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The PAS force awakens

PAS is on a blitzkrieg against DAP, reiterating its rejection of any future cooperation with the evangelical party.

hadi awang muktamar

“PAS tidak akan bekerjasama dengan DAP dan parti yang bekerjasama dengan DAP” — Tuan Guru Hadi Awang

On Friday (Sept 23), PAS info chief ustaz Nasrudin Hassan et Tantawi restated Hadi Awang‘s stand that their party is having no truck with DAP.

Speaking on the same topic, PAS Youth chief ustaz Nik Abduh Nik Aziz told Harakah that DAP has failed to understand national issues, especially pertaining to religion and race relations.

“Malaysia tidak mampu lagi menerima politik benci-membenci dengan fitnah dan saling mencipta provokasi serta sentimen jahat sesama rakyat,” Harakah quoted Nik Abduh as saying on Friday.

Nik Abduh was echoing his party line, clarified by Hadi and again by Nasrudin, that partnership with DAP and its bundle of hate and slander is no longer possible.

This rumbling among the Islamists comes in the wake of a torrent of vitriol unleashed by DAP supporters following the passing of PAS Mursyidul Am Tuan Guru Haron Din.

PAS can now see beyond any doubt – sudah terang lagi bersuluh – that apart from their thuggish behaviour, the DAP mobsters cannot stop themselves from constantly spitting venom at Muslims.

“Saya percaya beliau [Jeff Ooi] berdendam dengan orang Islam dan semua bangsa Melayu,” said Mohamad Badri Abdul Rahman who is the Ikatan Selangor chairman — see Harakah report here.

(Ikatan is a small party that is a PAS ally in Gagasan Sejahtera.)

The DAP’s dengki is patent even to friends of PAS.

Ani Anakin having a meltdown

As a child actor, Jake Lloyd once played Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise — a character with two faces (one, blonde Jedi knight; the other, masked Darth Vader).

After suffering an ego-damaging rejection, Ani Anakin turned to the Dark Side.

Lloyd, the actor who played Ani, was recently admitted to a psychiatric ward in South Carolina after being diagnosed with schizophrenia. A case of life imitating art.

What is schizophrenia?

  • Mental disorder in which the affected individual is unable to distinguish between real and imaginary, has a nonsensical way of speaking or writing, and displays other bizarre behavior

People around the schizophrenic person feel sorry for his split personality crisis. Just like Ani Anakin whose intense playacting eventually confused him between real and reel life.

From cute anime to pathological-looking mugshot


Kantoi! Ani’s split personality getting out of hand

His colleagues look at him funny (pandang serong) but with a mixture of pity and sadness too at this middle-aged male pretending so pathetically to be an attractive, young woman. All because of his need to seek a delusionary popularity.

Imagine a man talking up to his ‘fan’ base of haters about his bogus menstrual pains, bogus hot dates and bogus fear of getting pregnant in a desperate bid to maintain the gender charade.

What his co-workers see is a squat, big-headed man with hidung sudu senduk. They wince at his masquerade as an awek cun. Kian menjadi-jadi, walhal sudah berkali kantoi.

If I may borrow from Shakespeare, “Oh what a tangled web [you] weave, when [you] first practise to deceive”.


Blogging captain can longer bring himself to write “she”

The thing about a schizophreniac weaving countless inventive stories about his fake/fictional female persona is that even well-intentioned people (like his blogging captain) who have previously been willing to cover up/play along, can no longer keep apace with Ani’s flights of fantasy.

Hence the occasional slip of tongue (like yesterday’s), and kantoi.

You see, when schizo Ani starts by telling one lie, he then has to create another one to cover the first one, and on and on it goes. He becomes unable anymore to get off the carousel of lies.

And Ani’s bosses know that his flip-flopping – a lalang who can’t decide which side (Team A or Team B) he really supports – is a weakness that allows him to be made use of by malicious third parties.

And everybody also knows that at the bottom of their heart, they (the third party, i.e. Team C) despise the fraud Ani.

The pretense of remaining neutral or possessing flip-flopping loyalties – veering from the present commander (A) to the ex-leader (B) and back – is only self-serving. Si Kitol’s side is (C) … the 20k paymaster.

But then there is a cost to enjoying the loot. Ani is melting down ever since he allowed his environment to be hijacked by the haters (the top half of this story identifies who the haters are) and turned into a toxic cesspit.

PAS should beware what kind of people among the sebangsa dan seagama schizos are colluding with enemies of the faith.


