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‘Uneducated’ white men can vote too

This video is definitely worth five minutes of your time to watch. Highly recommended.


They call white males who vote Trump “uneducated”

Democrat elites like Hillary Clinton are warmongers who cozy up with the military industrial complex. They’re destructive bastards.

Trump is a property tycoon. He constructs hotels and casinos. He builds and creates businesses and jobs, not destroy. He’s never dropped a bomb that killed anyone.


Just shoot Political Correctness and be done

It’s the Democrat administration that meddled in Libya and Syria that caused millions of Muslim deaths, and screwed their own American soldiers.

It boggles the mind that the “basket of delusionals” can pitch Hillary as the ‘love’ candidate while picturing Trump as a ‘monster’ and ‘hater’.

After the angry white men tsunami, it’s about time we had the Malay heartland tsunami. Tick tock, tick tock…


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47 thoughts on “‘Uneducated’ white men can vote too

  1. Helen,
    Sedih aku tengok kau narrate events macam tu.
    Aku sudah lama hidup di USA.Masa aku sampai Reagan lawan Mondale.I watched the invasion of Grenada on CNN..then Beirut…then…then…
    .. doing nothing is not an option.Aku understand.
    Taking the sides of Republican was never me or my conscious choice.
    Bigotry is most whites tried to contain.Trump is not a Republican but a bigot.Big time.
    Do not celebrate bigotry please
    Aku orang Melayu.I am not a bigot.
    If you are just reporting…i forgive you.
    Love from a Malay living in USA.
    I’ll be with my Chinese freinds in NYC for Bersih 5.0.

    1. In what way is Trump a bigot and Hillary not?

      Trump didn’t involve his country in wars of attrition in the Middle East. Hillary and Obama did.

      1. It was not touch and go when there is any trouble in any corner of the world for the commander in chief.I believe the reaction time is vary slow.
        Eventually they move their butts.
        Damm if they do damm if they don’t.
        They cannot be the global police but no others can step up then.
        Today Russia and China are trying hard to play that role.Some country will eventually step forward.
        Why is Trump a bigot , Hillary not.?
        Trump said so.

        1. Agree with MeorUSA.

          If only things were so black & white in the US.

          spoken as a resident of ILL, IN & NY state between 1996-2001.

            1. Its pathetic how the uneducated non whites clobber to the winner of this election.Now CNN is associated with the establishment and Fox is the truth teller.
              How lpng before Trump be will be impeach.?

    2. Ms H. The latest report today said the Obama-Hilary created Arab Spring cost US$ 600 Billions exclusive of the thousands of innocent men, women and children killed or injured. The Arab people had never known democracy for 5,000 years. Each Arab country was sovereign even though the rulers were despots. But these Arab countries were set-up by the British and the French in 1919 at the fall of the Ottoman Empire and each had a despot as a ruler. The Obama-Hilary Arab Spring bungled and nearly lost Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood, made a mess of Libya with its numerous tribes, and shot themselves in the foot in Syria using leftover mercenaries from Libya etc. They thought they could save Israel this way- Arabs fighting Arabs. They miscalculated by destroying men, women and children who lived in these peaceful countries for thousands of years and the buildings as well. Man or Woman Proposes. God disposes. What do this pair get from this wanton destruction of the innocents ? Huge waves of migration of human beings to Western Europe, the United States and Australia ! In 1982, the History Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge told me that the fall of Rome was not because of the barbarians at the gate but the huge number of foreigners within its gates ! The top-most Democrat leadership of the United States could not think beyond their noses ! They brought the huge influx of humanity upon themselves and untold number of tragedies to others whom they want to impose Democracy, as an excuse, on innocent people who only knew the rule by despots created by the British and the French in 1919 ! History is the finest arbiter of the truth.

      1. Not my president or PM, that is what we see on placards.
        What is the point of having elections when the losing team cannot accept the decision of the majority?

  2. Helen,

    One of my friend withdrew her entire EPF saving last week. She is 57. She told me she does not trust EPF. She believes if she keeps her money in EPF, it will be used by the government(meaning Najib).

    I asked her what make her think like that. Of course she bases her decision on hearsay. Negative hearsay. No prize for guessing who she voted in last election.

    She then told me to abandon UMNO in next election. She knows my political inclination. I reminded her it is hard for majority of Malays to vote PR or anything associated with DAP when we witnessed how they insulted Najib or even Hadi in last BERSIH.

