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Election Commission calls peninsular states “negeri-negeri Tanah Melayu”

In the federal government gazette published on Sept 15 – see below – on the proposed redelineation of electoral boundaries, the Election Commission referred to the states in the peninsula as “negeri-negeri Tanah Melayu”.

The DAP has questioned the EC’s impartiality in carrying out its work.

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Two Faced Hannah Yeoh

Subang Jaya is among the biggest state constituencies in Malaysia. After the impending electoral delineation exercise, Subang Jaya will have an evil twin, Kinrara.

GE14: Number of voters

  • Subang Jaya — 66,059 +
  • Kinrara — 62,271 +

Subang Jaya and Kinrara are two very, very huge state seats.

In contrast, Muhyiddin Yassin’s Pagoh – which is a parliamentary constituency – will have only 36,387 voters post-delineation.

The Selangor state seats N.30 and N.31 belonging respectively to DAP incumbents Hannah Yeoh and Ng Sze Han each have almost double the number of voters of P.143, the Johor federal seat represented by Muhyiddin the PPBM president.

BELOW: Memang padan … Hannah the larger-than-life politician administers an unbelievably humongous constituency


Whale-sized monster — Our Lady of Jerusubang

Subang Jaya is presently under the parliament area of P.104 Kelana Jaya while Kinrara is presently under the parliament area of P.103 Puchong.

Divine inspiration, however, hit the Election Commission and prompted it to create the perfect evangelical parliament constituency by plotting the move of YB Yeoh and YB Ng’s evangelical flocks to the new Subang.

Hence come the next election, Subang Jaya and Kinrara will together make up the reconfigured parliament seat of Subang. Its current MP (Kelana Jaya) is evangelista Wong Chen.


Source: Original map @

Thus GE14 will see a trio of evangelista YBs – Wong Chen, Hannah Yeoh and Ng Sze Han – installed as the ruling triumvirate of Subang.

Jerusubang central is truly shaping up to be the evangelista nuclear core, thanks to the EC’s handiwork.

Note: The original Subang (currently under YB Sivarasa Rasiah) will instead be called Sungai Buloh after the delineation.


  • P.104 Kelana Jaya  →  Subang
  • P.105  Petaling Jaya Selatan  →  Petaling Jaya
  • P.106  Petaling Jaya Utara  →  Damansara
  • P.107  Subang  →  Sungai Buloh
  • N.36   Damansara Utama  →  Bandar Utama

Like Incredible Hulk, Subang is bursting at the seams

The EC further decided that the new Subang should be a leviathan, having a total of 128,330 + voters and ranking among the biggest parliament constituencies in the country.

It’s hard to imagine Subang Jaya growing any bigger as it already had 61,688 voters in 2013. But grow further it will under the delineation ops. Subang Jaya will eventually have more than 66,059 voters, i.e. Hannah is getting an additional 4,371 voters.

Subang Jaya saw a quantum leap of 28,276 voters, from Hannah’s first term having 33,412 voters and increased to 61,688 voters in her second term. The big jump was a result of the DAP’s overzealous voter registration drive.

BELOW: The Malaysiakini graphs are interactive … click on the ‘Redelineated’ grey box to see the figures

Evil twin Kinrara almost doubling in size

A similar spurt in the number of Kinrara voters, however, is due to an altogether different reason.

Kinrara (which used to be Teresa Kok’s seat in 2008) had 34,241 voters in 2013/GE13. In the coming election GE14, the proposed redrawing of boundaries by the EC will cause Kinrara to have a mind-boggling 62,271 voters.

Courtesy of the EC, Kinrara’s electorate will have increased by 28,030 at one go!

Subang, which is going to consist of Subang Jaya and Kinrara, is well deserving of the accolade “pocket rocket”. Its voter boost is phenomenal.

BELOW: The second bar chart shows how the DAP super majorities in Selangor will get even bigger post-delineation



Source: Malaysiakini

Potential Umno seats made smaller and more Malay

A state seat that is presently a Kelana Jaya parliament ward is PKR’s Seri Setia.

If the proposed delineation by the EC goes through, Seri Setia will be taken out of the ‘old’ Kelana Jaya and moved to the new Petaling Jaya.

Seri Setia had 39,548 voters in the last election but will have 47,393 voters in the upcoming election. The inclusion of a burgeoning Seri Setia state seat into the new Petaling Jaya will similarly supersize this DAP-held parliament seat.

