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Have Umno and PAS cut a deal over RUU 355?

No retreat, no surrender …

Najib Razak’s latest message to the nation – see video below – is pregnant with sublimal meanings and also hints at his coming course of action.

In the two-minute audio clip, the Umno president noted that 2008 opposition chief (Anwar Ibrahim) and Tun Mahathir (albeit not directly named) are the two men most responsible for diluting the Malay hegemony.

Najib blamed their actions for the rise in ethnic tensions.

Zero sum game

The BN chairman went on to describe how his ruling party has come under attack in three phases:

  • Phase 1 — led by Anwar
  • Phase 2 — led by Tun
  • Phase 3 — Anwar-Tun under DAP proxy leadership

The weakening of Malay power by Anwar and Tun has indirectly resulted in the strengthening of the DAP.

Creatures of the DAP

Following the set-up of Tun’s new party, lamented Najib, “kuasa politik Melayu berpecah kepada lima”.

Malay political power – now split five ways – is diminishing due to the renegades trying to overturn the established order.

PAN, a mosquito party that broke away from PAS, is rightly seen as a minion of DAP while PPBM, a gnat-sized party that broke away from Umno, is viewed as being under the DAP’s thumb too.

It is sad, Najib said, how Tun is willing to allow himself to be used as a tool by the “perhimpunan” (Bersih).

Bersih Mahathir
Tun was a special guest at Bersih 4.0 and is expected to be the figurehead of Bersih 5.0

PAS sudah berpatah arang berkerat rotan dengan DAP

The battle lines have been drawn in the sand. PAN and PPBM are lining up behind DAP whereas PAS is on the opposite side to the DAP.

PAS’s new Mursyidul Am Hashim Jasin has announced that his party will never again cooperate with DAP as well as ruled out any future reconciliation between them.

On the other hand, he told a press conference yesterday, PAS’s “pendekatan berbaik-baik dengan Umno” is on the basis of Muslim unity.

He said PAS preferred “politik matang” and eschewed “politik cari makan”.

Politik makan deDAP Melayu 20k

Tun’s decision to work together with Cina DAP has opened a window of opportunity for a handful of his downline Malays who are mercenaries for hire.

You can find these previously “Apa Lagi Cina Mahu” Protuns today snugly in the Chinese ultras’ pocket.

From their earlier position holding DAP to be racist and extreme, the Umno rejects made a 180-degree turn to suddenly become BFFs and avidly promoting the evangelical party as friends.

(These 20k ANC Melayu bloggers now say Umno is “racist”, its leaders are “despicable”, the party supporters “hateful”, Umno bloggers “reprehensible” and the Red Shirts “gangsters”.)

We know why the blogger turned Anibaba, don’t we?


Malay hired guns providing ANC platform

Toting his Dedak kasi Rakyat around in roadshows, Tun prays that “InsyaAllah ketegasan rakyat akan akhirnya menamat salah laku Najib”.

On Wednesday (Oct 12), Tun again vented that there is no more democracy in Malaysia after he had likened the Najib administration to a Nazi regime not too long ago.

“All there is is only an iron-fisted rule and dictatorship (under Najib),” cried Tunsee his most recent Che Det entry.

Tun’s complaints are in sync with the rabid rantings heard daily at the premier ANC (whack Najib) blog operated by a Melayu reject selling himself as chief consultant on Johor politics.

What to expect at Bersih rally on Nov 19

Tun’s obsession to oust Najib puts him in partnership with Bersih which similarly wants to topple the government.

Therefore, the War of the Colours is on — featuring Yellow Shirts (Melayu DAP+PAN+PPBM) versus Red Shirts (Umno+PAS once the perpaduan ummah deal is sealed).

Has Najib reached an understanding with PAS over the Hadi Awang private member’s bill scheduled to be heard in Parliament next week?

With the BN’s backing, it is quite possible for the PAS-sponsored bill (to amend Act 355 on Syariah Court jurisdiction) to be passed by the House with a simple majority.

If the bill is approved, many pundits will join the dots putting two and two together, i.e. PAS hooking up with Umno.

Should this happen, the Red Shirts will successfully overwhelm the Yellow Shirts come Nov 19.


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7 thoughts on “Have Umno and PAS cut a deal over RUU 355?

  1. I don’t know why Bersih needs to do rallies, its probably counter-productive. In my opinion, things are looking better since the Chinese ambassador’s trip to Chinatown. Since that time, the rhetoric has changed from Chinese must do this, must do that to specifying things that they want for themselves. That’s more honest, enough of weird complaints meant to address some complex hurt. Just say you want more GLC jobs, GLC supply contracts, higher civil service pay, more BR1M, more safety net, and and start a S’pore style HDB program. In the meantime, we’re left alone. That’s heaven. The new Chinese Xiamen University should be celebrated. All the companies opening new factories etc are practically all Chinese. That there is a route for our local Chinese advancement independent from Malaysian government actions (other than staying out of the way).

    1. “The new Chinese Xiamen University should be celebrated. All the companies opening new factories etc are practically all Chinese.”

      No wonder, as soon as Najib became PM he had created the new coins, embossed with some sort of communist ‘bintang-lima’ and lotus flower, design of which are associated with the Chinese civilization.
      Looks like the characteristics of the Malays, such as wau-bulan, gasing, tapak-sireh & congkak… would be wipe-out once the old coins are being made obsolete.

      Yet… in front of Malay audiences, especially UMNO’s delegates, Najib would howl… ‘Hidup Melayu’. What an irony.

  2. More diversionary tactics after recent 1MDB developments?

    It must be comforting to be blissfully oblivious of ongoing developments elsewhere.

    Waiting to see which Singapore mainstream medium gets sued….

    Noblesse oblige…..

  3. Nothing to be worried with RUU355 since it benefits muslims as well as non-muslims. In particular MCA, DAP and PKR should be thanking PAS as the new bill would discourage their top managers indulge in something that their religions prohibit.

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