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Dems can start thinking of migrating to Canada?

… and Dapsters to Tasmania. Hopefully.

“Racist! Racist! Racist!” is the shopworn taunt that the left invariably spits at conservatives.

Hillary Clinton looks upon a quarter of her fellow Americans (half of Trump supporters) as a “basket of deplorables”.

She and the Democrats view Republican rural voters as stupid and backward, especially white men who don’t have college degrees.


Trump voters are “racist” — Hillary and the majority of the media declared.

“Sexist” too.

“Homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it,” said Hillary pronouncing judgment on Trump Republicans.

Democrats like to portray themselves as democratic and are very liberal in calling others “haters” as well as demonizing their opponents.

Plus not to mention creating Russia conspiracy theories while making Putin the bogeyman.


Extreme media bias

Every day the media painted a pair of flaming horns and spiked tail on Trump. The collusion of the media with Clinton is crystal clear.

“The Clinton campaign, when they were not spreading obvious untruths, pointed to unnamed sources or to speculative and vague statements from the intelligence community to suggest a nefarious allegiance (of critics) with Russia,” said Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in his Nov 8 election statement.

But it looks like the silent majority have had enough of being bullied by the Democrats and are quietly lashing back through the ballot box.

‘The Democrats who cried wolf’ by Rich Lowry (National Review, Nov 8)

The Hillary camp paid an army of trolls to harass and smear her critics on the Internet. The trolls sound exactly like RBA. Perhaps they had the same trainers and same source of funding.

Hillary ‘s Dirty Tricks Department was responsible for sending provocateurs to disrupt Trump rallies and to bait and incite the Trumpists. Then the extremely biased media inverted the blame and instead faulted Trump people for being purportedly violent.

The multiculturist, pluralist love-love-love fraudsters and hypocrites might just be given their day of reckoning even as we speak; though you’d never have guessed it reading only the mainstream media and The J-Star.

Let’s wait for the nailbiting finish to the American presidential election. There is a big, big lesson in this for Malaysia.


Trump is the president elect. So much for the voters labelled as “irredeemable” by Hillary.

If the media had been a little more honest in their reporting, then this result would not come as so much of a “shock” to the elites.


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58 thoughts on “Dems can start thinking of migrating to Canada?

  1. …… Canada’s official immigration website has crashed after Donald Trump’s unexpected success in the US election.

    Application forms on the Canadian government website appeared to fail to load and website users reported extraordinarily long loading times to access basic areas of the site.

    It came as there was a huge increase in the number of search hits for “move to Canada,” according to results from Google….

    Hmmm Brexit now American Brexit soon Canadian Brexit then Malaysian Brexit.

      1. Didn’t hear Republicans complain earlier that they’d migrate out of America if Hillary won.

        Different mindset.

        In Malaysia, we have one group that are birds of passage and ever ready to fly off to greener pastures.

        Whereas another group believes biarpun hujan batu asalkan di negeri sendiri.

        1. And Ajib-ko is not quite stupid. So is Duterte,
          Malaysia might not depend so much on the US because US needs to bring back some of the industries. Your Dell or Intel might better be made in the USA, however the Chinese industries (like Japan in the 80s) need overseas supply chain.

          Expect less Dell, HP etc but more Lenovo, Hua wei etc.
          Prediction: the loser will be Penang. Most of the new investments/projects are East Coast or South based. Tak dengar orang China nak melabur di Penang.

          1. I like Dell desktops but for notebooks I like established Taiwan brands such as Asus. MSI and Acer. After all, Asus, MSI and Gigabyte are well known for their motherboards for over 20 years now.I believe Lenovo notebooks are good but haven’t bought one yet.

        2. Having lived in Canada, it would be a mistake for Canada to accept them,

          Anyway, this Trump victory marks a major paradigm shift in politics since Duterte’s win in the Philippines, after about three decades of Neo-Conservative globalisation being rammed down the throats of countries around the world.

          It also is a defeat for the likes of George Soros and various liberal-imperialist backed NGO-istas in countries like Malaysia.

          You know the latte-liberals running around with fancy smartphones and tablets, faces buried in WhatsApp and waging a “struggle” in the name of “the people”.

          1. re: “You know the latte-liberals running around with fancy smartphones and tablets, faces buried in WhatsApp and waging a ‘struggle’ in the name of “the people”.