The EC’s suggested shift of Seri Setia and the tweaking of its polling districts will result in more Malay voters here. Some pundits reckon that PKR’s incumbent Nik Nazmi might lose Seri Setia in GE14.

BELOW: Rajiv is as big as his former boss Hannah


DAP’s sardine seats even more packed with non Malays

You can see from the red bar charts above the mega majorities (in the five digits) obtained by the DAP Aduns in Selangor. The mostly urban and suburban populations they serve are immensely dense.

Taman Medan is an opposition-held seat bordering Seri Setia. Unlike the general pattern whereby tons of DAP supporters are squished into one seat, Taman Medan’s mixed electorate is instead going to be reduced from 44,974 to 39,088.

Its total 5,700 voters (who are mostly non-Malay) will be moved out to Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya.

Bukit Gasing is diehard DAP and won by Hannah’s former personal assistant evangelista Rajiv Rishyakaran (pix above) in 2013 with a huge majority of 15,842.

The proposed transfer of 5,700 mostly non-Malay voters to Bukit Gasing will not make any difference to who wins. It is definitely Pakatan Harapan. The only change will be the DAP’s margin of victory becoming much bigger — possibly close to a 20,000 majority.

On the other hand, the spiriting away of these 5,700 voters from Taman Medan might just allow Umno to snatch the seat away from PKR which won it in GE13 with a 3,731 majority.

BELOW: Un-cute anime … evil twins Subang Jaya and Kinrara


GE14 marks point of no return

The EC twiddling Selangor electoral boundaries is making the Malay seats more Muslim and the Chinese seats more Christian.

DAP is an evangelical party that derives staunchest support from the Chinese community no doubt but its leadership is nonetheless top heavy with Christians.

This concentration of DAP supporters into sardine tins is inadvertently consolidating Christian power into a few very highly saturated localities.

Ironically, it is the EC that is shaping the hitherto spiritual realm of Jerusubang into a physical locus on the map.

Condensed, super-sized Subang is scary — what with its teeming masses of Mama Dapster acolytes.

The upcoming polls has been dubbed “the Mother of All Elections”.  In the aftermath off the GE14 watershed, racial and religious polarization in Malaysia will be irreversible. There is no turning back any more.


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45 thoughts on “Election Commission calls peninsular states “negeri-negeri Tanah Melayu”

  1. What are you babbling, Helen?? In your eagerness to paint bad on dap and christians, you are undermining EC’s manipulative role in securing more seats for umno… are full of crap, and i still visit your blog, so that i can point out the crap in you….

  2. Good. We can have massage parlors and night clubs strategically located within these DAP strongholds. Malays/Muslims should not complain since they are a tiny minority. Erect some big ass cathedrals too, if not the largest in ASEAN. That would encourage more fanatics to make their pilgrimage to the Holy Subang.

    1. Ni kena check document betoi2 plus interview to confirm their citizenships. Mana tau bila interview tanya beranak kat mana, dia jawab “Ipoh, Negeri Sembilan”. Tanya N9 kat mana dia jawab “dalam negoli Penang’. Tanya lagi Penang kat mana? Dia jawab “seberang Singapore”.

      I always test and tease all those ‘fake’ Malaysians like that wan.

      1. manyak auta la ni, lina… mana ada interviu org cina? lu kan benci cina, lagi mau angkat org cina kerja sama u ka?? mau tipu pun patut2 la…itu budaya umno tak payah ikut mati2….haiyaa…

        1. Surrhead
          Haiyaa, I wont post here sekadar angan2 saja tau. Thats how I knew latar belakang all my Apek + Aney jirans status, mayak dali Singapore, PRC and India (1st and 2nd generation). Klo Indon, bangla dn lain2 ada macam lain cara mau test them tau.

          Yang ngada2 mulut asyik godam gomen, Bumiputras and Islam saya mayak direct tanya… “why you mali sini talak mau balik sana?”… Lia olang talak belani mulut jahat2 depan saya maaa.

          Ni 1st October enforement, mayak kedai kawasan saya sulah hilang pekerja..

          1. haiya, lina ahh….kililing lu mcm2 bangsa duduk pun, lu manyak lasis ah?? apa mcm lu punya olang tua aja lu? tadak ajak baik punya hal ka lu punya mama papa??
            ini saya cakap kasi lu ingat ah, saya lahir sini, jadik saya mati pun sini lo…….lu tadak suka, lu pindah pigi mana2, atau pigi surga cepat2….itu umno manyak cilakak, itu olang sokong umno pun manyak cilakak punya…..Itu Islam manyak baik, itu olang jugak tadak baik….mulut sama hati manyak jahat

            1. Surrhead,

              Aaait apasal terlompat2 nih? Kita celita pasai “fake” Malaysians and PATIs napa tak tentu alah you panas pula?

