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Jamal will need to vault his Ferrari on top of the Protuns


It’s the season of scorched earth politics.

In the fiery second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump which took place last night, it was intimated that if the Democrat presidential candidate fails to win the Nov 8 election, she is staring at jail time.

Mrs Clinton, the former Secretary of State, was flayed by Trump as a practised liar. He said, “there’s never been so many lies, so much deception, never been anything like it …”

The Republican contender threatened that if he were president, Mrs Clinton “would be in jail”.

Claiming that Mrs Clinton deleted 33,000 e-mail from the period of her tenure as state secretary, Trump wants her to be prosecuted and imprisoned.

Mrs Clinton had used an unsecured e-mail server for her work correspondence

parrot ani

Not all Republican leaders support Trump

On her part, Mrs Clinton questioned Trump’s fitness to be American president and accused Trump of being “into (a) big diversion”.

She alleged that he needs to divert public attention in order to avoid talking about the way his campaign is exploding. Trump is faltering after a section of Republican leaders and party members disavowed and distanced themselves from his nomination.

The Republican nominee is unpopular to the extent that there have been mini riots in the anti-Trump rallies by Mrs Clinton’s ethnic minority (blacks and Hispanics) supporters.

Will M’sian opposition resort to street justice?

In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the electoral college vote. George W. Bush became the 43rd president after the US Supreme Court ended legal review of the vote count in Florida with Bush in the lead.

Gore and his supporters did not protest even though he had won the popular vote.

There is however some apprehension as to whether Trump and his supporters would concede defeat as graciously as Gore if he were to lose the election four weeks from today.

Meanwhile six weeks from now in Malaysia, the Yellow Shirts are set to hit the streets. There is a similar sense of unpredictability as to whether Bersih 5.0 would actually proceed on Nov 19.

Malay Trojan horses in Johor

If the opposition believe in the democratic process, they would let GE14 decide who shall form the next government rather than resort to their Bersih 5.0 street mob.

After all, opposition de facto paramount leader Tun Mahathir Mohamad has said (see video above) that the Johor government can change hands in GE14. PPBM (Tun’s party) president Muhyiddin Yassin believes the same — news report linked below.

Protuns and vindictive Umno rejects are sedang bersekongkol with DAP and Cina ultras in Johor which is the front line state in the battle for Putrajaya.

One Johor Adun recently defected from Umno to PPBM, and his defection caused BN to lose its two-thirds majority for the first time ever.

Why Malay Yellow Shirts are fighting with Red Shirts

There’s no reason for the BN’s jewel in the crown to fall to Pakatan other than through treachery from within Umno or by traitors who have insider knowledge of the Umno Johor set-up.

One Malay mercenary blogger – who claims to be the go-to expert in blogosphere on Johor politics – sold his services to the opposition who have an ample war chest for their bid to take control of the state. His reputation as Mr 20k comes from his asking price for viciously whacking the ANC targets (i.e. Najib’s men) he’s paid to attack.

This Malay mole can be recognized through his close association with Cina ultras – his role is as the dog whistler calling the rabid RBAs to their feeding frenzy – as well as his sneakiness in penning a string of “hundreds” of anonymous comments in his own gutter blog.

Like the Melayu DAP, Protuns and PAN agents who are physically buffering Bersih’s Chinese masterminds against badass Jamal and his Red Shirts, the Malay anibaba blogger on a generous payroll is doing the same virtually – but only online – to buffer his paymaster. (The blogger is otherwise a coward who even hides his real name and fakes his cyber identity.)

So if Jamal Sekinchan wants to fulfill his boast to stop the Yellow Shirts in their tracks, he has to langkah Bersih’s Malay stooges first.


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  1. Buka main hensem betul datuk seri ikan bakar dalam kereta ferrari tu. Kasi cium cium sikit!
    Tapi apa guna hensem, keluar dari kereta ferrari, mulut berbau taik kucing dan dedak.
    Ini macai noh omar, pergi mampus lo. Nanti rosakkan peluang umno bn rampas balik selangor.

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