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Malays sick and tired of Dapster hate and hypocrisy

There was an explosion of vitriol from the Cina DAP at Allahyarham Haron Din upon news of the Tuan Guru’s passing.

The amount of venom spewed at PAS’s late Mursyidul Am reached such proportions that the usually freewheeling Malaysiaini and FMT were compelled to disable (block) reader responses as well as delete their spiteful Facebook comments.

This time there is no hiding the torrent of hate against a beloved Muslim religious figure, no matter how adept the evangelistas are at putar-belit and deflection to do damage control.

And there’s no denying either the nature of the beast — what haters they really are behind their mask, at the same time preaching love-love-love.

PAS and Umno were equally up in arms against the vile slanderers, and not to mention the biaDAPs’ extreme kurang ajar. Both know that the Dapsters cannot get away from asyik bohong dan tipu … willing even to fitnah the dead.

No amount of 20k pay packets to Protun Malay mercenary bloggers will be able to whitewash the malice in the heart of the Dapsters.


“Actually cik Helen. Majority Muslims cukup berhati2 when discussing about Islam” — RINA @ 2016/09/15 at 8:40 am

PAS and Umno on the same page

Malays are never as loud as the DAP tin kosong but over this one, the PAS-Umno reactions have been on the same wavelength.

As one of my regular commenters Rina explained @ 2016/09/09 at 10:56 am,

“Malays esp Muslims majoriti agak berat dan payah nak sewenang2nya give their personal comments on matters pasai2 Agama Islam …”

Thus for perkara-perkara berhubung akidah, Malays “have to ‘rujuk’ dengan those ‘learned’ dan benar2 fasih dan pakar in their knowledge of Islam”, according to Rina.

This typical reserve applies also to voicing opinions on TG Haron Din’s burial arrangements, and unlike the unrestrained Dapsters, Malays would not hentam keromo on faith-related customs of which they have little understanding.

BELOW: Pakatan Chinese supporters being rude about Haron Din’s burial in San Francisco

Facebook link here

PAS people are watching and seething in silence 

As I’ve mentioned before, PAS Malays do read my blog too but they largely observe silently rather than beat tin drums like DAP supporters.

PAS Malays and Umno Malays are moving closer to perpaduan ummah in their mutual revulsion at the behaviour of the haters who seem unable to avoid tabiat selalu nak kenakan orang —  even those whose coffin has yet to be lowered into the ground.

What kind of people are they to harbour so much hate inside them?

Their bag of dirty tricks is sickening, and my readers – of whom a segment are PAS sympathizers – have now seen the true colours of these haters.

Vast majority of my readers are Malaysians

… some of them are PAS

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104 thoughts on “Malays sick and tired of Dapster hate and hypocrisy

    1. When the first Caliph Abu Bakr was dying, he sent for ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab (Allah be well pleased with both of them), and instructed him:

      “O ‘Umar, if you are given authority over the people, fear Allah and hold fast to what is right. For the weighing balance of those whose scale pans are heavy (with good deeds) on Resurrection Day shall be heavy only because they followed what is right and shouldered the burden of righteousness; and it befits the balance scale when righteous deeds are placed in it tomorrow that it should be heavily weighted. But the balance of those whose scale pans are light on Resurrection Day (because they had done little good) shall be found light only because they had followed what was wrong and enjoyed the ease of wrongdoing; and it is fitting that their balance scale shall be light when what is wrong is placed in it tomorrow!

      Know that there are deeds for the sake of Allah during the night which He would not accept during the day, and that there are deeds during the daytime that He does not accept for the night. Know that the Lord does not accept a person’s supererogatory acts of devotion until his obligatory duties have been fulfilled.”

      *O Merciful Lord, lead us on the straight path that brings your blessings of happiness; and shield us from the intrigues of the rebellious and those who shun the truth of Thy blessed Messenger.

  1. Helen,

    And as I often said many many times, the only language that DAP species understand is full show of might.

    DAP for reason of being delusional thinks any restraint response by Malay politicians is a sign of weakness. Any attempt to explain by any Malay leader will be brushed aside. DAP thrives in slander, provocation . And you are right .They simply excel when it comes to “putar belit”.

    So any rebuke or scream that says DAP is “kurang ajar” will do no good. So those who’s who in Malay politics( who are DAP target onnon stop slandering) must deal with DAP in the language that DAP understands.

    It is time to flex muscle. No point in asking Jeff Ooi to give statement at Balai polis. Charge him. Let him walk to court literally in handcuff. Deny bail. It can be done.

    And give the burden of choice to Chinese community. Meaning they have to choose between DAP and BN. Meaning if they choose DAP, they can forget MCA. It means UMNO must not sacrifice any seats to MCA. take back Kulim, Alor Setar, Alor Gajah, Tanjung Piai.

    One state seat in Perlis, Tti Tinggi is represented by MCA. Why on earth such arrangement allowed when even MCA members voted DAP. And despite mounting cal to dislodge UMNO( and take away political or from Malays), UMNO still helps MCA in KUlim. Is it “berbaloi”.

    It is time to put DAP into ts place. It is time to tell Chinese right on their face that tough they are important, they must not overstate their importance.

    It is time to send the right message. That if you are willing to play with fire, you will be burnt . And not other people.

    Actually species in DAP are “penakut”. Try asking Penangites to send memorandum to object to mind boggling sea reclaimanation, and Guan Eng will send his representative. He will not dare to face off these people.

    1. shamshul anuar,

      re :” the only language that DAP species understand is full show of might.”

      So, what do you mean by a “full show of might”?

      Go on, let’s hear you.

      Don’t hold back, OK?

      Berani ke? :)

      1. An Ordinary Malaysian,

        Tak takut le . Saya bukan species DAP.

        Undang undang kan ada. tangkap dia. Sumbat dalam lokap sementara tunggu bicara. Kuasa ada di tangan. Kalau dah bodoh hapuskan ISA, jangan gunaklan alasan yg tanpa ISA dah tak boleh buat begitu.