    They naturally think they are smarter than us(the Malays who are cautious with DAP) . They mock us. They ridicule us.

    They think we do not know they are trying outmanouvre us. They think they can make UMNO looks bad when Rafizi slanders that Tabung Haji in dire financial position. They read that as the response from Malays are muted, it means the rubbish sink in.

    They are very “gung ho” about BERSIH. They believe BERSIH will eventually take place on Nov 19.

    THIS TIME THEY ARE RIGHT. I strongly believe BERSIH will take place. What they ignore is that Najib with all the trapping of power will let BERSIH take place.

    And it does not take rocket science to understand or predict that BERSIH will be another session of Najib, UMNO, Hadi bashing. Hadi will be whacked left , right and centre for refusing to cooperate (meaning to let PAS does the dirty job) with PR.

    Yup. Hadi will be whacked too. What they forget is that Malays will see it as PAS being whacked., PAS being ridiculed. What they do not realise is that Malays will equate bashing PAS with attacking Islam, Malays.

    What they do not realize is that they are actually making malays hate DAP more. What they fail to understand is that their attack on PAS will make PAS closer to UMNO, something that they cant stomach.

    What they do not realise is that they are making Najib stronger by attacking him.


    IGP may be very busy handlling BERSIH . Ever wonder why Najib is very cool. BERSIH is actually is helping Najib to retain power. Retain power and win bigger in next election.

    And they are still clueless about this

      1. AK47,

        I have no problem in people who want to withdraw their entire saving in EPF when they reach 55. That is their right.

        What I find funny is that they despite claiming to be financially sound and smart, still believe in garbage that the fund in EPF is mere numbers.

        1. shamsul anuar. Sir, I was a Trustee of the EPF 1968-1974 and again on the Investment Panel 1984. Then, the criteria for EPF investments were that the income after valuation by the Government Actuary was all invested in Government Securities after deducting the EPF expenses. There were no investments in shares, property, or EPF money handled by outsiders like Fund Managers. This gave a steady but small income to the contributors with full protection. Thereafter, the contributors began to seek a higher income which reached a commercial rate of 8% after my time. From then on, I lost track of the EPF investment policies which were more commercial.

    1. re: “What they do not realise is that Malays will equate bashing PAS with attacking Islam, Malays.”

      Which Malays which Islam, tuan? We not born last year, tuan.

      1. Reality check,

        “…we not born last year, tuan”.


        Do you expect Malays not to feel insulted with the rude gesture ?

        “which malays, which islam”.

        Definitely not the like of Rafizi, or Khalid Samad or Mohd Sabu.

        1. SA,

          re: What they do not realise is that Malays will equate bashing PAS with attacking Islam, Malays.

          Are you trying to say that no one can attack, criticise, whack, insult etc Umno and PAS? Doing so equates to attack, criticise, whack, insult etc the entire Malay and Muslim population in Msia?

          1. Yes, the same way you lot take offence when we call DAP a collection of unpatriotic racist and chauvinist communist immigrant descendants with evangelical tendencies who is simply up to no good using racial hatred and foreign funding to erode our nation peace and prosperity in order to grab power. Now did i miss anything?

            1. AE,

              This is exactly the problem when you equate a party = race/religion.

              Let me give one example. Hadi private member’s bill. Almost all non-Umno BN parties and oppo parties (except PAS) have expressed objection. Umno and PAS are telling these non-Islam parties and their MPs that objecting the Bill is equivalent to interference in Islamic matters. The Bill is initiated by an Islamic party, to improve the powers of Islamic courts, for the Muslim people and does not affect non Muslims. True enough.

              Umno and PAS failed to acknowledge that the Bill is a matter for the Parliament to decide. All MPs irrespective of race have a vote. The Bill is not a purely Islamic matter. It is a legal/constitutional matter. Non-Muslim MPs are free to vote in favour or against the Bill. You cannot take any legal action against any non-Muslim MPs that voted against the Bill.

              This is what Umno and PAS should tell the Muslims: “The Bill is for Parliament to decide. Non Muslim MPs are free to exercise their voting rights. Should the Bill is defeated, non Muslim MPs are merely exercising their rights. For the coming election, don’t vote for any candidate that opposes the Bill”.

              Compare the above with what Umno and PAS are peddling now: “Any non-Muslim MPs or members of public that oppose the Bill is interfering with the affairs of Islam”.

              See the difference?

