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What can be Najib’s playbook on China

In 1974, Tun Razak paid an historic visit to China at a time when the Bintang Tiga guerillas were still conducting their armed insurgency against the BN government.

Following the pow-wow with premier Zhou Enlai, our second Prime Minister and his Chinese counterpart (pix below) established friendly bilateral ties between Malaysia and communist China.

Tun Razak’s diplomatic coup meant that the communist terrorists (CTs) in Malaysia could no longer look to the motherland, and kepala komunis Chin Peng soon disavowed by the communist party of China.

Has Razak’s son Najib, the sixth Malaysian PM, succeeded in scoring a similar diplomatic coup in his current one-week stay in Beijing?

28th May 1974 The first handshake....Mr. Chou En-lai greeting Tun Razak at the State banquet in Peking.

Legacy of cucu cicit komunis

What worked before can be expected to work its magic again.

China does not support the opposition parties in Malaysia. It is Western interests that do. Thus Malaysia remains beset by a CT problem linked to backing from the West. These latter day CTs are the cyber troopers who carry out online terrorism.

DAP are the Christians who are heavily pro-America. Witness DAP Perak evangelista warlord David Nga Kor Ming who featured in his Hari Raya greeting the flag of the USA as well as a meme by a famous American evangelical Dr James Dobson.

In the 1970s, CTs still fought in the Malaysian jungle. In the 2010s, CTs fight in Malaysian cyberspace.

In the past, CTs fought using rifles and bayonets. Today, CTs fight using keyboard and touchpad.

Chin Peng’s CTs believed in the communist ideology and their armed struggle inflicted violence on victims. The RBAs believe in the prosperity gospel and their relentless psywar inflict vicious slander on victims.

Both are equally a menace to society albeit the former were physically destructive while the latter are deadly vectors of destructive propaganda.

Both share the objective of toppling our country’s Malay-led government.

The imperial army of the Qing Dynasty battle to recover the city of Nanjing
The imperial army of the Qing Dynasty battle to recover the city of Nanjing

How China deals with evangelists

The evangelists pose an existential threat to China whose current top leaders know of this danger and are willing to learn from history.

Chinese evangelists are synonymous with revolution.

The Boxer Rebellion in China was a popular uprising in reaction against the provocation by Christian zealots and missionaries.

“By late 1899 the Boxers were openly attacking Chinese Christians and Western missionaries”, said Encyclopædia Britannica, and they “killed suspected Chinese Christians on sight”.

Churches in the countryside were burned by the Boxer patriots, according to the timeline. On 14 June 1900, thousands of Boxers descended on Beijing and torched the city’s churches.

Altogether 32,000 Chinese Christian converts were killed in the violent conflict. “Christian missionary activities helped provoke the Boxers”, explained Encyclopædia Britannica.

Earlier, the Taiping Rebellion (1850-64) in China was a backlash against the disrespect shown by born again Christians towards Chinese cultural sensitivities and whose “aggressive proselytizing” had “brought instability and social tensions” to China.

A born again Christian named Hong Xiuquan instigated the Taiping Rebellion. The delusional Hong was convinced that he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ and his messiah complex prompted his conviction that he was “sent to reform China”.

In 1851, Hong declared that he had received the mandate from heaven to establish the Heavenly Kingdom of Peace (tai ping tian guo) with himself as king. Through their revolt, the “peaceful” Christian rebels effected a “radical political and religious upheaval” that cost millions of lives.

Presently Beijing has on its hands the last remnants of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution led by fervid evangelist Joshua Wong.

(Note: Joshua Wong is barred from entering Malaysia and was recently deported from Thailand; ‘Wong’ is a popular Chinese surname among evangelistas just as ‘Ma’ is among Muslims.)

China has had enough experience with bloody revolutions led by evangelists with delusions of grandeur, and hence little patience and tolerance for their mischief.

In the last couple of years alone, Chinese authorities have removed thousands of crosses from church rooftops and demolished hundreds of churches.

While previously the clampdown was concentrated on churches in Wenzhou – the port city dubbed “Jerusalem of China – in Zhejiang province, more recently the government crackdown has extended nationwide.

China evinces scant sympathy for evangelists who its communist politburo are aware had caused so much trouble and bloodshed historically among the majority Chinese.