            1. Hey. Will California exit and become the Republic of California?

              “CalExit: Californians Call for Secession After Trump Victory”

                1. If Dapsters are something like Democrats then Najibsters are nothing like Republicans.

                  1. The RBA are like Hillary’s trolls. Both are bullies.

                    Projibs do have one thing in common with the Republicans who have regained control of the White House and maintained their control of Congress.

                    The Projibs control Putrajaya and the Dewan.

  2. Newton was always correct: a black tsunami followed by a white tsunami is still within the context of nature’s law wherein any excesses will be put on checked and subjects to equalization.

      1. Quite likely a Malay tsunami.
        And don’t put up hopes of migrating to Tasmania.
        I have a feeling outback Aussies don’t want any bangsa Malaysia too.
        And so many thinking of migrating to Canada, there will be soon be a white Canadian tsunami too.

  3. Lessons from Brexit and Trump-iant.
    Don;t call the orang kampung stupid, racist, xenophobic etc. You would notice the orang kampung, elderly and people from the heartland came out in droves to vote out the “moderate” bandar people with superior education.

    One, there are more people in the kampungs of England than all the superior people of London.
    Two, there are more people in the prairies than the superior Sex and the City “moderates” in New York and LA.

    Perhaps the same could happen in Malaysia. Call the orang kampung stupid and you will see more Red Shirt supporters. As my friend Islam 1st said, nanti orang Melayu akan mengamuk. Not mengamuk in the physical manner, but mengamuk in the ballot box. How …. vote out anyone who wants to challenge Malay and Islam issues (or people associated with this people).

    I predict of the same Brexit / Trump fervour continues…. PAS will become more popular as an alternative to UMNO. Parties of the “moderate” Melayus like PKR or Bunga Raya will decline. I don’t think Malays like DAP to talk down Malay parties… as in the US or UK… the kampung whites don’t like the “liberal” city folk to talk them down.

    Marwan Bishara of AlJazera said Trump won because the kampung middle class folk are tired of the economy benefiting the Mexican, Chinese or Indian middle class. Already their wealth has eroded, do they want to be called stupid, racist etc by the city middle class. Sudah terjatuh tangga, ditimpa tangga pula. Sudah dipanggil bodoh, lagi-lagi dijadikan bodoh.

    Rural Malays who do not support UMNO would more likely support PAS rather than PKR or Pribumi because this new leadership of PAS has got the guts to ask DAP to shut up. You would notice even PKR is trying to berjinak-jinak balik with PAS. The survival of PKR in the Malay heartland will depend on Malay and Islam issues.

    The power of the grassroots cannot be stopped. Look at the Philippines… the president may be called barbaric by the outsiders and the opposition but he is a superstar there. All the Trumps will be triumphant.

    1. Well, maybe, but Trump has been vocal about Islam and Muslims.

      And Islamic terrorism.

      The Christian right in the US supported Trump big time. What will happen when they call in their IOUs?

      So if Malaysia swings over to the Islamic right, expect a Trump administration to take a closer look at what’s happening here.

      The US grassroots may be suspicious about Islam and Muslims. And, in certain quarters, downright hostility.

      The Christian right in the US are, for example, going to look closely at what’s happening with Ahok in Indonesia. The message will have to be digested by the Indonesian authorities. And the ultra Islamic parties and NGOs in Indonesia.

      As for Malaysia, the grassroots may be calling the shots, but it will be the US and China that will set the rules of the game and referee it.

      That should be interesting.

      1. re: “So if Malaysia swings over to the Islamic right, expect a Trump administration to take a closer look at what’s happening here.”

        He could go the isolationist and non-interventionist route.

        Recall he said North Korea is China’s problem.

        1. Yeah, trump is more interested in clearing up his own backyard rather than meddling into other countries’. Non-interference and sovereignity policy.

          1. i am a bit puzzle y u muslim sound so exciting, it seem the 2 countries that r very happy with trump win is israel n russia, who would not hesitate to use force on muslim. n trump is from republican, the same party of senior n junior bush.

      2. “Well, maybe, but Trump has been vocal about Islam and Muslims.”

        Yes Trump has but only against Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIL, which Trump is prepared to commit the U.S. to destroy militarily, just as Putin’s Russia did earlier in Syria.

