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Makan deDAP and Bersih’s Malay false confidence

DAP has learned one lesson at least from Bersih 4.0.

After a yellow tide of evangelical party supporters overflooded the last rally in August 2015, this time they’re careful that Malays must be conspicuously seen in their Bersih 5.0 photo ops.

Hence the emphasis on a handful of Malay Yellow Shirts who were put on display in the shop front – details, read here – a couple of days ago during the Bersih convoy flag-off.

They’re only window dressing, however. It’s merely a sprinkling of Malay individuals who are willing to serve as a fig leaf for Bersih 5.0. But more important is what will be the actual numbers in Malay turnout when Nov 19 brings on the biggie?

After all, the PAS bean counters – who were the backbone of the original Bersih demos – are not going to be taking part in this fifth edition of the yellow street protest.

BELOW: Red Shirts accused of being paid and makan dedak

Lessons DAP is incapable of learning

DAP realized that its dominance of Bersih 4.0 backfired when the Malays were largely missing in action. So now they’re trying not to repeat the same mistake.

While DAP might change its public relations approach and attempt to make Bersih appear multiracial, it nonetheless cannot change the party’s inherent character, i.e. the nature of the beast.

It is in their DNA always to demonize their opponents.

They’re the most malicious people. FMT and Malaysiakini were even compelled to lock their readers comment section to stanch the torrent of vitriol against Tuan Guru Haron Din upon his passing.

Thus we find they vilify the Baju Merah as “thugs” whereas portraying the Yellow Shirts as a “peaceful” assembly.

They frame it that Bersih participants are altruistic freedom fighters whereas the Gelombang Merah rally goers are depicted as dirty mercenaries.

They claim that the Bersih leaders are patriots in comparison to Merah leaders who are Nazis.

And their Chinese congregation dutifully swallow all this DAP propaganda. As the adage goes, trouble begins when the flock start believing wholesale in their own propaganda.

Tengku Adnan: Riots could break out

DAP’s goon squad has successfully blocked most of the critical feedback from reaching the Chinese audience. Living in an ethnic silo, Cina DAP do not have awareness of how negatively other communities view them.

Umno sec-gen Tengku Adnan has cautioned that riots might happen.

Let’s take the anti-Chinese sentiment that prevails in parts of Indonesia.

Read, ‘Why anti-Chinese sentiments persist in Indonesia‘ (Indonesia, 10 Sept 2016) and a Jakarta Post editorial ‘Je suis Chinois‘ on 2 Sept 2016 on recent incidents of Sinophobia.

Full-blown anti-Chinese riots previously occurred on 13-15 May 1998 in Jakarta and other flashpoints, where according to the Jakarta Military Command, 463 people were killed.

Only a very, very small fraction of the Indonesian native population carried out the physical attacks against the Chinese. But still you need to seriously ponder on what was the opinion of the silent majority about the Chinese because outbreak of the riots did not happen in a vacuum.

Slick propaganda by evangelistas and the brutal cyber terrorism of the Dapsters have combined to suppress the Malay backlash and other expressions of disgust at the behaviour of the Cina DAP from reaching or being heard by the complacent Chinese public.

As one example, the ordinary Chinese might not realize how widespread the name-calling label “Dapigs” has become.

Malaysian Chinese risk being victims of the DAP’s extreme propaganda success pushing the idea that the DAP is spreading love-love-love while everybody opposed to the party must be haters.

anime sailor moon snigger

Melayu yang makan deDAP 20k

Will the turnout at Bersih 5.0 next month mirror that of Bersih 4.0?

The tableux that was the Bersih convoy flag-off was so obviously crafted for public relations consumption, just like our typical muhibbah posters that take care to place the Malay model in the middle of the photo shoot line-up.

Which Malay will attend Bersih 5.0?

Fact is, PAS folks have got no love for the DAP and would not be stepping within a mile of the Bersih 5.0 rally.

Some PKR Malays will show up but Parti Anwar has never had PAS’s ground game.

PAN warriors support DAP and will support Bersih 5.0, and 85,000 of them will occupy Dataran That is if you believe that the new proxy party has registered that many members.

That leaves the followers of PPBM (Tun’s party) to make up the Malay Bersih numbers.



Arigato, and thanks for all the raw fish.