Evangelistas causing problem to everybody

Malaysia and China share a similar problem of evangelistas who relish in religiously provoking the locals as well as agitating for regime change.

Malaysia’s more immediate problem however is the upcoming Bersih street rally. The prime mover behind Bersih 5.0 is the evangelical party DAP.

“Low Malay participation in the previous rally gave fodder to the ruling coalition to dismiss Bersih 2.0 as an urban-centric, middle class Chinese movement that had no support from the country’s ethnic majority,” said the Malay Mail in its latest news report — read article from link in tweet below).

The urban-centric, middle class Chinese evangelical movement of the Yellow Shirts are hoping that their Protun and PAN Malay new allies will be able deploy the DAP’s Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy during Bersih 5.0.

This Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy is best illustrated by the Life of Annie blog that is overflowing with ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign) Dapsters.

Malay blogger Annie has labeled Najib loyalists such as Salleh Said Keruak a “barking dog” while at the same time dog whistling to his Chinese BFFs to ‘come and get it boys’, i.e. silently signalling the rabid RBAs who come bounding, on cue, to Life of Annie to snarl and growl at the Umno president.

Annie is the champion whacker who constantly rants about Umno turning into a “racist party”, about how some Umno leaders are “despicable” and how the Malay community is increasingly lurching to the right and becoming “hateful”.

Come Bersih 5.0, it is the 20k Malay mercenaries who are willing to act as buffer for the evangelistas should there be an encounter on the streets with the Red Shirts.

BELOW: Azizi Safar is the BN Penang executive secretary

Evangelistas chief troublemakers in China and M’sia

Beijing now understands that Umno Malays are not anti Chinese or anti China. Umno Malays are just anti DAP, and against particularly the party’s two-faced evangelistas.

During Zhou Enlai’s era, Beijing was also made to understand by Tun Razak that Umno was not anti Chinese or anti China but just anti Bintang Tiga communists who are dangerous troublemakers (just like their spiritual cousins the Bintang Lima evangelists today).

In Bersih 4.0, China’s envoy to Malaysia had cast his protective shield around Chinatown in Petaling Street.

Beijing now has likely a better understanding of Bersih 5.0. They comprehend that the street demo to oust Najib is a spot of troublemaking by the evangelistas, much in the same vein that evangelists pose a problem in China.

After Najib’s pivot to China, Putrajaya and Beijing can see their commonality. They both have to contend with a mutual troublemaker in the form of the subversive evangelistas.


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46 thoughts on “What can be Najib’s playbook on China

  1. Hahaha – talk about wishful thinking!

    Malaysia’s supposed problems are small beer to China. It has much more important geopolitical strategies to focus on. Slicing and dicing Asean isn’t a big deal.

    What’s a few billion here and there to a country where the CCP and the Politburo Standing Committee hold sway?

    Christianity isn’t going away. In China or any place else.

    Deal with it.

    1. ..they say Russia embrace eastern orthodox christian… and you are talking about the toxic western evangelical isn’t it.

      …or are you confused?


  2. Well if Malaysia is so cruel to bar Joshua Wong, well Thailand is equally bad.

    “Hong Kong (CNN)Joshua Wong, a student leader who helped bring tens of thousands of people onto Hong Kong’s streets during pro-democracy protests in 2014, was deported to Hong Kong after being detained at Bangkok airport.
    “I was illegally confined and blocked from contacting the outside world by Thai Customs and Police,” Wong posted on Facebook.

    Wong says his passport confiscated soon after arriving in Bangkok on a flight from Hong Kong. Wong was due to take part in a panel discussion organized by student activists to mark the 40th anniversary of Thailand’s Thammasart University Massacre. ”

    Somehow Joshua Wong has some body odour that any Immigration officer would take notice.

    1. You would notice all donations go to one place.

      “Due to such difficulties, all donations could only be transferred to Wong Chi Fung and Demosisto’s core members’ personal joint bank account. If supporters would hope to support Demosisto by donations, a cheque payable to Wong Chi Fung would be more than welcome, and please transfer the cheque to the following address P.O. Box No. 73962, Kowloon Central Post Office.”

  3. quote,”This Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy ….”unquote.

    Isnt the current UMNO high brass screwing the Melayus at large now? It isn’t a strategy anymore, it is currently on-going. Can you refute that, Helen?