        This very ISIL which U.S. allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar support and finance has been responsible for persecuting, even killing and destroying the churches of Chaldean Christians in Syria,as well as Alawi Muslims and other parts of the Middle East and Chaldean Christians are amongst the oldest Christians in the world, with them having existed sine 100 years after the cruxificion of Christ, long before the “Johnny come lately” Christians in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

        With Russia being an Orthodox Christian nation, headed by Putin, an Orthodox Christian,they also have a motivation to stop ISIL.

        It appears that you would like the U.S. to intervene in Malaysia, which is pretty typical of a lot of Pakatoons.

        1. The Catholics date back to St Peter who was martyred by the Roman Empire.

          As old as the Chaldean Christians.

          And the Syrian Christians in Kerala date back to when St Thomas came to India.

          As for Trump & the Republicans’ right-wing, their views on Islam & Muslims are not limited to “Islamic terrorist groups, such as ISIL….”

          The right-wing Hindus in India (Modi & RSS allies) are hoping that a Trump administration will take a hard line against Pakistan.

          And when Christians (Chaldean, Syrian, Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical) are under threat anywhere, expect the Christian right-wing in the US to sit up & take note.

          And if that leads to “intervention”, “sanctions”etc….who are you going to blame?

      1. Sudah kalah election, so the moderates go on a rampage

        “Protests against Donald Trump broke out in California’s Bay Area late yesterday after the Republican candidate won the US presidential election, a Reuters witness and local media reported.

        Demonstrators set fire to a likeness of Trump, smashed store front windows and set garbage and tires on fire in downtown Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco. A few miles away, University of California, Berkeley students protested on campus.”

        Let us see in about 10 days.

        And see what Lil Tun has to say

        “Trump, after all, has changed the standards of the basic decency and civility America requires of its leaders”

        I wonder whether the PakaTuns, DAPsters are the gold standard in decency.

    2. Mulan,

      Actually the Malays( often looked down) had already shown the way. In last election, they alone gave UMNO powers in Perlis, Kedah, Perak, NS, Johor, Trengganu, Pahang, Melaka.

      And it is misleading to say that only rural Malay folks support UMNO. The lion share of Malay votes in town voted UMNO too. It is just that the percentage of Malays as voters in township is lower to that of their brethen in kampungs.

      As an example, the bulk of Malay votes voted UMNO in Ampang. I can safely say around almost 70% of Malay voters. But as the percentage of Malays as voters are only 55%, UMNO lost the seat.

      And everyone who is willing to tell the truth will accept reality that bulk of Malay votes to PR(now “pupus”) came from Malays who support PAS.

      In haste, DAP kicked PAS out. Then it realises the strength of PAS machinery. AMANAH is mere splinters who earn little respect among malay population.

      That is why PKR is very worried. Actually many PAS voters reject PKR already. T

    3. May the sun really shine on our heartland, again. Ameen. Here comes the ‘kampong people’, the deprived and suffocated by the liberals. It is time to rejuvenate, rise up and shine. I do not mind umno or pas, as long as it’s muslims. Nevertheless, one must really be strong enough in all aspects to ward off all of the liberalists influence and ill-intended motives imposed by the kafirun harbi and its associates. Hopefully the brexit and trumpxit will bring its spiralling effects to mala-xit

  4. “She and the Democrats view Republican rural voters as stupid and backward, especially white men who don’t have college degrees.”

    Hillary sounds a lot like Pakatoons who denounce rural and semi-rural voters for not voting for them as being “stupid”, “ignorant”, “easily bought”, “have little Internet access hence rely on mainstream print media”, etc. etc. etc., whilst sipping their pricey lattes with faces buried in their smartphones and tablets WhatsApp-ing, tweeting, Facebook-ing, etc., without making a serious effort to get to the root of these voters’ concerns and offering them a better solution to their problems if elected.

    I came across an analysis of the 2011 Singapore general elections which found that those with 12 years or less of education almost always voted for the PAP, whilst the more tech and social media savvy voters are, the more highly paid they are and the more highly educated they are, the more they tend to vote for the opposition in Singapore.

    Whilst I do not have the link to that study, however a look at Singapore election results shows that the PAP wins about 70% or more of votes in constituencies such as Jurong, Sembawang, Ang Mo Kio, Bishan-Toa Payoh, Bukit Batok, Chua Chu Kang and so forth where there are many industries, hence working class voters and a large number of housing board flats.