Tun himself had graced Bersih 4.0. Therefore the ex-statesman is anticipated to reprise his headliner role in Bersih 5.0. No surprises there.

The more important question is how many Protuns will follow suit?

A vindictive Protun reject, whose Malay blog has been bought off to serve as the premier whack-Najib platform, is nowadays failing to attract the anti-Najib Malays except for those hardcore ones (pentaksub Tun).

Although some Umno Malays are unhappy with the party and its president, nonetheless they can see for themselves the gutter level and viciousness when the DAP executes a reverse takeover.

A DAP-dominated environment is too toxic for comfort despite their (and the Melayu macai’s) occasional pretense of spreading love and kindness.

Bersih 5.0 will similarly be a DAP-dominated environment. Expect it to be as toxic as Bersih 4.0. Only Melayu DAP will spin it as a noble cause.



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101 thoughts on “Makan deDAP and Bersih’s Malay false confidence

  1. That Malay blogger is not the only pemakan dedak. The Cina ultra blogger is also a pemakan dedak, the transformation from Shuzheng to Rihaku lol

      1. Not too sure that the Muslims will find it as ‘funny’ as you do.

        Just stop spamming my blog with anti-Islam videos lah.

        1. Its not an anti-Islam video, it’s just a very funny video. Your readers will enjoy it. Come on, be a good sport, post it

          1. The video is rude and provocative.

            Just as you are.

            Why don’t you go and post it in Annie’s blog? His anti-Melayu, anti-Islam DAP readership would appreciate something like this.

                1. Let us understand Atheist better here, discussions by christians on the common behaviours of Atheist;

                  1. Rina,

                    I doubt that the fella calling himself ‘Atheist’ is actually one. He’s just a false flag to make mischief among other religions in order to deflect from the evangelista agenda.

                    1. I’m realer than real-deal Holyfield. No theist would dare call him/herself an Atheist due to fear of incurring the wrath of god.

                      I as an Atheist don’t think that god is real. Whether it be Allah, Jesus, Jade Emperor, Krishna, Zeus, Thor, Osiris, Santa Claus or Spiderman. They are all man made deities and purely fictional.

                      Back to you, Helen

  2. DAP claims they are multiracial so Bersih 5 make sure they have the representations of Bumis 68.6%, Chinese 23.4%, Indians 7% and others 1%.

    Takmau satni oghang puzzle terkejut ingatkan Bersih 5 Yellow Shirts is another demo in China or Hongkong pula.

    Haiyaa wo buk zhidao, eee kong ha mik? Ni hai mey yau!

  3. I hate yellow shirts’ street riot. They are fanning the hate feeling in many of which has been buried deep inside. If I had the chance I’d just sneak among them and throw rotten eggs towards their faces. That’s as far as my hate goes to the illegal assembly by those bershit fellas.
    If they think they want to exercise their rights,, what is wrong with us to doing so. This maria is delusional to think that she could ridicule others just like that. Who does she think she is to mess up with our homeland. For one bershit fella, there’ll be 9 bershit haters. So, what does she expect the other 90 percent to do? Just watch their rubbish bershit stunts in silence? In her dream.
    She is brewing the hate syndrome among the 90 percent silent majority and waiting for the volcano to erupt. She should know the power of pent-up anger and dissatisfaction could erupt into a volcanic reaction which anybody would be sorry about.
    HATE YA, HATE BERSHIT YELLOW RALLIES. They are causing us so much pain by their lack of sensitivity towards others’ feeling, disrupting the peace of this beloved country, which does not seem to be theirs. That is why they do not feel the guilt of jeopardising it. Very SELFISH BERSHIT. They might think that it is trending to emulate the west to voice up.
    It shows their lack of creativity in handling an issue, watave issue. Like the children who lack the initiative to talk responsibly to their parents, then throw tantrums to the disgust of other onlookers. THEY INITIATE IT, WE’LL(the silent ones) RESPOND TO THEM , equally sooner or later. Remember, for any household, there will be more than 5 family members to be initiated to retaliate. It is 90 percent retaliation against 10 percent bershit initiation. That is the real show of power they are asking and waiting for. So, stop being delusional, bershit fellas.
    Do not underestimate the power of the silence. Once hell is let loose, nothing much could be done, ;been there, done that;

    1. You only talk la… got no guts to throws the eggs or even face a bersih crowd…….best case scenario, you and the red shirt gang might jam up around titiwangsa, while bersih walks the street……..90%?? are you talking about the “90%” popular vote for BN at GE13? if i am not wrong, bn’s popular vote was somewhere in the 40%

      1. Surrhead

        Ahli parliamen Aloq Staq mai buat kerja di Aloq staq. Ini Aloq staq ini kawasan kami, oghang luaq keluaq!! Jangan mai dok buat loklaq.