              1. haiya, lina….soli ha, soli ha…..itu “fak” Malaysian sama Pati pun umno punya salah jugak….mau minnang punya pasai, kasi ic sama Pati…lu tgk sabah lu sudah tau la

                1. Surrhead
                  Hai nape tak bole? Lu olang dulu omputih dah gunapakai tapi taknak bawa balik lia punya negala, 1m minta sini olang ‘tolong’ kasi lu duduk?

                  Sabah? Dari negara serumpun melayu faham tak, tak serumpun eskimo, red Indian atau Chinese.

                  Sejak zaman tok kadok dan bercampoq, keluaq masuk Sabah. Bahasa, Agama, adat budaya, rupa, semua dekat2 90% nak sama, berintigrasi dgn golongan majoriti sini.

                  Apa hat pula you jeles takmau kasi mereka luluk Sabah?

                  1. Lina ah, kalau itu mcm cakap, kasi la banyak2 ic sama Sabah…Sikalang pun itu Sabah negeli manyak baik, manyak aman. Itu pati sudah banyak tolong sama Sabah punya ekonomoney. betui ka?? mengong….Lulu, itu olang putih angkat mari latok gua pasai lu punya latok tadak boleh buat kilija…kita mali baru Tanah Melayu naik…mengong…..kalau olang putih angkat latok gua balik, siapa mau buat kilija??

                    1. ‘kita mali baru Tanah Melayu naik…’

                      Lu manyak funny la…lu ingat itu olang putih datang sini bawa lui ka? Dia mali culi lui maa…bolok

                      Kalau talak kaya punya negeli, pendatang mali meh? Bolok, China itu tanah manyak besar pun olang tamau duduk worrrrr

                      Surrhead cakap jangan guna lubang jubur!

            2. Haiya sorehead, lu punya descendants talak ajak lu lai teluk, ma. Ciakap manyak musuk herema..Apa itu lacist? lu pi china sana ma tanya. Dia pon tau itu lacist, tengok tempat mana istilah tukar2 maaa.Sana China tatak kasi orang luar pijak bumi dia juga, itu perang candu, ada tau ka? Itu Trump pon sulah tatak suka olang luar ma.
              Lu ciakap bising sini pon talak guna.Sume olang sutah tau lu hati busuk. Lu bukan duduk lu punya own mainland boleh cakap lacist, bagai, ma. Lu duduk your own mainland, lu balu tau macam mana lasa maa.
              Otherwise, you won’t know how it feels, really feels, maa. You can only talk so much,but you can’t feel it ma. All you can feel is, hasad dengki, tamak haloba to the origins ma.

              1. haiya wawe, apa lu cirita china itu, china ni….sikalang, gua olang malaysia, ic ada, sama mcm lu, sama mcm papak lu….lu punya papak mari cakap itu mcm pun, gua boleh kasi tiu tau….lu mau sakit hati kalu, itu lu punya pasai, gua tadak boleh tolong lu….itu hati kasi bersih, kasi buang itu dengki sama benci, baru hati ada tenang ah….tadak guna simbahyang 5 kali, hati manyak busuk….manyak boloh la lu……

                1. ‘gua olang malaysia, ic ada, sama mcm lu’

                  So act like one lor…CONTRIBUTE, komplen sana sini, kutuk negala, bangga sangat sama lu punya Cinapura, lu lagi baik koyak passport

                  Bahasa Kebangsaan functioning ke tak ni??

                  1. Ist….u wanna be treated like a human being, you gotta start acting like one… don’t demand respect, you earn it…..As for my Bahasa Kebangsaan, i am anytime better than you or your atok……get it, boy??

                    And i have every right as you do in building this nation…..meaning i have a say too…..if you are not happy with me, you may start packing and leave to syria….i am guiding you a faster way to heaven……..that’s the ultimate goal of being a muslim, right??

                    1. Surrhead

                      Alaa olang balu meninggal pun lu olang taktau tunjuk respect inikan pula manusia yang masih hidup! Anjing pun lu olang don’t know how to show respect. Dok cakap sofang2 depan cermin ke? Good. Hari2 keep reminding yourself. Learn to respect others including animals.

