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Chun Wai mustn’t now complain about P.Ramly pork burger

Earlier over the hot dog name, J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai said, “It’s just a word lah, come on”.

“Let it go”, he had preached two days ago.


The latest is that some consumers are upset over “P.Ramly” name of pork burger.

Doubtless the Dapsters will claim that this is a non-issue made into news in order to divert attention away from the budget and 1MDB.



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7 thoughts on “Chun Wai mustn’t now complain about P.Ramly pork burger

  1. hahahaha……Ninja Joe acted smart…..they knew for sure someone would create a hoo-haa out of this, and they would get all the free advert and publicity………now, they are having a contest to change name…..i see more of this to come……..a cheap and easy way to advertise a business

  2. Im not sure if you are aware of it, but JAKIM was not spared of criticism from conservatives as well about being more flexible on certain names, because culturally hot dog was never an issue in the past ( part of the narrative is that the issue got blown up due to many factors, media spinning AND failure in part of JAKIM in terms of communication, amongst others)

    In short: case by case basis, as many are OK with hotdog.

    Now this pork burger thing is a totally different thing altogether.

    A quick scan in social media will reveal many Non Muslims think this is a bad idea as well.

  3. WCW has some merit in complaining. As a Christian WCW knows the bibles condemn consumption of foods made from swine and hog. The same with DAP Ramasamy who would be easily be spooked when seeing cows being slaughtered for meat.

  4. Pasai Muslims banyak cakap la Chun Wai nih!

    Suruh dia atau Apek2 sewaktu dgn dia tukaq dan pakai car plate numbers;

    Self “WAR 14”
    Spouse “WAR 144”
    Son “WAR 1414”
    Daughter “WAR 1444”


  5. White envelopes for ang pows is just paper. Don’t complaint lah, as long as there is cash in them. What is the point to wrap in red when there is hardly cash in them (or dedak level i.e. >RM2)? I don’t think any Chinese kid will reject RM500 wrapped in toilet paper for Chinese New Year.

    Same with Christmas. How many times did we receive cheap gifts like mugs wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper? If an iPhone 7 (new one) wrapped in toilet paper is given as a present, that Christmas would be the best ever.

    “It’s just paper lah, come on”.
    “Let it go”

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