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39 thoughts on “The PAS force awakens

  1. This should not has happened. It has been proven from time to time that PAS is much better off with DAP than with UMNO or on its own. The strong PAS-DAP linkages are what this country need as only LKS can control Hadi and not Najib. Certainly not Muhyiddin.

    1. PAS got f*cked by umno before. Already forgotten kot after dedak of 90 mil to Hadi.
      Anyway birds of same feathers flock together.

        1. Helen,

          Not too long time ago, PAS influence was limited to Malay belt states like Kelantan, Trengganu, Kedah.

          Its influence in states like SElangor and Perak is only apparent when PAS starts warming up to PKR and DAP. As PAS had then no experience handling Chinese in west coast, it had no idea how ruthless DAP is.

          PAS imagined that Chinese in pantai Barat are as humblE as Kelantan Chinese. PAS was simply clueless that DAP is racist to its core and never fail in maintaining an anti malay, anti islam position.

          Naturally PAS mocked UMNO when the latter advised PAS on the futility in having an alliance with DAP. PAS viewed UMNO as trying to break PAS alliance with DAP.

          With misplaced pride, PAS declared its “tahaluf siyasi” was changing DAP. The opposite is the truth. PAS alliance with DAP angers Malays and they punished PAS dearly in PRU13.

          DAP made the most of it. Its alliance with PAS made it possible to get malay votes. Plus PAS members are “kuli batak” who happily joined any demonstrations to whack UMNO.

          BUt PAS learnt the hard way. DAP wants malay votes, not hudud. DAP booted PAS out. Only then reality began to sink in.

          PAS then realises UMNO is after all not that bad. UMNO is more “merciful”, and not ruthless like DAP.

          May PAS and UMNO realise that they compliment each other. UMNO willingness to let Hadi’ s personal bill to go through the august Parliament actually take away any reason available for PAS to whack UMNO.

          And with many accused PAS of receiving RM90 million bribe fromNajib, they are actually bringing PAS closer to UMNO. Now PAS understands the meaning of “fitnah”.

          1. You are a prejudiced person. You are blinded by race and religion and as such you have a closed mind and you are a very narrow-minded person . As Wayne Dyer said,” Relationships based on obligations lacks dignity.”

          2. Why 90 million and not 9 million?
            Fikirlah sendiri wahai penyokong buta. Why not 900 juta kalau betul betul setakat fitnah.

          3. Shamasul,

            The country would benefit more if PAS is with DAP than UMNO. DAP is a better controller compared to self-serving UMNO. Don’t you agree?

              1. Msia already have few sinking indicators now, i.e. depreciating RM, GST (broad tax to cover gomen coffers), declining oil price, 1MDB scandal, huge influx of foreign labour, low wage, high property price etc. How all these is related to DAP?

                1. CTB,

                  As for depreciating currencies, it is a global phenomenon.

                  And GST is practised in more than 160 countries on this planet. And which group of people keep saying they need foreign workers?

                  Other countries have their own issues. South East Asian countries are facing China’s aggression. Europe is facing refugees issues not to mention rich European countries like Germany needs to subsidises countries like Greece.

                  and high property price takes place because the industry loves and supports speculators. the developers loves to build houses that are not affordable to Malaysians.

                  By the way, do you think developers support UMNO or DAP?

                  1. sa,

                    Looking at your reply, you seem reluctant to relate all the sinking indicators with BN. Let me agree with you. But you also didn’t relate these indicators with DAP. Let us just agree that these indicators are due to market forces beyond the control of government.

                    So, refer back to your statement “The sure way for Malaysia to sink is to vote DAP in”. How DAP will sink Malaysia then?

                    DAP has controlled Penang since 2008. Has Penang sunk? If yes, in what context?

                    Developers will support whichever party that allow them to make money. Based on my experience, policies of federal government have much more impact on developers as opposed to policies of state government. I will say developers will support Umno/BN more than DAP. Just look at the recent proposal by Noh Omar to allow developers to give loan to buyers. Such powers come from federal government, not state government.

                    1. Ctb,

                      I am being real. Though I am critical of BN, I must be fair too. I mean when it comes to “fitnah”, DAP is unrivalled here.

                      At least BN(meaning UMNO as MCA, Gerakan are on lifeline by UMNO) still thinks of other races, not just Malays. As for DAP, it is too “dynastic” and deemed as too racist.

                      And who can forget DAP started may 13 racial clash and then conveniently blamed UMNO(meaning malays).