              1. Bukan orang Cina , orang India aja yang ada hak.Orang Sabah dan Sarawak pun ada hak.Ini juga negara mereka.Negara kita.
                Mahkamah mana yang Supreme bila timbul conflict.?
                Orang Melayu,orang Cina….orang Sabah..Sarawak satu Mahkamah ,satu negara.
                Sapa yang gubal undang undang.Elected legislative or theoretical establishment?
                drinho, I like your arguments.Thks.

  3. The headline reminds of GE13 when SJKC community came out from their hidings by busloads and voted for democrats. So much commited to the cause of democrats in that if they put a banana trees then they would still win.

  4. From Presidential advisor, Pat Buchanan ….

    “Trump’s followers see an American Spring as crucial, and they are not going to let past boorish behavior cause them to abandon the last best chance to preserve the country they grew up in.

    These are the Middle American Radicals, the MARs of whom my late friend Sam Francis wrote.

    They recoil from the future the elites have mapped out for them and, realizing the stakes, will overlook the faults and failings of a candidate who holds out the real promise of avoiding that future.

    They believe Trump alone will secure the borders and rid us of a trade regime that has led to the loss of 70,000 factories and 5 million manufacturing jobs since NAFTA. They believe Trump is the best hope for keeping us out of the wars the Beltway think- tanks are already planning for the sons of the “deplorables” (who?) to fight.

    Moreover, they see the establishment as the quintessence of hypocrisy. Trump is instructed to stop using such toxic phrases as “America First” and “Make America Great Again” by elites who think 55 million abortions since Roe is a milestone of moral progress.

    And what do they have in common with a woman who thinks partial-birth abortion -which her predecessor in the Senate, Pat Moynihan, called “infanticide” – is among the cherished “reproductive rights” of women?”

    *It’s very much a moral challenge that America is facing up to, and most pertinently the survival of its legitimacy among nations.

    1. Chris. At the end of the Cold War 1948-1989, Uncle Sam came up with the American hegemonic spiel, ‘ Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights ‘ By the turn of the century, only the BRICS benefitted. LKY was caught with his pants down and produced the TPPA on the announcement of the retirement of TDM in 2002 to save his legacy and Singapore. It is not going to happen. We are now going to see the still-born TPPA which could be the killer of Malaysia and the Malaysians. The historical events of the present 8 years of financial conundrum with no ending began at the Big Bang of the 1980s during Margaret Thatcher’s reign. Now the World pays for this GREED in spades ! The fiduciary neglect of the riches of the United States in its industrial heartland and its God-fearing inhabitants is now for all to see. Hence, the rise of Trump and the demise of Hilary and Obama and the Jewish elites. The United States had colossal industrial might which was pared down from 1990 due to some mistaken belief of Jewish economists. With Trump’s leadership, the United States will recover its lost industrial might and greatness. The ingredients the people, the resources, and the markets are all there to put the final strokes to complete the picture. I could see America’s industrial might as long ago as 1943 in New Delhi, India. American C-45 Commandos were landing at the Pajam Airport every 15 minutes day and night. How could it be that the industrial might of America is all gone by 2016 and the working Americans are in poverty without jobs ? It is unbelievable !

      1. It was just as incredible to witness the historic dissolution of the Soviet Union in ’86, Sir. We thought then capitalism and democracy had won the age for social equity and human compassion. It was an upbeat climate for evolving middle class Singaporeans in an industrializing country which had its fundamentals in a right balance. And we didn’t have a single billionaire back then did we? Well, Singapore has more than two dozen now – do correct me if I’m mistaken – but the middle class has the lowest purchasing power in the 1st world in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Where only the gomen flies happily on the GDP… and your personal superannuation funds are not yours to retire with at 65.

        1. Chris, You talk sense. We must face the fact that the leadership of LKY to force-feed Singapore into a First World country through the GDP has not succeeded. Now, Singapore’s leadership has to consider her immediate economic progress with the suspension of the LKY inspired TPPA by Obama and the change in terrorist tactics as subtly suggested by Bilahari Kausikan in October 2015. Besides, multiple problems of a State which has all its balls juggling high in the air. I have the answers to bring Singapore back to a normal stance with concomitant satisifying life-style and happiness for its indigenous population of 3 millions only. I loved the Singapore of the 50s and the 60s. The answers are to be found in the heads of the Singaporean elites which are blocked by the over-bearing of LKY’s thoughts and wishes. Remember the book, ‘ Big Ideas of LKY ‘ in which the ex-president, the ex-chief judge, the ex-chief civil servant, etc all lined up in their haste to salaam the ex-Boss to give me the impression that there is no separation of the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. We can not get another picture clearer than this. With the wrong bet on China and Obama, it is still not too late for Singapore to get on to the right path.