    The PAP also employs populism to stay in power, just as UMNO does to get elected again and again in Malaysia.

    Well, Trump employed populism too and trumped Hillary.

    Now he must deliver on his promises to better the lives of his target constituents, lest he be called a fraud later on and quite probably voted out in 2020.

  5. Not only the democrats in US but the democrats in this country also need to head elsewhere. Canada is not very practical because of the geography. China is a good alternative due to cultural simililarity between the local democrats and the Chinese. The time to move cannot be so ripe considering how friendly the Chinese now are. Why wait?

    1. we wait for the chinese to come here, we look forward a peaceful rise together. y not u move to indon, u can join their violent escalation, is this a cultural thingy?

      1. HY,

        Malaya is part of the Malay archipelago or gugusan kepulauan Melayu. You ask us to go back to Indonesia goes to show your knowledge inadequacy in history as well as geography. Go back to school and this time not SJRC!

      2. Ha mimpi la HY. If your nenek moyang had any love for you they wld hv accepted you back way then when your ancestors requested to go home, but refused,denied. You hv been divorced by them. Learn to stand on your own. Behave yourself in a foreign land.
        Indonesia was like hongkong is to china land. Without the meddling of the foreigners, both lands are the same. May both lands re-unite. Like trump said, korea is china’s meddling in others’. No china man is coming here, not like last time anymore. No jus soli no more. No citizenship en-masse. The world is turning into what it should have been. No messing up up of foreign hands.

      3. HY,

        If they ever come here again like they did decades ago, I am sure the locals will pack them in the trawlers and throw them back into the sea.

          1. HY

            I respect your superior stupidity. No Malay Sultan or community come close to the brutality and violence of Shih Huangdi, Mao Zedong & other lesser emperors.

            It may lie in your genetic makeup since you probably came from the fringes of the Hans.

            1. even if relate to genetic of shih huangdi, we change significantly, u dun see us acting brutally n violently, or indulge in revenge n cruelly killing of innocent commoners. we dun throw boat people n refugee back into sea. what kind of culture that effectuate u people into such inhumane deed? u all sound more n more like zionist. pity.

  6. RE: “I predict of the same Brexit / Trump fervour continues…. PAS will become more popular as an alternative to UMNO. Parties of the “moderate” Melayus like PKR or Bunga Raya will decline.”

    I used to joke that if Pakatan wants to win Federal Government, then promise to drop the tax on liquor and cigarettes back to 1990 levels if elected.

    Well it looks like PAN is getting pretty desperate by proposing this populist move to woo non-Muslims.

    “KUALA LUMPUR: An Amanah lawmaker has said that the tax for alcohol should not be increased as it would burden non-Muslims.

    “I see that taxes on cigarettes are on the rise. As for alcohol, it is allowed for non-Muslims, so if we raise (the taxes) we will burden them,” Siti Mariah Mahmood (Amanah-Kota Raja) said.”

    Well, I as a non-Muslim won’t complain. Go ahead and call for a drop in taxes even more but how most Muslims will react to that politically, I cannot say.

    “You would notice even PKR is trying to berjinak-jinak balik with PAS. The survival of PKR in the Malay heartland will depend on Malay and Islam issues.”

    PKR in Selangor state is also being pragmatic in it being cordial with PAS, since it well knows that with Pakatan Harapan having the minimum 29 seats required for a majority in the Selangor State Assembly, it needs the cooperation of PAS state assemblymen, especially if one of their 29 defects to the other side, in which case they will have a dysfunctional hung State Assembly, without the cooperation of PAS.

    1. Well now the press is talking of Martine Le Pen win too!

      “What might be the knock-on effect in Europe of Donald Trump’s victory? The next big democracy to vote after America is France, which holds its presidential election next spring. Could Marine Le Pen, leader of the populist National Front (FN), be elected president?”

      1. when us n europe turn right, i predict the muslim will be very happy, after reading their comment in this blog. n u of course, the batu api queen wakaka.

        1. I am sure now many American mothers will be cautious of Chinese students (including Malaysian ones) who go to America for an education and what the students found was LOVE.

          Hopefully Australian, French and Canadian mothers realize that Chinese girls – naive and innocent as they are always fall in LOVE.

          Universities are places people get an education and not a place to fall in LOVE and stay forever (in USA, Australia, NZ). But you know LOVE is blind and blind LOVE can only work in USA, NZ, UK and Canada. A Chinese girl never catch the LOVE virus if you go to any non White country. The LOVE virus dies when in contact with dark skin.

