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Najib must hold MCA responsible for Chun Wai’s agenda

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Quote attributed to Albert Einstein. Yup, it took a genius to figure this out.

It’s nuts to once again do NCC2 and expect a different result from that obtained with NUCC.

NCC2 is the second National Consultative Council being promoted by J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai after the idea was first mooted by Anak Bangsa Malaysia Nazir Razak.

NUCC, meanwhile, is the National Unity Consultative Council launched on 11 Sept 2013 with great fanfare under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Department (JPN).

The jinxed 9/11 launch date has actually proven to be inauspicious as the NUCC – a Marina Mahathir vehicle (see pix below) – is a belly flop.

Pertemuan paderi Kristian dengan NUCC pada 3 Jun 2014
An NUCC meeting with the evangelistas on 3 June 2014

Can Christians reconcile themselves to living in Muslim country?

The original National Unity Council (1969-1971) had been established through the Emergency Ordinance following the May 13 race riot.

JPN’s Department of National Unity and Integration explain in their website that NUCC was created “under the concept of national reconciliation” in the aftermath of the divisive GE13.

The official purpose of NUCC is to “find solutions in dealing with the racial polarization issues”.

So, we already have a current talk-shop NUCC that has been operating for more than three years and with very little to show.

How is Chun Wai’s proposed NCC2 going to be any different from the existing NUCC?


Objectives of NCC2 according to Wong Chun Wai

The J-Star CEO outlined the shape of his NCC2 in an op-ed published in the MCA-owned newspaper earlier this month. See Chun Wai’s Sunday column ‘It’s time to hold NCC2 meetings‘ on Oct 2.

He wants his bevy of bigshots to brainstorm “a New Malaysia” that is reinvented for the future.

Chun Wai’s NCC2 is aimed – in his words – at galvanizing “a common Malaysian vision on issues of culture, religion and national aspirations”.

We already have the relevant Articles in the Constitution pertaining to the pillars of nation-building/”national aspirations”, i.e. Article 3 — “Islam is the religion of the Federation” and Article 152 — “The national language shall be the Malay language”.

While Malaysians don’t share a “common” religion, there’s no excuse for not having a “common” tongue.

When DAP was still kissy-kissy with PAS before their break-up

Yet Chun Wai writes:

“… we need to talk about how we can galvanise a common Malaysian vision on issues of culture, religion and national aspirations.”

What bullshit is Chun Wai on about wrt “a common Malaysian vision” when his Bangsar Malaysians can’t even speak BM properly.

If Chun Wai’s Anak Malaysia gang are refusing to rally around even Article 152 so that all Malaysians can communicate meaningfully with each other through our national language, then it logically indicates that Chun Wai’s vision of a “New Malaysia” is one whereby the status quo is altered.

Chun Wai (pix below) is describing a new regime altogether where things are different, e.g. emphasis on English instead of BM, freedom of religion instead of no apostasy allowed, secularism instead of the primacy of Islam, liberalism instead of traditional values, and etc.

In his New Malaysia, there will be a retooled culture, retooled religious establishment and retooled national aspirations that the Dapster-evangelistas bullies will foist on the fragmented Malay community.

Saifuddin Abdullah Wong Chun Wai

Sounds like making a case for regime change

Malaysia – as the land is today – is too faulty for Wong Chun Wai’s taste. He pleads that it is “foolish to think that all is hunky dory”.

According to Chun Wai, “a large number of Malaysians have given up on this country”.

Among his laundry list of complaints:

  • corruption needs to be tackled effectively
  • “we are facing a trust deficit in this country”
  • “people losing their faith in our leaders”
  • transparency in political financing needs to be improved
  • “alleged questionable deals have all led to tremendous loss in public faith and funds”
  • “disturbing religious trends in this country which have threatened the moderate kind of Islam”

It looks like Chun Wai has issues with Najib Razak.


Investigate Chun Wai for possible subversive agenda

Former DAP vice chairman Tunku Aziz Ibrahim has “called for such an idea of forming the NCC2 to be thoroughly examined for any subversive elements” — see NST‘s article yesterday (screenshot above).

Tunku Aziz also stated there were concerns that NCC2 harboured “a special agenda to undermine the government of the day, as well as the current democratically-elected prime minister”.

Below is what Chun Wai said in his own words:

“If we feel strongly that we need leaders with moral and ethical standards, not just religiously, but from a corporate governance point of view, millions of us can send that message online, in an accountable manner, without having to wait for the next election.”

Without having to wait for the next electionKOMA!