  5. Hilary Clinton was a great help, we all should all thank her she screwed herself, Remember the word “BASKET OF DEPLORABLE”‘ the people of America saw what her and the democrats think of the people there.Congratulations to Donald Trump!

  6. My observation about Democracy in the US and Malaysia

    It is fairness if the latte drinking,smartphone totting “liberal” “moderates” win an election.

    If the “white country church going folk” or “the kopiah pakcik” votes, their choices must be stupid.
    If their candidates win :
    1. there is no democracy
    2. the country is going backward/courrupt
    3. the PM/President is not their president even though the elections are fair
    4. If the dumb country/kampung folk protest, they are gangsters and racist
    5. the moderates are all freedom fighters, if they start a protest
    6. the moderates will be thinking to migrate (but yet to buy their one way ticket)

    It is OK to ignore election results, if the kampung folk win. It is the moral right of the moderates to ignore fair election results e.g. like all the blackout on FB in Malaysia and protests in California.

    In short moderation means only classy urban folk can vote. The country folk and the kopiah pakcik have only expertise to tend to their farm animals. If the country folk have an opinion, then it must be racist and sexist or ancient.

    1. im sorry Mulan

      but your observation is essentially, too simplistic.

      FYI, the midwest and the bible belt is not as backwards as you think it is.

      this is more than kampung vs urban. the midwest i lived in is actually pretty much warm and welcoming.

      1. Whilst I have not been to the Mid West or the South, people who have been there say that the people there are warm and welcoming, and are more laid back than and less acquisitive than people in the big cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York City.

        There are many reasons for Trump’s win besides falling living standards, loss of decent paying jobs to lower wage countries, immigrants, especially illegal immigrants being brought in by businesses to undercut the wages of American workers. I believe one of them is the demands of the political correctness crowd such as to oppose the display of Christmas decorations on government buildings, claiming that these will “offend the sensitivities” of non-Christian minorities in the U.S.

        That by the way, is why the greeting “Merry Christmas” has been replaced with “Happy Holidays” in the U.S. and other westren countries.

        Well such politically correct policies have resulted in a gradual buildup of resentment over time, which has burst forth with Trump.

        Instead, these PC advocates should have ask for the major religious and cultural festivals of minorities to be to be made public holidays like we do in Malaysia and also in SIngapore.

        Trump’s election is a major backlash against all this political correctness and much more.

    2. What Republican party going to be today.?
      Ethno ……party of the whites.?
      Republicans for sure are not the grand old party ….with its anti immigrants voters today.
      So America is approching..Malaysia…racial based party.?
      Umno is proud ?..i told you so ….race base party….way to go.?
      Latino, Blacks, Asian….Native American has more hope the an average white Americans.
      With ethno base party….hope will be reverse.?Whites will be the center of universe again.


    3. The You Tube videos below kind of remind me of those Black505 protests which eventually fizzled out after a few weeks.

      Yes. Clinton won 228 Electoral Votes and 60,467,601 popular votes overall, whilst Trump won 290 Electoral Votes and 60,072,551 popular votes overall.

      So OK, Hillary got 395.050 more popular votes than Trump but Trump won 290 electoral votes versus Clinton’s 228 electoral votes and Trump was elected president.

      In the U.S. system of presidential elections, each state is allocate a number of electoral votes and presidential candidates contest for votes in each state and the one who gets the most votes in each state, even if they are less than 50% of total votes wins that state and gets the electoral votes for that state which go towards his or her number of electoral votes won the one whose total number of electoral votes won reaches 270 or more out of 538 electoral votes wins the election.

      Scroll down the website above and you can see that there are more than just two presidential contestants in each state, so the winner in a particular state may win on less than 50% of the votes.

      For example, Trump won 49.1% of all votes in Florida versus Clinton who won 47.8% of the Florida votes, with four other candidates picking up the remaining 3.1% of votes between them. So Trump got all of Florida’s 29 electoral votes to add to his total.

      This system of assigning a number of electoral votes to each state was designed to give states with smaller populations some chance to have a say in the elections in the face of more populous states. So yes, the system is skewed in favour of states with smaller populations. Otherwise, a state such as California with around 9 million votes overall will overwhelm a state such as Hawaii with around 380,000 total votes this 2016 presidential elections.

