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Raja Mendeliar’s Trojan horse farm in Johor

The two mambo kings are establishing their last redoubt in Johor.

Johor is where Umno began, and Johor is where opposition leader de jure Anwar Ibrahim and opposition leader de facto Tun Mahathir Mohamad are hoping to end Najib Razak’s premiership and thus ending the Umno-led rule of the BN along with him.

Hence Johor is going to be the OK Corral where the last gunfight takes place. This time, the Bugis battleship that has already sunk Mukhriz, Muhyiddin, and some say Shafie too, is taking no prisoners.

“No retreat, no surrender!” — Najib Razak


Tun & Protuns motivated by stupendous hate

On the outskirts of Muar, Johor, the mosquito party chairman headlined a PPBM ceramah where he whacked Najib without holding back his punches.

Joceline Tan wrote in her column today:

“[Dr Mahathir] looks frail on stage, he tends to ramble and his attacks against Najib and Umno have become rather too personal for the comfort of some of his audience.  … “Those who have watched him on the ceramah trail are amazed that he is still up to it at 91.

“It just goes to show that hate is a greater motivator than love.”

There’s a saying that “nice guys don’t win wars”. This is a concept the DAP can certainly agree with, and why the evangelical party is hooking up with Tun whose hate of Najib is driving him to cooperate with the DAP as well as with Anwar.

Take no prisoners Mr President!” — YB Tengku Putra Jumat (Adun Kempas, Umno Johor)

From where Anwar Ibrahim is looking at it, it’s agreed that Najib is the push factor for Tun’s defection to Pakatan.

Anwar said in his commentary published by The Washington Post on Wednesday (Oct 12), “Najib’s overreach is even bringing my former political foes from the ruling party, including  my political benefactor and later jailer Mahathir Mohamed, to defect to the opposition.”

Kit Siang LKS Tun Mahathir

Malaysia might “become a failed state” — Anwar

In his Washington Post airing, Anwar wrote about the possibility that “our nation will implode from grand corruption and different religious and ethnic groups being pitted against each other fighting for limited resources”.

Anwar points his finger firmly at Najib for any impending implosion, saying, “This government has also stoked enmity between ethnic Malay Muslims on one hand, and ethnic Chinese and Indians of Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu religious affiliations on the other”.

He predicts that any potential outbreak of “inter-communal violence” is being fuelled by “unbridled corruption”, “religious extremism”, and government bias such as in the “extreme” gerrymandering.


Chun Wai believes Jamal is a gangster

In his op-ed today titled ‘There is no place for bigotry‘, J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai said “the likes of Perkasa, Isma and the Red Shirts” are a liability to Umno winning elections.

Chun Wai pins the blame squarely on Jamal Sekinchan for playing with “inflammatory fire” in responding to Bersih with overtones of the May 13 spectre. He said Jamal and “his racist counterpart Ali Tinju” are organising protests “which smack of racism and are a threat to others”.

Describing Jamal as “a serial racist rabble rouser”, Chun Wai accuses the Red Shirt leader of “racist rants” / “insane ranting”, “acts of hooliganism and gangsterism”, “bigoted and offensive actions” and “brutish methods”.

Chun Wai also ticks off Jamal’s movement for their “rowdy behaviour”, “thuggery and intimidation” and insulting J-Star reporters as “Cina babi”.


Melayu 20k believes Jamal is gedebe

In order to oust Najib, Tun bersekongkol dengan DAP. His Protuns bersekongkol dengan Dapsters.

The Dapsters who support Bersih have claimed that the Red Shirts are gangsters. Similarly, one Malay blogger who makan deDAP is shouting too that the Baju Merah are “gedebe”.

This Malay mercenary is further calling on the authorities to intervene and stop the Red Shirts from assembling to meet the thuggish Yellow Shirts head-on.

This Si Kitol, who is BFF with the RBA, is demanding a police clampdown on the Red Shirts. A Johor blogger, he had once asked money from Najib but was rejected and so made a vindictive 180-degree turn. (His reputation is so bad that he has to hide behind anonymity when blogging.)

He is among the Malay Trojan horses planted to misdirect Umno, especially in Johor, so that the ruling party will cave in to the Bersih narrative.


Melayu who are api dalam sekam want Bersih to be a success so that the world can be persuaded that elections in Malaysia are dirty.

A successful Bersih will also help DAP convince Malaysians that Umno is a “racist” and “reprehensible” party as their 20k Melayu macai keeps telling the Protuns. The DAP’s Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy is kicking into overdrive.


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20 thoughts on “Raja Mendeliar’s Trojan horse farm in Johor

  1. Helen,

    Wong Chun Wai painted Jamal very negatively. The fact that he dedicated his weekly column on Jamal shows only one thing: that Jamal manages to upset DAP, BERSIH

    I said earlier that despite low academic background, Jamal managed to demolish the facade of invincibility of BERSIH. And Jamal managed to do that by just being simple

    Jamal unlike Khari or many UMNO leaders understands that DAP can only be stopped by sheer exercise of might. No amount of explanation that BERSIH is bad for business is understood by DAP or BERSIH participants,

    Jamal managed to make Chinese realise that Malays can match any of its gathering. And Jamal managed to show the Chinese that he is able to bring the clash right into the heart of Chinese settlement : Petaling Street.

    Overnight, Chinese politicians from DAP( and MCA too) began to say that illegal gathering is bad for business.

    And for that Wong Chun Wai ridicules Jamal today

    1. Did you honestly believe Jamal did all those due to his inherent sense of civic responsibility?

      * sigh *

      In my eyes, both BERSIH and BAJU MERAH movements are rotten to the core. Both are being manipulated by their political masters. Please tell them to stay off the roads as I need to get to work in peace to earn some halal rezeki. I am not an affliate of 1MDB and I dont get any “donations” from anybody. Leave us rakyat alone to continue to live in an already difficult economic environment.

