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DAP got nothing to say about Beijing’s embrace of Najib?

The regret by MPs on Brexit’s referendum outcome notwithstanding, British lawmakers must nonetheless accept what the people decided as the result is clear and legitimate, said UK prime minister Theresa May today, according to a Guardian report.

Analogous on our home front, the results of GE12 and GE13 are also clear and legitimate where the Chinese people overwhelmingly decided that DAP is the voice of the Chinese electorate.

We must accept that the DAP – which leads the opposition bloc – speaks for the Chinese community.

Doubtless MCA is telling Umno that the BN component party can recover the Chinese votes in GE14 now that China has signed RM144 billion worth of deals with Malaysia.

But how are the opposition legislators responding to Najib Razak’s game-changing pivot to China?

Pakatan alarmed at huge debt to China

In an immediate reaction, opposition leaders are taking the reverse tack with regard to the mutibillion dollar deals inked by the PM with China.

De facto opposition leader (1) Tun Mahathir raised concerns about over-reliance on borrowing money from China, fearing this could jeopardize our nation’s sovereignty.

De facto opposition leader (2) Anwar Ibrahim cautioned Najib not to be too dependent on Chinese loans lest Malaysia is held hostage to China’s foreign policy and geo-political interests.

De facto opposition leader (3) Muhyiddin Yassin warned that the deals with China may compromise Malaysia’s territorial integrity.

De facto opposition leader (4) Lim Kit Siang – for once! – is at at loss for words.

De jure opposition leader Wan Azizah is keeping mum, leaving it to her underling Fahmi Fadzil, the PKR communications director, to comment on the issue.

But don’t forget that 90 percent of the Chinese support the opposition. Do the Chinese voters agree with what the opposition leaders have said above?


MCA overjoyed, DAP underwhelmed

Meanwhile, MCA is jubilant over the success of the premier’s Beijing trip, crowing that “PM Najib is a master diplomat in securing this magnitude volume of investments for Malaysia’s benefit”.

MCA further believes that the cash-rich bilateral trade ties “will also help towards reconciling the various races in Malaysia”.

The positive statement by MCA represents the views of 10 percent Chinese voters.

Are the rest of the Chinese pleased with this latest success pulled off by Najib? We should think so, yes.

It is the DAP Yang Berhormats who represent the views of 90 percent Chinese voters so let’s hear it explicitly from the horse’s mouth.

DAP is the voice of the Chinese community.

DAP needs to loudly refute all the negative pronouncements by the Malay ultras Mahathir, Anwar and Muhyiddin if indeed the Chinese polity is happy about Beijing’s current warmth being lavished on Malaysia.

This moment is a historical watershed. DAP must speak now or forever hold their peace.


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30 thoughts on “DAP got nothing to say about Beijing’s embrace of Najib?

  1. not sure abt dap, to me just the biggest thief from msia seeking support from the biggest thief from china. both thiefs can now continue to steal n exploit the people, sama sama.

    1. HY
      …..the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… Toknek moyang makayah you pasti sama-sama kepala otak…

      pemerintah mainland ‘thiefs’ cabut kari sini? Sikalang keturunan dok melalak gomen, BN, UMNO, Malays, Muslims all are thief juga kan?

      So whats your new destination? Trump baru cakap lia mayak suka Chinese, jangan lepas peluang…gi ikut bontut dia pula..

  2. I wonder how many of the DAPsters & Pakatoons will turn down business and job opportunities resulting fromthe deals reached during Najib’s China trip.

    1. Perhaps the apparatchiks, hangers-on & rent-seekers would have harvested all the plum business & job opportunities first?

      Sort of like plucking the low-hanging & juiciest fruits before anyone else has a fair chance?

      Dearie me, that didn’t cross your mind, did it?

      Btw, you are not in that particular queue, I hope?

      1. “Dearie me, that didn’t cross your mind, did it?”

        It’s not my mind that is important but the minds of those who get some business opportunity and those who get the resulting jobs who matter and who will most likely give a vote of thanks.

        “Btw, you are not in that particular queue, I hope?”

        If a job opportunity came my way, I would not necessarily reject it, if I feel I am up to it.

        After all, trade and investments do create job opportunities.

        Do you think that Malaysian SMIs will reject business opportunities just because they result directly or indirectly from this China trade deal and many SMIs are Chinese Malaysian owned. They are not idiots.

  3. China has USD3305.445 Trillion foriegn-exchange reserve with external debt of USD1,68 Trillion compared to USA which has USD121.269 Trillion with external debt of USD19.64 Trillion. China always hungary for projects because they don’t know what to do with their huge amount of money.

    Based on history, china never conquer any country until today. Whereas, all those fooking Mat Salleh have conquered many countries. Today they want their puppets/PM/Presiden in strategic countries in order to control the world not to mention the destruction caused by them in Iraq, Syria, Eygpt, Palestine, afghanistan, Libya etc.

    1. Isn’t it more like USD3 trillion+ in forex reserves for China?

      And how much of that is in USD paper, such as US Treasury Bonds? Or in Euros? Or in Japanese Yen and Swiss Francs?