  4. You have been smoking something really good, eh, Helen?
    You seem hallucinated on this write up.

    Asia Sentinel has a report that desperate najib is selling off Malaysia to China….But, AS has been blocked by our gov.

    So, minyak masak and petrol hike doesn’t take a toll on you ah??

    1. re: “So, minyak masak and petrol hike doesn’t take a toll on you ah??”

      Of course rising prices affect me. But I’m not going to take to the streets and overthrow the gomen just because my coffee premix now costs more.

        1. I’ve no reason to think that a DAP-led federal gomen will be able to manage our economy any better.

          Take the matter of parking. The DAP has extended parking charges to late hours (9pm) and even on Saturdays. There are even MPPP areas that impose parking fees until midnight every single day of the week.

          1. Why the unequal comparison? Surrhead was talking on petrol and cooking oil hike. These 2 items affect all classes of Malaysians. Practically, no Malaysians can avoid them. Not to mention the domino effects of such hike.

            With respect to Penang parking, it affects only those using the parking lots under the jurisdiction of the local authority. Not all Penangites are affected as there are many privately owned parking lots which are beyond the control of local authority.

            1. re: “Why the unequal comparison?”

              I’m a coffee addict. The price of my favourite 2-in-1 sachets has gone up to RM17 per bag (keeps spurting up and up like a geyser). I’ve recently downgraded to a cheaper brand.

              re: “Surrhead was talking on petrol and cooking oil hike. These 2 items affect all classes of Malaysians. Practically, no Malaysians can avoid them. Not to mention the domino effects of such hike.”

              Correct. Not disputing.

              re: “With respect to Penang parking, it affects only those using the parking lots under the jurisdiction of the local authority.”

              YEs, only now under the DAP regime.

              Previously the state gomen didn’t impose charge until midnight and on Sunday and public holidays.

              re: “Not all Penangites are affected as there are many privately owned parking lots which are beyond the control of local authority.”

              Kerajaan ultra kiasu DAP banyak susahkan orang.

          2. DAP would never lead the federal gov with the amount of seats they have always contested. You can fool umno goons but you can’t fool everybody. Malaysia has not matured yet to allow someone from a different religion besides Islam to manage people’s funds and the country.
            And if DAP is really as bad as you sound, then the people of Penang will vote DAP out as they have done to Gerakan.

              1. You are quite right. I still believe DAP will retain Penang even though DAP has messed up Penang to become the Venice of the East. Banjir everywhere including up in the hills, dogs killed, botak hills etc.
                Penang lang are rebelious and will vote everything in the reverse of the rest of Peninsular. When Malayan vote MCA, Penang lang vote Gerakan etc.
                Perhaps MCA will win Penang if the rest of Malaysia vote for DAP. You would note the similar patterns exists in Selangor where lots of Penang lang migrate there e.g. JSubang, Kepong, PJ.

  5. Podah!!! You think PRC gives a damn about what happens in Malaysia??? They invest because of strategic reasons. They don’t want to be boxed in by the US in this region. BTW, their loads of cash is too much to resist. Cash is King, remember? But, if you fail to repay the loans, then see what happens!

    1. Guess if loans payment are defaulted, PRC gonna paint Malaysia red. And when that happens, umno goons will be screaming DAP and foreign inteference

  6. Like other parts of the world, the problem with the evangelists is that they spread the teachings of a church instead of Christ. For instance Christ never says that the earth has two suns but the church did. The communist PRC would not tolerate such a fallacy.

  7. I have stopped trying to make sense of what the PM is playing at.
    This happened in the last 10 days.
    Budget announced RM260B; development at RM46B
    Yesterday’s signings to bring in development RM140B from China.
    Some people say well done PM #respectmyPM
    Some people say that’s a lot of commissions and consultant fees
    Some people wonder how much of the country have been sold off
    Some people couldn’t give a damn since they are too busy trying to stretch and juggle their paychecks

    Personally I think he has lost the plot. While chasing for the rainbow pot of gold, his transformasi and rasionalisasi are slowly pushing the rural bumis back by a few decades.

    1. I am Woman
      You baca magazine mana ‘the rural bumis back by a few decades?’


      Haiyaaa, kami in rural areas pun ada internet tau.. Click2 buttons pun dah bole melabur fm home. Never judge a book by its cover, ini nasihat saya sbagai oghang kampung!

