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