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Mesti Hannah Yeoh jeles

Hannah Yeoh pernah memohon untuk jadi pemastautin tetap di Australia tetapi telah ditolak oleh negara tersebut kerana tidak layak. Boleh kira si Puan Pastor kita ini barangan ‘reject’ lah kalau dia di tanah omputih.

Mesti YB Subang Jaya begitu cemburu terhadap rakan partinya YB Pujut yang dalam diam rupa-rupanya berjaya menjadi seorang warga Australia.

Dr Ting Tiong Choon ialah wakil DAP bagi kerusi DUN Pujut di Sarawak.

Nampaknya sijil loyar buruk Hannah Yeoh tidak laku di Australia berbanding kelayakan doktor perubatan yang dimiliki Dr Ting.


Namun diiberitakan polis Bukit Aman baru saja menggeledah kediaman, pejabat dan klinik milik Adun DAP tersebut (gambar atas) di Miri, Sarawak sebagai lanjutan siasatan ke atas status kenegaraannya. Sila rujuk laporan Borneo Post hari ini.

Jikalau dapat dibukti bahawa Dr Ting adalah merupakan warga Australia, maka kerusinya di Pujut akan dilucut oleh suruhanaya pilihanraya.


Kempunan kerana hasrat tak kesampaian

Hannah Yeoh ini – gambar atas – sebenarnya seorang yang busuk hati.

Mentang-mentang beliau sendiri gagal dalam permohonannya hendak jadi PR, pula Hannah beri nasihat tidak menggalakkan para belia yang ada cita-cita untuk berhijrah ke Australia.

Kalau dia tak dapat, jangan orang lain dapat.


Anak sulung Hannah Yeoh didaftarkan berketurunan Cina manakala anak bongsunya didaftarkan sebagai keturunan India.

Pada awalnya, Hannah telah cuba mendesak agar pihak JPN mencatatkan anaknya sebagai bangsa ‘Anak Malaysia’.

Andaikata Hannah warga Australia, adakah dia akan turut mendesak kerajaan omputih itu mendaftarkan anaknya sebagai bangsa ‘Anak Australia’?

Macam-macam orang DAP boleh buat.


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37 thoughts on “Mesti Hannah Yeoh jeles

  1. Two issues pertaining to dogs that I want to highlight.
    As you know one year ago, Penang (more specific) LGE signed the decree to cull dogs on the “imaginary” rabies outbreak.

    And now in Malacca where the local council does not allow terrace house owners to keep dogs.

    “MALACCA: DOG owners here are in a quandary after the state government issued a notice prohibiting the rearing of dogs in terrace houses. They have sought the help of the Malacca Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to have the notice reviewed, as they do not want to part with their pets. Yesterday, Malacca SPCA vice-chairman Sunny Huang Tui Chuan called on the state government to review the by-law, which he described as a form of animal cruelty, as it forced owners to “abandon” their dogs. “With this ruling, owners have no choice but to give up their dogs.

  2. Absolutely nothing wrong with Hannah encouraging the DAP youth to emigrate to Australia. In fact her effort is highly commendable. Emigration is not only effective for population control but also good in problem solving. Those who’d emigrated rarely leave their problems behind.

    1. re: “Absolutely nothing wrong with Hannah encouraging the DAP youth to emigrate to Australia.”

      Read her tweet again.

      Hannah is discouraging young lawyers from emigrating to Australia. Just because her own law degree does not pass muster …

      1. Nevertheless, anyone who wishes to migrate must be encouraged to do so. More so with Hannah and her comrades. The goverment must support by providing them with logistic and financial incentives. Instead of BR1M, why not give them a one way ticket out?

        1. Blue, if all the nons leave – who will subsidise your 7-% for property? Non dumno members? Think for a second you stupid racist fuck.