        “Full show of might” simply means do not let them go off with just a mere apology. Full show of might means if they refuses to recognise the globally recognised BN led government, then they too should not expect to be recognised.

        Meaning if they(DAP species) trying( and they have been trying) to bring down BN(meaning UMNO), then they too can be brought down. It is that simple actually.

        1. shamshul anuar,

          re : “Undang undang kan ada. tangkap dia.”

          What? No chopping off heads? No “final solution”?

          I am disappointed.

          Such strong macho words, “full show of might”, and all you meant was just the undang2 which are already existing.

          If you feel that laws are sufficient as a “full show of might”, than really, you already have had your wish.

          Unfortunately, your “full show of might” has failed in the courts many times.

          Oh, of cos, you sometimes score a big win, as shown by Anwar Ibrahim’s jailing.

          But even your “full show of might” with Anwar is now being challenged by Kimberley Motley, and it seems that such a “full show of might” might again be flawed.

          re : “Full show of might means if they refuses to recognise the globally recognised BN led government, then they too should not expect to be recognised.”

          And how exactly would your “full show of might” do that in court?

          Force people to recognise what they believe to be an illegal government, the legitimacy of which they have challenged in court?

          re : ” if they(DAP species) trying( and they have been trying) to bring down BN(meaning UMNO), then they too can be brought down”

          It is not exactly a secret but you do realise that DAP is planning to “bring down” BN at the ballot box, don’t you?

          Are you suggesting that you will use your “full show of might” in court to prevent DAP from using the ballot box ?

          Is this what UMNO is about?

          1. They should throw them into prison and then maybe sarcastic people like you would get the message.

            Be honest your arrogance comes from Malay weakness to act tough instead they try to accommodate

    2. Kerismudin single handedly handed DAP the chinese votes prior to 2008.
      Why not ask Kerismudin why he did that. Why blame the non malays when they had been supporting BN all the way till 2008. Do a study and change the approach instead of blaming others. Otherwise might as well no need to have SPR and election if umno BN is the only choice.

      1. Tehtarik.

        It is garbage. Even without Hishamuddin waving Keris, majority Chinese already rejected UMNO. Even in 2004, majority of Chinese already rejected BN.

        You have the attitude so typical of DAP: that is to “putar belit”. What i said is that UMNO should not sacrificice Malay seats to be contested by MCA if MCA members voting DAP in

        I mean why not put back the choice to Chinese. If you want mCA , you cant vote DAP. You cant expect MInisterial post when you voted MCA out.

        It is that simple. Let us see how MCA will fare in next election . Can it win in Chinese areas. As for UMNO, we could not care less

        Tanpa undi Cina pun \, kami boleh mmerintah.

        1. No problem at all. No plans to vote BN anyway. Lots of choices these days. Umno are for beggars. Typically those from Felda scheme. But the older generation dying one by one. Good news for everyone else except umno.
          SA, keep living in denial. Your life, your like

          1. Tehtrik is sooo bodoh. Your comments are crappy and wild. So obvious. Not worth any attention. Purely delusional and in denial.Keep your miserable opinion to yourself or go somewhere else. Typical of dapsterim.
            Their opinion is as crude and blatant as their behaviour. True enough, the only language they understand is the language of the pagan or barbarians, crude and wild. They do not understand the language and finesse of the origins. Thus the only way to speak to enable them to understand the message is to speak in their language, crude, blatant and wild.
            Any form of finesse is seen as a weakness to them. Look at their ‘wise words’, the thief is not at fault rather those allowing themselves to be cheated. In other words, cheating or other forms of misconduct are acceptable by their standard. Only the victims are at fault to allow themselves to be victimised.
            This a very dangerous culture that had been brought in by the earlier migrates and their descendants. For the better well -being of the country this kind of dapsterism needs to be abolished.They do not suit the original setting and landscape of this motherland. Everything about them is so alien and foreign.

            1. re: All the police reports made, the netizen responses, the news of people angry over it

              If like that, I also can simply gather a few people say 20. Do some open protest, make some statements, lodge some police report. How hard to do that?

              How to fairly and precisely and objectively judge that a crime is committed vis-a-vis Jeff’s statement? Which law and section are applied?

              What is the rationale of using the resources of the country (police, AG and court) to punish a person (Jeff) just because some people is offended (Haron’s family members and PAS). There is no body injury, no property loss, just feeling offended/angry. Even then, no real harm arises from such anger or offense.

              1. Jeff did’t just offend some people (family and PAS).
                He offended majority muslims in Malaysia mostly malays.
                I’m not family nor PAS but I am offended. Not just Jeff’s
                comments but all other shameful comments made on
                TGHD’s passing.
                I don’t think you or ppl like you know the extent of TGHD’s
                influence and popularity among malays here.
                Its ok. We can see how many people attended prayers across
                the planet for TGHD’s passing.
                Don’t know if Jeff can top that. Adios Jeff!

              2. drinho, in all seriousness did you get to see ony 20 people got angry over Jeff Ooi’s tweet? please la…enough of Bakuteh not pork stunt…cukup2la tu!

                1. rai and islam1st,

                  If you care to read my comments again, I agreed that Jeff’s comment are disrespectful and biadap. Let us agree on this. No dispute.

                  However, is being disrespectful/biadap/menghina a crime punishable in Msia? This is the question that I am asking specifically in the context of law. Is Jeff’s statement qualify as being seditious? Is his statement directed to Islam/Quran or directed to an ulamak? Is being disrespectful to the latter equals to disrespectful to the former?

              3. Drinho,

                “some people are offended….”.

                Yup. the some people is entire malay community . And Muslim community too.

                “…what is the rationale….”

                Good question. But direct the question to Jeff ooi. What is his rationale in writing such a rude remark?

                “..There is no body injury…”

                Yup. Hishamuddin too did not injure anyone when he waved the Kris.

                “…No real harm….”

                Just the malay votes. Jeff just makes Malays hate DAP .Not that Malay are in “love” with DAP in the first place

                1. Shamshul,

                  I am done on the part of taking offense. No doubt Jeff is rude, biadap etc. He offended family member of of the late Haron Din, PAS members and even entire Muslim community. I think all of us here can agree. Let us stop here.