        Hmmm nampaknya Bersih 5 kalau mai kacau kawasan kami macam ni memang kena hambat kaw kaw wan!!

        1. i can agree. not suppose to masuk or mendekati red communist punya kawasan, how to reason with a bunch of rioter n thug.

          1. HY
            Alaaa play play innocent orgh? Or are you talking to yourself? Rioter and thug? Mana piligi itu Aloq Staq punya MP? Dok makan tidoq mengebat kat Tanjung ke?

            Yang pi nak kalut buat ape? Mau pigi move our mountains kasi jadi Botak macam Negeri Selangoq and Penang ke? Sana dah tak cukup tanah nak kolek?

            Cannot imagine what other reasons why you people mau masuk kawasan olang lain? Sabah, Sarawak itu Malina Chin mayak telioq ma..kekekeke

            1. Apa lu crita ni……Ini Malaysia ma, org Malaysia boleh gi mana2 kawasan, melainkan kawasan sensitive tentera dan informasi.

              itu baju merah naik tocang, sebab belum buku temu ruas…setakat berpuluh rempit nak gegar satu dua kereta, makcik2 kat taman aku pun boleh kasi gegar…..nov 19 mai turun kl, nak tgk telok hang besaq mana…….

              1. Surrhead

                Kesian.. Telioq air lioq meleleh tengok lain tempat punya bukit dan gunung ke?

                Sana juga mau pigi kasi BERSIH dan BOTAK – mau move mountains masuk lu punya poket juga ke?

                Dah jadi macam peminta sedekah pula, menghele sana sini minta olang kasi sokong? Haiyaaa, klo olang sokong tak payah pigi kehulu kehilir, US, UK, Istana, Raja-raja Tanah Melayu, menjelajah satu Malaysia..olang tetap akan sokong wan!

                Owh..Lu olang Roket ada, BERSIH 5 talak mau lamai2 pigi outerspace juga ke?

                Bukan saja dellusional tapi dah ketahap desperado.. Kesian..
                Muaha haaaa

                1. wei, suka hati kita org la nak gi sana sini ka, nak guling ka mana2….masa merah buat demo kalut depan sogo, ( )ada org nak tanya ker…….org tgk gelak jer kan?? jadik, korang pun buat mcm itu jer la… nak halang2 org, ko ni samseng sgt ker?? akalu bersih dah ke tahap desperado, jadik apa yg ko nak risaukan?? buat dek jer la……ni nak turun ramai2 nak gertak 4-5. siapa yg desperado ni ha??

                  1. Surrhead

                    Haiyaa. Kesian terhegeh2 pusing satu Malaysia desperate cali olang tolong lamai2 mali BERSIH 5.

                    Cuba tengok Kim Rae Won, tak oayah pusing2 satu Malaysia, dia cakap saja KL mali semua olang jerit2 syiok pigi jumpa sama lia..

                    1. ya la, rina…..kuning kesian, hina sebab nak kehulu hilir cali olang ramai, kalau tak bersih hanya 1k-2k org jer kan…….ok la, merah menang……happy now?? can sleep better now??

                      BTW, who the hell is Kim Rae Won?? Is he a Malaysian?

      2. Good shot rina. Hail our hero, the red shirt warriors. The person throwing the rotten egg was shown on tv just now. So, these bull shit bershit bearers like soreheads are doomed…talk oni maaa.

