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Melayu who sink to the DAP’s gutter standards

Double standards much?

Likas Adun Junz Wong has quit DAP and taking his DUN seat in Sabah along with him.

Foul! cries his former party.

DAP Youth chief Wong Kah Woh reacted by declaring, “The Likas seat was won under DAP’s logo and it is the responsibility of Wong to relinquish the seat as per DAP’s principles…” (see Malaysiakini report, linked tinyurl below).

The Cina DAP however fail to apply their gold standard when ally PAN ‘stole’ the Parliament and DUN seats won in 2013 on PAS tickets.

Going by the same principle now much vaunted by DAP Youth chief Wong, one should therefore similarly proclaim, “The Kuala Krai, K. T’ganu, Parit Buntar, Shah Alam, Kota Raja and Sepang Parliament seats as well as other DUN seats were won by DAP ally (current PAN members) under the PAS bulan logo.

As such, it is the responsibility of MPs Hatta Ramli, Raja Kamarul Bahrin, Mujahid Yusof, Khalid Samad, Siti Mariah Mahmud and Hanipa Maidin as well as those ex-PAS Aduns who have joined PAN to relinquish their seats as per the DAP’s principled stand against political “frogs”.

But did DAP apply this same benchmark on PAN — the fledging party widely viewed as a DAP creation? Nope.

“There is no reason or excuse to justify holding on to the seat,” said DAP Youth. What’s good for the goose (YB Likas, Junz Wong) is apparently not good for the gander.

Not that we expect DAP to cakap serupa bikin or practise what they preach.

Hence PAS is correct in its determination never to cooperate with the evangelical party ever again. Twice bitten, thrice shy. The Islamist party already knows what kind of people the evangelistas are.

No more ‘Trojan horses’ please, Umno told

In a parallel development, Ezam Mohd Noor announced his departure from Umno yesterday.

The news was greeted by some quarters in Umno and among pro-establishment bloggers with a feeling akin to “good riddance”.

Certain Umno leaders have sniffed out the Trojan horses that are suspected to be moles planted in the party. It’s the Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy of wreaking destruction from within using one of their own kind.

Anwarista, Perkasa and Protun Malays are viewed with some degree of suspicion by the Umno totok, especially when the flip-floppers try to embed themselves in the party structure or Umno-linked outfits.

And who wouldn’t be suspicious of these Si Kitol when it is clear that they bersekongkol dengan Cina ultra and are used as a whacking board against the Umno president?

The Trojan horses smell even more suspicious when they are surrounded by rabid barking RBAs and it is these RBAs who will immediately rise up to do damage control or create a defensive wall for their Malay stooges.

In a recent hilarious incident, one Chinese handler was so over-eager to provide a cover line for his Malay macai that he tripped himself in digging up two or three unrelated examples from countries far away and even one cerita basi back from the year 2010 (!!)

The test of the pudding is in the eating.

When a Melayu is pretending to be neutral but all the time promoting DAP interests and operating amidst Cina ultras, then it is right that the people around him not only look on with perasaan jijik but also cast a wary eye.


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2 thoughts on “Melayu who sink to the DAP’s gutter standards

  1. Well, we all know that DAP’s fundamental operating philosophy is based on two tenets – Orwellian Doublespeak and moral double standards. They preach love but spread hate. They support unity but work to undermine racial harmony. They talk to humbleness but display massive hubris. They urge for low cost lifestyle but drive in Merc S-Class and pay themselves sky-high salaries.

    When it comes to morality, they demand their opponents to adhere to highest, utopian standards while they themselves swim in the sewer.

    Another example is the recent rally by pro-BN NGOs at Penang demanding the Tokong’s resignation. The Dapsters here are absolutely furious about the rally (BTW the Gunting didn’t give much publicity for the event though thousands gathered). While they are happy to turun padang with Bersih 5 and demand PM to resign, when it comes to LGE, they think it is a crime to demonstrate against their beloved Dear Leader.

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