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Allegation of Trojan horses in Umno

Raja Petra Kamarudin had an interesting story yesterday ‘Mahathir shoots his own horses’ on serial police report lodger Armand Azha Abu Hanifah whom RPK says is wearing two hats, i.e. Perkasa and Umno.

The Chinese community dislike Perkasa. Through his actions when he is wearing his Umno Youth exco  hat, the Perkasa-linked Armand is giving Umno a bad name and making the Chinese hate the ruling party.

One example was when Armand – pix below – abused Taoist prayer paraphernalia that he’s waving in his hand.

armandazha HELL NOTES

Below is Armand wearing, respectively, his Umno Youth ‘gertak n gempak’ hat and earlier his Perkasa hat or rather tall, dark and sombong songkok.

We know that Perkasa is a Tun Mahathir outfit.  So Armand is obviously a Protun.

Armand needs a big hat to fit his big head as you can see below.


Talking about another Protun fella …

Certain Protuns – like that 20k Malay mercenary blogger, for instance – are big headed because they used to rub shoulders with VIPs, i.e. the politicians. Some of you may be aware which Protun blogger it is who brags endlessly about the VIPs and VVIPs he was acquainted with in Johor.

His ego is built on the boast of ‘know who’ and not ‘know how’ because even simple data pun blogger Si Fraudster tu tak reti nak process, much less expect him to draw charts and graphs.

BELOW: The Protun-Umno-Melayu DAP three-in-one package


Whack  here, whack there, whack-whack everywhere … for a fee

A few of these traveling circus Protuns have become big headed because of their reputation as whackers for hire.

In other words, they’re tough/bitchy guys because they whack here and there, usually backed up by their equally thuggish cohorts.

Recent developments, i.e. the bersekongkol pact currently forged between Protuns and Dapsters, means that these “Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?” Malays have gotten themselves new temporary teammates in the form of rabid RBAs … strange bedfellows indeed.

Some of you may be aware which Protun blog it is that serves as the Anibaba platform for RBAs to spew their anti-government venom.

Anime Ani’s turn to the Dark Side and schizo split personality


Through their Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy, the RBAs have a field day riding on their new buddy the 20k Malay blogger’s vitriol against the “racist party” (these are the  words of the 20k Malay blogger).

The Anibaba blog is similarly a platform for Cina ultras to rail against the “despicable” leaders of Umno (again quoting words of the 20k blogger) and the “hateful” behaviour of the racist Malay community (latching on the 20k blogger’s own words) .

This particular Protun blog has been a prominent whacking board to hit out at Najib loyalists such as Salleh Said Keruak whom the schizo blogger called a “barking dog” as well as against Rahman Dahman, Lim Sian See, Big Dog and other pro-Najib notables.

anime sailor moon snigger

Si Kitol — the mercenary Malay macai

The 20k blogger has been bashing Najib’s men because he himself once asked for money from Najib for some scheme in the PM’s home state but was not granted it.

He is also jealous of top Umno media operatives (such as former UMB chief Tun Faisal) who have been given plum positions in gomen info agencies whereas Mr 20k was unceremoniously told by Umno Johor that his shoddy services were not wanted.

Imagine all that name-dropping – kenal VIP ni lah, VIP tu lah – scattered across his blog but last-last Najib’s boffin boys and Team Khaled Nordin also don’t want to have anything to do with him. Only the Cina DAP would be impressed.

MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER — Pretending to be awek cun belonging to another race

Thus the Protun blogger’s big ego suffered cracks from the rejections and causing him to slip into a form of schizophrenia where he is increasingly unable to distinguish between his pathetic playacting and real life.

In fact, his bosses are being increasingly creeped out by his schizo split personality (sporting a fictional female persona). The more he persists with the subterfuge that he’s a young attractive woman, the more he causes his colleagues to freak out.


2 hat Armand vs 20k blogger and his alter ego

Pardon me for digressing. Back to our main story about Armand Azha (pix above).

It is reported in the news portals that Armand planned to make police report against a tycoon’s son but he backed off at the last minute.

According to Raja Petra, Perkasa is Tun’s Trojan horse. “Perkasa was toxic and it made Umno toxic as well,” explained RPK about their alleged double agent’s role.

Is Armand an Umno man or a Protun? Whichever it is, his antics have been causing embarrassment, ill will and some minor havoc.

laugh China girl

Schizo Ani flip-flopping between Tun, Najib & Cina ultra

But Armand is not the only two hatter. There is the 20k blogger who is keeping up appearances as if refraining from taking sides in the Najib-Mahathir quarrel.

In truth, when masquerade, i.e. pretending to be half-Chinese and other flights of fantasy is your forte, you get the schizo scenario of a lying, slandering Malay admin operating a blog where the Cina ultras daily mock Rosmah and whack her hubby’s administration.

Nonetheless one factor that is undeniable is the toxicity that Mr 20k has been fomenting. The most toxic element is, needless to say, the ugly thuggery of the RBAs. And how these Cina ultras are simply spilling all over in that particular Protun (Umno reject) blog!

The amount of radioactive waste in that champion whacker’s blog is quite alarming. His schizophrenia is also getting worse as can be seen from the string of vicious anonymous comments that he pens in his own blog.

Between crude and rude like the two-hatted Armand, and schizo like the two-faced Ani, clearly it us the latter that is more dangerous and damaging to the Umno mothership.


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7 thoughts on “Allegation of Trojan horses in Umno

  1. I always thought that Perkasa did more harm than good to UMNO. This organization sprung out of nowhere during Pak Lah’s time. But now that some of these negative elements have been flushed out from UMNO to follow their master, who is Mahathir, UMNO can now concentrate on strengthening the party. It is a blessing in disguise that Mahathir quit from UMNO.

  2. Armand is an opportunist. He’s smart enough to know how to use race and religion as tool to impress umno’s coffer. Isn’t that the norm with umno related matters? In umno, person just needs to be loud.

  3. Dear Helen.

    “… that is more dangerous and damaging to the Umno mothership.”

    To me … 1MDB & Jho Low’ and Najib’s penchant for soliciting dubious middlemen that are more dangerous to the UMNO mothership’.

    Not to forget… Razak Baginda too…. and his exploits after being paid a hefty commission is still haunting UMNO… after more than a decade… and now from Australian Immigration Detention center.

    The only danger that I foresee coming from ‘the two-hatted Armand’ is that, he can escalate or strengthen UMNO-Najib’s kleptocracy.

    1. RD,

      Why should you worry about UMNO? You should worry about the directions of party Mat Bunga and whether it can survive before GE 14. Opposition parties still want Anwar to be their designated PM whilst Mahathir wants the Moo. So where does it stand?

      Oh, another thing – Protuns love to mention these 2 words over and over again: dedak and kleptocracy. Aren’t you people becoming a bit cliché? I just can’t wait for Mahathir to come up with another name calling as I simply love observing his parrots’ reactions. BTW, there is a disease that affects the brain called parroting syndrome!

  4. Aku Melayu

    Ramai dari golongan Gen Y dan Gen Z mungkin tau siapa TDM (read about him) tapi masa dia PM majority mereka nih masih belum bole undi… kalau tak kenal mana nak cinta?

    Dok ulang tak renti karut2 pasai dedak and kleptocracy semua tu depa make donno wan, tak beri inspirasi sebenda, elok lagi baca articles about psy dan belajaq macam mana dia bole pull billions of viewers worldwide.

    TDM, LKS, Anwar, Muhyiddin, Ambiga and whatnot semua tu puak2 outside Gen X, Y dan Z cara lama mereka dah tak sesuai dengan minda generasi muda masakini.

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