        1. Nasib baik pakai telur. Kalau pakai batu mesti dah ada mulut mulut tak gosok gigi sebut pasal hudud.

        2. don’t just hail la…….turun padang ler……..once, at least once, i wanna see red shirts clouding yellow shirts…..before every bersih event, red shirts usually make a lot of noise, but when the day comes, red shirt group becomes a minority cos involves only one race, where else yellow shirts consists of Malays, Chinese and Indians i.e. Malaysians…….red shirt consists of third world mentalities only, and the videos shows………all the learned people are with yellows shirts la…

          1. Learned people? Kekeke…What is learned to a sorehead? Ke hulu ke hilir buat kecoh is learned? What definition based on a sorehead. Any kindergarten toddler could emulate the bershit fellas’ ill conduct. In years to come, kindergarten toddlers would be staging street demos ala bershit fellas, during their year-end stage performance..
            Copy cating external elements is not a definition of learned at all. Learned are thinkers, not just emulate something that is so common and out dated which had been practised year in year out in other countries. Muak la tengok, buwekk..get a life la bershit fellas. Your moves are getting predictable and conventional.
            Did not the Arabs who are often the subjects of your ridicule had been doing those stunts of taking to the street. At least they had done it years even decades ago when it was still trending. Now? Hmmm, so cliche! Now that your bershit fellas are emulating them, is it not you are worse than them? Or are you again practising double standards here, as usual?.Delusional turning desperados would be Bilahari’s future posting about these gone-astray bershit fellas.
            One more thing, do not bother to pour any advice from your peahead, sorehed. Nobody is listening, save your resources for more beneficial endevours other than bershit rallies of course. Physical presence is not the only means of a show of support. The ones behind the scenes are the real perpetrators.Got it mae? No, as usual, I presume.What could be expected of a sorehead.

            1. wawe……..siapa yg buat kecoh skrg ni?? geng mana yg gi terajang org? korang tau tak brader yg kena terajang dgn geng merah itu inspektor? tau tak, bengong?? Inspektor itu geng Ayahanda Jebat la…… fellas are stupid to the maxx. Nothing can be said much when Jamal Jamban is leading, only stoopids follow him

              Whatever that you are trying to portray here does not mean anything if you are still blinded on racial ground.

              See ya on 19th. Nov.

              1. Hahaha..sorehead is still in the dark of all things glaring. A group of lawyers are going to defend the red shirts. And the video shows that the yellows initiated the rogue moves. Talk without evidence, sorehead. And who is talking along the racial line, racist sorehead. The initial accusers are often the real perpetrators. Got it? No as usual, I presume. What is to be expected of a sorehead.
                Btw, go ahead with your non-sensical bershit, out dated rally, just like the Arabs decades ago. You are way behind them in terms of having your own initiatives. And this is the group that you have have been bad mouthing since they are not from you kin of the yellows.

                1. don’t forget to rope in the lawyer for low yat thief too. In a way, these are the standards of lawyers who supporting red – dumb and racist – where some might blabber or just piss in their pants when faced with real lawyers like Syahredzan or Art Harun.

                  Make plans to migrate if you are sick of yellow rallies – cos there will be more.

    2. Bersih is good. Cant see anything wrong with it.
      Would be good if they can have it more often.
      Infact will donate more for the movement.

  4. Even though I disagree with their agenda and struggles, I do have some respect for PAS and their members for their consistent and clear stance and sticking to it no matter what. PKR – these are ex UMNO folks plus some lost NGOs thrown in. Flawed and slightly nutty but their love for their KETUM is still understandable.

    But these Malays from DAP – I couldn’t get my head around these bunch. I thought these are sort of modern day Regimen 10, the Malay CPM regiment created by the Chinese bosses of CPM to provide the party with a fig leaf of multi-racialism. But then again some of these Regimen 10 members were really passionate believers in the concept of Socialism and Communism and willing to sacrifice their well being and lives for the Cause.

    But these Malays of DAP are probably lower than the scums of the earth. Pathetic group of people with no redeeming qualities at all other than being the mouthpiece and tools of their Chinese bosses. Worse than cockroaches…..

    1. Cant be worse than indian trying to be mat saleh. By naming yourself calvin or kelvin doesnt change your skin colour, keling.

    2. I almost corrected you for comparing present day Melayu DAP with MCP Malays. That comparison is an insult… to the MCP Malays.

      Bloody and misled they may have been, many of the MCP Malays were earnest socialists who were unfortunate enough to have joined the left in its earlier violent stage.

      I propose that if they had waited a few more years, they could have joined the peaceful reform bandwagon. These are people in the establishment who probably never proclaimed themselves leftists but had an agenda that was certainly left-leaning… Ungku Aziz, Pak Samad (both Said and Ismail), even Tun Razak arguably… Not once did he hire openly socialist subordinates.

