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Give a stick to a Yellow Shirt, a Red Shirt — see the difference

When you give a stick to a Chinese man, he uses it to brutalize a foreign-looking fella (see viral video HERE).

When you give a stick to the Malay man, he uses it to beat up his fellow Malays. Continue reading “Give a stick to a Yellow Shirt, a Red Shirt — see the difference”

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Would Umno pour RM100m into Malaysiakini?

“The Star, in fact, is owned by MCA. But they serve DAP and the opposition agenda. Yet MCA is pouring money into The Star. It is as funny as Umno giving Harakah (or Malaysiakini) RM100 million to write articles critical of Umno and the government.” — Raja Petra Kamarudin

Everybody knows the urban legend … J-Star is owned by MCA, run by MIC, for the benefit of DAP. Continue reading “Would Umno pour RM100m into Malaysiakini?”

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RUU 355: Reps from MCA forget they’re elected by Muslims

All MPs should remember that they are elected NOT as representatives of a certain religion nor as Muslim MPs but to serve as wakil “rakyat”, lectured Heng Seai Kie in her press statement today.

The MCA Wanita chief called upon all MPs to emulate the MCA and reject the private member’s bill by Hadi Awang on enhancing criminal jurisdiction of the Syariah Courts (Act 355). Continue reading “RUU 355: Reps from MCA forget they’re elected by Muslims”

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Din Turtle dalam kenangan (1966-2016)

Din Turtle pulang ke rahmatullah


Dikenangi oleh Tan Sri Sanusi Junid 

Innalillahi wainna ilaihi roaji’un.

Tidak ada kata-kata yang dapat memaparkan perasaan saya dengan kepulangan ke rahmatullah seorang sahabat seperjuangan.

Din ialah seorang blogger yang miskin tetapi berprinsip dan tidak dapat dibeli dengan wang.

Continue reading “Din Turtle dalam kenangan (1966-2016)”

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Donald Trump’s pendatang pivot and its lesson for Najib on his Umno base

Reblogged from 30 April 2016

Helen Ang

The odds-defying US presidential nomination race among Republican challengers offers an insight for the Umno politburo.

Writing in Salon (a political publication),

“As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump specializes in overturning conventional wisdom.

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DAP got nothing to say about Beijing’s embrace of Najib?

The regret by MPs on Brexit’s referendum outcome notwithstanding, British lawmakers must nonetheless accept what the people decided as the result is clear and legitimate, said UK prime minister Theresa May today, according to a Guardian report.

Analogous on our home front, the results of GE12 and GE13 are also clear and legitimate where the Chinese people overwhelmingly decided that DAP is the voice of the Chinese electorate.

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What can be Najib’s playbook on China

In 1974, Tun Razak paid an historic visit to China at a time when the Bintang Tiga guerillas were still conducting their armed insurgency against the BN government.

Following the pow-wow with premier Zhou Enlai, our second Prime Minister and his Chinese counterpart (pix below) established friendly bilateral ties between Malaysia and communist China.

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