                      Aaait asyik sebut dunia Arab aje ni? Jeles dgn Pak Arab pula ke? Apahat tak suluh gi China? Sana pun lamai olang Islam tau.

                    2. sorehead,haiya, no need to give advice, anything from your kind mana ade value or validity.witthout any sincerity one. in fact all your comments just produce the opposite effects that snowball further. a kind which is not trusted could only spew negativities, thus opposite results. the best route is for you to leave whatever, wherever, whenever.otherwise, everything is getting worse to worst, waiting to erupt.

                    3. I see less problems with bangla / indon being neutralized citizens in the future here compared to chinese. We should have not much problems with them assimilating with the wider majority.
                      Compare this to the chinese experience.
                      Don’t you understand this?

        2. sorehead, no need to intebiu ma, bolo. You just speak to them for a few minutes, everything will be revealed. Even if you hate them, you do not have to reveal your secret in public, bolo. You could act nice in front….

      2. The banglas and indons would pass this citizenship test hands down and with much better result than the apeks and asos even the gedik amois.

        1. Oh please, feel free to award citizenship to banglas and indons. In fact, Malaysia has a vision to have 70 mil population in 100 years, and the most easiest way is to give out citizenship. Malaysia has gone through this process with Chinese and Indians. Logically the next phase are Indonesian, Banglas and Rohingyas. And Malaysia has to adapt to the new culture which will be be brought in too. The question is are you all ready to mingle with new culture, when you are already having problem accepting Chinese and Indians?

          1. ‘when you are already having problem accepting Chinese and Indians?’

            Haiya, sejak Sri Vijaya sini sulah jadi entreport maa, lagi Melaka time, lu ingat cakap berapa bahasa, walaupun Melayu lingua franca. Sulah manyak bangsa datang sini wor… no problemo

            LU punya kakis saja yang tak sedar dek untung!!!

            1. 1st….that’s the problem with you, you spew too much rubbish at times…..can you see what am i trying to say on where the country is heading towards too? In 50 years, your grandson might have a bangla neighbour…..let’s hope they mix around better than you, or rina or wawe are doing now.

              1. better a bangla, much better a bangla or indons than a cinapek. you speak and act as if you know all and to say bolo to all. who started first, just like an aso who did not know how to behave i met at a pasaraya. another one amoi gedik who phoned muslims during prayer time, no manners whatsoever. bila ditegur melenting tak mengaku salah. how to live with a race like that.

              2. no need to hope anything for us. we do not need it.we have our own prayer, unknown to you. btw, any hope or prayer from a kafirun should just be treated like angin lalu, inconsequential.

              3. ‘In 50 years, your grandson might have a bangla neighbour’

                Why bangla low class is it?? Cina better?? We ok one. The cucu cicit oso would be just fine. We tahan with your kakis kan?? Millions!

                1. The problem with you numbheads are you guys won’t be alive at that time, but you cucu cicits will still be cursing their neighbours, just like what you guys are doing right now, because of some understandings made before Merdeka time.

                  Wawe, you should pray more of the unknown thing, since it gives you some sort of superpower (huhu)….stick to your own, stop worrying about unislamic prayer since it bears no significance….

    2. Zack,

      People say we are often nostalgic about good old days.

      I still remember Dr Khir as the then MB of Selangor often led the raid of massage parlours (cum prostitution dens ).

  3. Helen,

    Apologies for being off-topic here. I would like you and your commenters to view this short video about a forum on FedCon.

    The audience pointed out that DAP’s party constitution has a clause that uphold freedom of religion and rights of LGBT. He further pointed out that such clause is against Art. 3 of FedCon (Islam as religion of the federation).

    This is a clear case of misinterpretation of Art. 3:-
    1. He could have forgotten to read Art. 3(4). Position of Islam in Art. 3 could not derogate from any other provisions in the FedCon.
    2. He failed to comprehend that FedCon is a public law whereas DAP party constitution is a private law. FedCon has no implication on private matters.
    3. Not everything that contravenes Islam is automatically illegal in Msia.

    Too many Malay Muslims in Msia are under the misunderstanding that Islam is supreme and failed to realise that the position of Islam is limited to what the FedCon permits. Islam cannot have more rights than what the FedCon limits. A recent example is the eagle statue in Langkawi. No doubt in Islam, any form of statue is prohibited. Critics using such reasoning failed to realise that the eagle statue is not subject to Islamic law but under the town planning laws of local authority.

