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What kind of Melayu wears Bersih 5.0 yellow shirt?

The mammoth street rally planned next month (Nov 19) to try and topple the Najib government is being mobilized by DAP.

Bersih 5.0 however took care yesterday to showcase some Malay faces at the flag-off of their convoys in six locations (see map).


These Bersih 5.0 Malays are either Melayu DAP such as Pak Samad or Malays aligned with the evangelical party such as the PAN leaders and Protuns.

No surprises which Malays are the DAP water carriers.

After all, “[PAN] is still largely seen as a creation of DAP,” wrote Joceline Tan in her column today.

And indeed PAN Perak deputy chairman Nizar Jamaluddin duly participated in the launching of Bersih 5.0 in Lumut, Perak.

FLASHBACK: Nizar is widely viewed as a DAP stooge


Malay Yellow Shirts vs Jamal’s Red Shirts

Another PAN man, central exco Mazlan Aliman took part in Bersih 5.0 in Johor Bahru.

Protun Khairuddin Abu Hassan was with the Bersih convoy in Kangar, Perlis. The Mahathir henchman can be seen wearing the yellow Bersih 5.0 T-shirt in the picture below.


Picture source: Malaysia Dateline

Opposition media Malaysiakini is obsessed with the Red Shirts. The portal’s video coverage is full of Jamal Sekinchan — see below (click to enlarge panels).

Likewise opposition media The J-Star.

They’re afraid of the Red Shirt leader because the language of force spoken by Jamal is the only dialect those Bersih 4.0 thugs understand.

The first to third editions of Bersih were not countered with any show of force and this free pass led the Chinese opposition to think that they could continue to get away with their biaDAP behaviour.


But after the forceful reaction by the Red Shirts to Bersih 4.0, Cina DAP are now cagey enough to push their Malay macai to the forefront to act as human shields.

These Melayu DAP serve as window dressing to give the impression that Bersih 5.0 is multiracial as well as to buffer the Chinese Yellow Shirts from the Malay Red Shirts. It is the DAP’s brilliant Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy at work.

BELOW: Azira Aziz – then Hannah Yeoh’s senior aide – creating a ruckus at Bersih 4.0 while her DAP boss took care not to wear a Bersih T-shirt (note: Hannah could have been disqualified as Adun if she had been convicted in court for breaking any law vis-a-viz the rally)

Hannah Yeoh worker Azira Aziz

Act now, don’t wait for the next election

The JStar is playing a subtle game of encouraging Bersih 5.0 while at the same time covering their arse.

Evangelista-in-chief Wong Chun Wai hinted in his op-ed that millions of Malaysians ought to take action against our country’s immoral leadership “without having to wait for the next election”. That’s his sub rosa signal to the Jerusubang masses.

What Chun Wai actually wrote in his article today is, of course, more hedgy: “If we feel strongly that we need leaders with moral and ethical standards, not just religiously, but from a corporate governance point of view, millions of us can send that message online, in an accountable manner, without having to wait for the next election.”

Slick and slyly written above as befitting a sneaky evangelista but no cigar. The J-Star‘s real allegiance is not all that easy to hide despite Chun Wai’s adroitness.

Fear of riots amid Chinese vs Malay politics

Nonetheless Chun Wai’s broad hint does not take away from his worry about the possible consequences of Bersih 5.0.

Against the backdrop of what he describes as “a weakening ringgit, soaring prices of goods in the country and increasing cost of living” (meaning tempers are getting short as the public get poorer), Chun Wai is calling for “a special national consultative council”.

He explained, “The last time the country had one was in 1970 – a year after the bloody racial riots of 1969 that rocked the nation”.

“We will just be pretending if we say that all is well and fine in this country. It is not,” Chun Wai admitted.

Strangely enough Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, of all people, is being singled out for playing race politics. Ku Li is said by his one-time admirer Koon Yew Yin to be demonizing the DAP and Malaysian Chinese.

Koon, writing in FMT yesterday, commented that Ku Li has no moral qualms about fanning Malay insecurities of “Chinese or DAP political dominance”.