    2. That’s a pretty harsh assessment. What it is that Najib did that are “slowly pushing the rural bumis back by a few decades”?

    3. “Some people wonder how much of the country have been sold off”

      Well Australia too has been selling themselves to China.

      “The amount of agricultural land owned by Chinese interests has soared above 3 million hectares, more than double the 1.46 million declared by the Australian Taxation Office last month, according to a Fairfax Media analysis of reported land sales.

      The bulk of the growth arises from a recent series of significant sales in Western Australia – purchases that were not covered by the ATO foreign ownership register, which only dealt with registrations up to June 30, 2016.”

  8. The Malays better watch out now. For years, they are worried on the economic dominance of the local Chinese. From year 2008 onwards, they are worried on the rising political powers of the Chinese as 90% of the latter voted DAP and rejected MCA, Gerakan and Chinese BN parties based in Sabah/Sarawak. Now they have to worried on China making inroads into Malaysia via the mega investments, defense deal, infrastructure, properties built by China developers etc.

    1. chinaman, Sir. The Chinamen never dominated the Malay States, Malaya or Malaysia. They never had the political power. The facts are these :-
      1. On 13 May 1969, the British control 70% of the best assets, the Chinamen through a few towkays owned 25% of the 3rd rate assets, and the Malays owned 2% of the rest. The Government practised the Colonial Currency Board policy which was ‘you spend what you earned’ from 1957 to 1972 when it was dissolved. From hereon, Bank Negara Malaysia began its proper role as a currency issuing banker for the Government.
      This Currency Board Policy made the rich richer and the poor poorer. The business was very slow moving like in colonial times. There were no credit cards, OD, housing loans, car loans etc. My Malay friends were dirt poor who could not even buy a pair of imported trousers or shoes etc. Their cars were bought second hand. The Chinamen were no better. Most of them in the distributive trades.
      2. In the 19th century when the British was in full political control, the Chinamen and Indians were imported by them to develop and later to distribute the Empire Tariff goods for peanuts. All other foreign goods were excluded. Many Chinamen died. The British allotted certain locales to the Chinese clans eg, Sitiawan – Foochow. Ipoh – Hakkas and Cantonese, Seremban – Hakkas, Hokkien, Cantonese. Sabah – Hakkas. Sarawak – Foochow. Kuala Lumpur – Hakkas, Cantonese, Hokkiens. Penang – Hokkiens, Cantonese, etc. Mines and plantations- Hainanese.
      3. The British compartmentalized the different communities eg. Selangor Malay Club, Selangor Chinese Recreation Club, TPCA etc. Hence, each of us to this day do not know what the other compatriots did to develop the country. However, history has shown us that despite the communicative difficulties, we have unified ourselves to quite a large extent. The present conundrums showed.
      4. By 1931, Governor Clementi clamped down on the importation of Chinamen from turmoil ridden China.
      5. My 1972 concept to capture Sime Darby and give the Malays a fast entry into big business at the beginning of the NEP was fully supported by the great statesman, Tun Abdul Razak and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. This proposal gave the Chinamen a leeway to continue their business eg. KLK, IOI, Lion Group, Public Bank, HL Group etc. Until now, no one is aware the importance of the Malaysianisation of Sime Darby and other British entities at free market prices. The cost of Sime Darby was only RM 23 millions and much later a small company, Guthries cost 2 Billion pounds. The British merchant banker retired at the age of 28 after this to shoot grouse in Scotland. From here on, Sime Darby could go bankrupt twice at RM 1.2 Billions in 1996 and at RM 2.10 Billions in 2010 !
      6. A Chinaman contributed willingly and purposely with the Sime Darby concept for the good of all Rakyat. His vision in 1972 was for Sime Darby to be like Temasek in the 21st Century. But Sime Darby reverted back to be like a fine British trading company like Harrisons & Crossfields, Guthries, Boustead etc. no risk taking.

