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War of the Colours

“Dajjal oh dajjal”


Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah believes Jamal Sekinchan is waging a war against her Yellow Shirts movement.

Maria told reporters this yesterday outside the Petaling Jaya police district headquarters after she lodged a police report against the Red Shirts leader for an allegedly seditious Facebook posting.

Bersih 5.0 is the umbrella body for waging a war against Najib Razak.

So is the Najib administration supposed to sit back, relax and do nothing? Or will they apply an equal and opposite reaction against the body blows from Bersih?


Etiquette of proportionate warfare

In a war, the combatants strike at each other. For example, if North Korea were to lob a missile across the border, South Korea might consider retaliating with a missile counter strike.

The Yellow Shirts are presently holding mini public assemblies. The Red Shirts are reacting with small, confrontational gatherings of their own.

In Teluk Intan some days ago, the Yellows and the Reds shoved at each other although the scuffle apparently did not reach a point of the two sides trading punches.

As Bersih builds momentum, expect more placards and slogan chanting plus maybe some innovative gimmicks. The Red Shirts also have stunts up their sleeve such as flying kicks or perhaps breaking roof tiles over their own head.

Red Shirt break brick

Choosing your weapons of war

vampireThose who support Bersih believe that the “MO1” individual is a kleptocrat and hence they’re taking to the streets to effect a regime change.

Jamal who supports the government, on the other hand, believes that Bersih is “dajjal”.  Hence what kind of action do you suppose Jamal is going to take against the dajjal?

How does one defeat dajjal?

BELOW:Nampak sangat Bersih dah jadi DAJJAL” — a Facebook posting attributed to Jamal Sekinchan; a Melayu DAP (holding up the “dajjal” FB screenshot) making police report against Jamal. More details @ MMO story, here



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11 thoughts on “War of the Colours

  1. Datuk ikan bakar epitomizes the entire useless and brainless generation of certain race. Just pay them some pocket money and they will bark the way you want them to bark.

    1. Sifu Warren Buffet nasihat kalau ikut BERSIH 5 “based on emotion and instint IS WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE”

      Kalau pun niat BERSIH 5 nak gi melalak “tendang Najib”, “corruption” “thief” and whatnot you so “perasan called learned” people claim, please “Base your decisions on FACTS oppose to emotion”.

    2. tehtarik
      Waaa aaa kalau gitu tolong bagi contact numbers of those who will pay me to bark can or not? I am sure many will appreciate your feedback.

        1. Go got money mei, tehtarik? I thought you oni hv enuf cents to drink teatarik. How u get money.You makan dedak osomei?

    3. Tehtarik,

      I thought it is the other way around . Is it nor DAP that supports PAN. And useless people like Mohd Sabu is willing to be “kuda tunggangan” for DAP.

    1. So race is the first consideration and not what is legal or illegal, or good/bad?

      I thought the DAP (Yellow Shirts) are always proclaiming themselves to be (skin) colour blind” and “beyond race and creed”, no meh?

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