      So the MCP Malays went red far too soon and paid for it. Or perhaps the MCP Malays – violent and desperate – served a precautionary tale for the establishment leftists later? And all in all, historically necessary?

      Melayu DAP don’t and won’t come close.

    1. You cannot understand PAS and IS without knowing their historical roots ….. they subdue people with fear into stupid and promise heaven to follow their way.

      Perhaps the worst event for Islam was the gas find in Arabia. It was this mix of billion dollars and Saudi mindset that resulted in preachers all over the world preaching Wahhabism to young people who thought it was a great mission in life in an otherwise dull existence.

      1. We all need to return to the wisdom path (tariqah al-hikmah) of Sayyidina Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

        Sound intellectualization (fikr) and spiritual recollection (dzikr) are the traditional methods by which men and women purify the heart and fortify the mind to engage with the challenges of daily life and the sure meeting in the hereafter – on the straight and upright way.

        The Sovereign of the Day of Judgement says:
        “Surely, a Messenger has come unto you from among yourselves; grievous to him is that you should fall into trouble; he is ardently concerned for your welfare; and to the people of faith he is most kind and merciful.” (Quran, 9:128)

        “And We have not sent you (O Muhammad) for any other reason than as Grace for all peoples.” (Q, 21:108)

        Sermon by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

  5. Serving DAP has impact some malays quite positively. They can never hope to reach what they are today without support from DAP. Mat Sabu is a very classic example. He would have never been made a director of a company without support from DAP. The same with his current post as Amanah’s president. Absolutely no hope for him to lead Amanah without back-up by DAP.

      1. This is true. But DAP strongmen like Jeff Ooi must stop calling them kucing kurap no matter how relevant the term is.

  6. Calvinsankaran,

    Bilahari Kausikan used the right word…DELUSIONAL..

    Saya pula kata “bagaikan kera mendapat bunga”.

  7. Ms H. As I have said many times before, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP could not gain power in 3 Easy Steps, how can they win with anti-social demonstrations ? It is the failure of Political Genius or Ideas !

    1. 1997. First Easy Step. If the DPM had taken sabbatical in the United States, he would have returned as the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia with a Harvard Doctorate too ! Killing two birds with one stone !

    2. 2008. Second Easy Step. If the 32 Aduns had been sorted out BEFORE and not AFTER the 12th General Elections of 2008, they would have won the 13th General Elections of 2013 as well.

    3. 2013. Third Easy Step. If the Opposition had boycotted the 13th General Elections and declared a 100 day fast to the death in the lst Class Ward of the KLGH, they would have been in Putrajaya since.

    Shall we blame the bad advisers ?

    Since 1966, whichever way the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP turned, it produced barren results. Were they serious ? Now with the departure of LKY their creator and spiritual leader, the Singaporean elites have spoken out through their spokesman, Bilahari Kausikan in October 2015 with a tinge of frustration that these fellows who have been bashing around since 1966 are simply ‘delusional Chinese’. This is the fact with the latest Singaporean recognition that Singapore’s current defence line is UMNO in good old KL and not the Batu Pahat-Muar River Line defended by 300,000 Singaporean military with the latest hardware as envisaged by LKY’s 19th Century vision.

    Notably, newcomers who promoted these money and time wasting street demonstrations have gained international kudos like those in Hong Kong. The two scenarios are exactly the same, politically. As always there are opportunities for anyone who knows how to tango. It takes two to tango !

    1. Uncle, witnessing your thoroughgoing rather personally experienced assessment of DAP demagogery over long decades, what does that say about Anwar and his Keadilan and the PAS islamist apparatchiks when they buddy-buddied the pro-zionist DAPsters for so many years towards Putrajaya glory? In fact, Anwar’s mode of realpolitik seems in hindsight, to forbode the machinations of Mr. Najib’s steaming administration.

