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Cute kittens to give away

My kittens are 8 weeks old or thereabouts, already weaned from their mother and eating solid food.

They also know how to use the litter tray.

Zen kitten contemplating abstract representation of a flower
Zen kitten contemplating abstract representation of a flower

Their colouring is calico, black & white and all black (with one or two tiny white patches). They need to be rehomed ASAP.

Please leave a comment here – which I will not publish for public viewing – with your contact number if you can adopt one.

I hope regular readers of this blog will help too by asking around among your friends and relatives.

My cat gave birth to a huge litter of six. Four of them are male.


ABOVE: My dog and my cat

Learning table manners from mommy
Uncle having a sniff of his new nephew
Three Amigos taking a siesta
Vertigo? Young fan of Hitchcock
“My tail is longer than your tail”

When they were younger

Playing Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys little detectives
I smell you, you smell me

Shortly after they were born

A computer bag is as good a place to give birth as any



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10 thoughts on “Cute kittens to give away

  1. I would take the black one…tail so i already had 10. If u r looking 4 good homes, try advertising them in most of my mixed breed and rescues found their family there. Good luck granma helen.

    1. Yes, this week if it’s medically safe to do so. Have to wait for her milk supply to dry up.

  2. I hope that there isn’t anything valuable inside that computer bag. It’ll be nice if the person who adopts the kittens can adopt all three of them. Kittens tend to be very attached to their twin siblings.

  3. Helen,

    They are so adorable. Please get the kittens plus the mother cat either neutered or spayed. I have 1 cat inside the house and 5 strays outside. All of them are fixed. Over here, I got help from an organization called ‘Triple R Pets. They provided traps and I did the trapping. My youngest sister who lives in Damansara have 5 cats inside and 6 strays outside. The strays are kept in a big cathouse built especially for them outside. All of them are fixed.

    1. She actually had had an appointment with the vet for neutering but a medical emergency popped up that had to be attended to first, and caused the untimely intervention.

      This is an unplanned pregnancy.

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