      1. AK47,

        Spare me your long facts and numbers. All these while, the Malays especially from low-income, rural and religious background are being inculcated with siege mentality like Cina kaya, Cina cari untung, Cina kerja keras, Cina pendatang etc. They were being pitted against the Chinese economically. From 2008, political factor comes in when the Chinese overwhelmingly voted for DAP. The Malays fear the Chinese political unity under DAP whereas the Malays are separated into few factions. Now with massive China entry via investments, loans, properties and infrastructure projects, it will strengthened the siege mentality.

        Why we don’t see the massive entry/investment from other countries like Japan, US, EU, India and Middle Eastern countries?

        1. chinaman
 pun sorang lagi, nak juga sebut “RURAL MELAYUs?

          BTW kamu baca articles and kutip statistics dari magazine2 negara mana eh?

          …Why we don’t see the massive entry/investment from other countries like Japan, US, EU, India and Middle Eastern countries?…

          Masalah banyak Apek taktau baca BM/BI so they meghapu all the time picking gossips here and there. Go do some reading la, takyah nak kelentong kami oghang kampung tau!

          ….siege mentality? Maybe among the Pendatangs kut? I always ask these PATIs to visit Jinjang, Jalan Alor, Kepong, Balakong, Petaling Streets and the chinese New Villages and see for themselves!

          1. Rina,

            FYI, the below are mega China investments in Malaysia (committed or incurred):-

            1. 2012 – Country Garden – Land in Johor – 900 mil
            2. 2013 – Guangzhou R&F – Land in Johor – 4.5 bil
            3. 2013 – Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group – Kuantan Poert – 8 bil
            4. 2015 – Greenland – Land in Johor – 2.4 bil
            5. 2016 – CGN – 1MDB power assets – 9.9 bil
            6. 2016 – CREC – Bandar Msia – 7.4 bil
            7. 2016 – Power China – Melaka Gateway – 43 bil
            8. 2016 – CCCC – ECRL – 55 bil
            9. ???? – ???? – HSR – ???? (potential)

            China is now the largest investor in Msia.

            Now, please list down the mega investments from US, EU, India, Middle East and Japan that can equal or exceed the above from 2010 onwards.

            I bet that you will not able to do so. Haha.

            1. chinaman. What is so special about China investing in Malaysia ? Singapore, the US, Japan and others have been doing it for decades. Malaysia should be friends with all like Switzerland and should not have a lop-sided view of the World. We are wanted because Malaysia is politically stable and in a strategic geo-political location with 2 choke points ranging from Perlis to Sabah, 1,200 miles from East to West. Not Singapore which is no choke point because the real ones are 500 miles away from her to the north-west and the north-east. This is our beloved Malaysia for you, chinaman, with our bountiful resources and beautiful people. We are only beginning the journey of 1,000 leis ! Our Prime Minister will show us the way !

              1. AK47,

                I did not follow specifically the investment style of the Japanese, US and Singapore in Msia for the past decades. I think their investments are limited to acquire industrial lands, build factories/offices to set-up manufacturing and regional service centres. Hence, Panasonic, Toyota, Honda, Intel, Dell, IBM etc.

                Compare that with what China are doing. Acquiring thousands of acres of land, acquire power assets, involve in funding and building strategic national projects etc. Even defense deal. The mode of investment/entry in Msia is so different.

                Again, back to my question to Rina. Care to list down the so-called mega investments made by non-China countries in Msia?

            2. So nice to see chinese words everywhere in KL city. Go TRX, KLCC, pavilion area, all chinese words.
              Why nobody complain no bahasa malaysia instead.

              Hahaha. Padan muka!

              Soon the whole of east coast will be full of chinese words, courtesy of Najib.
              Karma at its best.

        2. chinaman. Many thanks. Taking your last question first. Malaysia is not as geo-political strategic to Japan, EU, India and the Middle East as China. The US through Obama’s Pacific Pivot uses the LKY created TPPA to do so for the sole benefit of Singapore which could flood Malaysia with re-labelled goods overnight if passed by Congress. This is not going to happen. Man proposes. God disposes. Coming to the Malays, politically and socio-economically through the centuries till now, they follow one single respected leader unlike the Chinese especially on the Mainland. When an Emperor was a nice guy who appreciated the fine arts and living, the whole country was in turmoil. A strict Emperor who lops off a few heads like now put all Chinamen into line. Exactly what the British did to the Chinese in the Malay States before Merdeka. Just banished the Chinamen to China without trial. All Chinamen toed the line. See Hong Kong now or before. Before recalcitrant Chinamen were banished to China. Hence, no squeak.
          And on DAP the Singaporean Trojan Horse which leadership did nothing for 50 years but grew rich by collecting legal Federal and State seat tax free emoluments and allowances, legal donations, gifts, legal party gifts. Do you think they deserve this ? This is good solid social welfare works with no risks but just say it is white when it is black and vice versa. The DAP leadership will be happy to do the same for the next 50 years. They are not interested to be in power because they have to work hard. So, chinaman, history is a fine arbiter of human behaviour. We always go back to the basics. Hence, the sheer necessity for producing’ the long facts and figures ‘ for your edification. So, Sorry !