          Don’t worry about the Muslims HY. They know how to take care of themselves. Just take care of your female relatives who plan to study in the USA. Advice them to study hard and not fall in LOVE and stay in USA forever.

          1. With their how many thousand years of civilisation, why do their girls still fall in love with foreigners. Aren’t they proud of their own civilisation. Or is there anything wrong with the Chinese men that their girls are running around to catch their future prospects??

      2. With the trend starting from the near win of the Austrian far-right candidate in the Austrian presidential elections, then Brexit (against poll predictions), then Duterte and then Trump, the likelihood of Marine Le Pen winning is quite high I would think and if the Austrian presidency goes to Hofer in the re-run of the elections, then Le Pen winning is even more likely.

        These candidates appeal to the concerns of the working class, small business people and lower income people when the liberals and centre-left which used to address their concerns have adopted neo-liberal policies and have cut back on social services, unemployment insurance, public healthcare, have privatised industries, curbed the power of trade unions and so forth, whilst the far-right, with its populist policies, albeit xenophobic now promises such voters to address their concerns.

        Moreover, the western far-left which used to lead the workers in strikes and even general strikes to fight to defend their wahes and working conditions up until the 1980s is now highly fragmented into many splinter parties with little traction within the working class.

        So these far-leftists have instead turned to focus on issues such as opposition to racism against minorities, defence of LGBT rights and so forth, so these formerly hard core supporters of liberal and centre-left parties have now turned to the far right for solutions.

        Austria’s Hofer had strong support from amongst working class voters in Austria’s industrial heartlands.

        This is what Baier who is a former Chairman of the Communist Party of Austria describes how weak the far-left is today, so people have no recourse to turn to on the far-left which could serve as a counterweight to the far-right.

        He also explains the rise of the far right as resulting of popular concerns over the growing supra-national dominance of the European Union over the social and economic policies imposed upon the member nation states of the European Union.

        Below are links to the interview of Baier in two parts where he admits to the weakness of the far-left.


        “For years and decades, the so-called ‘left’ in the West has been moderately critical of North American (and sometimes even of European) imperialism and neo-colonialism. But whenever some individual or country rose up and began openly challenging the Empire, most of the Western left-wing intellectuals simply closed their eyes, and refused to offer their full, unconditional support to those who were putting their lives (and often even the existence of their countries) on the line.”

        When a supposedly radical left party such as Syriza in Greece holds a referendum in which the people of Greece say NO! to austerity and soon after yields to the demands of the EU and implements austerity directly against the democratic will of the Greek people what more can one expect.

        How many of the Pakatoons in Malaysia are talking about workers’ rights, the plight of the lower income group, such as small traders, small holders, fisher folk and so forth today?

        Heck! Even the likes of Hishamuddin Rais who led the students to protest in support of the plight of smallholders in Baling and squatters in Tasik Utara, Johor whose homes were demolished back in 1974 now raise issues in support of workers and the lower income group today.

        Instead, today the like of Hishamuddin Rais, Che Gu Bard and his black shirted boys in S.A.M.M. are just a left appendage of the PKR who support Reformasi and Anwar.

        I call this lot the “Jalan Kemuja Liberation Front” in reference to that road in Bangsar Utama where they hang out.

        Whilst the Occupy movement in the U.S., albeit a Soros-financed outfit via the Tides Foundation did stand for the 99%, its clone Occupy Dataran gathered at Dataran Merdeka on Saturday nights to make an issue around the right of people to peacefully assemble in Dataran Merdeka.

        Whilst, I agree that they should have the right of peaceful assembly, however what significance is their demand to the majority of Malaysians far away from Dataran Merdeka who are struggling to make a living?

        Heck! I very rarely drive past Dataran Merdeka, let alone visit the place.

        In short, the demands of this cohort of relatively privileged youth and older radicals with plenty of time on their hands are out of sync with those of the majority of Malaysian voters, then how do they expect to win them over.

        So they march up and down between Sogo, Dataran Merdeka and the National Mosque and think that by that they can win the hearts and minds of voters far removed who deliver seats to the BN.

        Free Malaysia Today writes:-

        “According to a Bloomberg report, Najib needs to keep smallholders happy as he seeks the votes of rural and semi-urban areas to retain power in the next General Election due by 2018.”

