Did Jeff Ooi just do DAP’s Melayu-screw-Melayu manoeuvre?

There was a ton of rude comments from Chinese and Indian netizens on Tuan Guru Haron Din’s passing.

Yet Jeff Ooi chose to highlight a rare tweet made by a liberal Malay.

The Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy is nothing strange.

Life of Annie_ About Guan Engs nice house RBA

Anibaba blog constantly whacking the Malays

Malay blogger Annie above – as one example (there are a few others) – is the champion whacker hitting out at the Malay community with his remarks about the “racist party” and “hateful” behaviour of “despicable” Umno leaders.

So it is hardly unexpected for DAP’s Jeff to sneakily use the critical observation on Twitter by Sidek Kamiso as Malay cover to tag on his own insolent “Adios” snide.

Using human shields is a tactical move. Hostage takers do it. The gunmen would hold their kidnap victim(s) in front of them as ‘protection’ so that police won’t shoot.

The manipulative DAP Yang Berhormats are masters at baling batu sorok tangan, i.e. hiding behind others and then playing the victim card when they’re shot at.

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth Hodoh

Dapsters using kids as human shield

Take the sneaky Hannah Yeoh for instance.

One of my regular commenters RINA queried @ 2016/09/13 at 6:33 pm,

“Anak Hannah? Anak dia registered sorang Indian sorang Chinese you tak pelik ke?”

YB Subang Jaya had cynically capitalized on her newborns to further the DAP’s political ideology.

One reader An Ordinary Malaysian commented in this blog @ 2016/09/10 at 8:15 pm that Hannah used “her children as political capital”.

AOM also mentioned @ 2016/09/13 at 12:02 pm that it is actually the parent who is responsible for putting her young children in that situation, where in Hannah’s case the mixed-race kids were employed as DAP “political props”.

“Beranak senyap2 la, tu pun nak politikkan!”

islam1st sized up Hannah Yeoh’s human shield scenario, saying @ 2016/09/16 at 1:57 pm:

“Blame it on HY herself. Dia yang mula dulu jaja anak dia.

“Beranak senyap2 la, tu pun nak politikkan! Ultrakiasu tak bertempat.

“Bila satu dunia dah tau antiks jahat dia yang klasifikasikan anak dia sorang Cina dan sorang India walaupun satu bapak (kan?), dia dah tak boleh patah balik. Jangan nak invoke hal peribadi pula bila dia, dengan dibantu theStar of course, jaja anak satu Malaysia!”

Well, that’s how the slick DAP politicians usually operate.

Very clever to deny — like Jeff Ooi pretending his tweet is oh so innocent, and the Lim family bloggers/RBA audaciously spinning a supposed “fare thee well” sweetly from out of Jeff’s acidic  “adios” send-off.

Simply sickening! What kind of people selalu nak tegakkan benang basah? Tak habis-habis dengan putar-belit mereka.

ABOVE: Racist! Racist!  Racist!

No stopping their insolence, it seems

Wrt Hannah’s one Chinese, one Indian kid, you will be vilified as a monster for “attacking” her young, “defenceless children” if you point out such a weird anomaly.

Rather than it being the mother’s fault for politicking the registration of their birth, the RBA twist it to blame you for bringing up the topic.

Just as Shay Adora d/o Ram was made the human shield for Hannah’s political antics, likewise Sidek Kamiso is unwittingly the Malay guy bearing the brunt of police action for Jeff’s political antics.

DAP will not lose any Chinese votes when one of its MPs was insolent about a PAS leader. The BN government, however, might cause some concern among Malays for Encik Sidek getting the third degree.

It’s a win-win situation for the evangelical party.


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17 thoughts on “Did Jeff Ooi just do DAP’s Melayu-screw-Melayu manoeuvre?

  1. The Malays are also partly at fault. Like other DAP hardcores, Jeff Ooi is doing what he does best. His recent satirical remark was not the first and would certainly not be the last. His only mistake was choosing a wrong subject. He should be focusing on Malays from Penang like he did before with his Kucing Kurap equation. The Malays there would tolerate Jeff Ooi or DAP in general for an exchange of few RMs or least important state posts.

  2. Helen

    I know Sidek personally. Now my question to you:

    1) Do you agree with the intimidating tactics used on his and his family? And the manner that the whole investigation was done ( in the end no charge and Im glad to see even rocky is against this)

    2) Why didnt PDRM apply the same tactics to Jeff Ooi?

    3) In retrospect, do you think its PDRM who’s making a fool out of their image? instead of blaming DAP? remember, DAP is like all other political parties: waiting for an opportunity

    4) who approved this action?