  9. This might be the time for both countries to screw Singapore. The ECRL connects Port Klang to ports in Terengganu. This will link South China Sea to the Indian Ocean, completely bypassing Singapore. They are also planning some kind of canal in Thailand. Malaysia therefore needs ships to counter piracy. The Singaporeans have picked a side in the struggle between USA and China. I think China would like to show how insignificant Singapore really is. Their only value today is as a base to attack China. The countries of ASEAN that Spore was allegedly defending against China have switched camps, and yet Spore continues their struggle.
    I don’t understand the Singaporeans’ game. Also, the high speed rail project minimally affects them, yet they want the biggest say. China has bought already land and built train factories throughout the route in Thailand and Malaysia, and yet Spore would like to hear alternative proposals from the Europeans and Japan. I think if the rail doesn’t stop in Singapore, it’ll still work just fine.

    1. I don’t think the Singgies will be too bothered if the HSR stops at JB.

      The bilateral MOU with M’sia can always be unwound.

      And the land annexed in Jurong for the HSR terminal can be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

      It’s M’sia that will be in long term hock to the PRC. With China calling the shots.

      If Najib wants to “pivot” away from the West in a meaningful way, instead of writing op-ed columns, let him commit to the following:

      – pull M’sia out of the IMF & the World Bank (post-WW II & West-dominated)
      – pull M’sia out of the US Dollar global financial & settlement system & adopt the Yuan/Renmimbi alternative
      – pull M’sian reserves out of USD, EUR & GBP & convert them into Yuan
      – pull out of all FTAs with the West
      – stop M’sia from seeking FDI, technology & skills from the West
      – pull all M’sians on government scholarships out of Western universities & pack them off to Chinese universities

      Will Najib walk the talk?

      1. Why does things have to be zero sum?
        Malaysia does not have to be anti-USA to benefit China. I don’t think China has asked anybody to be anti-USA. They are just saying that you should not allow yourself to be an extension of USA’s anti-China foreign policies.
        Once China is deeply embedded in Malaysia, I’ll bet they’ll be okay with whatever economic grouping Malaysia wants to join. I can imagine a day when goods arriving at Terengganu will have a “Made in China” label, but when it leaves Port Klang, it’ll have a “Made in Malaysia” label that would avoid all anti-China penalties. For example, the West might want to penalise Chinese steel products. To circumvent them, China will ship semi finished steel to Terengganu,it will undergo some value-added manufacturing in Malaysia to make wires, t-bars, whatever. When it leaves Port Klang, it’ll be a Malaysian product that’s protected by Free Trade Agreements.
        So, Malaysia should be friendly to both sides.

  10. Going by the comments here, seems like you really struck a nerve! The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

    Brava Helen, keep up the good job.

  11. “In Bersih 4.0, China’s envoy to Malaysia had cast his protective shield around Chinatown in Petaling Street.”

    Helen should have continued with… ‘against threats of retaliation from UMNO’s Red-Shirt.’

    Yes… the Chinese envoy went to Petaling Street with MCA guys.
    That was after Haji Hadi, no longer chummy with Kit Siang & Son, rendering Bersih-4 rally, almost… an all-Cina-DAP affair.

    Thanks to Najib’s Billions of debt (part of it missing or not accounted for) through 1MDB-Jho Low and due to ‘Cash is King’… where all avenues to make UMNO/BN ditch… only Najib & Rosmah, have failed… and as a last resort, Dr.M had decided to support Bersih and set-up a PPBM to oust UMNO-Najib & BN, altogether.

    Hence the return of Malays support for Bersih-5, replacing what PAS’ Politicians and supporters have been doing in the earlier stages of Bersih rallies.