      China & the US are mutually dependent on each other as far as USD assets are concerned.

      Maybe China hasn’t militarily conquered any country….yet. But there are other forms of conquest, such as economic & financial. With the same dubious consequences.

      The “fooking Mat Salleh”(sic) did conquer many countries. But how many of these countries were so weak that they could not resist being conquered?

      And isn’t it ironic that Iraqis, Syrians, Egyptians, Palestinians, Afghans, Libyans etc still clamour to migrate to the West, i.e. to the very same Mat Salleh countries?

      Not many wanting to go to China, Pakistan, Malaysia or Saudi Arabia. Or to Iran. Fact.

      1. “Maybe China hasn’t militarily conquered any country….yet. But there are other forms of conquest, such as economic & financial. With the same dubious consequences.”

        So is it OK to conquer militarily for geostrategic objectives?

        “The “fooking Mat Salleh”(sic) did conquer many countries. But how many of these countries were so weak that they could not resist being conquered?”

        So is it might is right in your books?

        “And isn’t it ironic that Iraqis, Syrians, Egyptians, Palestinians, Afghans, Libyans etc still clamour to migrate to the West, i.e. to the very same Mat Salleh countries?”

        China most probably won’t let them in, whilst Malaysia has accepted some but not in such large numbers.

        Also, growing resentment against masses of refugees coming into their countries has resulted in a swing to the far-right and soon, these refugees may find that seeking refuge in the West wasn’t such a great idea.

        Thank you very much for revealing the Pakatoon mindset, which I have observed too often in comments to articles online for about 20 years.

        1. The “Pakatoon mindset”? And pray what might that be?

          Can you refute any of the points that I made?

          US President-elect Trump is surely a supporter of the might is right doctrine.

          Muslims migrating to the West is a fact. Again something that Trump has been vocal about.


      2. The Iron Lance
        FACT…toknek makayah kamu landed here… Give you free ticket to remigrate back to wherr your toknek makayah came from oso you donwan to go. FACT

        Mat Salleh countries also donwan you. FACT

        1. Dunno, leh. My US & Australia visas are in good shape. Travel to Canada, the UK & India aren’t problems either.

          Put down A$7.5 million can get Aussie PR, mah…

          That also you don’t know, ah?

          Money talks….

  4. re: DAP needs to loudly refute all the negative pronouncements by the Malay ultras Mahathir, Anwar and Muhyiddin if indeed the Chinese polity is happy about Beijing’s current warmth being lavished on Malaysia.

    See here:

    The issue is not limited to tilting to China, but also the manner. Again, no open competitive tender. How do we know Msia is getting the best in term of price and quality for the ECRL project? Same applies to the navy vessel deals with Chine. Are we getting the best for our taxpayers money?

    1. Ofc we are (in LMS case). China weapons cheaper than western product what. If we buy more french vessel then you’ll scream altantuya, kickbacks, defective sub that can’t dive etc. With cheap china ship people will expect defects and you can’t complain much. (any other military vessel cheaper you want to propose? Maybe some bot pancung from indonesia or tongkang better perhaps for our navy)
      Or do you prefer govt to increase military spending? “Who is malaysia fighting/at war with anyway?”, “these funds should be spend on school and rakyat” and similiar crap argument would again surface.
      Visit and scream china vessel is crap there.

  5. MCA overjoyed? DAP underwhelmed? Obvious they are since there is no single SJK in China inspite this country has more than 55 ethnic minorities. Forget about racist NGO like DJZ here. The fact China has gone by leap and bound because of the single stream education. Every subject is being taught in Mandarin. No exception. The exam follows one common standard. This is very unlike Malaysia where pupils from vernacular schools sit different exams. Worst the standard of some of the papers are intentionally lowered to match the inferior competencies of these students. MCA and DAP have lots of things to learn and catch-up from China.

  6. Ms H. The venerable Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is caught between a rock and a hard place. For years I have been wondering how the DAP can escape scrutiny on their view of our beloved Malaysia’s well-crafted Foreign Policy as laid down by our great Statesman Tun Abdul Razak. Now, the DAP leadership is caught with their pants down for engaging in double-speak once too often. As far as I can discern, Japanese interests fully back the TDM political grouping whilst PAP and Singapore which is the cat’s paw of the United States fully back the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. Our wise Government as led by the PM follows a foreign policy of being friends to all. In politics, there is no such thing as silence or ignorance. DAP’s silence on this important issue of China coming to Malaysia’s aid to build essential infra-structural projects as invited by the Federal Government is OMINOUS. Now that the National Interest line is drawn firmly in concrete, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is either for Malaysia or against. No more. No less.

    1. But China is already invested in Singapore.

      By all accounts, there are more than 1,000 PRC companies with offices and operations in Singapore. Including the biggies like the top Chinese banks & corporates like Alibaba, Huawei, Lenovo and Sinopec.

      So are you equating what with which?