    1. Okay, I’ll answer your questions if you answer mine first.

      (1) Does Sidek know Jeff personally (as far as you’re aware)? A tentative answer is okay, you’re not a detective.

      (2) Have you been told by Sidek (or read anywhere) that the authorities will not be filing any charge?

      (3) Do you agree that action should be taken against Jeff, and if yes what sort of action and by whom?

      (4) How do we stop the mulut berbisa Dapsters or other groups who trade in fitnah?

  3. Ms H. I read somewhere that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is not responsible for the insulting comments of the Anglo-Chinese Jeff O. a MP from Jelutong who suddenly re-surfaced like a submarine to attract attention as a hero to some. How low can you go Jeff O ?

  4. I wiki jeff ooi (pasai tak kenal siapa dia selama ini) dan situ habaq dia seorang penganut agama Buddhist? Depan nama ada gelaran YANG BERHORMAT TUAN pula tu.

    I googled to learn more on BUDDHIST cultural or religious approaches to death and and behaviors surrounding death and dying.

    Takpe bagi dia mungkin itu cara dia kut so,

    Pakmak binianak dia mati nanti mai kita sama2 tengok dia akan tweet “Adios XXXXXX. Let there be peace” atau tidak?

      1. Teh tarik,

        You are right about Jeff Ooi. But you off tangent on your assessment on Helen. Helen criticizes not just DAP but UMNO too or any political party for that matter. BUt she unlike DAP does not resort to insultng or spreading lies so “immortalised” of DAP.

        My advice to any politician who worth his/her salt is to keep quiet if he does not have anything beneficial to say.

        No one expects Jeff Ooi to give any solution to any problem in his constituency let alone Penang. But at least he should not the problem or create problem.

        But again that is wishful thinking. Knowing DAP, I must be delusional to expect DAP species not to say garbage or incite people.

        No wonder my mother when she was alive said many times that “DAP ni komunis”.

        1. Shamshul Anuar

          Mungkin Jeff Ooi ni species macam Namewee dan Alvin Tan kot? …tapi dia tang bab ambik gambaq. Popular aje DAP cekop, tak kisah latar belakang wan, macam Dyana gi tanding kat Teluk Intan. Kawasan tu letak beruk bertanding pun sure DAP menang wan. Masakan beruk tau nak nilai apa itu emas?

          Hmmm dok nunggu, Namewee dan Alvin Tan bila depa nak cekup djadikan pemimpin pula? Video2 mereka kan dah popular?

  5. Helen, since muslims@umno goons are easily confused, and this being an issue is against the norm, i guess you are using this HY’s “Anak Malaysia” just to have a topic to rant on plus make dap look bad.
    Yes, Jeff was stupid – he should know by now there are a lot of easily confused beings around…being a politician, he should know how to place his words.

    1. Back then in September 2014 as Selangor MB crisis, Lim Kit Siang and Dyana Sofya went to Sabah to promote anti-Peninsular sentiments. The same happen with Haron Din’s death and Jeff Ooi’s antics: recruiting new DAP voters.

  6. Helen,

    re : “Wrt Hannah’s one Chinese, one Indian kid, you will be vilified as a monster for “attacking” her young, “defenceless children” if you point out such a weird anomaly.”

    Here we go again.

    You seem to like picking on young children and ridiculing them.

    Are you seriously expecting those young children to defend themselves in a debate with you?

    I recall you speaking up in support of Islam and calling for Islam to take a greater role in the lives of Malaysians.

    Would a good Muslim condone your constant ridiculing of young children who cannot defend themselves?

    I am an atheist so you will need to excuse me for not knowing what Islam would say about ridiculing young defenseless children who are not even responsible for the situation they find themselves in.

    re : “the RBA twist it to blame you for bringing up the topic.”

    I have previously stated my political position to you and you know very well I am not an RBA.

    No RBA would have said what I said about Hannah Yeoh and her children.

    Please do not “twist it to blame” me for being an RBA.

    You can accuse me of being a swinging voter but you cannot accuse me of being an RBA.

    1. re: “you cannot accuse me of being an RBA”

      Why not?

      Your scummy putar-belit comment clearly illustrates what you are.

    2. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said: “That one is not from amongst us: one who is unkind towards our young ones and who disrespects our elders; one who does not enjoin what is commendable and prohibit what is reprehensible.” (Tirmidzi)

      “Your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him, and that you be kind to your parents. If one or both of them reaches old age with you, never speak against them words of disrespect or scold them; instead speak graciously with them. Be humble towards them and pray, ‘My Lord, have mercy on my parents, even as they nurtured me when I was little’.” (Quran 17: 23-24).

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