        And how many people are aware of “Arab Spring 2.0” in Tunisia last September, close to six years after “Arab Spring 1.0”. This shows that Arab Spring 1.0 did not achieve its objectives and matters are back to square one more or less.

        Thus it does not take rocket science to understand why the far-right is on the rise.

        I believed Trump would win since last year for the very reasons I stated above and now I stand vindicated.

      3. And to add, that The Economist article more or less says what I said earlier when it mentioned former Communist Party voters now voting Le Pen’s Front Nationale.

        Also the fact that it is the people of the U.S. who voted in a populist nationalist protectionist as president when the U.S. was earlier preaching globalisation and open borders to the world has a major psychological impact on people in the rest of the world which tends to reinforce the trend and moves the ideas behind it from the fringe towards the mainstream of socio-politics and economics.

        Also, it was the American War of Independence which inspired the French Revolution, so history could well be repeating itself somewhat over here, not that the French will bring out the Guillotine this time.

        The liberals globalists will be running around like chickens with their heads chopped off, not knowing that the tide has turned against them.

  7. Clinton and Soros have in mind a global world order based on liberal hegemony. They believe in the linear progression of history, where in the end, Lgbt and feminism will rule the world.

    A Trump win is a win for nationalists everywhere.

    1. “They believe in the linear progression of history, where in the end, Lgbt and feminism will rule the world.”

      This is a rarely discussed profound difference in philosophical world views between Western, Asian and other outlooks which needs deeper understanding and commentary than can be discussed and debated on a comments list and this I believe partly has to do with the linear progression of souls from the womb to the tomb and beyond especially in religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam which arose in the Middle Eastern.

      This is unlike Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism in which events go round in cycles, similar to nature and which is a form of dialectical process proposed by Hegel and Dialectical-Materialist process proposed by Marx & Engles.

      Today, we have a situation where right wing conservatives such as Trump appeal to working class people who would traditionally vote Democrat (liberal) in the US or social democrat (centre-left) in Europe but now they see that a right wing conservative offers them what the liberals and social democrats do not.

      Got to run but I leave you with the rather radical ideology of Alexandr Dugin which he calls the Fourth Political Theory.

      The site a a bit slow right now but Dugin proposes ideas such as Modernisation without Westernisation and so forth.

  8. America went from a Black President to one that is endorsed by the racist KKK – shows that race is a major issue and winning approach in many elections worldwide including Brexit.

    Also proved that the internet groupies are a small segment who flaunt their liberal views are all loud noise with no corresponding real numbers.

    PM Najib and UMNO should be emboldened to go on offensive against the DAP/BERSATU/AMANAH/PKR and attack them relentlessly. So must Jamal and the Red Shirts vs Bersih people.
    Shout them down and overwhelm them with bigger numbers.

    All are important lessons for GE14 campaign strategies.

    1. umno, endorsed by the racist, use the race strategy for umpteen years. the racist white only adopt the same approach after many years, it clearly shown no one racist, even the kkk, could beat umno,

      1. Mengata orang lain racist laa konon, padahal. You only use the term when it suits you, your whims and fancies. Ask those in China mainland the real meaning of racist? They would not even allow any other than their own racial race to set foot on their big piece of land. The ulterior motives of those championing the term racist is very glaring though, their survival in a foreign land and their continuous greed to exploit others.

        1. i am not really know if china immigration policy is at vast diff with msia, i dun live there. since u seem very knowledgeable on this topic, please be more specific rather than giving such general statement, because as far as i know, china even allow the japanese to stay after the war if u wan to talk abt history. however i can sort of agree ccp might be a bit racist in the context of not doing enough for their minority, n i also dare say many ccp leader n party member is robber n thief that exploit the people, same like umno. thats y they both working very closely, dun u see all thiefs like n love each other?

          1. Playing victim, liar, faker, all in the name of survival. All fakes, the dapsters, its clan and cult…pretenders to the core..