He alleged the Umno stalwart is “doing an injustice to all the young Malay DAP leaders and supporters by his opportunistic and patently dishonest and deceitful claim of the possible loss of Malay political dominance”.

If even Ku Li can be accused of being anti-Chinese, then it’s evident that the ethnic battle lines have been clearly drawn.

Annie prays for Allah to make Najib choke to death on all those ringgit he stole

By his own admission, the blogger Annie is just “stupidly bitching along” (see screenshot above). It is rare to come across a man as bitchy as Annie. Or to come across a Malay as ultra kiasu as Annie.

It is these personality traits of the mean-spirited Annie, including his propensity to lie, concoct fraudulent stories and slander that makes him a willing partner in empowering the Cina ultras.

Life of Annie blog has become a hate site where the RBAs let fly their hate speech and smear campaign against Najib, Rosmah and Umno.

Other than the reason that Annie is full of malice, there must be other incentives for Annie to allow the Dapsters a free rein on his platform, right?


Well, those extravagant holidays in Japan that Annie is so fond of, and yen for sushi indicate his expensive taste. An “educator” – as Annie claims himself to be – can’t be earning all that much, and as such Annie must be grateful for his side incomes, eh?

If you’re wondering what kind of Melayu is willing to bersekongkol dengan Dapsters, then schizo Annie serves as a good profile study, i.e. someone who can’t just stop lying.

snakeKantoi … again

Annie claimed there was “something wrong with Blogspot” recently on Thursday (Sept 29) and that it caused his blogroll to be “wiped out”.  He further claimed to notice “that others on blogspot suffered the same thing”.

Nope. The other blogrolls on Blogspot were just fine.

And we can treat Annie’s claim on the purported wipe-out of his blogroll with the same skepticism that we treat Pakatan’s claim of a blackout in the polling centres during GE13.

Annie then comes out with the tall tale that due to the supposed wipe-out, he has had to redo his blogroll. Following the purported wipe-out and redo, Annie’s blogroll currently includes Najib Razak’s blog while a Cina ultra’s blog has been removed.

(This Cina ultra, who is a vicious critic of 1MDB, is now no longer on Annie’s blogroll.)

Who is listed on one’s blogroll is the prerogative of the blogger. You can even delete your entire blogroll as Rocky did. And Rocky doesn’t owe his readers any explanation; just do it.

The fact that Annie chose to spin a story about a small matter like the changes (Najib’s blog added in, Najib critic’s blog taken out) which  he made to his blogroll only goes to show Annie’s deceitful character — quite despicable!

What a spinmaster — sick grandmother lah, terminally ill father lah – all kinds of anecdotes conveniently concocted for any occasion.

Rara jilat Bersih

ABOVE: DAP municipal councillor Syefura Othman at Bersih 4.0

The moral of the story

Adding Najib to the Life of Annie blogroll is merely a fig leaf. It won’t take away the toxicity that makes Annie’s blog the foremost ANC platform nor dampen the vitriol of the RBAs spitting their daily venom there.

Likewise, installing a few Malay faces for the Bersih 5.0 photo ops won’t detract from the fact that DAP is the puppet master pulling the strings.

The Yellow Shirts are largely DAP. The Red Shirts are largely Umno. Bersih is a proxy for the DAP vs Umno showdown.

Bersih 5.0 is nothing more than a political move. If Bersih were anti-corruption, they would question Guan Eng’s suitability to hold public office.

If Bersih wants to use the excuse that the Penang chief minister is innocent until proven guilty, then the same principle must apply to the prime minister too.

But no, Bersih seeks to oust Najib from office through taking to the streets without anything being proven in any court of law anywhere.

What kind of Melayu would want to join the Yellow Shirts in creating public disorder? Only Annie and his ilk who “pray for Allah to make [Najib] choke to death on all those ringgit”.



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18 thoughts on “What kind of Melayu wears Bersih 5.0 yellow shirt?

  1. Helen,

    Whatever weaknesses Jamal has has, he earns my respect. At times when UMNO leaders choose to be apologetic and place utmost importance to the feeling of Chinese community(that wishes UMNO dead), Jamal showed the way.