      1. Chris, First, the Opposition can only survive by sniping at the BN’s faux pas. Without this, they would just disappear ! Second, with the backing of the self-promoted brilliance of LKY and unlimited resources, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP could not make any headway on the road to power for over 50 years ! Something is seriously wrong. Is it deliberate just to be a trouble maker and intentionally misled their colleagues, the PKR and PAS by giving them false hopes ? Third, there is no common political ground on which the 3 buddies can fight together against the common foe. There is no common political philosophy at all. We cannot fight on hatred or love alone. Fourth, foot-soldiers are plenty with these parties. But where are the generals and the colonels to win the battle if not the War ? They have many apple polishers and hangers-on who only talk. Fifth, I met one of the buddies twice. Once in 1982, he was dressed in resplendent white and was half a kilometer away from me so to speak. The second time I helped to deliver a RM 1 million cheque for the Islamic International University. He avoided my gaze and handshake. I was the only non-Malay. The Pakistani FTs surrounded and harassed him and said,’ You promised me this, Sir ! You promised me that, Sir !’ I found the whole episode rather amusing. Let us hope the Government will distance itself from the GLCs, the catalyst for corruption and nepotism in Singapore, China and Russia and sell them to the Private Sector for cash to balance the Budget. We cannot have the cake and eat it. In other words, we can not have Democracy with a Government in business or making money in the Private Sector by the Government. No Western democratic government does business to make money for the Rakyat ! Politics and money do not mix !

        1. Wunderbar Sir: you put the issues into a nutshell. One wonders what nature of cognitive and emotional dissonances those various players must have suffered throughout their rather convoluted political fling together. One also wonders what aberration of the Constitution would have been attempted, if by a cruel fluke the Anwar-Kit Siang-Hadi mutant had overtaken Putrajaya.

          1. Chris, Take this from me. I have never looked up to people, not even LKY. I might respect them if they don’t have sticky fingers. M’sia is so small, a phone call reveals all. If you look at the 3 buddies, each performs exactly to their inherent characteristics. One is religous, fair enough. Another marched to the sound of his own drums. fair enough. Finally, one has always been an employee from day one. So how to be a leader but only a social worker ? Therefore, if the massed supporters realise that they are going no-where for another 50 years, they go raving mad at being misled ! It is not easy to take-over an incumbent Government by revolution as I always said because rightly or wrongly the Law is on the side of the Government. Our 13,000 to 17,000 lawyers should spend time serving the needs of the Rakyat by persuading the Government to up-date the antiquated laws eg. the Trustee Act 1949, the Companies Act 1965 and the Bankruptcy Act 1967 instead of donning the yellow shirts and walk around making a fool of themselves playing politics.

  8. Ms H. Any serious political observer would have noticed that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP being what they are or what they always have been with failed Political Genius or Ideas, has created the perfect scenario for the BN as led by UMNO to rule the next 50 years comfortably and they, themselves in the Opposition for the same period. Maybe this is the ‘Hidden Secret’ ! All Subangites etc beware of those who speak with forked tongues sic Red Indians.

  9. The reason PAS doesn’t want DAP is because they know that DAP is against their IS agenda

    1. Haha, tell us about it … muslims sure – but iman may be only lah. many still got javanese hindu caste-mentality.
      wealth & power = superior class kan?

      1. And why do Imams who are suppose to devote their lives in servitude of God crave such worldly obsessions like wealth and power?

        Seems to me like religion is being used as a means to control

        1. Methinks you’re using a ‘false’ (misrepresenting) Atheist moniker and deliberately trying to provoke Muslims in order to deflect/divert attention away from the DAP evangelistas.

            1. Whatever. Just stop spamming my blog with anti-Islam stuff. This is a Muslim country. Live with it.

              1. Ms H. I fully agree and support your comment that ‘ this is a Muslim country. Live with it.’ These anonymous types who hide behind the Internet mask, are cowards and the scum of the Earth

              2. Ms H, I recommend ‘atheist speaks’ to read Marc de Faoite comment on Malaysia in the Irish Times !

        2. All men are born to find their way back to their Origin, the One and Absolute Lord of all creation.

          “Listen to your heart and not your ego. Your ego prompts you to boast of vain assertions to obtain the glory of this world. Turn away from vanity and seek Him in the recesses of your heart and soul.”
          – Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Persian saint and jurisprudent.

          “And it is not your wealth, nor your children that bring you nearer to Us (Divine Assembly), but you who are faithful and who do good to others. For such people is a double reward as recompense, and they will reside in lofty dwellings of Paradise, in peace and security.” (Quran 34:37)

          1. Chill, old man. You sound threatened. I don’t mean to shake you up like that. You have a right to believe in whatever deity you want even though I don’t share it.

