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Openly sniding Jakim now, eh, Chun Wai

“It smacks of racism,” writes J-Star CEO, Wong Chun Wai complaining about the brouhaha surrounding halal certification for a popular brand’s menu item.

In his newspaper column today, Chun Wai took to sniding the Islamic authorities whom he says are not going to let anyone be confused by a literal understanding of the word hot ‘dog’.

Jakim apparently prefers the label ‘sausage’.


“They are worried that some Malaysians cannot tell that hot dogs are not actually made from dog’s meat. It must be the deteriorating level of English among Malaysians,” snides the MCA media baron Chun Wai.

• Pretzel dog furore highlights larger issue of religious authorities’ policies pervading public sphere’ — Oct 20 press statement by MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker

•  ‘No catfight confusion when wolfing down Pretzel dog & mata kucing’ — Oct 19 press statement by MCA Youth sec-gen Leong Kim Soon


“We live in an era”, says Chun Wai, “where the mere mention of even ‘Barbie Doll’ which sounds like babi (pig) can offend some, even though it has nothing to do with the animal”.

He also threw other pointed barbs at the Islamists, adding that he worries “for rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Kevin Bacon, with names like that”, and asking “what about the Shakespearean play, Hamlet? No ham, please”.

ABOVE: M’sia is now looking at “possibly galloping Islamisation”, according to Chun Wai quoting a colleague

Evangelistas ranting about Talibanization

If Tun Mahathir has issues with the Little Goebbels, Chun Wai’s beef is with the “confused Little Taliban, with his fiery determination to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state”.

He ‘jokes’ that under present circumstances, singer Anita Sarawak could have been “culled” by the Islamic authorities for cuddling a dog in her music video.

The hot dog-naming issue has grabbed headlines around the world, adds Chun Wai caustically, and causing embarrassment to most Malaysians.

Lashing out at Jakim, Chin Wai snaps, “So, it has became the fault of the media, my friends – the media which try to spin and spin, just to sell news. You know, the media, especially the newspapers, are now under stress.”

ABOVE: Previously Hannah Yeoh accused Jais of conducting raid to divert media attention from ‘Turun’ rally; next they’re going to accuse Jakim of creating a “hot” (dog) diversion from the upcoming Bersih rally

“That’s the problem when someone decides to be an adviser in English when he should just be worried about certification and food products.” Chun Wai appears skeptical of the clarification by the Jakim halal division director that the latter had been quoted out of context.

Chun Wai signs off his latest column with The J-Star‘s signature preach, “We need to stay moderate and stay rationale (sic)”.

It’s quite clear whom Chun Wai is alluding to as being immoderate and irrational.

J-Star is again baiting religious tensions. No wonder the Home Ministry under Mahathir once suspended the paper’s publishing permit.


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17 thoughts on “Openly sniding Jakim now, eh, Chun Wai

  1. Completely non-issue with Jakim refusing to grant halal certificate as this would not stop Auntie Anne from trading. Its just an option that AA can choose to ignore. In fact no halal means greater flexibility. Without Jakim’s logo AA can name and sell what ever foods that she likes. No more restriction on using dogs or hams. She can also add beers and gins to the list of beverages. Perfectly legal.

    1. What an irresponsible comment. Can AA prosper w/o muslim customer? I would be pissed at Mr. Wong if i own AA. He just kill my business with most of The Star reading muslims.
      Can flexibility and legality replace a customer base of 61.3% of the population? If they could then go apply for liqour license, let see if Auntie Annie can survive. U nons must buy beer and pretzel everyday if you like AA, we muslim wont, we will also get out of our way just to tell any muslim looking person lining up at AA that THE PRETZEL “MIGHT BE” HARAM.
      I hope that Jakim would stop giving halal status to non muslim business. Most are not sincere in keeping with the regulation. They just want more customers, muslim customers…

      1. AE,

        The problem is not with JAKIM.

        We cant stop non Muslim business community to sell non halal food. By all mean.

        But JAKIM must not be expected to compromise when it comes to halal/non halal status.

        As for Muslims, just patronise eateries that Halal status are not in question .Why on earth you need to eat at restaurants if its halal status is in doubt. Just patronise other restaurants that has halal status.

        Wong Chun wai mentioned about Black Dog Bone. Only a moron like him would want to compare JAKIM stand and a singing group.

        As for him mentioning Anita Sarawak cuddling a dog, Wong like usual fails to comprehend Islamic principle. What Anita did was wrong, irregardless she purposely touch a dog 40 years ago or just yesterday.

        1. Shamsul,

          Hence the reason why halal is completely not an issue. Both muslims and non-muslims have plenty of choice. Absolutely no need for WCW to complain everytime Jakim refuses to grant halal status. Its not the end of the world. AA can still do business. Maybe she can sell more and hence make more money, not only from non-muslims but muslims like Zairil, Zaid, Dyana, etc.

  2. In contrary its much practical for AA to focus on rich 38.7% instead of poor 61.3 %. She must learn from the late Lim Goh Tong who made a fortune from gambling.Undoubtedly haram but nothing could stop this late Tan Sri from becoming the richest person in Malaysia.