    Jamal managed to check mate Baju Kuning. Overnight, Baju Kuning claim that UMNO is alienated by Malays was demolished. Jamal is not savvy and urbane like Khairy. He is not as handsome as Khairy.

    But he has guts. He is “street smart”. He understands that the only way to deal with these racist species ftom DAP is by sheer force. Because no amount of advices given o DAP will be accepted.

    DAP views tolerance(hallmark of UMNO) as a sign of weakness. So Najib can be “cool” when a Chinese girl stomped on his face. But to all, that is a sign of indecisiveness.

    AS FOR MALAYS who support Baju Kuning, they are actually rejected in Malay community. Mohd Sabu is an example. And Tun too is slowly being rejected by malays.

      1. Athiest,

        That is funny. If I am not mistaken, Chinese whole heartedly voted PAS in last election.

        Hats off to PAS or being able to convince Chinese to support its principle. I do not think there will be anymore rejection of RUU, dont you think?

        1. Actually the majority of Malaysians reject the RUU. Amanah is the future and PAS is the…..past

  2. ….The mammoth street rally planned next month (Nov 19) to try and topple the Najib government is being mobilized by DAP….

    Betul ke Cik Helen? DAP nak selamat Malaysia? Anxiously waiting for Bersih 5 video to compare with this; (mereka2 yang wajah, adat, budaya, bahasa, pemakanan dan Agama pun sebiji sama macam supporters DAP/ Bersih 5);

    1. RINA,

      If the so called “mammoth movement” is meant to save Malaysia, then my mother must be the Queen of England during my life time.

      Only morons will believe that statements. And there are plenty in DAP.

  3. quote,”Nope. The other blogrolls on Blogspot were just fine”unquote.

    You’re mistaken. Rocky’s blogrolls did disappear (and is still missing at the time of this posting) as well as Annie’s. I knew because I always use his blog to get the link to other bloggers.

    1. Rocky deleted his blogroll lah. He used to have Che Det and SAA.

      It’s classy of Rocky to delete the whole thing rather than just pointedly remove his Che Det link alone. It’s a touch of nicety (jaga aib).

      Annie, on the other, just can’t stop lying in whatever matter.

      Plenty of blogs in my list (see right sidebar) are Blogspot — Cipan Tapir Tenuk, Cucu Tok Selampit, Dr MIM etc. They were fine.

      I’m reciprocally on their blogrolls too, and I know I wasn’t affected by any disruption in Blogspot RSS feed (and getting traffic redirected from them as per usual).

      You can easily drop a comment at any of the sopo Blogspots – try Brick/Voicey – and ask if the blogroll was A-okay.

      See, and you’re so sure that Melayu tidak akan mampu diperdaya. After Annie kantoi so many times, your mata masih belum lagi celik.

      I hope one day you will be able to be face-to-face with the middle-aged, squat, hidung senduk man masquerading as awek cun, then you can rasa how jijik his colleagues feel about his charade.

      1. These bloggers also lied about their blogrolls went missing? Or are you going to say that they conspired with your sworn enemy Annie to spread lies about it?

        Helen….Helen….you are so cock sure you are right. What kind of person have you become since being handled by the dedak givers, huh?

        quote,”See, and you’re so sure that Melayu tidak akan mampu diperdaya. After Annie kantoi so many times, your mata masih belum lagi celik.”unquote.

        So I am right that you do look down on Melayus, that you are their saviours, that you are the only Cina who can save them from their supposedly ignorance.

        Jijik lah……your perangai yang perasan bagus.

        1. Setem, Setem,

          You’re a joke.

          (1) Tahu baca tarikh, tak?

          Look at the ‘Beaver’ url you provided and check the date of posting pls … it was in Sept 2010 lah that the guy lost his blogroll. Tsk, tsk, tsk …

 2010/09/ yes-our-blogroll-has-disappeared

          (2) Don’t think that by copypasting the ‘hartwoodroses.blogspot’ twice/doubling that you’re making your case any more convincing.

          I don’t know if you’re trying to insinuate from the “” (is ‘my’ a country code?) address that it means the blog is located in Malaysia. It’s not. The blogger is in Virginia, USA — read her biodata.