            1. Atheist, Is this the best you can do ? You are just an insecure nimcompoop of no consequence. You cannot even reporduce !

                    1. Atheist speaks. Vulgarity, abuse and insults these are the hallmarks of nobodies. But the hallmarks of the scum of the Earth.

                  1. Every religion requires a deity (mono) or deities (poly). And there is not a shred of evidence that any deity exist. None

                    1. Ah so! Existence! This is the famous passage from Chuang Tzu:

                      “Once upon a time, Chuang Tzu dreamt that he was a butterfly, flying in enjoyment. It did not know that it was Chuang Chou. Suddenly he awoke, and veritably he was Chuang Chou again. But he was not certain whether it was Chuang Chou dreaming that he was a butterfly, or whether it was the butterfly dreaming it was Chuang Chou. Between Chuang Chou and the butterfly there must be some distinction? This is what is called the distinction between the transformation of a thing and the thing-in-itself.

                      Are you a deity who knows no other deity?

                    2. I’m not a deity, I’m a man that knows no other deity, Kung. Which deity do you know and how do you know that deity is real?

                    3. Atheist speaks, You are a stool pigeon. You do not figure in the Constitution which covers all religions. Why ? Because you were born out of a rock with no father or mother unlike us ! Through years of practice dealing with you worms, I am more effective than using low class words which belong to you.

                    4. ” And there is not a shred of evidence that any deity exist. None”

                      Depends on what you deem as evidence.

                      Would you consider Incorruptible bodies of saints that died over 400 years ago as at least something to be considered? How about bleeding statues, claims of miraculous healings and countless claims of various Marian Apparitions? Fatima and the Miracle of the sun for example was witnessed by 70,00 people and reported by many secular newspaper publications at the time. What about Eucharistic miracles?

                      Am sure the other religions will have their own claims as well.

                      Whilst they may not be sufficient proof of God’s existence, surely anyone who claims to take a scientific or logical approach to the subject would at least have to consider researching these claims before making such a lazy statement as the one you just made.

                      God Bless.

                    5. And a scientific and logical approach is to say “God did it”. Just because we couldn’t explain something doesn’t mean we have to give credit to a deity as the cause.

                      Ancient Greeks couldn’t explain lightning and thought Zeus was throwing a tantrum in the sky. Now we can explain lightining and all of a sudden Zeus disappears.

                      We can talk all year long about Bigfoot footprints. But the only irrefutable and conclusive evidence is to find a live one.

                      Therefore I have a right not to believe in Bigfoot…. and God

                    6. re: “Therefore I have a right not to believe in Bigfoot…. and God”

                      Fine. To you your disbelief and to others their belief.

                      It is however unproductive to bait the believers and provoke them.

                      What you’re doing is merely the flip side of proselytization. The Christian missionaries/pendakwah Islam try to convert unbelievers to their faith.

                      You, OTOH, try to convince the faithful that there is no God. Just leave them alone, will ya? Your methods are offensive. They will surely take offence.

                      No good will come out of such adversarial faith challenges, especially in our fraught socio-political climate presently.

                    7. GOD DID IT…….. Wait, that sounds like a lazy statement.

                      I’ll get back to you, RINA, after I obtain a PhD in embryology

                    8. hehehe Rina, he got no evidence the man he call papa jumpstart his mama’s ovum …so he is not required to be his papa’s son.

                    9. Atheist! It is not Deity like you imagine …….

                      In the ancient Sanskrit texts the name for God(Brahman) is Sat-Chit-Ananda = Sat (Existence), Chit (Consciousness), Ananda (Bliss).
                      Brahman may manifest in many different forms but essentially formless.
                      Brahman is the Universal Spirit; the Ultimate Reality, Pure Consciousness; the One existence; the Absolute; the unchanging reality amidst and beyond world of objects.

                      For man to realize the hidden light in his soul, the first veil to overcome is ignorance; when that is gone, unruly behavior is under control; then base desires weaken, and hopefully selfishness renounced. When this happens misery disappears like pungent vapours flow away.

                    10. Ah yes, The Return of the Jedi, the “force” awakens. What’s next? fairies and leprechauns

                    11. You ask what’s next when misery has dissipated like a pungent cloud? Sakyamuni Buddha says,

                      “Just as a mother would protect her only child with her life, even so let one cultivate a boundless love towards all beings.”