                  Shall we now examine the statement of Jeff in the context of legality/criminality. Answer me, is Jeff liable to be punished under any laws in Msia?

                  1. Jeff,

                    “…if Jeff liable…….”.

                    Direct your question to AG Chamber.

                    But in all honesty, Jeff can be charge for inciting. In some countries, he would be dead by now

                    1. And in some countries too, nobody gives two hoots on tweets…..what i can’t make out here is are people really offended or just diverting issues?

                    2. Was Jeff trying to divert from the issue of his boss (LGE) currently facing another possible charge – Contempt of Court – in addition to his two corruption charges?

                    3. Surrhead,

                      Yes. We are offended. We mean the entire malay Muslim community.

                      If Chinese can be upset because they are referred as “pendatang(no thanks to many Chinese politicians who behave exactly pendatang), I am sure you can appreciate that Jeff’s remark is coarse.

                    4. The Light of Guidance, our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) explained that, “The [true] Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand other Muslims (innocent people) are safe.”
                      [Bukhari and Muslim]

                    5. shamshul anuar,

                      re: pendatang

                      How many people who made such remarks were investigated, prosecuted and convicted under the Sedition Act or Penal Code?

                      Please also look at the recent incident of Umno Youth members protesting against Nga Kor Ming. Apparently, the former used hell notes against the latter. As per Chinese custom, hell notes are meant for the dead. I can also say the entire Chinese community is offended for the abuse of hell notes by Umno Youth. First, for using it against a living person. Second, the users (ie. Umno Youth) are non-Chinese. Why no police action on Umno Youth? Is it ok to offend the sensitivities of non-Malays and get off scot-free?

                    6. re: “I can also say the entire Chinese community is offended for the abuse of hell notes by Umno Youth.”

                      You really shouldn’t say the entire Chinese community is offended. The evangelistas are not.

                      In fact, the evangelical Christians are themselves the harshest critics of Taoist customs.

                    7. Helen,

                      re: You really shouldn’t say the entire Chinese community is offended. The evangelistas are not.

                      Few questions and would appreciate your opinion:-

                      1. You agree the Chinese (exclude evangelistas) are offended by Umno Youth?
                      2. You agree there is double standards by our authorities in relation to Umno Youth vs Jeff Ooi?
                      3. You agree that the Chinese didn’t make a big fuss from Umno Youth’s misuse of hell notes vs Muslim taking offence vis-a-vis Jeff Ooi’s statement on Haron Din?

                    8. re: “You agree the Chinese (exclude evangelistas) are offended by Umno Youth?”

                      I personally found Datuk Armand Azha’s stunt with the faux currency to be offensive.

                      re: “You agree there is double standards by our authorities in relation to Umno Youth vs Jeff Ooi?”

                      Was AA was called in for police questioning?

                      re: “You agree that the Chinese didn’t make a big fuss from Umno Youth’s misuse of hell notes vs Muslim taking offence vis-a-vis Jeff Ooi’s statement on Haron Din?”

                      Were police reports made against AA, and if yes, how many?

                      Were police reports made against JO? How many?

                    9. re: I personally found Datuk Armand Azha’s stunt with the faux currency to be offensive. Was AA was called in for police questioning?

                      No idea. But safe to say, AA could have committed a few offenses. Sedition, illegal gathering and offending religious sensitivities under penal code. It definitely warrants investigations.

                      re: Were police reports made against AA, and if yes, how many?

                      I have not read any.

                      Re: Were police reports made against JO? How many?

                      Hundreds perhaps?

                      Anyway, police can take action even if there is no police report. Eg. police are monitoring tweets, FB, blogs. No police report yet action is taken. Police can also take action based on circumstantial evidence. Eg. viralled photo or CCTV recording of child abuse, action can be taken even if no police report. Even a patrolling policeman will chase a snatch thief if it happens within his eye sight.

                      Are you trying to justify the police’s lack of action against AA on the assumption of no police report lodged against AA?

                    10. The points you make are reasonable.

                      In this case, I can only say that Taoists are too nice.

                      If it was the Christians whose sensitivities were offended, there would have been a stack of police reports (like against the UiTM seminar), the nests of evangelistas media machinery would have vroomed into top gear, the demonization would have hit high pitch – “bigot!” “rscist!” extremist!” and their entire network would have kicked in playing victim “minority bullied, only 9%, yadda yadda”.

                      The offended Taoists dunno how to dive and milk public sympathy for all its worth.

                    11. re: In this case, I can only say that Taoists are too nice.


                      The offended Taoists dunno how to dive and milk public sympathy for all its worth.

                      Helen, I think you misunderstood my points. While different community and people have different standards when it comes to sensitivities and taking offense, the authority i.e. police must be FAIR & IMPARTIAL in all cases. If I may just compare Umno Youth (hell notes against Nga Kor Ming) vs Jeff Ooi’s statement against Haron Din, we don’t see the police acting on the former as it did on the latter. Why the double standard or selective persecution?

                      While some people are happy that action is taken against Jeff Ooi, they conveniently forget on the lack of action against Umno Youth. Legally speaking, JO only committed one possible offense under section 298 penal code. But Umno Youth could have committed one extra, i.e. illegal gathering. Not to mention the hell notes thrown in roads, i.e. littering.

                      Why you only choose to blog/criticise JO but not Umno Youth with respect to their hell note stunt?

                    12. re: “Why you only choose to blog/criticise JO but not Umno Youth with respect to their hell note stunt?”

                      Actually I criticized Armand Azha much more severely.

                      I said Armand is a clueless “chimp” whose “level of development is the Neanderthal numbskull caveman”.

                      I also said “Umno Youth desperately needs a new and intelligent leadership”.


                      What a chimp.

                    13. re: Actually I criticized Armand Azha much more severely.

                      Good. I could have missed your post on the above.

                      Next question, do you agree that the police is partial/bias/unfair in treating Umno Youth hell note protest vs JO’s adios statement? Can you see elements of selective persecution?