                    2. ctb

                      ….Just look at the recent proposal by Noh Omar to allow developers to give loan to buyers. Such powers come from federal government, not state government….

                      Haiya.. kamu pasti kaki flipping ni? Geram takleh speculate and make easy money ke? Bank cannot give loan dah tersepit banyak properties kamu nak kena lelong ke? Tu la kamu ni, jangan greedy sangat. Inipun mau salah sama Noh Omar ke?

                    3. sa,

                      Sorry if I keep on harping on your statement “The sure way for Malaysia to sink is to vote DAP in”. Easy for anyone to make such unfounded allegation premised on future events that have yet to happen. I also can allege “The sure way for Malaysia to sink is to keep BN in power”. Who is correct then? You also didn’t show any proof that Penang is sinking despite DAP in powers since 2008.

                      How convenient to blame DAP as the party responsible in starting May 13. An easy scapegoat as DAP leaders were detained under ISA without any right to defend themselves. Government just invoked ISA and put a label on DAP as “riot starters”. Should have charged them and allow DAP a fair trial to defend themselves on inciting riot. Without a fair trial, government will blame DAP and DAP will blame Malays. Which is the truth?

                    4. Rina,

                      You tarak baca betoi2 ka? Itu Noh Omar punya idea mau kasi pinjam wang sama pembeli rumah hanya untuk orang yg beli kat developer. Kalau you mau beli sama saya dari secondary market, you tarak boleh dapat loan dari developer. Paham beza ka?

                      Buy from developer (primary market) vs buy from non-developer (secondary market).

                      Geram aku baca you punya komen tak kena kat tempat.

              2. But Penang is flying and malay-muslims there seem upbeat. One has been appointed as right-hand man of LGE while few others holding directorship posts of state owned companies. Never happened before during BN time. The Malays in Penang cannot ask for better. Don’t you think so?

                1. Tuan Blue,

                  Even during BN rule, a Malay had already been appointed the Deputy Chief minister. During Bn rule too several Malays were given directorships of state owned companies.

                  “..Malays in Penang can nit ask better….If demolishing Malay settlement is tantamount to asking better, what else can I say?

                  “how conveniently to blame DAP…..”

                  The truth hurts. Ever read the white paper on May 13? Ever realised the destructive Chinese procession right into the heart of kampung baru to the point that one Gerakan leader apologised to the Malays?

                  “…which is the truth?

                  Maybe you can ask Kit Siang to top slandering Tun Razak on this matter.

          4. Shamsul, whatever that you have concocted sounds nice for Umno and Pas to make up, but you forgot to point out that Pas started to collaborate with Umno right after TGNA passed on, not during when TGNA was around. Are you saying TGNA missed seeing Dap as bad as you have pictured?

            1. Surrhead,

              “…PAS started to collaborate with UMNO……

              Is that a sinful act?

              As for Nik Aziz, he like me and you are mere mortal. Nik aziz, with due respect to him, is not Nabi whom decrees deserve absolute support.

              Ada masalah ke kalau PAS nak berbaik dengan UMNO. Jadi satu dosakah kalau PAS kerjasama dengan UMNO?

        2. Go and google ” hadi awang 90 million ”
          and you’ll see whether i plucked the figure from the sky or you are the one who purposely be blinded on this issue, fatty.

          1. Scums like you tehtarik who hide behind the cloak of Internet anonymity to slander and insult will get your day of reckoning very soon. Tick tock tick tock.

            1. You know, the ANC spent so much money trying to topple Najib yet Najib is still here. You know for sure when these people show up in your blog the money must be very good. The more money on the table the more these crooks show up in blogs.

              1. re: “The more money on the table the more these crooks show up in blogs.”

                Like leader, like Protun supporters.

                Rahman Dahlan said in a statement yesterday:

                “His [Tun Mahathir’s] remarks are increasingly desperate and unhinged. It is embarrassing to see a former prime minister destroy his legacy and reveal himself to be a bitter, vindictive old man.”

                Likewise Annie’s gender subterfuge is increasingly desperate and unhinged as the blogging, media and poitical circles are well aware.

                It is embarrassing to see a reporter destroy whatever little journalistic credibility he used to have and reveal himself to be a bitter, vindictive middle-aged man pretending to be an attractive, young woman.

                Rahman Dahlan also said, “It is sad that Dr Mahathir seems to be so comfortable [in “gutter” politics]”.

                Ditto Annie whose only allies nowadays are the rabid RBAs. Their malice and pettiness are a good match for each other. His handler sure has his work cut out for him.