      1. The Iron Lance. Sir, In the 1960s, LKY said it is alright to do business with the Devil. In the 1960s, Moscow Narodny Bank and the Bank of China were fully operational commercially as commercial banks. By the 1970s, MNB was involved in a couple of scandals involving its Comprador. I recovered a bad MNB
        US$ 1.2 millions loan fully for the Bank. Please do not mix up politics with business, Israel and the USSR had the biggest embassies in Singapore in the 1960s. Before your 1,000 PRC companies, all the Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese companies were trading with PRC in rubber, tin, palm oil, pepper etc from before World War II ! The new PRC companies are just an extension of the old trade which stretched centuries back to the crack of Dawn.

        1. All of which proves what?

          That the “pivot” to China is misconceived and misguided or that it is a turning point in Malaysia’s foreign policy?

          Aren’t politics and business intertwined in Malaysia in a cosy nexus? Like it is in, say, the US (Hillary Clinton and Wall Street)?

          1. The Iron Lance. All of which prove everything to the crack of Dawn. History is the best arbiter of the truth and the facts. What more do you want ? Pivot to China has nothing to do with our beloved Malaysia. It is Obama’s legacy if anything. Looks like the TPPA is still-born. Where else you do not find politics and business not entwined together like Adam and Eve ? Where else, The Iron Lance ? Any more questions ? It seems your view of the World begins today, The Iron Lance, with all due respect !

  7. I’m so glad I increased my palm oil and bird nest investments before this good news came out. Many farmers and smallholders will see an increase in income in future.

  8. What an irony. Msia is dead set against Chin Peng and CPM. But the gomen has no problem to have diplomatic ties with the world’s largest Communist country. Why the double standard?

    China is claiming South China Sea, parts of which are within Msia’s territorial waters. This is a threat to our national sovereignty. Msia should cut all ties with China and restore such ties only if China drops such claim. As far as I know, China is still insistent. If Msia can choose to have no ties with Israel by supporting the struggle of Palestine (on the basis of Islam although Palestine is thousands of miles away), why can’t Msia do the same on China as our territorial waters are within our national jurisdiction? Why the double standard?

      1. Why should I butthurt? As Chinaman, I am proud to see Msia government abandoned its principles and practised clear double standards just to tilt towards China.

        You think local Bumi contractors/suppliers will benefit from the ECRL? No, the contractor China Communications Construction Company will source for supplies and services from local Chinese or from China. Even if any Bumi contractors/suppliers secure any contract, he/she will sub-con it to local Chinese. But the cost to build ECRL, i.e. 55 bil will be borned by Msians which majority are Malays.

  9. We small holders converted our sawah bukit/padi huma into palm oil plantation. air tak cukup macam mana nak buat sawah,mahal le nak buat ampangan macam kat kedah tu. jadi kami ada getah dan kelapa sawit, boreh kono boli.

  10. All you umno goons who think Najib scored big by closing deals with China, better think again. Asia Sentinel did report that Najib is selling off Malaysia, but it’s blocked.

    Here’s something from Guardian –
    Zimbabwe to make Chinese yuan legal currency after Beijing cancels debts

    Use of the yuan “will be a function of trade between China and Zimbabwe and acceptability with customers in Zimbabwe,” the minister said.

    If you guys are smart, you can see where this is heading too. China puts our leaders parallel to Zimbabwe’s. And when all is gone, you stupid goons will still be blaming DAP…..sad pharking retards you goon are…

    1. RE: “All you umno goons who think Najib scored big by closing deals with China, better think again. Asia Sentinel did report that Najib is selling off Malaysia, but it’s blocked.”

      It’s pretty obvious from The Asia Sentinel article that that this liberal pro-Democrat, pro-US imperialist electronic-rag so loved by Pakatoons is trying its best to discredit China and sour grapes over Malaysia having closer relations with China.

      Below is an excerpt from The Asia Sentinel article referred to.

      “China’s gift for buying foreign political leaders has scored another triumph with the visit to Beijing of Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak, whose ingratiating tone of remarks in China at least give the impression that Malaysia’s foreign policy has veered farther away from its traditional informal alliance with the US.”

      “In the end that may prove illusory. But for now it further undermines the US position in the region at a time when factors ranging from President Duterte’s personal grudges against America coincide with the damage done to the US image, and to that of western liberal democracy in general, by the tragic comedy of the presidential election process.”

      “It was already obvious that China’s earlier bailout of 1MDB by buying assets from it at inflated prices came with a political price. Malaysia is thus paying doubly for the survival of Najib and the UMNO elite, which has been the recipient of much of the money which disappeared from 1MDB – and was not spent by family cronies such as Jho Taek Low and Najib’s stepson Reza Aziz on partying and by wife Rosmah on luxury baubles.”

      Further down:-

      “What happens next will be partly determined by the US election. A Trump victory would cause widespread consternation, except perhaps with Duterte if only because no one knows what if anything is in his head. Clinton talks of a more forceful US policy but her opposition to trade deals like TPP will do nothing to prop up US influence. It remains to be seen if campaign rhetoric is reflected in actual policy. Meanwhile much of the goodwill that Obama gained for the US has been dissipated by the election process.”

      Well Trump won today and whilst I won’t pretend to know what Trump will actually do after he is inaugurated as President, his election appears to be part of the recent paradigm shift against neo-liberal globalisation which has dominated political-economic discourse for the past 20 to 30 years.

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