          So, can you show me a Malaysian blog that lost its blogroll the same day Annie claimed to have lost his?

          Din Turtle, as far as I know, did not. He’s got an extensive blogroll which is not easy to replace/replicate at short notice.

          Or as I already suggested to you earlier, go through my blogroll on the right sidebar and check from my list that are Blogspot (Cucu Tok Selampit & Gang). See if anyone of them complained of having lost a blogroll.

          (3) – which you cited – is similarly based in the USA.

          (4) The other two gamer blogs you referenced are definitely not local (Malaysian). I’m assuming they’re American too.

          Cheap trick lah, trying to pass off an apparent glitch oceans away as experienced by the Liar & Fraud.

          (5) re: “Helen….Helen….you are so cock sure you are right.”

          Show me a Malaysian example and I might believe you and the 20k man.

          re: “What kind of person have you become since being handled by the dedak givers, huh?”

          What kind of person have you become since being trained as a Protun parrot to squawk “dedak, dedak, dedak!”?

          1. That Cina ultra blogger is a fraud. He is just like that Annie, knowing that Shuzheng is a total failure he reinvented himself as Hikaru. You can bet your dime that he will reinvent himself again after the GE14.

            As for the Protun parrots they are dimwitted. All they can do is shout dedak dedak dedak. Just goes to how they are all pemakan dedak.

  4. Depa pilih Nov 19 elok juga tu, cuti sekolah bermula ramai la balik kampung, ziarah sedara mara dll. Puak Bersih pula keluaq ramai2 melalak berpesta satu tempat.

    Ini peluang terbaik bagi pihak berkuasa buat operasi BERSIH dan tangkap ‘fake’ Malaysians dan PATI2 yg pasti dok sorok takut nak keluaq join Bersih atau takde kampung nak balik.

  5. What kind of Melayu wears Bersih 5.0 yellow shirt?

    The tudung wearing, long-sleeved, aurat covering counterpart of the double-faced, doublespeaking, double standard practising, holier than thou but corrupted to the core, Chinese evangelista DAPster. The same twisted DNA. Literally.

    Jilat Saya Sampai Bersih?

    You go, girl! LMAO!

  6. Ms H. Is the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP/PAP which fully backs the Yellows for or against China or the United States or both since our beloved Malaysia is ever being drawn closer to quarrels which have nothing to do with us Malaysians ? We want to be friends with both and all. And we should be independent and free from taking sides as I have always said. Before anyone dons the Yellow Colour, he or she should ask why the fuss about our Parliamentary System ? If anyone is not happy with anybody, go and register and vote at the next election as per our Constitution, our Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Royal Sultans and the Laws. This is not a country which had no experiences with chaos and riots. We had plenty. But unlike those demonstrations of long ago, the perpetrators of the current walk-about by the Yellows are from the well-endowed middle-income group of urbanites, not gangsters. If some of their compatriots do not participate, these demonstrations will end up with only one community instead of three ! This will be a most unhealthy way for anyone in this country to express their dissatisfaction so openly. It is intimidating and provoking in a thick face manner. I concur with those who advise these worked-up souls to abort whatever they have in mind and save the money and time for the betterment of a constructive Malaysia through evolution and not from revolution.

  7. Laugh so hard looking at this blog!!! We can trace the pictures in this blog from

    and guess what, the blog was posted on August 31, 2015 where as other sources from twitter is on the 28 April.

    Why take 3 days to publish the blog when Twitter can publish the picture instantly?

    Furthermore, based on the umno.blogspot source, we can see bias exist.

    The last picture in this blog shows the person wearing Bersih 4 T-shirt, and Bersih 4 happened in 2015, not 2016 as this blog post was made.

    Don’t worry, people can decide which sources are credible and which are just desperate.

    What a pitiful and desperate blog.

    1. re: “Why take 3 days to publish the blog when Twitter can publish the picture instantly?”

      Why take 242 days to submit your comment now when I published the content above on Oct 2 last year.

      What a pitiful and desperate Dapster.

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