          1. Black. It is not as simple as calling others ‘stupid’, yr fav term.
            By them leaving, a lot is saved on financing their endless financial demand. The less demand will translate into more available fund for those leaving behind. Anyway, our forefathers actually left us enough to last us for generations if not for the ‘robbery’ by the nons (immigrants’ descendants) plundering the nation’s wealth until not much is left anymore, except in their bludgeoning pockets.

            1. Stupid Malays still don’t realise that Malaysia would still be a backwater jungle if not for a certain mamak PM and the educated nons who drive this country’s economy. Continue to be ungrateful though…

              1. You know, sometimes I wonder about these RBAs… is it possible they’re actually UMNO CTs waging some kind of reverse psychology psy-war?

                Because remarks like these just end up benefiting UMNO’s us-vs-them narrative.

              2. FAMD watave, You are as silly as your ancestors for going to people’s country with your big mouth.. If they had not come here, we would have been living harmoniously. Who would want pendatang at one’s homeland. Without the pendatangs we would have been much more better off.
                Stop talking cock, Whatever yu say does not carry any weight at all. W e are waiting for the day to chase away all pendatangs. My conviction for pendatang like you for having such big mouth. Go away, shoohhh..Btw, you are not God who could determine any country;s destiny, far from it. You are just kafirun.

                    1. Yep, I had total control over where my ancestors decided to go to. Play another card please.

    1. Not to worry. There are always trolls like you around even when it’s a double holiday (mid-autumn lantern festival, Malaysia Day).

    2. tehtarik
      Isssh tou ni, relax la depa2 tengah keliru tu, taktau nak ikut pemimpin mana?
      1. Melalak rasuah dah sekok boss dok nunggu masuk jail atau tidak sabit tuduhan rasuah – beli bangarow tanpa seweeming pull ala tokong ong atau suei?
      2. Suspense pemimpin yang nereka pilih tu Malaysian atau Australian? Kekekeke
      3. Dulu pipe piper kelentong tak bawa masuk Putrajaya
      4. Skrg ada pipe piper baru musuh ketat mereka dok tiup seruling ajak ikut masuk Putrajaya pulak dah..
      5. Sekok lagi “Ali” sekadar goyang kaki nunggu habuan aje

      Bukan tu aje, dah pula

      6. Balik rumah lagi tension, toknek makayah anak cucu cicit dah terikut2 teladan mereka, asyik dok maki mencarut aje kat depa siang malam

  3. I would advise those who want to migrate anywhere, please go and bring your hatred along with you otherwise you will go mad, everyday cursing and complaining about the Malaysian Government. Don’t worry, nobody is going to stop you. I can guarantee that.

    It will benefit both sides. Firstly , you will not go mad and secondly, Malaysian hospital will have one less mad patient to take care.

    1. Every time I go to the gov. hospital, it is full o those hateful faces from a particular race, you know which. Are they desperate for anything free even visits to the hospital or may be they are kurang kasih sayang that they hv to seek from the medical team there? semak betul.

    2. I once suggested one like this who complains everything about the system here. She even used the word ‘bodoh’ to describe her superior at the local district office. When I told her to migrate, she turned sour. Then I told her, I am very much contented with anything bestowed in this country in spite of my family member working abroad, whether migrating or not is not an issue,
      I might migrate, myself. At least, that is one way to bring in the dollars and pound if you send the money back home, for those who complain about our economic distress, this could be one solution. This is the reverse of those who always spend money abroad without regarding the outflow of our currency, then they complain abt the falling ringgit. They even go to Indonesia, I do not know for what, in spite of the Indons scrambling here to work.

    3. Many have already done so. No biggie.

      Like many have chosen to work in Singapore and live in Johor. With 1:3, it’s a no-brainer.

      Maybe an amnesty a la Indonesia is in the works? With guaranteed immunity against any prosecution for tax evasion, money laundering, ill-gotten gains & dodgy deals. What’s not to like?

      And no need to go mad….