                    14. Helen,

                      re: Next question, do you agree that the police is partial/bias/unfair in treating Umno Youth hell note protest vs JO’s adios statement? Can you see elements of selective persecution?

                      Care to comment?

                    15. If the Taoists now cared to make their police reports, it will be incumbent upon the authorities to investigate.

                  2. Q. Why can’t Mexicans be firemen?

                    A. Cos they can’t tell the difference between “jose” and “hose”

                    Hey senor Rizal my friend, no offence bro. ….. hehehe

  2. If you are referring to satements made by Jeffrey Ooi in concluding how sick and tired the malays are, then you are definitely over reacting. For sure the malays in Penang do not share your sentiment. They are exemplary in their tolerance and understanding. In 2014 they were reduced to Kucing Kurap also by Mr. Ooi for their lackdaisical in supporting DAP during GE13. Of course they were mildy dissapointed. However the dissapointment was quickly transformed into euphoria after some of their leaders be appointed to serve LGE, with some holding directorship of state owned companies. So Helen, not all Malays are with you.

    1. Once I was in Penang, a cabbie lamented the lack of affordable homes on the island – I casually asked why doesn’t the state open up more land or facilitate construction then. How come mampu lihat condos are still being built? He said “tanah (kerajaan) pusat punya kuasa”.

      On a separate ride another driver said he once drove for Uber but had stopped because the pay was too low. When asked why the drop in pay he said “salah UMNO”.

      A local doctor complained to me that too many young doctors were clueless and disorganized. Asked what is the root of the problem – she said “government policy making doctors out of undeserving students”. This coming from a person who herself had received a government scholarship to do medicine.

      Three conversations, three races. Which one is which race does not matter – they all sound like Buletin Mutiara. So maybe it’s not just Penang Malays who will disagree with Helen, it’s Penangites of all colours.

      1. You are probably right. But still the malay muslims there are more obvious. Their tolerance as well as compliance are highly commendable. They are just capable of doing anything and everything. Mat Sabu is one of famous examples. He ditched PAS after nearly 30 years with the party. In fact he was sent to prison, not once but few times, because of his political belief. But things suddenly changed when he was made a company director by LGE who’s now his mentor and role model. Mat Sabu is a good reflection of an average malays from Penang.

  3. Nothing to worry about guys. BN will win the next ten elections easily. Haven’t you all heard, the EC are about to carry out the redelineation of election boundaries and gerrymandering to a whole different level. Soon BN will only need 35% of the popular vote to win GE14. Good to know that we have such a neutral EC on board.

  4. Ms H. From the lessons of 13 May 1969, there should be no street demonstrations before and after General Elections. Anyone indulging in snide racial remarks should be arrested and put in jail to cool off. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP was created by LKY for mischief because he knew full well as a lawyer that the Constitution of Malaysia is Malay bias and there is no hope for any change to cater to his demands. And this was in 1966, 50 years ago. If the Constitution to which myself and others are loyal and devoted to, did not change by the majority, why is the minority still hankers on with their mischief ? Is’nt it like the 4 million Pakistanis in Britain with 45 millions, wanting one of their kind to be the Prime Minister ?

      1. tehtarik. You mean the history of Malaysia has no meaning for you ? If we do not learn from our mistakes, forever we are bunch of imbeciles !

  5. Ms H. Our Government should be more than firm in matters concerning security before and after General Elections. Many of us still remember the unsavoury events staged by the Opposition before and after the General Elections of 1969. The best is to arrest all those who dare to disrupt racial peace and harmony. Unlike 1969, the towns were mainly Chinese. Yet, the security forces were fully stretched. Now, our towns are mixed in most residential areas which have grown in size through the years. In times of chaos, it is difficult for the security forces to police all the areas. Hence, it is better to clamp down on the troublemakers early rather than be sorry after the event. The Government has to be firm, very firm before and after General Elections. Let no innocent men, women and children be harmed in anyway by the mischief makers !

    1. Aziz Naim. I was there at the invitation of the UMNO Youth my friends when Lee Kuan Yew and his cohorts said the most absurd things in the Dewan Rakyat 1964-1965. They want to have a new Constitution ! I was there at the Suleiman Court (now Sogo) when Lee Kuan Yew and his cohorts said things which I thought was very intimidating to the Malays. I was there during the pre- and post General Elections intimidating street demonstrations of 1969. It was just one big instigation of another community. There was no philosophical or political theory. A bare fisted grab for power. This must not happen again in our beloved Malaysia. The Government must clamp down hard on any street demonstrations before and after any General Elections. And put to jail any person who intimidates any race. We abide by our Constitution.

  6. WIith the likes of LGE, Jeff, Nga, and Superman, UMNO politicians are being are still called “low class” by a certain woman DAP leader.

    1. Adait. I forgot about that Jelutong fellow until it was alleged he created the ruckus himself to draw attention. This is the way of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP since its inception. It is the DNA infused into it by LKY. Expect more eye-catching events which mean nothing. To put it bluntly, these folks are just a bunch of social workers living at the leading edge of troublemaking without regard to the sensitivities of others.

  7. While we have personal opinion on whether the adios remark made by Jeff is insolent, insulting, rude etc according to individual’s custom, culture and religion, we need to differentiate between ‘insolent’ vs ‘criminal culpability’. If his remark falls in the latter, under what law did Jeff contravened?

    1. drinho Sir. If you and me made such a remark, it may be forgiven because we are ordinary citizens who are not as smart, savvy or an Honourable MP. But when a person who is an MP especially of an important constituency such as Jelutong, Pulau Pinang with conflicting diverse communities and claim innocence or slip of the tongue, can we believe he is telling the truth or not ? Lest we forget, this person is an Honourable MP who has supporters and detractors, not a clown !

      1. AK47,

        Agree with your point. You have covered the aspect of morality, politeness, decorum in your reply. We can say Jeff by virtue being an MP is biadap, kurang sopan, tidak sensitif etc. If he is just an ordinary person, he can be forgiven.

