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MCA president: “Malaysians are not stupid”

J-Star journos have lodged a police report against anti-Bersih protestors, alleging that they were roughed up by the Red Shirts in Kuala Selangor on Saturday.

It appears that editorial staff in pro-opposition media, such as The J-Star, are partisan and biased in favour of Bersih.

Below we see the Malaysiakini people tweeting to alert Bersih leaders and inadvertently or not, highlighting anti-Muslim propaganda framed as Isis atrocities.

Are the pro-Bersih camp now equating the Red Shirts to terrorists — up one notch from J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai’s portrayal of them as “thugs”?

Does MCA tacitly support Bersih 5.0?

Bapa borek, anak rintik.

Chun Wai is clearly against the Baju Merah.

On the other hand, he was tellingly mute in his weekly op-ed yesterday on the provocative antics of the Yellow Shirts.

Reporters in the Nest of Evangelistas are evidently taking their anti-Red Shirts cue from the big boss.

This being so, we have to wonder whether the J-Star reporters were carrying out their work professionally when in Kuala Selangor or whether they had placed themselves in the crosshairs of Red-Yellow altercation.


MCA’s colour change from BN blue to DAP yellow

The Star belongs to MCA. Does that mean WCW’s words are the voice of MCA?”

Interesting question from the mouth of babes — see screenshot above Ahmad Ali Karim’s comment submitted here @ 2016/10/18 at 10:32 am.

And the answer?


Bagai pinang dibelah dua.

BELOW: MCA stalwart Ling Liong Sik and DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang striding side by side; Dr Ling took part in the last Bersih

MCA thinks it’s being very clever

‘MCA condemns Red Shirts’ violence on media’ — press statement by party president Liow Tiong Lai (Oct 16)

“Those involved should stop giving silly excuses because Malaysians are not stupid. The video that has gone viral is clear as they were threatening the reporters,” Liow said while at the same time commending the J-Star reporters for showing restraint despite purportedly being provoked.

KOMAMCA Publicity Bureau chairman Chai Kim Sen wants the Red Shirts to be charged with assault and battery for grabbing a J-Star reporter by the collar.

Liow, Chai and their party are however alright with the Yellow Shirts’ assault on democracy (seeking to topple the government) and the 24/7 battering of the Najib administration by the opposition.

MCA is behaving like the party is a member of the Pakatan coalition.

So perhaps it should come as no surprised that Jamal Sekinchan’s men treated employees of the J-Star like they’re yellow-shirted activists.

Since the Yellows – aided and abetted by MCA and its evangelical media company – are blurring the lines, a mirroring effect can only be expected from the Reds too.

Ultimately, will MCA call on Bersih to cancel its rally or will it march arm-in-arm with the DAP?

DAP MCA Kit Siang Liong Sik


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18 thoughts on “MCA president: “Malaysians are not stupid”

  1. Are you implying that it is okay to physically abuse the reporters?

    What happened wasn’t right. And it should be condemned.

    To bring up matters that has nothing to do with what happened is merely deflecting from the issue at hand: Violence against reporters doing their job.

    I don’t like the yellow shirted demonstraters. I think they are a nuisance. But they have a right to demonstrate. Without violence.


    1. Eugene,

      I do have reliable sources on how some J-Star reporters behave in the office, i.e. very pro-DAP.

      I’m putting a question mark on how J-Star reporters carry themselves on the beat, whether it is with the same degree of partisanship.

      They have already crossed the line in the bias of their writings. So we have to ask whether they’ve similarly crossed the line in terms of their behaving on the field.

      If they behave more like Bersih activists rather than journos, then it’s natural for Baju Merah not to be able to tell the difference.

      I believe the Baju Merah are indeed aware that the reporters are affiliated with the press. Hence, our conclusion is necessarily that the Baju Merah are not bothered to make the distinction that the J-Star and Malaysiakini boys and girls are ostensibly doing their job.

      Likewise, even though you and I are anti-Bersih, we too risk getting roughed up in a rally location should we be mistaken for DAP supporters.

      1. Helen, you are afraid of the red shirts too – knowing all are stupid and can do stupid things. There nothing much you or me can do except wait for them to grow bigger and terrorize anybody who’s not a Malay.

          1. Ya, you are right, i was playing victim……truthfully, i don’t give a fark about baju merah crap.

      2. I am very tempted to wear a red t-shirt at the Bersih rally.

        I’m as Chinese-looking as a Chinese-looking man can be.

        My wife thinks I’m mad as hell.

        If Chinese BN supporters rally round and wear red at the next Bersih-getting to know you do, it could get quite a fair bit of coverage.

        I know some readers might mock me and comment that there aren’t enough Chinese BN supporters to make that happen.

        But I disagree.