      1. The people had high hope when PAS partnered DAP especially during Karpal Singh era. Noone in PAS would dare crossing KS especially when he was alive. PR is dead and PAS is now like a loose canon. The dream of 2-party system had shattered into pieces.

  2. quote,”PAS should beware what kind of people among the sebangsa dan seagama schizos are colluding with enemies of the faith.”unquote.

    You really have a low opinion on PAS’ ability to judge people that you found it necessary to keep on reminding PAS on how to “deal” with the Malays and the Muslims.

    PAS should make you an Honorary Advisor on Malay & Muslims Affairs, not that they need one, but just to show to the Chinese that PAS is not averse to having non-Malays as their advisor.

    1. re: “You really have a low opinion on PAS’ ability to judge people”

      Am I not correct in my assessment? Do you recall how PAS defended the evangelista’s Occupy Masjid activities on the excuse that DAP was sincere in mendekati Islam?

      And just look at what PAS is saying about DAP now? So isn’t it true that PAS misjudged the DAP evangelistas?

      PAS is a rural heartland party. They mistakenly think that the Jerusubang sneaky bastards are as nice as the Cina kampung of Kelantan and Terengganu. How wrong they were.

      re: “you found it necessary to keep on reminding PAS on how to ‘deal’ with the Malays and the Muslims”

      But you forget that this particular Malay macai pretends to be half Chinese and lies about his job, his family and a lot of other things. (I wonder how his sister feels when the schizo pretends that he is an only child.)

      1. Are you trying to imply that you are smarter than Nik Aziz?
        Your are no smarter than Nik Abduh, Helen Ang. What nonsense perpaduan ummah you are talking about when you dont even dare to convert and still proudly proclaiming yourself as a bullshit buddhist. Dont insult the religion la, can ah?
        RT is better than you. At least he converted.


    Red Granite Pictures may still be under investigation by the federal government, but the company has one less legal nightmare to worry about now that a civil racketeering lawsuit has been dropped.

    Two Malaysian citizens spearheaded a putative class action against the company, along with principals Riza Aziz and Joey McFarland, claiming Red Granite misappropriated money from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund to produce The Wolf of Wall Street.

    Why Matthias Chang and Husa Musa decided to drop their claim remains to be seen. They moved to voluntarily dismiss the suit without prejudice, according to court documents filed Friday, so they could take another shot at it. Plaintiffs’ attorney Louis Burke has not yet responded to a request for comment.

    Red Granite sent The Hollywood Reporter a statement Friday: “Dismissing this frivolous lawsuit was the right thing to do because it never should have been filed in the first place. Red Granite continues to work on exciting new projects.”

    The Department of Justice is still investigating the film’s funding but, last month a court agreed to allow the producers to continue working as usual while that plays out.

  4. My diehard PAS SIL had a bitter lesson. Her newfound DAP Aso-instant-close-friends USED her to penetrate Malay students (she is a senior lecturer) and all our family networking by inviting us to their fake “get-together” which to our shock was MLM related gatherings.

    She wld be the only Purdah (all covered) Malay among the crocodiles 24/7 waiting to snap at us… Goodness. She got involved with ALONG (they kidnapped her) and tons of debts, all savings gone, family had to bail her out and Alhamdulillah

    …baru dia sedaq diri what the Dapster-friends wr after. Tak kenal maka tidak akan tau!

    1. RBA above.

      Are you an evangelista pretending to be an atheist just as your squad members have pretended to be Muslim/Malay?

      Jahat betul you orang cuba nak laga-lagakan masyarakat lain.

      1. Cant be worst than a fat and ugly bullshit buddhist ustazah trying to talk about perpaduan ummah every f*cking day.

  5. Wow, what a revelation. Beware of the alligators, that;s the dapsters. daps are busted. Once a dapster asked for my address, I knew she was an MLM nutter. So, I gave her a non-existent address, wonder where she ended up?

  6. dear helen
    are you a chinese and supporting Malays- in the context of PAS & UMNO? or u are using chinese name?

    1. I do not support Cina DAP Yellow Shirts if they are hell-bent on overthrowing a legitimately elected government through street power.

      Don’t be racist. It doesn’t mean that just because I’m Chinese I must support DAP even though what they’re planning to do is undemocratic.

      1. re: street power

        If there an alternative? If you want to use election to bring change of regime, is the election process fair? Malapportionment, gerry-mandering, unequal access to media, abuse of government machinery and no regulation on political funding.

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