        Next question. What crime has he committed? Apparently he is investigated under S. 298 of Penal Code. The law says:

        Whoever, with deliberate intention of wounding the religious
        feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person, or makes any gesture in the sight of that person, or places any object in the sight of that person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine or with both.

        I am not sure if the definition of ‘person’ includes a deceased. Jeff statement was made after Haron Din passed away. Technically speaking, the definition of ‘person’ must exclude a deceased as a deceased has no feelings. That would mean Haron Did is not ‘religiously wounded’ by the statement of Jeff. Where is the crime then?

        1. ‘with deliberate intention of wounding the religious
          feelings of any person’

          Me and most Muslims in Malaysia surely can be accounted for that…

        2. What about his family members? What about other members of the community?

          When you throw an insult at a dead man, you hit his surviving family members. And this isn’t just some random man who died, but a religious leader, who was respected by large swathes of the Muslim community.

          That also you don’t know ah!

        3. drinho. You are right what crime has the Honourable MP done by making a snide remark about a dead person ? There are what we call ethics, morality, standards, propriety, filial piety, humanity, respect for the dead etc. No one taught me these civilities. I quote Tun Tan Siew Sin who wanted to convince me to take his Federal seat of Batu Berendam on 2nd January 1973. He said, ‘ An elected person should come from a proper education and family background because he or she will hold positions of great responsibiltiy if elected.’ In Britain, I believe there is a body which overseers that racial incidents such as this is properly punished. Further, within the context of present political confrontation, such remarks can only be described as foolhardy and intimidating. As I said before, any racial taunts, street demonstrations before or after General Elections, the Federal Government should clamp down hard, very hard. It is better to err than to be sorry later.

        4. islam1st, wawe, faizal, ak47,

          Good that all of you responded. Bear in mind, Jeff is now under police investigation. While I agree with all of you that Jeff is rude, impolite, insensitive, insolent etc, ultimately action can only be taken against him under the law. You may take political actions like not voting for him and criticise him in social media.

          I would just comment on the law based on my limited understanding:-

          1. I am not sure if there are any convicted cases under section 298 Penal Code. I am also not a criminal lawyer.

          2. Just by reading the wordings of section 298, the term “that person” appears 3 times. Hence the term “any person” must be read in the context of “that person”.

          3. It means the statement of Jeff Ooi must be directed to specific person or people. From his tweet, his statement is directed to Haron Din after his death. Can we legally extend his statement to cover eg. Haron Din’s family members, PAS members and even the entire Muslim population in Msia. I know all of you will say yes for sure. But what is your legal basis?

          4. Lastly, taking offense is very subjective. You may be offended. I may not be offended. Whose standard to be applied? What is the objective test to determine the gravity of an alleged offensive remark? This is not a straight forward criminal case like dead body (murder), lost item (theft), body injury (assault), false news (defamation) etc. What is the threshold?

          1. drinho. Your argumentative defence of the Anglo Chinese Jeff O holds no water. Why out of the blue the Honourable Jeff O made a remark which is deemed to be offensive to Muslims ? As an elected representative of the Rakyat, we all assume he abides by the Constitution after swearing by it ! The Honourable Jeff O is no ordinary person in the street, Ahmad, Ah Kow or Samy ! He is given tax free expenses, transport allowances, a gun etc. at the Rakyat’s expense. Has he got that funny disease call Pulau Pinang virus or PP virus for short ?

          2. Woi. You memang don’t understand how these things work lah.

            Why do you keep assuming that the insulted party can only be Haron Din?

            If the Pope dies, and I say “Good riddance to bad rubbish,” I am not only insulting the dead Pope, but also all the Christians who held him in high regard. I would be “wounding the religious feelings” of THOSE people, not the dead Pope.

            And about your query: “Whose standard to be applied?” Why do you think we have a legal system for? That determination will be made by the judge after taking into account all the relevant evidence and reviewing all applicable case law.

            Paham tak? Not YOUR standard, not MY standard, but the standard according to the law.

            1. Faizal,

              re: Woi. You memang don’t understand how these things work lah.

              Which thing? S. 298 Penal Code?

              re: Why do you keep assuming that the insulted party can only be Haron Din?

              Read S. 298. Tell me if my interpretation is wrong.

              S. 298:
              Whoever, with deliberate intention of wounding the religious
              feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person, or makes any gesture in the sight of that person, or places any object in the sight of that person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine or with both.

              re: I would be “wounding the religious feelings” of THOSE people, not the dead Pope.

              Correct. But as per S. 298, is “wounding the religious feelings” of THOSE people punishable?

              re: That determination will be made by the judge after taking into account all the relevant evidence and reviewing all applicable case law.

              Is there any case prosecuted or convicted under S. 298?

              Perhaps Helen can share her opinion as well on S. 298?

        5. drinho
          This Jeff Ooi fella must be real dumb. Why then did he tweet knowing well the “person” can no longer read his tweets?

  8. Ms H. There is no record of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP doing anything which is earth shattering in the National Interest. We read about its political antics every day here and there. Their specialty seems to intimidate, instigate, abuse, insult and vulgarise others who do not accept their brand of crude politics. The Horse has been around since 1966 and was delliberately left behind by the Lee Kuan Yew cohorts as they retreated with their tails behind their backs into the safety of the island fortress. From here, all sorts of virtual and real brickbats were thrown over the Causeway on issues which were normally connected with money. How many Malaysians observed that we lost billions of ringgits through the joint Stock Exchange which was in existance until 2000 ? The ups and downs of the share prices where played up and down like a yo-yo. There were 12 Crashes from 1965 to 2000 when it was finally broken up. Since then, there has not been one single Crash. During the period, the Straits Times was used to inform the hoi-polloi of when the prices would go up and down, thus, ‘ Sources say interest rates will go up soon.’ or ‘ interest rates will go down soon.’ in the back page of the paper – after the elites have sold or bought the shares first. Billions of ringgits were sucked out by this vacuum cleaner. But Man proposes. God Disposes. Lee Kuan Yew created 47 failed Policies of which the most telling was his 2 Child Family Policy of 1972-1985 which literally forced the Singaporeans not to reproduce. This will sound the death knell of the indigenous Singapore soon. And with a continuously contracting indigenous Singaporean population, what is Singapore ?
    If the smartest leader of the PAP/DAP political group can shoot himself in the foot, what do you expect of the 4th rate Malaysian DAP leadership. They are non-starters ! They have already bungled 3 times on their way to Putrajaya. What do we expect of them whose only weapon is ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ ? The indigenous Singaporeans are now shouting hoarse, ‘ Singapore for Singaporeans.’ The irony of all ironies at the end of the day especially with the World’s Longest Recession still with us and the World – 2008 -2016 !

