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MCA should tahaluf siyasi with Tun’s party

Why not?

After all the knives and scissors that MCA has been sticking in the BN’s back, what’s one more?

MCA is toying with the idea of inviting non-Chinese to join the party as affiliate members. So might as well it sleeps openly with the enemy rather than the main kayu tiga macam ia buat sekarang.

Pro-establishment Malays see MCA as socking it to Umno in a one-two punch, together in tandem with DAP.

We’ve seen how DAP slapped the muftis on the left cheek, after which MCA followed up with a slap on the right. The MCA’s Nest of Evangelistas snide the Islamic authorities; the DAP pumps its fist in the air.

“Bersih is DAP in yellow,” says Azmi Arshad.

Why are Wanita MCA wearing yellow too?

Wanita MCA president Heng Seai Kie
The party’s yellow-shirted ladies with MCA president Liow Tiong Lai
MCA yellow shirts with the president of their women’s wing


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19 thoughts on “MCA should tahaluf siyasi with Tun’s party

  1. Wow, yellow MCA? And now black pemuda Penang?

    Good idea. This 19th November, CM P Pinang joins the yellow shirts at Dataran, suggest Red Shirts join Black Shirts and flood the streets and beaches of Pulau Pinang?

    Lots of tourist there wan, esp 1st day of School holidays. Better make early announcement, foreign tourists will have enough time to cancel their bookings.

    Mai buat kat KL bertahun2 kasi warga KL susah…elok la kita pula gi buat aksi yang sama kat kawasan mereka?

  2. quote,”After all the knives and scissors that MCA has been sticking in the BN’s back, what’s one more?”unquote.

    Have you ever wondered why the BN President “appears” oblivious to MCA ‘s sticking in the BN’s back for such a long time?

    C’monlaa, share your thoughts on that one.

    You can’t admit that the BN President is too lembik to act on MCA, can you?

    You babbling over MCA’s alleged “treachery” towards BN in your blog will not going to have any effect on MCA. Not until the BN President grows a new spine and act like a panglima bugis.

  3. With MCA enlisting anybody to join them, they are crushing Umno’s “Divide and Conquer” game plan…..A good start to kill off race based parties

    1. Malaysian “Chinese” Association. “Chinese” geng2 depa sendiri pun tak mampu pimpin, semua cabut lari, (ops 95% sja kut) macam mana nak lead multiracial society?

      1. at least MCA breaking the ancient tradition set by umno of all must be race based…..itu MIC masih bodoh lagi, masih mau cium umno punya punggok…

        1. surrhead
          Breaking tradition atau cracking their heads wondering GE14 nanti mungkin takde langsung kawasan2 Cina yang depa boleh lagi bertanding?

          Sekarang nak adakan branch meeting entah2 sepuluh dua puluh oghang Cina saja yang hadir?
          Bangunan MCA kawasan saya, lepas tsunami dulu signboard besaq MCA terus hanyut, hilang!

      2. similar to malay, many chinese dun like dog. mca is actually a mda.

        another suggestion is mda remain, just chng dog to dedak, so that many malay dedak eaters, as mahathir claim, can give their vote to mda.

    2. MCA actually is NOTHING to UMNO. Without MCA, UMNO will still be able to lead BN govt.

      But the hopeless BN President isn’t capable to tick off MCA for all its alleged treachery to UMNO, claimed by Helen.

      Even Helen isn’t willing to discuss BN President’s tidak apa attitude towards BN.

  4. The correct party for MCA to tahaluf is PAS and not Tun M Bersatu. MCA is desperately looking for a solution to stop the community that it is representing from straying like what had happened to CSL, TBH, and many more. PAS RUU is the answer to their unholy acts.

    1. Blue – TBH died an unnatural death. I would wary from mentioning him in your quest to kiss Helens arse. Then again, you were never known for your intellect to begin with…

      1. He probably did. But having a child outside a wedlock is definitely unnatural. So does marrying the ghost. So far there is no scientific evidence to suggest the medium can connect to another world. Maybe its just a hoax!

  5. “Why are Wanita MCA wearing yellow too?”

    Their yellow should mean they are centered on integrity and magnanimity to all. Not perversity nor pretension.

    1. ..“Why are Wanita MCA wearing yellow too?”….

      ….. Ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapa….

  6. Ms H. No one should look down on UMNO. One day, UMNO will rise and rise and rise. You just see in this bountiful land full of human and natural resources ! MCA, Gerakan etc if they are not careful, they will be left behind. There is a new World a-coming, Just like soon in the good old US of A where big bucks cannot beat small bucks ! Of course, if we listen to those geriatrics in the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, every day is like 1966 – a party in which nothing happens for 50 years but only do social work, collect legal tax free Federal and State emoluments, copy cat the failed State of Singapore and talk bad about Ms H and others ! Right talking is free ? So easy ugh ?

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