      1. Setem,

        Good question. But you should ask the very same question on BERSIH.

        Jamal reacted to BERSIH’s provocation. And he managed to check mate DAP, BERSIH. And this riled DAP.

        YOu mention about “leave rakyat alone”. Good. SAy that right to the Gua Eng’s face.

        1. Jamal is a master chess player? A grandmaster perhaps?

          Or is he an opportunist?

          If the Red Shirts and Bersih are good for business and boosting investors’ confidence in Malaysia, then Mida, Miti, Invest KL dll can close shop because they will be irrelevant.

          The Red Shirts and Bersih will be calling the shots.

          A good checkmate, don’t you think?

  2. quote,”This Si Kitol, who is BFF with the RBA, is demanding a police clampdown on the Red Shirts. A Johor blogger, he had once asked money from Najib but was rejected and so made a vindictive 180-degree turn. (His reputation is so bad that he has to hide behind anonymity when blogging.)

    He is among the Malay Trojan horses planted to misdirect Umno, especially in Johor, so that the ruling party will cave in to the Bersih narrative.”unquote.

    You are beginning to write fiction stories, much like RPK.

    You are beginning to write without thinking, macam budak-budak.

    You are beginning to write without putting forward a single proof on what your write.

    See what dedak had done to you. Jijik.

    1. – BFF with the RBA … not true, meh?

      – demanding a police clampdown on the Red Shirts … not true, meh?

      – A Johor blogger, he had once asked money from Najib … not true, meh?

      – made a vindictive 180-degree turn … not true, meh?

      – His reputation is so bad that he has to hide behind anonymity when blogging … not true, meh?

      – Trojan horses planted to misdirect Umno, especially in Johor … not true, meh?

      – so that the ruling party will cave in to the Bersih narrative … very true. Permakan deDAP. Jijik.

      Sampai nama dia pun dia sorok. Identiti pula palsu.

  3. Why the need to worry about Bersih when Pas and Umno are kissing up? Let Bersih walk as they please. They just wanna gather and go back.

    1. surrhead

      So this is how the anti Najib 1.5 million signatories yang mengaku diri mereka dari golongan cerdikiawan, terhebat, terpandai, lagi2 yg terspeaking omputih behave owh? Haiyaa

      Kalau saya sebut perangai mirik macam ***** satni kecik hati plak!

      1. They just want to have a peaceful gathering, like #KL112 and bersih 4……takder incident….cos tak der org kacau…….Moreover, there will be a time bila masa org umno nak berkumpul, the authority should facilitate that too….ko tgk, yg asyik buat hal ialah geng merah, sampai tumbuk reporter dah…..tak ker bangang tu….geng umno ni, kalau tgk org lembik sikit, mula la nak lagak gengster…..lagi bagus kalau dia org buat aksi pecah batu bata kat kepala…..entertaining sket….

        1. surrhead
          Takde siapa menghalang klo nak have a peaceful gathering. Some are willing to even pay. Organize la dalam stadium or whatnot. Ni nak ikut cara LEMBU melalak moooooooooo dn berak sepanjangan jalan apahat?

          I am sure J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai can help coordinate this kind of event for you people? People are even willing to pay to attend tau;

          1. The thing is, you have no right to tell us where to run the event…hang ingat hang besaq sgt ka?? ini kuasa rakyat ma, payah nak tackle….maybe boleh block, kalau block, kang kecoh mcm bersih 1,2,3….advisable don’t block…

            Mungkin lain kali kalau kita rasa nak organize kat stadium, kita buat ler……..kali ni rasa nak buat kat dataran, kita buat kat dataran ler… bagi la alamat, lenkali boleh kita kumpul kat tmpt hang

              1. Hang nak crita lembu, hang pi jumpa sharizat, org umno yg terror bab2 lembu ni.
                See you on 19th Nov.

  4. Has Wong Chun Wai or the Star ever condemned Bersih protestors bringing the brooms to their demos?

    Jamal was roughed up, arrested and handcuffed when he led the Red Shirts protests in Petaling Street and hauled off to the police station to have his statement recorded whereas Maria Chin Abdullah & Ambiga et al are so cordially invited by the police to go to the police station at their convenience to have their statements recorded – no rough treatment, no handcuffs…..

    Whatever Jamal did – he was prepared to face the consequences and I respect him for that. His people who mat have assaulted others have similarly been arrested and are all under investigation. Bersih no longer has any moral credibility or integrity when it perverted its focus from advocating for fair elections to that on toppling Najib by extra- legal means. So much for the Rule of Law and respect for Due Process by the lawyers in Bersih who should be ashamed of themselves and their double talk.

    And Jamal is right when he said “Tiada kuning, tiada merah” – this is a natural reaction by people who are fed up with Bersih and wants to make their voices and opinions known. This is the right to freedom of speech that seemed to have eluded that Wong fellow and the Star.

    1. Jason,

      Jamal becomes the target as he manages to rile DAP. Jamal despite UMNO’s refusal to sanction him managed to bring respectable crowd to counter BERSIH.

      Jamal managed to put sanity into Chinese population. Now Chinese are not that eager to support BERSIH demonstrating. They realise Jamal can bring Malay crowd right into Petaling Street.

      Jamal may not look sophisticated like Khairi. But he earns Malay support. As for khairi or any other UMNO leader, their performance is wanting.

      1. Hope to see Jamal on 19th Nov… you think he will come to the center of Bersih event i.e Dataran?

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