    1. islam1st. We have freedom and fresh air in our beloved Malaysia. We invite the rest of the World to share it with us. We share. We care.

  9. Ms H. It comes to mind whether the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is really interested to achieve power outside of its own agenda. It maybe remembered the Horse partnered a popular and prominent Malay leader and failed on 3 occasions eg.
    1. 1997-1998. If the Honourable DPM had taken a holiday in the United States, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister.
    2. 2008. If the 32 Aduns were sorted out before the 12th General Elections, instead of after, the Horse would have been in Putrajaya since 2008.
    3. 2013. If the Horse had declared a 100 day fast and boycotted the 13th General Elections, they would have been in Putrajaya since.
    Those three occasions were the hey-day for the opportunists ! The World do not wait for blunderers.
    Are the digits from Lee Kuan Yew’s era going to win the next 14th General Elections with 2 prominent leaders instead of one ? Both of these leaders are strong-minded and charted their own political destinies by themselves. Both have political histories which the citizens find it difficult to forget ! Some say the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP makes use of these 2 prominent gentlemen. Is it this simple in Malaysian politics ? I surmise that the Singapore Trojan Horse DAP is at its weakest moment since its inception without their spiritual leader to lean on. And their vaunted Chinese supporters can desert them anytime for greener pastures. Let us not forget. There is a thing called ‘ Money. Money. Money.’ To be an effective leader, a person needs that extra known as charisma and produce white rabbits out of the hat all the time. Without these implements, how long are those new Christians going to last ? Another 50 years up to 2066 ? I definitely would not be around. It is so often forgotten by the nay-sayers that Malaysia’s Constitution is like Mount Everest, immovable and forbidding. Hence, Singapore’s roving ambassador Bilahari Kausikan’s famous intonation, ‘ Delusional Chinese sic DAP’ ! After he discovered that UMNO in good old KL is Singapore’s latest line of defence.

  10. Ms H. With the induction of the latest prominnent Malay political leader into the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP’s Hall of Fame, is’nt it obvious that instead of kow-towing to Singapore’s roving ambassador Bilahari Kausikan]s wise, succinct and practical observation ‘delusional Chinese sic DAP’ and soften their stance towards UMNO, the blundering DAP leadership of Patre et Fil (Est.1966) go on blundering regardless ? Taking up the DAP’s headlong confrontation with UMNO more than one notch ? Where do the new and young Chinese Christians fit into this political play which is going to last another 50 years without end ? To be used as cannon-fodder or supporting cast to ETERNITY ? Lest we forget, such strategies have failed the DAP at least 3 times in its hey day. Will the Patre et Fil leadership ever learn in the National Interest if any ?

  11. Ms H. The next 2 years will be crucial to Malaysia. We have come so far as the BN since 1957 despite the unexpected turbulence which rocked the boat in recent years. It is easy for the BN to win hands down as long as there is peace and harmony, given the disarray amongst the Opposition with 4 tigers on a mountain top and incompetence in the normal administration of Pulau Pinang where nothing happened for 8 years except for copying Singapore’s self-destroying concrete structures and increased the price of land and inflation.. And the daily sniping by those from one community in the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP at another is shameful and vulgar. There are no better words to describe such actions. The Government should clamp down hard, very hard at such intransigence of another community’s sensitivities. In such events, it is better to err than to be sorry later. Like Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew who wanted to be god but only reached the status of demi-god with his 47 failed Policies, Man proposes. God disposes.

    1. I guess LKY was a man for his times – the Cold War era. And he thought too much of himself that he downsized his PAP comrades in the 80’s and ignored their original socialist bearing. Enter today LKY super-capitalism where the government will milk its citizens for monetary profits even in public services; the first world’s lowest wages and one of the most expensive cities to live in. Whoever needed a glittering concrete jungle and a puffed up GDP that has little bearing on the welfare of daily living?

      1. Chris. I admire your solid thinking on the evolution of a colonial entreport which was Singapore into something of a 20th century concrete monolith devoid of humanity. I am a friend of Singapore and the Singaporeans. In 1948, I was with my elder sister and our aunt in a packed bus travelling along South Bridge Road towards North Canal Road. A Chinese schoolboy wearing the standard white uniform with shoulder epaulettes stood up and gave his seat to our aunt. This gesture stuck in my memory since. I am totally against the 47 failed Policies of Lee Kuan Yew which failed Singapore. Even today, I see ways the Singapore Government can improve Singapore and the potential of the Singaporeans. But it is not happening for the simple reason that the elites still think like Lee Kuan Yew’s 19th Century ways. This puts them into a straitjacket which only makes things worse. GDP used to be the golden mean. It is no longer with Central Banks having a regime of negative interest rates. The whole World’s economics have changed due to those economists who have created it and now do not know what to do. They should all be sacked ! However, I see Singapore without Lee Kuan Yew is a better Singapore for the Singaporeans. I see Malaysia working for the good of all ASEAN with Singapore on real equal terms. We must now seriously work towards an ASEAN community interconnected in socio-economics The EU model has failed. We forget the politics.The time is now to build a raving consumer ASEAN community of 400 millions with jobs and opportunities for everyone. We cannot wait for the World to find us.