                1. Atheist speaks. Your English is poor. Very poor. You are hollow with no cultural ballast and argumentative. You are a disgrace to yourself because you were born out of a rock. You are narcissistic. Look at your stupid face every morning. Let our HY and Chris be your role models because at present you are just a spineless worm hiding behind an anonyme ! Our Constitution does not recognise atheists ! You are a nobody !

                  1. Likewise you old dinosaur, keep praying to your Superman in the sky and maybe you will stop whining about Lee Kuan Yew.

                    1. Atheist speaks. You speak nothing. But talk cock. I wish you live till the age of 101 ! But those who harmed me, I have a list of 54 either they died or their wives or kids died. I have a space for No. 55 !

                    2. I don’t think your god has enough superpowers to do that, you old shoe. Go take some Viagra and keep yourself busy.

                    3. Atheist speaks. You should be ashamed of yourself with your verbosity which in fact you have been shooting blanks. You lost big and kept saying that you are forever wearing pre-puberty short pants. Of course, you know why this is so ! I am here to support our host Ms H sensible remarks on your stupid remarks.

                  2. England poor no problem so long able to differentiate between what is right and wrong morally and ethically.
                    Some bastards have problems understanding these basic things. Helen Ang and you are classic example.
                    Dah makan dedak kot.

                    1. re: “Dah makan dedak kot.”

                      This is getting very tiresome and reflects the Dapsterland you all – including the Melayu Liar & Fraud Annie – inhabit.

                      With your kind of in denial, you really can’t get what the majority of the population really think and feel about you guys.

                      You really

                  3. Atheist speaks. Listen eternal boy ! We must all congratulate our Ms H for running this Blog for all, role models like Kung, HY, Catholic Crusader, Chris, Ismail lst, Rina, Kumar etc who used their intellect to be constructive and not divisive and destructive like you. We as Malaysians must have a common goal whether they are atheists or not. Our country in time should be an amalgam of India (democracy), Switzerland (vision) and Japan. (etihics and good governance) Go and visit them. See but do not look. In time too, this Blog will be unique and famous.

                    1. Eternal boy of the spotless mind, who you know do it better than yours truly? Me, Godless and Free ….. from the shackles of religious dogma plaguing the minds, to see the world for what it is and not through the lens of religion

                      You should try it

                    2. atheist speaks. It is crystal clear you belong to the Woodbridge Hospital ( my nephew / LKY nephew is there or Tanjong Rambutan. Were you let loose from them ?

                    3. atheist speaks nothing. I do not understand what you have been trying to put across because your English is so poor and LKY is your god. Have you lost your plot due to the fact that you fired so many blanks ? As far as I discern, our beloved Malaysia is a decent country inhabited by god-fearing and good people from 3 ancient civilizations. All of us excluding atheists are on our way to make our country great like India, Switzerland and Japan.

                    4. Funny you mentioned those countries, a chunk of their population are atheists/agnostics. We are everywhere so deal with it.

                      Your phony “force” in lalaland don’t scare us

                    5. So are you a categorical atheist or some fudging agnostic?
                      You don’t need a God you brashly proclaim: But how could a wildly vacillating mind plumb the depths of “Real Existence”? Your indulgent rhetoric shows you’ve hardly learned what honest discourse is all about.

                      And desist from calling the honorable gentleman names, as if you’re some braying donkey overloaded with encyclopedias it can’t ever begin to comprehend.

                    6. Ah, I get it now. It’s ok for him to insult me but it’s wrong for me to insult him. Seems like blatant bias is a theistic worldview.

                      I must sit quietly and accept everything you say as the gospel truth no matter how ludicrous it sounds. And if I argue back, I’m the crazy one.

                      Thank you for the hypocrisy and may the “force” be with you

                    7. Atheist speaks nothing. Please prove to us you are an atheist and not an ordinary four legged animal.

                    8. So you’re no categorical atheist. No self-respecting atheist would allow my challenge to escape from his indomitable logic.
                      And what has the gospel got to do with your agnosticism? Crazy as it seems, no man with his sanity intact gives two hoots about the “forces” that drives you into irreverent euphoria. Other than to quell your retarded discourse – whose passable syntax masks your rather hollow semantics – in the name of civil intercourse.

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