      1. Please read Art. 3(4): “Nothing in this Article derogates from any other provision of this Constitution.”

        Read also Art. 3(1): “Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”

        It simply means that despite Islam being the religion of the Federation, it does not automatically mean that any thing which is against Islam is illegal or unconstitutional. Eg. production and sale of alcohol. We have legitimate beer factories (Carlsberg, Guinness etc) and sale of beer are done legally. Nothing illegal or unconstitutional.

        You cannot use Art. 3(1) on non-Muslims to close down beer factories, prohibit sale of beer or punish beer drinkers. In fact, a Muslim can legitimately work in beer factories if not mistaken.

        1. Drinho,

          “..Other religions may be practised……”

          Precisely. By practising one’s religion other than Islam means that religious beliefs, activities are respected.

          That is the beauty of our Constitution. At time when blacks were separated from white and apartheid was accepted, a Chinese was appointed as the Governor of Melaka. It shows Tanah Melayu has shown the way.

          The problem starts when those who was just recently accorded citizenships way back in 1950s trying to erase history.

        2. drinho
          ..a Muslim can legitimately work in beer factories if not mistaken…

          Haiyaa apa hat mau kerja bikin minum kasi olang punya otak jadi sewel?

          Tak payah Art.3(1) manmade provision whatnot.. sulah plovided in our Quran since 1,400 Years ago;

          …….O you who believe! intoxicants and games of chance and (sacrificing to) stones set up and (dividing by)arrows are only an uncleanness, the Shaitan’s work; shun it therefore that you may be successful. The Shaitan only desires to cause enmity and hatred to spring in your midst by means of intoxicants and games of chance, and to keep you off from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. Will you then desist?
          (Surah Maida 5:90-91)……..

        3. ‘it does not automatically mean that any thing which is against Islam is illegal or unconstitutional.’

          Other religion must be practised in peace and harmony with the religion of the Federation. Just because most Melayus tutup mata, take it as baik hati and some taktau hak mereka, does not make it legal/constitutional to go against the religion of the Federation.

          Other religion langsung tak mention wor! That insignificant??!

          1. re: Other religion must be practised in peace and harmony with the religion of the Federation


            ……. does not make it legal/constitutional to go against the religion of the Federation.

            Don’t over extend Art. 3(1). Read again:-

            Art. 3(1): “Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.”

            It does not say other religion must be in harmony or consistent with Islam. We know Islam prohibits alcohol. If your reading is correct, then Malaysia should have no manufacturing and consumption of alcohol. Yet it does not happen.

            Simply because “‘it does not automatically mean that any thing which is against Islam is illegal or unconstitutional”. The law allows anything which is against Islam to be legitimate as long as it is not expressly prohibited. For example, propagate Christianity to Muslims is illegal. But banks selling mortgage based on interest (note: interest is haram in Islam) is not illegal. Muslim consuming alcohol is an offense, but working in beer factory is not.

            1. drinho..

              ..Muslim consuming alcohol is an offense, but working in beer factory is not….

              Makan duit gaji supaya kasi otak orang lain sewel…tak payah haramkan pun Muslims will avoid working in such place!!

              1. Rina,

                re: tak payah haramkan pun Muslims will avoid working in such place!

                Ada beza di antara haram kerana penguatkuasaan undang-undang vs haram kerana tuntutan agama. Tiada sesiapa yang boleh halang orang Islam bekerja di syarikat arak dan judi. Ada yang sampai menjadi ahli lembaga pengarah. Semua orang tahu bekas Ketua Polis Tun Haniff, seorang Melayu Islam adalah ahli pengarah Genting.

                Kalau benar Islam begitu agong di Malaysia, mengapa kerajaan tidak haramkan saja semua aktiviti yang menentang ajaran Islam?

                1. drinho
                  Payah la klo ikut ajaran kamu ni! Kalau gitu sembah patung berhala kena haramkn kat Malaysia la gitu?

                  Tu pasai hang bukan Muslim takyah dok tunjuk pandai sangat kalo tak fasih dalam Agama Islam. Cakap main ikut suka aje.


                  …..Although the above verse dose not prohibit alcohol clearly but it clearly indicates the harms of alcohol and also the fact that it not liked by ALLAH. At least this verse presents an “ADVISE FOR ABSTAINING” from the usage of alcohol. This is why some of the companions after hearing this verse immediately stopped consuming alcohol and accepted this advice……

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