  9. Ms H. Those who think of migrating to Canada should be sure of what will happen to them on arrival. I was there in 1969 when there was not a single Hongkie or Taiwanese. I could get a PR in one week. I was in Vancouver in winter. From Hotel Vancouver, I walked downtown to see a film. It was late afternoon with a sunny blue sky. After the film, I had to walk back up the hill to the hotel. As time went on, it became colder and colder until I began to run as all the shops along the street were closed. Suddenly, around a corner I saw a café. I ran in and grab a coffee from a decanter. After I warmed up, I saw a Chinawoman behind the counter. I asked her what was her closing time. She told me it was 2 a.m. On hearing this, I had half-a-mind not to live in Vancouver. I decided not to when I discovered Canada is a socialist State with Federal and State taxes and income derived from outside Canada is also taxed. Also, Canada is in recession now. Further, I had a friend who was a medical technologist who migrated to a small Canadian town in British Columbia. After 6 months, he emigrated back to London. The village folk go to bed at 8 p.m. every night !
    Tasmania was the original penal settlement for 19th century British recalcitrant. Now it promotes itself as a destination for oysters and home-bred salmon for China or DAP types.. Like all parts of Australia, on Friday nights the boys go out with the boys, the girls go out with the girls. I was there in October 1969. I found Australia was governed by the 1% elite eg. the Church, the industrialists, the large land owners, the Jews, the universities, the unions. the politicians, new Australians. The other 99% enjoyed themselves and worked only a 4 day week. Gambling is available around the clock. Drinking is a pastime. Certain Australians still think of their past White Policy eg. ‘two wongs do not make a white.’ The Immigration Dept. lady officer was rude and made me feel not to live in Australia at all even though my credentials were much better than hers.
    Compared with Singapore, Canada and Australia, Malaysia is paradise !

    1. Uncle AK47

      you do realize that your benchmark for all your anecdotes about this is 1969 right?

      You do realize that things have changed since then right?

      For as many that didnt make it in [insert country here] there are as many who are doing well.

      There is no right or wrong. It really depends on your expectations.

      Ive worked in the outback in Queensland, together with a naturalized Pakistani engineer ( now an Australian citizen). He loves it there, commands a good salary, definitely upper middle class level.

      Ive worked Brisbane on long term assignment, its a fantastic little city, offering both temperament weather, great outdoors ( im a very outdoorsy person), would return in a heartbeat.

      Cant comment on Canada, never been there!

      Malaysia is my home and birthright but i would never discount any where else in the world for opportunities.

      1. Orang Perlis. I like your objective comment which makes this Blog great. OK. All my friends who emigrated to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK etc. told me that they are very happy and satisfied. They are in their forties all with white hair. My Cambridge educated engineer friend worked a lifetime with Australia’s leading telecom company. He was not made the No. 1 but only an Adviser. There is a glass ceiling for ethnics I believe. I had a New Zealand Registrar at a London Hospital who picked on me for 3 months daily until I nearly suffered a mental collapse. My sin was that I was doing the Obstetrics and Gynaecology course which involves handling naked white females all the time. I do not believe racism will ever disappear in a white society in a matter of years. You forgot the migrants locked up on Christmas Island and Nauru. Australia is so huge why do this ? If a migrant was educated there, a Christian, married a white girl, became a citizen in his or her twenties, adopt local ways etc., there maybe a chance but you are still hit by the glass ceiling like my Cambridge educated engineer. I am told that there are groups in cities who call the Chinese, Chinkies or words to this effect. If you know the history of English detective fiction which dates back to pre-World War II days right down to recent times, the older Caucasian generation read all this rubbish about Fu Manchu by Sax Rohmer, etc. and passed it on to their descendants. All Chinese are presumed to have yellow skin. If you do not believe me, you may find out for yourself how all this racism came into being.

      2. Orang Perlis. I have two Chinese doctor friends who returned to Malaysia quietly in their old age, from Canada and Hong Kong respective.y – one to Taman Tun Dr Ismail Kuala Lumpur.and the other to Pulau Pinang where he was born.

      3. Orang Perlis. Apart from the two instances of racism which I mentioned, the London Hospital New Zealand Registrar and the Immigration Officer at Sydney, there was only one other racist which I met in my whole life living in the West. I was having a hair-cut attended to by an East London Jewish barber. He made a insulting remark about Chinese women which I could not reply as I was obliged to him to finish my hair-cut. I never returned.

  10. Muak dgn bershit and its cronies. Loud and noisy without substance.
    Wasting useful resources which could be channelled on more resourceful courses. The police should not be there to entertain them, which is actually understaffed. What with the increasing crime including those yang tunjuk lagak besar kepala, even mengutuk the royals.

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