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Hasta la vista baby

That’s it.

Umno will simply let MCA die in the next election.

‘Nazri cadang MCA keluar BN’ — said the headline in news portal Tranungkite.

It was also reported yesterday in Malaysiakini that ‘Pembangkang, Dr M sedia bersama jika MCA keluar BN’.

Ridding themselves of enemy in the fold

Cabinet minister Nazri Aziz is a president’s man. His blunt-talking maverick reputation allows him to function as Najib Razak’s stalking horse.

And Najib is a smooth operator. Thus he is one who sends out his signals only subtly. Although the BN chairman has not himself said anything as yet, the outburst by Nazri should be taken as a very, very broad hint.

After all, MCA has been attacking and undermining Umno of late. The party did not, moreover, even rebuke its past president Ling Liong Sik for openly siding with Tun to oust Najib.

There are enough influential voices in Umno who believe that MCA is a gunting dalam lipatan that’s ready to stab BN in the back come GE14.


Nazri Aziz rings MCA’s death knell

The Umno right wing detests MCA and can’t wait to see the back of the BN Chinese component party.

MCA is viewed as a drain on BN resources and the Umno machinery because its seats are in Malay-majority areas.

Umno has appraised that the pro-establishment Malay electorate will refuse to support MCA in the next polls. There is a strong chance that MCA will cause BN to lose many of the seven seats currently held by the washed-out party.

Furthermore, some in Umno are convinced that seats previously lost by MCA, such as Alor Setar, Raub and Padang Serai, can be recovered if an Umno candidate was put up instead of an unreliable Chinese whose loyalty is suspect.

Najib is surrounded by hawks and has been finally persuaded by them to see the practicalities of the situation.

With this decision taken in the citadel, it’s the end of the road for MCA.



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39 thoughts on “Hasta la vista baby

  1. Actually, shouldn’t it be that the Umno right wing detests all things that are non-Umno?

    Insert here: “infidels”, “kafirs”, “pendatangs”, “traitors” etc…

    No one cares. Those with the education and the wherewith have already read the tea leaves and made their calculations and plans accordingly. Readied their passports too….

    Maybe a Jokowi-type “tax amnesty” is in the works in the bowels of Bank Negara and the Finance Ministry.

    Or another boutique of capital controls a la Dr Mahathir.

    Let’s see who will step up to the plate and pull the plug on the MCA……

    1. Kineas1067,

      Precisely. No big deal if they want to migrate . after all, they already “readied(wrong gramatically)” their passports too”.

      But there is no vernacular schools on other countries. And other countries simply do not tolerate garbages so “immortalised” with DAP. Meaning you got to integrate with them.

      1. Like Singapore with it’s SAP schools & madrasah schools?

        And why do other countries need vernacular schools when a secular system ensures that no race or religion is given priority or special privileges in their education systems?

        And point me to wh

        1. Secularism is not God and stop bragging about it. Muslims want Islam. Non-Muslims shouldn’t meddle with Islam and Muslims.

          1. The “secular” countries seem to be doing pretty ok.

            China. Australia. Singapore. Canada. USA. Etc etc.

            As for the the “Islamic/Muslim” countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia etc), they are all doing good, aren’t they?

            To pick up on your point, by the same token, “Islam and Muslims shouldn’t meddle with non-Muslims”, right?

            And God is love and compassion, right (the parable of the prodigal son, the lost sheep and the lost coin)?

            1. KIneas1067,

              Then by all means you can migrate there. No point torturing life in this “doomed” Malaysia.

              But may I caution you that there are no vernacular schools in other counties . At least on this planet.

              1. ‘But there is no vernacular schools on other countries.’

                ‘But may I caution you that there are no vernacular schools in other counties . At least on this planet.’

                All 3 of my nieces went to one of the three Tamil schools in Brisbane.

                Much to learn about planetary education, you have.

            1. Yeah, troll harder RBA! There are millions of bastard children born from Christian girls. Are they allowed to have bastard children. What’s worse most are millions of those babies aborted each year. At least abortion is illegal in this country. Like shamsul anuar said, why don’t you just migrate to somewhere else?

              1. Not trolling dude, just shocked. There’s this guy called AE who keeps on reminding us infidels of our sinful and immoral behaviour, and how Muslims are a beacon of morality. Now that I read this, I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    2. See you, bye bye. All MALAYSIAN wants to see the back of these bananas on their tongkang and on their way to a better place.

      1. They don’t deserve to be called Malaysians. The sooner they leave, the better. Good riddance, bye bye garbage!

  2. A lot of dedak Mahathir is being sprayed into MCA and Gerakan lately and buying over in name is okay with Mahathir after all MCA and Gerakan knew that they are going to die anyway.
    That’s why lately these leaders came out to quarrel with UMNO.

    MCA and Gerakan joining DAP is out of the question as they have to save their “water face”. So a little bit of quarrel here and there, a sign of disharmony towards UMNO, that’s what the mastermind Tun wants.

    To sum it all up, DAP/(PAN) and Tun is trying very hard to kill UMNO and PAS by breaking off their friends and the victim is ” Racial Harmony”. This political manoeuvre is for power and money, nothing else.

