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Kesian PAS

Asyik dituduh bagai.

‘PAS in same boat as PM on suing S’wak Report, says portal’ — see Malaysiakini story today, here.

Guilty until proven innocent … S’wak Report dakwa PAS makan dedak Najib RM90j. PAS dipandang serong oleh Cina DAP yang telan bulat-bulat pembohongan puak pembangkang.


~ memang pandai tuduh orang makan dedak



Bersangka baik terhadap parti Tun Mahathir — “PPBM bukan rasis”



Bersangka buruk terhadap PAS — Dapsters & Protun kata ulama makan dedak kini dan selamanya.


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39 thoughts on “Kesian PAS

  1. It is obvious that Hadi has IS mentality. He needs to be locked up in Guantanamo Bay

      1. If only they could but even the land of the kangaroos reject them. Remember a certain politician with the penchant of calling her detractors low class ?

        1. “Even the land of the kangaroos”

          The land of the kangaroos is a developed nation with one of the highest standards of living in the world. It’s a country that has rule of law, is democratic and not run by a bunch of religious nutjobs. In other words, most people in the world would choose the land of the kangaroos than bolehland.

          1. FORMERLY KNOWN…..,

            Australia no doubt is a developed country. It has excellent public transport, clean environment among others.

            It is a democratic country. And liberal too. Promiscuity is accepted. Homosexuality there is a basic freedom.

            Australia welcomes foreigners to settle there. But it is picky here. Those foreigners welcomed must meet some standard. They must have money. Or in crude language, those admiited must benefit Australia and cherish Aussie way of life. No two way about it.

            Though Australia has the habit of preaching to others, it does not condone separate school system. And it too does not tolerate dynastic political party. DAP cant survive there.

            But if you love Australia so much, please by all mean migrate there. No point torturing yourself living in Malaysia. But do convince Australia that you have met their standard. Hannah yeoh failed to convince Aussie about it.

            And that explain the bitterness in her life.

            1. “It is a democratic country. And liberal too. Promiscuity is accepted. Homosexuality there is a basic freedom.”

              I’d take that any day over rampant corruption. Also, God made people with homosexual tendencies so whatever your religion and all the other religions teaches about it being a sin is so obviously wrong. As for promiscuity, the Malays would give the Aussies a good run for their money on this one.

              1. re: “I’d take that any day over rampant corruption.”

                Yet Dapsters are cheering and supporting their Dear Leader who is in court facing corruption charges.

                From the reaction of Cina DAP to Guan Eng’s guilt (soon to be proven through thousands of prosecutor documents), it does not look like the two-faced bunch actually mind if it is their side that is involved in corruption — whether as taker or giver.

                You bloody hypocrites are only paying lip service lah – accountability, transparency, good governance and anti-corruption konon. When it happens in your own backyard, you give a nod and a wink.

              2. “God made (some) people with homosexual tendencies so whatever your religion and all the other religions teaches about it being a sin is so obviously wrong.”

                God also made (some) people with tendencies to kill, so how will you dictate God, FART?

                1. “God also made (some) people with tendencies to kill, ”

                  So God creates a man to fancy Steve instead of Eve, and somehow the man is doomed to eternal hell because he acts on his God given instincts?This either paints God as a complete sadist or he’s just being misrepresented by the masses. I call the second option. But the first option is what many religious idiots actually believe. These same idiots run this country unfortunately, and that’s scary.

                  1. re: “These same idiots run this country unfortunately, and that’s scary.”

                    Why don’t you apply for Permanent Residence in Tasmania. You won’t be missed.

                    1. Like I said Helen, if only he could but the sad reality is that he is just like Banana Girl, he failed to meet the standards of the Kangaroos so he is still here hoping that somehow Malaysia will turn into another Kangaroo Land courtesy of Pakatan Harapan. The Holy Juice must be very intoxicating lol

                  2. “he is still here hoping that somehow Malaysia will turn into another Kangaroo Land”

                    Oh, don’t worry, I have absolutely no hope of this ever happening. You can’t polish a turd.

                  3. So God created Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee to sex it up for pornography because of their natural instincts? Why don’t you break fast with bak kut teh this Ramadan like some idiots do?
                    And don’t involve God in our argument lah.

                    1. ” Why don’t you break fast with bak kut teh this Ramadan like some idiots do?”

                      Don’t judge someone because they sin differently to you.

          2. Well sorry to burst your bubble but even Brunei and Saudi Arabia with their hudud/syaria laws have GDP/capita higher than your beloved Oz. They are run by people whom you would term as “religious nutjobs”. Would you consider moving to Brunei or Saudi since the Aussies tend to be picky in allowing people in and in general don’t take losers who can’t even be successful in Malaysia?

            1. I would never choose to live in a Muslim country, so the answer is no.

                1. So what if Islam is the religion of the federation? Can it expel or ‘buang negeri’ anyone that speaks against Islam?

      2. Is Helen advocating the destruction of a document that belongs to the Malaysian Govt? That’s illegal, Helen.

        1. Illegal? Many had done so, especially when they ‘found out’ that Penangites were supposed to be considered the colonial’s citizens. Later when the truth came to light, they tried to claim back their lost citizenship. Most of these people and their kins,, i.e. rbas an dapsters are not fit to be citizens of any country, even their own homeland which had chased their forefathers away decades ago. Ahh, when they left their mainland, didn’t they also tear their passport, decades ago.

    1. Atheist,
      China ramai Atheist gapo you sendiri tak join your followers there? Birds of same feathers should flock together tau.

      Dok lopong kat Malaysia lagi apa hal?