  12. Ms H. The comedy of errors by the State Administration of Pulau Pinang is now highlighted by the outcry by the Opposition over the Undersea Tunnel. Has someone been BUCGERED ? No pun intended but shows the beauty of the Anglo-Saxon language of Beowulf ! Lest we forget Malaysian naysayers do not hold a monopoly of vulgar words !

  13. Ms H. How many of our fellow Malaysians have been to Djibouti when it was like something out of the French Foreign Legion, walked along the Street of Women, Bombay, experienced the non-stop monsoon and mid-night sandstorms of India, observed the sleeping dead along the verandahs of Bombay, etc.? From a comparison with these scenarios, I began to appreciate how very good and beautiful are the peoples and environment of our beloved Malaysia in which we all have a hand in building and creating step by step. I know the structured societies of the West, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and the EU countries too. A new migrant to these places can only move laterally. Our Federal Government under the leadership of our Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib has a very important role to play to fashion Malaysia and her peoples into a Nation of high standing like Switzerland and Japan. This can only be done with a firm and steady hand. All recalcitrants who engage in racial taunts, insults, abuses, vulgarities should be punished swiftly and firmly. Honourable MPs should be suspended and censored. We are not inexperienced anymore. I laud our security forces for their handling of the trouble-makers in recent years. Hauling all these trouble-makers to court to face the full force of the rule of the laws is the answer like democratic India whose security problems are far greater than ours. It is towards our common goal of building and creating one of the best countries of the World to live in that we must show the stick more often than the carrot. As for the newly minted new Chinese Christians unlike those respectable old Chinese Christians, they were lucky to be born during the NEP which built up the 10 million middle income group of Malays in the towns who bought the services and goods from the 10 million middle income group of non-Malays. This is the peace and harmony today. We should build further on these valuable building blocks as the first step of a journey of a thousand years of success which will be Malaysia. The NEP was formulated by our great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak, YBM Tengku Razaleigh and the UMNO Youth. The middle income group of 10 million Malays famillies was wittingly or unwittingly created by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. another Statesman of Malaysia. It is time for the newly minted new Chinese Christians to accept Singapore’s roving ambassador Bilahari Kausikan succinct observation that they are ‘DELUSIONAL CHINESE’.

  14. Ms H. As I mentioned here in these columns many years ago that an English educated Malaysian Chinese is hollow culturally and argumentative. A Mandarin educated Chinese is hollow culturally with an inferiority complex and a propensity to cheat. And finally, I asked my friends, ‘Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman ?’ They all replied with a resounding. ‘ No !’ I continued, ‘ But then you have come across those Chinamen who are so very clever as to be stupid.’ They were dumbstruck. I offered the answers and facts, ‘ Lee Kuan Yew heads this list and now this fellow from Pulau Pinang !’

    1. The statesman sees not his object without himself. In this his actions are forever obstructed by his preconceptions, he is imprisoned in his works. One encyclopedia talk about what the statesman need above his IQ:

      The Chinese term “wu-wei” is a two-character composite with the first character (無) meaning ‘not’ (in the sense of non-existence or non-presence) and the second (為) meaning ‘do’ or ‘act.’ The term is typically translated into English as “non-action,” although this translation can be misleading: rather than meaning “doing nothing,” wu-wei best signifies spontaneous non-thinking action in the sense of ‘absence of violent behavior,’ ‘action devoid of self-interest’ or ‘acting naturally’ .

  15. Ms H. It is good to note that 33,450 of your readers come from Singapore. Congratulations ! I bet you this number will increase once they discovered the information about Singapore which your respected Website provides. Here is some food for thought for our friends across the Causeway and those loud-mouth newly minted young Chinese Christians who owe nothing to anyone. Do they realise the following that within 25 years or less Singapore :-
    1. May join the United States as the 53rd State of the Union. Malaysia and Amerika will be separated by just a monsoon drain and a chained-link fence. And we say ‘ Selamat Pagi, Amerika ‘ to our American friends across the once proud and hallowed Straits of Johor now a monsoon drain !
    2. May join England and be an English colony again like Bermuda, Grenada, Virgin Islands, the Caymans, the Bahamas etc.
    3. May confederate with Scotland to create the first teleparliament with a Jewish President, a parliament of Scots and Chinamen.
    4. May merge with Malaysia again. But the ancients forbid. A good horse does not return to old pastures.
    5. May remain status quo with its idle 300,000 military and hardware which defends nothing. Singapore by being ‘sombong’ lost the opportunity to be a mega force in GOLD when it was less than US$300 an oz. Now the military has nothing to defend.
    In our World, we must always expect the unexpected !

    1. Uncle,

      It’s not 33,450 readers from S’pore.

      It’s 33,450 or so page views, and covering a period of nine months (Jan to Sept).

      If Kineas checks my blog when he’s having breakfast, during his lunch break and before he goes to sleep (actually it does appear as if he’s doing just that), then it’s three page views by him.

      Then first thing he wakes up, he scours my blog again to look for your or Rina’s or islam1st’s comments in order to troll you guys. If he doesn’t, he feels cold turkey like as if his day is somehow incomplete.

      1. Ms H. All Singaporeans are welcome to view your website for the gems of information and ideas about Singapore for the good of all ! We are friends not enemies !

        1. Unker AK47
          ….We are friends not enemies!…

          Betoi tu. For next year’s Hari Raya Korban 12 Muslim families from Singapore confirmed their participation to celebrate the auspicious event here with my son n our kampung community.

          Eratkan silatulrahim thats how it should be faham tak Kineas!

          1. RINA. Without Lee Kuan Yew I do feel threatened but comfortable. I am a friend of Singapore and the Singaporeans but absolutely anti-Lee Kuan Yew’s 47 failed Policies. And do you know ? I was struck by the fact that our driver in Singapore in 1941 was eating tapioca and not white rice. My thoughts have been shaped by my observations of a life-time !