Chun Wai’s influence is by virtue of heading the MCA’s media empire. Without The J-Star, he can have only a limited reach to the public.

It is MCA that has allowed The J-Star to be a Nest of Evangelistas.

If there is any subversive agenda to undermine Najib, then MCA must be held responsible for its Gunting dalam Lipatan sneakily snip-snipping away within the BN fold.


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11 thoughts on “Najib must hold MCA responsible for Chun Wai’s agenda

  1. quote,”Najib must hold MCA responsible for Chun Wai’s agenda.”unquote.

    Fat chance that the limped panglima bugis has the guts to tick off MCA over its paper’s CEO rogue behavior.

    1. Yg dok peghati, Malaysian Chinese tiada LEADER yg berkaliber to LEAD them. Appointed representatives mereka pun sekadar bidan terjun aje, macam Dyana aritu.

      …..without having to wait for the next election….

      surrhead kata “suara” dan “kuasa rakyat” konon, Apek ni dok meghoyan apa benda lain pula? Haiyaaa

  2. Helen on her favourite bogeyman theme – evangelistas.

    Others out there are demonising Islam & Muslims.

    Wonder who is on the right side of history?

    1. The Iron Lance

      …Others out there are demonising Islam & Muslims…

      Demonising pasai jeles teramat sangat dan telioq minyak dn gas kut? Even Malaysia with a small population of 18m Muslims, Brunei and Indonesia pun dberi rezeki minyak. Tu pasai tak renti2 gi kacau Iraq, Iran, Palestine and Afghanistan.

      ……According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2014 over 66% of world oil production came from the top ten countries: Saudi Arabia 542 Mt (13%), Russia 529 Mt (13%), United States 509 Mt (12%), China 212 Mt (5%), Canada 208 Mt (5%), Iran 166 Mt (4%), Iraq 160 Mt (4%), Kuwait 158 Mt (4%), United Arab Emirates …

  3. Ms H. Whilst we democratic Malaysians are quarrelling daily on dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, I seek the indulgence of all to draw your attention to this morning’s edition of the South China Morning Post on the implications for Malaysia and Indonesia after the fall of Mosul. This article also confirms my observation of Bilahari Kausikan’s spiel in October 2015 in the Singapore Straits Times on the ‘delusional Chinese’ or DAP and implied a shift in Singapore’s defence line from Batu Pahat – Muar River defended by 300,000 Singaporean military right to UMNO in good olde KL as Singapore’s latest defence line. Singapore’s World’s 2nd Best Military has become redundant ! Forewarned is forearmed.

  4. Does Hannah support? Of course she does. No slightest doubt it. As regular church goer, Hannah knows Hudud does not only benefit muslims but also non-muslims particularly christians. Hudud is not new as far as Christians goes. Amputation and stoning are also discussed in the bibles. The punishment for crimes like murder and adultery written in the bibles are very similar to hudud. Hence, devoted christian like Hannah has no reason to object.

    1. The Christian use to burn people on who are deemed heretic. How would it look if Christian were practicing it now.
      Same logic used here for stoning and amputation from the old testament. And at current time, even death sentence is passed on as humanely as possible.
      And i find to list adultery as one of the biggest problem in the world is downright absurd.
      And in hudud country Pakistan, a man who has committed “Honour Killing”, can at times go scot free…..Do you accept such outcomes? BTW, Pakistan gov has wisen up nowaday. In Honour killing cases, the family may forgive but the national law will take action. SO, has Pakistan gone against Allah’s law or are they changing to be a better gov?

      Christianity is 2000 years old. And along that time, Christianity has changed to suit current time.
      Islam is 1400 years old. Give it time.

      1. Religion is all about faith and belief. The teachings of Christ are immortal. It last for eternity. Hence bibles cannot be modified, let alone changed. If the bibles say that anyone who committed an adultery must be stoned to death then Christians must follow it. Reject it means rejecting Christ. Simple!

        1. Christ never sanctioned stoning and whipping or similar punishments. The brutal punishments comes from Old Testament. After Christ, Christians follow New Testament. It more of Love Thy Enemy stuffs.

          1. But Christ says clearly “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them…”. Therefore anyone who claims to be Christian must do what Christ did. This means following the OT and fulfilling it. Reject it is tantamount to rejecting Christ. Anyone who rejects Christ is definitely an anti-christ.

  5. NUCC2 … with Hans Isaac as a member? Seriously?

    Bless him, he’s a nice actor and handsome to boot, but the poor boy barely made it through his SRP and SPM back in the day.

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