  2. Apa bole buat, terpaksa makan dedak pasai kilang beras dan bendang habis semua depa dah telan. Kekekeke

  3. {PAS leaders were incensed by a commentary published in Sarawak Report a week earlier, which stated: “He (Najib) has gone on to ‘woo’ the PAS Islamic party away from the opposition coalition in the normal way he woos – RM90 million is widely reckoned to have flowed into the top echelons of PAS in recent months.”
    Rewcastle-Brown later clarified that the report clearly stated that this was what was “widely reckoned”, and not something that it claimed to have happened.}


    This is an extremely serious charge against a group of Islamic teachers and politicians active under the banner of Islam. The Quran reminds us in surah 49 verse 12:

    “O you who have faith, avoid much [negative] assumptions. Indeed, some of your assumptions are sinful. And do not spy over another or backbite each other. Would any of you like to consume the flesh of his dead brother? You would detest it! So fear Allah; Allah will accept your repentance and the Lord is Most Merciful.”

    Our beloved Imam Rabbanī, ie. Shaikh Ahmad al-Faruqi al-Sirhindi (16th century) said: “Listening to the words or reading the books of of religious scholars who seek their own worldly interests is as harmful as ingesting poison. The harm done by evil religious scholars is contagious. They contaminate communities and split nations asunder. Evil religious scholars were always responsible for the disasters that befell Islamic states. They caused the heads of the states to deviate from the true path. Our Prophet (s.a.w.) said that Muslims will be divided into 73 parties, of which 72 will go to hell and only one party will be saved from hellfire. The leaders of these 72 heretical parties are all evil religious scholars. The only party to be saved from hell is the People of the Sunna.”
    (The Letters of Rabbani, 47th letter)

    With his deep knowledge, sincerity and wisdom, Imam Rabbani was successful in nullifying the materialistic philosophy troubling his times, as he was also successful in conveying the Reality and Oneness of Allah to the masses.

    He defended the moral values of the Qur’an and Sunnah of our Prophet (s.a.w.) against the irreligiousness of his time, the deviant ideas in India, and the moral collapse resulting from false Mahdi (the harbinger of the end-times Messiah) claims. He waged a great intellectual struggle to rid the religion of superstition.

    The esteemed Islamic scholar, Imam Rabbani was instrumental in calming the emotions of the people when they revolted against the misguided practices of the sultan of the time; the Imam thus salvaged the unity and brotherhood of the nation. To this end, he was imprisoned many times yet even under those trying circumstances, he caused many prisoners to embrace Islam by preaching the morality of the Qur’an.

  4. Anyone who supports hudud is afflicted with IS mentality. Hudud is a prerequisite for Islamic State (IS).

    I hope the Pentagon/CIA are keeping tabs on Hadi. He could turn out to be the next Osama bin Laden.

    1. Why do you use a moniker that might make readers believe you’re a (self-proclaimed) atheist?

      My guess is that you’re an evangelista trying to divide and set adherents of the various religions/irreligion against each other.

        1. Are you implying that all the RBA cybertroopers masquerading as Malays/Muslims online are Buddhists and no Christians among them?

          I do not believe that the above is the case.

          All these years (kira-kira 60 tahun) that the largely Buddhist old MCA has been in politics, their Wanita wing has not put on tudung to Occupy Masjid. Neither do they puasa and sahur and quote Quran and Hadith.

          It is the DAP Yang Berhormats and their evangelista aides who do this.

          So if you asked me if a DAP Christian might try to PAS himself off as a Muslim, Hindu or atheist, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does.

    2. Atheist,

      Pantagon/CIA? They even kelentong their own Mr President who now is dancing round the mulberry bush and now dared not even catch him? What nonsense are you talking about?

      Bila nak join your flock in China? What are you doing here?

  5. Something light. The Sepang stripping case involves an Aussie cabinet minister’s aide. Aduh.

    A staffer for cabinet minister Christopher Pyne is among nine Australian men detained in Malaysia after they stripped down to their underwear at a Formula One race.

    Jack Walker, an adviser to Mr Pyne, Australia’s Minister for Defence Industry, dropped his daks alongside eight friends at the Grand Prix in Sepang on Sunday, revealing budgie smugglers bearing the Malaysian flag.

  6. Did you realise how ill timed the following articles about hudud in Brunei are published in the Star? Did you know the Sultan is currently visiting Putrajaya? Are the Star editors aware of this?

    Sultan of Brunei arrives in Putrajaya for official 3-day visit BY AZURA ABAS – 4 OCTOBER 2016 @ 11:47 AM

    Monday, 3 October 2016
    Life goes on as usual despite implementation of hudud:

    Monday, 3 October 2016
    New churches or temples not allowed:

    1. A very good publicity for Brunei and also good preview of what is coming if hudud is in place.

  7. Readers are encouraged to read JMD’s latest take on PAS’ for its current thinking. Link below.

    PAS does not need UMNO to survive.

    PAS does not need a non-Muslim malay-saviour-wannabe Helen to tell the party how to handle its affairs.

    PAS has been in existence longer than Helen.

    Whatever Helen writes about PAS are irrelevant, lack credibility and heavily influenced by what the PMO fellas tell her to write.

    1. re: “Whatever Helen writes about PAS … heavily influenced by what the PMO fellas tell her to write.”

      You (Protuns) are becoming as ultra kiasu as the Dapsters in the way you keep repeating ad nauseum your PMO and dedak accusations.

      I’m not surprised that Protuns and Cina ultra bersekongkol, and with the Melayu DAP acting as the pengantara.

      However when the 20k mercenary go between is liar and a fraud, then don’t be surprised to find the Protuns sinking to the level of the Dapsters.

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