  3. And let busloads of gamblers make their trips up there many of whom perish along the way. Some even jump down the hotel apartments that gh is famous as the dome of the spirits. Do not walk alone at night up there. Other than the drunken, other danger forms loom.So much for prosperity?

    1. Depending on coverage, it takes few seconds to get into Jakim website to confirm if the eateries for confirmation of their their “HALAL” status. Or get immediate feedbacks fm your chat groups.

      Train your kids (soon as they know how to read), to scrutinize suspiciois looking labels of products they wish to purchase.

      Tak kisah la itu Chun Wai nak kata apapun dalam suratkabar dia, he is not a Muslim so dia faham bab2 Halal ni semua? Jakim is there to protect us, however its our “duty” to ensure we consume HALAL food so we must constantly be cautious.

      Still on the “little TALIBAN” that was mentioned. Wonder dalam otak mereka what they think of Palestine, terrorists too? And Israel, victims?,_israel,_gaza,_and_energy_wars_in_the_middle_east/

      1. True. Let them shout all they want. That is all they could do.As Muslims, we shd be more focused on preserving our sanity, values and beliefs.
        For clearly the kafir harbi obviously have their own agenda to destroy us. What more could we expect of such people who obviously adhere to values and belief foreign to this Motherland.
        They might try to conceal the alienated traits that they brought from a faraway land. Soon they cannot contain the negative elements that are loaded in their beings as are being continously showcased by the likes of that leechunwei wtv.

      2. Selama ini perkataan hotdog tiada masalah/kekeliruan dan orang Islam sudah makan hotdog sekian lama. Mengapa sekarang ini baru timbul masalah?

        Adakah tiba-tiba orang Islam terkeliru atau hotdog sekarang ada daging anjing?

        1. I couldn’t find any official statement in the Jakim or Halal websites on this matter.

          On the one hand, you have evangelista media personalities like Chun Wai kicking up a fuss while on the otter hand, explanation by the Muslim authorities are not reaching an audience like us.

          What are the details of the controversy, really?

  4. You know, everytime I try to persuade myself that Melayu are not stupid and have basic logical thinking, somebody comes out to prove me wrong. Yet again. You chibai are amazing.

    Why ah? Don’t eat enough sausage made of certain animal?

    A large percentage of Melayu are barely living above poverty level, and these chibai are squabbling over a name?

    STFU and go help your own people la.

  5. The sayings of Jesus a.s. found in the Ihya Ulumiddin (Revival of the Religious Sciences) of Imam al-Ghazali (11th century)

    It is related of Jesus that once a pig passed by him and he said unto it, “Go in peace.” They said to him : “O Spirit of God, why do you say this to a pig?” He replied: “I do not like to accustom my tongue with evil words.” (Vol. Ill, p. 87) It is related that Jesus and his disciples once passed by the carcass of a dog. Said the disciples : “How horrible is the smell of this dog!” Said Jesus (on him be peace): “How beautiful is the shine of his white teeth!” as if to rebuke them for abusing the dog and to warn them not to mention anything of what God has created except what is best.” (Vol. Ill, p. 150.)

    Said Jesus, “Do not hang pearls on the necks of swine, and wisdom is better than pearls.” (Vol. I ; cf. Matt. 7:6.) Jesus also said, “How long will you describe the right road to those who are going astray while you yourselves remain with those who are confused?” (Vol. I; cf. Matt. 23:13.)

    In his book Alchemy of Happiness (Kimia as-Sadat) Al-Ghazali mentions this:
    “Jesus (upon him be peace) saw the world appearing as an ugly haggard woman. He asked her how many husbands she had possessed and she replied “Countless numbers!” He asked whether they had died or been divorced from her. She replied that she had slain them all. “I marvel,” Jesus said, “at the fools who see what you have done to others, and still desire to have you!” Then Jesus (on him be peace) said, “The lover of the world is like a man drinking seawater; the more he drinks, the more thirsty he gets, till at last he perishes drinking in the world, his thirst still unquenched.”

    1. In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate and Merciful

      It is truly unfortunate that the Hanbali-Wahhabi sect has rejected the teachings of Imam al-Ghazali who is known as Hujjatul Islam (The Proof of Islam). The offspring of this minority sect have attacked the civilized world with radical interpretations of the Quran and reintroduced the despicable practice of Takfir – ie. branding other people of faith outside their sectarian beliefs as heretics.
      They have also disowned many of the traditional Sufi practices of the majoritarian Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaah Muslims; especially those revering the blessed Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
      Indeed, the Hanbali-Wahhabi Islamists are no friends neither to the Islamic faithful nor to non-Muslims. Power and politics is their calling and our religion has been suffering because of their works and deeds.

      The famous sayings of the Messenger of Allah s.a.w. :
      “Conduct yourself in this world as if you are here to stay forever, and yet prepare for eternity as if you are to die tomorrow.”

      – Be knowledgeable be diligent in the worldly affairs, but know that you only bring your wisdom and good deeds into the hereafter.

      “You will not enter paradise until you have faith. And you will not complete your faith until you love one another.”

      – One’s faith in the Lord of Compassion and Mercy is without substance until one wishes for his fellow human being what he wishes for himself.

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