        There are Chinese BN supporters that I know of. And quite a fair few too. It’s just that they do not want to be verbally abused by DAP supporters by coming out.

        I was one of those who remained in the closet.

        Not anymore.

        I’m not ashamed to be a BN supporter. And I proudly announce that to anyone who asks.


  2. Helen Ang could only fool those still stick to WordPress, she dare not cross over to Facebook as she knew very well that her comments on MCA could not withstand scrutiny of the readers over there.

    1. I do not have Facebook. Neither do I have Twitter.

      It is a wise decision. Self-preservation safeguard from dikenakan oleh RBA with their wicked imposture.

      Someone registered a Disqus a/c under the name “” and misused it to make nasty remarks about the Deputy Home Minister.

      Anyone who follows my blog will know that Nur Jazlan is not on my radar and I really have no reason to diss him. I had to file a complaint with Disqus and request that they terminate that faked a/c by the impersonator.


      Someone created a Twitter a/c named ‘Tan Keng Kiang’ and used it to call the IGP “anjing”. Even royal professor Ungku Aziz and Olympic medalist Pandelela Rinong were not spared from being impersonated to bash the BN.

      Why engage in FB and Twitter and open myself to the risk of being victimized by dajjal.

      Are your lot capable of intelligent “scrutiny”? You’re just a bunch of cursing, swearing, slandering kind of people who hunt in packs like rabid hyenas.

      1. But you keep avoiding 1mdb issue.
        Could it be that you know your are not capable to defend your dedak giver?
        Stop being hypocrite bitch

        1. re: “But you keep avoiding 1mdb issue.”

          I’m not blogging details about Bungalow-gate nor the Penang undersea tunnel project either. Are you suggesting that Guan Eng is giving me dedak?

          re: “Could it be that you know you’re not capable to defend your dedak giver?”

          See above.

          re: “Stop being hypocrite bitch”

          If you’re typical of the DAP hardcore supporter, what possible attraction could there be for me to be pro-opposition?

  3. “…Red Shirts to be charged with assault and battery for grabbing a J-Star reporter by the collar.

    Liow, Chai and their party are however alright with the Yellow Shirts’ assault on democracy (seeking to topple the government) and the 24/7 battering of the Najib administration by the opposition.”

    How is this two scenarios are said to be same? I don’t get it…Who are you trying to fool, Helen??

  4. Almost definitely Malaysians are not stupid. But the same is not true with MCA members. They are as thick as coconut shell. They cannot distinguish between pure gold and betel nuts. If they could then they would have join DAP long time ago. One of them would probably end-up as CM of Penang. Together with DAP means more Chinese schools and greater mother tongue education. Only DAP can help them turn Penang or KL into a mini Taiwan or small scale Beijing.

    1. Yeah indeed they should have joined the DAP a long time ago and bag themselves all those lucrative contracts as DAP members lol. Look, don’t get me wrong. I m not saying that people should jump ship for the sake of $ but look at the fortune certain people have racked up since DAP came to power in Penang. Come on now. Look at them. Big houses, big cars, big everything. It’s not too late yet for MCA members to jump ship lol

    2. But if the cadres of MCA are well educated they would know the true meaning of “pure gold” to the superior human being. It is not to be motivated by linguistic chauvinism nor seeking for status.

      In a dialogue with King Xuan of Qi (c. 319-301 B.C.E.), Meng Tzu (Mencius) said: “The people are to be valued most; next, the altars of the grain harvest and the land [traditional symbols of the country’s success]; then, the ruler is the least. Hence by winning the favour of the common people you become Emperor…. ”
      (Mencius 7B14)

      “When the ruler makes a serious mistake the people admonish. If after repeated admonishments he still will not listen, they depose him…. Do not think it strange, Your Majesty. Your Majesty asked his servant a question, and his servant dares not to fail to answer directly.” (Mencius 5B9)

      Mencius had wholehearted faith in Tien (Heaven) as the ultimate source of legitimate moral and political authority. Man is, by nature innately good. Like Confucius, Mencius states that “Tien does not speak – it simply reveals through the unfoldment of deeds and affairs”. He ascribes the virtues of Ren (common humanity), Yi (rightness), Li (ritual propriety), Zhi (wisdom), and Sheng (sagehood) as flowing from Tien and he explicitly compares the rule of an exemplary moral king to be similar to the divine order of Tien or Heaven.

      We don’t need to be Taiwan or Beijing. Every city and its people should instead turn towards the moral order of Heavenly Tien.

  5. Did MCA take any disciplinary action against Ling LS as a former President & still an MCA member for attacking DS Najib as PM?

    Why did MCA allow its Wanita wing to change the colour of its corporate uniform from the traditional white colour to yellow? This was a fairly recent change.

    Res Ipsa Loquitur

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