    1. Equalizer
      Hmmmm mega Penang undersea tunnel plojek ura2 nak scrap, depa ni nak cari “Ali” baru la!

      BTW wonder why Jack Ma decided to use the name “Alibaba” .

      Klo folk tales, Alibaba and the forty thieves
      Klo Malaysia Alibaba is related to business ventures

      1. Rina…stop wondering….here’s the answer

        One day I was in San Francisco in a coffee shop, and I was thinking Alibaba is a good name. And then a waitress came, and I said, “Do you know about Alibaba?” And she said yes. I said, “What do you know about?”, and she said, “Open Sesame”. And I said, “Yes, this is the name!” Then I went on to the street and found 30 people and asked them, “Do you know Alibaba?” People from India, people from Germany, people from Tokyo and China … they all knew about Alibaba. Alibaba – open sesame. Alibaba is a kind, smart business person, and he helped the village. So … easy to spell, and globally known. Alibaba opens sesame for small- to medium-sized companies.

        But then, Najib is sometimes called Alibaba too.

      2. Not jealous about Jack Ma setting up a multibillion dollar company, are you?

        That’s very unbecoming of an upright & honest person like yourself!

        There’s nothing stopping you from doing likewise in the brave new world of e-commerce, social media, data analytics, big data and the Internet of things.

        Or is there?

        Hence the cheapshot comments…

        1. Kineas1067

          …Hence the cheapshot comments…

          Apa cheapshot pula ni? Kat Malaysia kan banyak perniaga2 “Alibaba” yang sangat berjaya?

          In politics pun sama Apek2 Malaysia pasti sedar walaupun 95% mereka unite sehati sejiwa, tanpa “Ali” payah tau. Hmmmm PAN ada tak ciri2 party politic “Alibaba”?

          1. So, why aren’t the “Ali” folk upfront about this?

            Instead of hiding behind proxies, setting up offshore entities and bank accounts to conceal their profits?

            Account for their profits in Malaysia & pay taxes in Malaysia. Simple, lah. Accountability.

            Or they could set up & run the businesses themselves using their talents, skills & business acumen.

            Like Jack Ma did. Or Bill Gates, the Zuckerberg guy etc.

            Surely the “Ali” folk are up to the challenge of free markets, globalisation and the Internet instead of hiding behind “walls”, don’t you think?

            1. Kineas1067

              Takde “Ali” bisnes Apek2 payah nak jalan tau. 95% flock together baru sedaq mereka terpaksa jilat air lioq sendiri ketagih kena cari “Ali” juga. kekeke

              Macam la kita tak kenal siapa mereka!

  3. The reason why MCA was nearly wiped-out in last election because they are not racist enough. They must learn art from DAP by defending not only the SJKC in order to please the chinese but rewarding the malays with RMs and state posts in order to keep the malay happy. It worked brilliantly in Penang.

  4. If Umno can rid itself of people like you Helen, it stands a much better chance to unite the populace and win the next elections.

    1. We would be a peaceful and harmonious country without people like you around. Have you got your Tasmanian permanent residency yet?

  5. With tonnes of FDI, good jobs aplenty and an economy not dependent on the vagaries of the commodities markets? Where race, religion & gender don’t matter? And where the pulpits are constrained in their influence?

    Bring it on…

  6. Nazri’s message to traitorous MCA is loud and clear, and rightfully so.

    But I have to hold back my puke at his self confessed love affair with Tokong and DAP (the kamcheng nature of their long standing relationship is no secret to Penangites).

    How his rationale of being close to the Penang Haprak #1 and pengkhianat negara party because they command the (lost to BN) Chinese vote, is beyond me. It is amateurish and puerile, even as a PR exercise.

        1. indian,

          Nazri earns his place. He is an elected MP. Just like any UMNO MO or ADUN, he won in Malay majority area. Meaning he has the support of his community.

          I am not so sure about Ti Lian Ker? Elected representative?

          1. shamsul anuar,
            your’e missing the point by a nautical mile.

            Thanks all the same for your feeble attempt at defending another kind of “bersekongkol” relationship between inner UMNO and upper DAP.

            You have much to learn.

            1. Indian,

              Feeble attempt? Hmnnn.

              PAS learnt the hard way by having an alliance with ruthless DAP .Malays are very upset and punished PAS in last election.

              As for “bersekongkol”, the “honour” belongs to PKR and PAN . Unable to get decent malay support, they are subserviebt to DAP.

        2. Indian,

          Why must Nazri join DAP?

          Nazri is simply bold. He just said M CA already lost Chinese votes and no longer representing chinese. DAP is the main voice of Chinese.

          That is reality. Painful is it not. What respect MCa can expect when it refuses to face DAP . It simply refuses to tell chinese off that DAP is playing a dangerous political game.

          1. according to mca n mic (or indian?), quality matter most, dap chinese n indian mp only ada quantity, no quality, like umno.

  7. Who’s gonna contest those Chinese majority seats then? Just forsake those seats and let DAP “menang tanpa bertanding” ??

    1. Lousy Engineer,

      No big deal. But I hope UMNO will no longer sacrifice Malay seats just to perpetuate “hidup segan mati tak mahu” taht is best decription of MCA, Gerakan

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