      1. 4.20,
        Nobody is saying there is any big or small deal here. It is just to explain to the virtual complainers that the options are widely open, instead of just bad mouthing, shouting and muttering, just DO IT. Some simply seem not aware of the ever availability of the options instead of just being loud and useless..
        We, the silent ones, are already sickly sick of the complainers who have been complaining since time immemorial BUT just REFUSE to take the action. Since it is not a biggie, why not they continue doing so in droves,hastily the better.
        Why do you sound irritated knowing the ‘silent ones’ have been moving around unassumingly without much brouhaha:? Relax der.

      2. KineasNobrainer,
        It might seem a common sight to see so many ‘slit’ faces at the gov. hospitals, approx. 70 p.c.(estimation) of the patients in spite of them being approx 20 p.c. of the population. If one were to wonder the scenario might seem alluding that certain conclusions could be deduced as the above. Another factor could be the unhealthy condition of this particular group which in this case is quite interesting if not amazing.
        What is so intoxicating though is the fact that they are being so loud everywhere they go to the annoyance of other patients, not to mention the sore sight to be endured for their non-adherence to the dress code at public places. Thus the term ‘semak’. If they were to take better care of their health, they could reduce visits to the gov. hospitals, thus reducing the medical expenses to be borne by the gov. which could then be used for other beneficial causes.

        1. Wow.

          I usually roll my eyes whenever I read Kineas’s postings.

          But in this case, I admire how effectively he’s trolled you into making such a blatantly racist remark.

          And it’s not just racist, it’s the crude, low-blow kind of racism. It reflects more poorly on you than it does of the people you are targeting.

          1. Sebenarnya faizal

            Kat sini orang2 mcm islam1st, RINA …tak ada beza pun dengan orang yang dia tak suka.

            dia punya caci sama level dah pun.

            …bagus lah..bior ler deme gaduh dgn puak2 cina racist..let them cancel out each other ;)

            At the very least posters mcm Shamsul, dia da la class sikit nak argue pun….even if you dont agree with him.

            1. Orang Perlis

              Eh? ..a la class sikit nak argue ….

              Amboi senada seirama dengan Hannah Yeoh nu.? Nak bagi pendapat pun kena masuk class ke? Issshh jenuh!

  4. Helen,

    You just can’t seem to let go of Hannah Yeoh’s children, isn’t it?

    You just had to mention them somewhere anywhere you can, right?

    But then again, I know – it’s your blog, it’s your like.

    1. HA is jealous of Hannah Yeoh.
      Thats the reason she keeps attacking her.
      HA is old, fat, ugly and lonely.
      HY has a family, successful career and a prominent politician in Selangor and she is young.

      So AOM, you cant blame her for being cynical actually!

    2. Teka teki

      Agak you klo dia migrate gi US beranak satu lagi, isi borang pangkah Black or White, dia akan pangkah apa?

    3. Blame it on HY herself. Dia yang mula dulu jaja anak dia. Beranak senyap2 la, tu pun nak politikkan! Ultrakiasu tak bertempat. Bila satu dunia dah tau antiks jahat dia yang klasifikasikan anak dia sorang Cina dan sorang India walaupun satu bapak (kan?), dia dah tak boleh patah balik. Jangan nak invoke hal peribadi pula bila dia, dengan dibantu theStar of course, jaja anak satu Malaysia!

  5. Reblogged this on Helen Ang and commented:

    You wonder nwhether Hannah Yeoh would have been so screwed up as she is today if only she had succeeded in her application for Australian permanent residence and happily living in a white Christian country.

    Her fellow DAP Adun Dr Ting Tiong iChoon is a citizen of Australia. But he’s a doctor whereas she is in the same “failed” league as her mentor Lim Guan Eng the “failed accountant”.

    Hannah did not even practise law before she entered politics. She was an “event manager”. Epic fail!

  6. Wait until police finished their investigation…if proven see how dap scream hi n lo…remember how dap make big noise to mca wanita head abt dual citizenship? Or as u said la…if i cannot…i cannot too…but if u cannot…i can

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