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They’re just ‘jealous’ of Jamal

All those scrawny, yellow pallor Chinamen are dissing the dark and hensem Jamal Sekinchan because they’re jealous.

They envy Jamal his success and title of ‘Datuk’.

They covet the red Ferrari he drives, and are green-eyed over his chain of restaurants and the holiday resort business he owns.

They wish they had his beefy bod (and gun permit), his jetsetting lifestyle and also desire to hobnob with attractive starlets like he does.

In short, the Bersih guys are just plain “jealous” of Jamal and that is why they are raising their outcry against him.

I’m being satirical in saying the above, and merely mirroring the Dapsters who claim that I criticize Hannah Yeoh because I’m jealous of her.

The Bersih fellas, on the other hand, will insist that they’re condemning Jamal because he’s a “thug” who displays gangsterish behaviour.

Well, I criticize Hannah Yeoh because she is the “DAP SuperCyber Bully”.

Same difference.

BELOW: The description “DAP SuperCyber Bully” was bestowed on Hannah Yeoh way back in 2010 by MCA Beliawanis national treasurer Jessica Lai




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17 thoughts on “They’re just ‘jealous’ of Jamal

  1. Ms H. Like you, I like everyone to be rich driving Ferraris, Porsches and Lamboghinis. President Bongo of the Congo is the only rich man with all the diamonds in a country of abject poverty.

  2. So we have a speaker of state parliament, successful MP, Mother of two….compared to Helen Ang….you’re absolutely right…no reason to be jealous whatsoever….

    1. And Hannah has un”think”ing supporters who dunno how to differentiate between an Adun, and an MP – the latter of which Madame Speaker is not.

      You’re just jealous that Datuk Jamal drives a red Ferrari.

      1. Aiyoh, its a sad and embarassing day for me to discovered that someone like you shares my surname and my ethnicity

  3. We are also jealous of ugliness.
    We wonder how a person can be born as ugly as you.
    Really jealous lo.

    1. You’re just jealous that Jamal is dark and handsome while you’re a typical puny Chinaman.

      1. Ya, you are right. Might be jealous about how ” handsome ” he looks. But actually i think even more jealous about your ugliness. It is amazing in fact how a person can be as ugly as you. God is great.

        1. Orang macam tt ni pon ada. How could someone stoop so low as to ridicule the tuan Tanah of whom you come to tumpang, i.e. helen’s? Typical of dapsterism.

          1. tehtarik, I do not like the ugly mole at the tip of your big nose. It makes you look ugly. If you do not believe me go and look at the mirror.

  4. Jealous of Jamal?? this is new……..hahahahah……if you really need to know, hasad dengki is well known trait among the Malays. BTW, what chain of restaurant this Jamal dude is running? This info should add up to our jealousy……hahahahah

  5. I am ashamed to carry the same surname as you, I am ashamed of your Chinese face.Your vindictiveness is astounding.

  6. On the other hand, You could be BN’s stooge paid to do their dirty jobs. I would not be surprised cos no one could be this warp

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