  12. Ms H. Some have the idea that the chinamen dominate the Malaysian economy. But the fact is that only those who have the Political Power can do so. So how do the chinamen eke out a living under such dire circumstances. This is how from real facts.
    From the early 1990s onwards, I began to observe that the Mandarin speaking Chinamen began to cheat in more ways than one. From then on, I , an English speaking Chinaman was the victim. I was cheated from the early 1990s to November 2016 without fail. Here is how it was done. I purchased an Internet cum TV Package from a well-known firm in early October 2016. The firm main contractor sent a Chinese sub-contractor with 2 Chinese employees to install the Package. I was so very happy even though they charged me RM 490 cash for the wiring inside my small house. Within a month or eleven days ago, the whole System failed. I reported this the following morning, Wednesday. On Thursday, a Malay electrician turned up and told me that the outside wiring along the street was eaten up by rats. Now, over a week later, Friday, another Malay electrician informed me that the external wiring was not suitable for protection against vermin. I was shown the flimsy wire only suitable for household use. I was charged RM 490 by the Chinese for the internal household wiring. Now I have to fork out RM 1,350 for the proper external wire to replace the fake wire put in by the Chinamen. The total cheating by the Chinamen will be RM 1,840 cash which they have already pocket. I have never been cheated by a Malay ! Facts are facts, chinaman !

    1. But Najib inviting chinaman into this country now.
      Massively. Where are Arabs, your brother and sisters in Islam by the way?
      Hahaha. Najib licking President Xi’s toes.
      Some people like to bring up the notion that the chinese were coolies. Now the bugis warrior of the malay archipelago is in china licking and sucking the toes.
      Hahaha. Tak tau malu ka wei.
      Apa lagi cina mau?
      Apa lagi najib mau jual?

  13. Nah, JackMa pure Chinaman from CHINA sudah agree mau mari to help Malaysians excel in digital tech. Kami makcik2 kampung mengalu2 berita baik macam ni.

    Itu anak Lim mau guna Excel pun taktau! Kasi malu sama JackMa aje. Itu Excel dlm 4jam just online sudah bole mahir tau!

    Apek2 Aso2 Malaysia ramai tau main komputer sekadar menabur fitnah aje. Haiya Teresa kok, Tony Pua, Namewee, Alvin Tan, lu olang cepat sorok muka.

  14. tis is a interesting topic, especially to us chinese msian. we struggle to preserve our chinessness, but now we can get it foc, n perhaps now is the best time to ponder who we r.

    i work in midvalley, now everywhere is ‘chinese’, in the past most r tourist, nowadays it seem they live here, as expatriate? because the shopping is lean to food, grocery, consumable etc no more branded stuff. u just walk around jusco, komugi, bread story, u see how our malay cashier r trying hard to converse in putonghua, we will see a massive inflow in the next 10 years, n potonghua could be everywhere, our major city become more like hong kong n spore, is this the best of time? or the worst?

    perhaps our malay friend possess better understanding since they have the experience to welcome the indonesian, their nusantara brethren, the middle east , africa muslim etc, shall we chinese msian do the same, welcome the “chinese’ with open arms wakaka?

    1. HY

      Hahaha.. Bila you nak lompat masuk MCA? Banyak MOU Najib bawa balik tau. Tak telioq ke?

      Jijah can only supply you with kipas, banjir aje. Muhyiddin? Dok kena bawa TDM kehulu kehilir baru naik semangat. DAP? tersilap dengaq cakap (Mandarin sana tak sama dgn loghat sini) bebai nanti batalkn MOU, buat taknak kawan last2 saman pelabur2 dari Mainland China, payah tau.

      1. No doubt you, among others are anticipating the “gravy train” and juicy sub-contracts from all these Chinese investments in Malaysia?

        Realpolitik tinged with a touch of envy?

    2. Few years back, I was at a mall in JB . I walked past a Japanese dollar store and a young Malay promoter (with tudung) greeted me in Mandarin. Maybe she thought I’m a Singaporean Chinese.

      With this latest development of warming up to China, it will indirectly benefit the local Chinese here. Chinese culture and language will continue to flourish in Malaysia. There’s no better place for the Chinese to be other than Malaysia.

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