              1. shamsul Anuar Sir. No 1 Failed Policy of Lee Kuan Yew. The 2 Child Family Policy of 1970-1985. No leader in the World screws down his own citizens. This is the death knell of Singapore. No 2 Failed Policy of Lee Kuan Yew. His life-long ambition to do down Malaysia and dominate her failed. Just look at the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP antics for 50 years !. His last throw of the dice to keep Singapore dominating Malaysia is the TPPA which is failing. Man proposes. God disposes. No 3. Failed Policy of Lee Kuan Yew. Singapore lost US$108 billions (RM 324 billions. 1MDB RM 42 billions – not lost. BNM reserves – US$ 120 billions) in October 2008 on Wall Street. He was properly buttered up by the Jews etc of Wall Street and EU. No.4. Failed Policy of Lee Kuan Yew. His purchase of Thaksin’s business which divided the Free Thais into two and brought two juntas into power after killing or injuring innocent Thai men, women and children. Lee Kuan Yew has BLOOD on his hands. No 5. Failed Policy of Lee Kuan Yew. He created a perfunctory judiciary. Oz and German drug mules were released. Top surgeon Wu was freed from speeding. Shaw was caught in delicto flagrante at 105. Why the Police did not arrest the girl at 2 or 3 ? Why 105 ? Poor girl ? No 6. Failed Policy of Lee Kuan Yew. No humanity. FTs rioted at Little Indian in 2012 and sat-down at the Cathay cinema. 100 Chinese bus drivers struck on poor living conditions. No. 7. Failed Policy of Lee Kuan Yew. He permitted his brother Freddy to import 2,000 pigs daily and alleged relatives the balance of 3,000 pigs daily. 100 days after his death, another 1,000 pigs were permitted to be imported daily from Sarawak. No. 8. Failed Policy of Lee Kuan Yew. He imported 4th rate Chinese shooters, swimmers, table-tennis and badminton players to dominate ASEAN. He forgot they grow old and fade away…………No 47. Failed Policy of Lee Kuan Yew. The corruption and nepotism vide. or Enjoy !

              2. shamsul Anuar. In answer to your query, there are further Lee Kuan Yew’s Policy failures. No. 17. Lee Kuan Yew Policy Failure. A humongous military of 300,000 reserve activistis and 5,000 Gurkhas with F-35s, Hercules, Apaches, drones, balloons, submarines, corvettes, rusting tanks, long range artillery, secret caverns, bomb-proof buildings, spies, S$2 billions water strategic reserve, etc which guards nothing because Singapore has no gold and her neighbours love making love and not war. No. 18. Lee Kuan Yew Policy Failure. The CPF was used as a piggy bank. Billions of dollars were siphoned out legally. The contributors were given about 3% per annum since the 1990s whilst the Government made or lost billions of dollars which were never returned. No. 19. Lee Kuan Yew Policy Failure. He never considered the option of holding gold when it was only US$ 300 per oz. If Singapore has only 3,000 tons, she would have dominated Malaysia and the World with the U.S. China or India. Now she has nothing, not even water. No. 20 Lee Kuan Yew Policy Failure. The Ministers are paid the highest in the World. Vide. Warren Buffet. No. 21. Lee Kuan Yew Policy Failure. The money-grabbing failed Policy incorporates, the CPF, HDB, Public Utililties, Water Tax, Road Tax, GST, Inland Revenue, etc. No 22. Lee Kuan Yew Policy Failure. His belief in Oxbridge and Ivy League alumni made him to surround himself with people who have no ideas but very clever yes men. No 23. Lee Kuan Yew Failed Policy. He was demolishing places of worship in the early 1970s until his buddies requested him to stop. No. 24. Lee Kuan Yew Failed Policy. The Singapore CIQ Complex at Woodlands which is seen to be black and ugly was deliberately created by him to ward off Malaysia’s karma. It did’nt work. Instead there are all sorts of development works going on in JB against Singapore’s interests. Enjoy

                    1. Uncle,

                      You’re welcome to comment in my blog but please lah stop poking at LKY when the things you say about him go overboard.

                  1. Ms H. Kudos to you for permitting me so much space to present the facts on the 47 Failed Policies of Lee Kuan Yew. I feel duty bound to the Rakyat in the National Interest that Malaysian Politics is not just black and white as you now discover wrestling with the likes of Lee Kuan Yew’s digits. I repeat that Lee Kuan Yew was frugal, honest and hard-working like our Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

                1. Yes uncle, the people’s CPF funds have been used by the government as a capital resource for their investments worldwide; but for 40 years its accounts have never been made public like the EPF does it here. This retirement fund’s withdrawal age has been raised to 65 years and anyone with less than $160,000 will not be eligible to withdraw the lump sum – they’ll get it back in monthly stipends of about $500 until all is depleted or death does it part.

                  1. Chris. Sir. I am happy with your independent observation of the high-handed activities of Lee Kuan Yew towawrds his own citizens and outsiders, like the Thais and Malaysians which confirms what I said. I only present facts, not lies

                  2. Chris. My blurb on Lee Kuan Yew’s 47 failed Policies is only understood by the Singaporeans themselves which you will agree. The Malaysian Chinese are so brain-washed by Lee Kuan Yew’s application of the Pavlov Technique on them that at the very mention of his name, they reacted by kow-towing whilst the Singaporeans at the mention of his name looked over their shoulders in fear. This was an observation by a foreign expatriate.

  16. Ms H. As a privileged observer entitled to use your Blog space, I am duty bound to point out now and then the little nuances or innuendoes which affect the crude front-line politics of Malaysia. The latest is the spat between Singapore (indigenous population – 3 millions) and China (population – 1.2 billions), not forgetting we are Malayians. Because of the dire straits of the World’s economy and mistakes made by its 2nd Founding Father, Lee Kuan Yew – the 1st was Sir Stamford Raffles, – Singapore is now caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Singapore is now seen to be openly advocating U.S. Foreign Policy because of its dependence on things American. The Sino-Singapore relationship has been undergoing stress and strain for sometime according to independent observers. How are those Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP delusional members going to react against our Federal Government who is friendly and neutral to all parties concerned in World affairs ? Kudos to our Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak for his wisdom and pragmatic view of the World ! Vide. South China Morniing Post. Financial Times London. Nikkei Review. Asian Wall Street Journal.

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