      So yes, the U.S. presidential election system in its current form can and does produce situations where the winning candidate can get more than the 270 electiral votes to win with fewer popular votes than the losing candidates.

      Likewise, in the multi-cornered contests in the last U.K. general elections, the Conservatives won around 60% of parliamentary seats with around 37% of the popular vote.

      Likewise in the 2013 GE in Malaysia where the BN won the majority of seats with under 50% of popular votes, thanks to constituency deliniation weighted in favour of rural voters, and Malaysia uses the same “first past the post” Westminster-style electoral rules where the party which wins over 50% of seats in parliament wins the elections and gets to form the government.

      Dunno how these protestors expect to overturn a Trump win or force his impeachment by marching around chanting “f@#k Trump”, trashing windows, starting fires, etc. without any evidence of electoral fraud on the part of Trump and if they think that they have the support of the majority of U.S. citizens to overturn the result of the recent elections by street protests and achieve an “American Spring”, then they are living in lala land.

      1. the protest have much to do with minority rights, woman rights etc n the language trump used, not really on the voting system. i dun read much abt american comment abt trump fraud so i dun know whats yr point exactly.

        wrt electoral college, i also dun understang how it allow the smaller state have more say, my view is that the candidate can place his utmost attention in the bigger n populated state rather than waste time on smaller state. perhaps this you can educate me more.

        1. You asked:-

          ” i dun read much abt american comment abt trump fraud so i dun know whats yr point exactly.”

          I write earlier:-

          “Dunno how these protestors expect to overturn a Trump win or force his impeachment by marching around chanting “f@#k Trump”, trashing windows, starting fires, etc. without any evidence of electoral fraud on the part of Trump”

          You are right that no Americans are accusing Trump of having committed electoral fraud.

          However, for whatever reasons these anti-Trump people are protesting and sometimes violently, they cannot hope to constitutionally change the out come of the election by street protests without the support of a sizeable majority of Americans behind them.

          Only if, Trump had committed electoral fraud would they have grounds to stop Trump from being inaugurated president or to impeach him after inauguration, somewhat like happened to Nixon due to the Watergate affair.

          That is my point.

          “my view is that the candidate can place his utmost attention in the bigger n populated state rather than waste time on smaller state”

          The video below by Styxhexenhammer666 explains how the Electoral College system was designed to prevent politicians focusing on the more populous states and forces politicians to pay attention to voters in all states by making them compete to win the majority of popular votes in each state to be able to carry all the electoral votes (or you could say “points”, score”, “marks”, or whatever you want to call it) assigned to each state.

          For example, Texas was assigned 38 electoral college votes, Florida 29 and so on.

          Of course, less populous states are assigned fewer electoral votes but aspiring presidential candidates will have to earn as many of these “points” from each state to add to their total and when a candidate’s total reaches 270 “points” (out of 538) they win the presidency.

          Trump won Florida by a 1.3% margin over Clinton, thanks to the vote being split between four other candidates competing in Florida.

          Had it been a straight fight between Trump and Hillary in Florida, Hillary may have won Florida and carried the 29 electoral college votes but looking at the results for each candidate in Florida on, it looks like Trump may still have carried Florida with a large proportion of the popular votes of the 2.2% who voted for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, since Libertarian are liberal on social and cultural issues but conservative on fiscal and economic issues, so I suppose would lean towards Trump.

          For example, Styx in the video below is a self-described Libertarian who decided to vote for Trump and he is quite frank about himself being neither a Democrat or a Republican but rather one who votes for either on a case by case basis.

          Green Party candidate Jill Stein won a mere 0.7% of the votes in Florida and had she not run, it is quite likely that those who voted for her would vote for Clinton instead in a straight fight but 0.7% is not enough to tip the scales in Clinton’s favour.

          You can check the video commentaries on out Styx’s You Tube channel over here.

    4. To add: This rather astute political commentator who goes by the name “Styxhexenhammer666” explains the pros and cons of the U.S. Electoral College syste,

      Styx who is a writer describes himself as an occultist and lives in a rural part of Vermont state. I have really enjoyed following his rather accurate and interesting commentary in the run-up to the presidential elections.

  7. Brexit, Trump. The whites in the UK and US have spoken.

    The Pakatoons as always are still clueless lol

  8. Ms H. I just chatted up the best Roast Beef or Brisket of Beef counter owner at the Kiara I Mall Kuala Lumpur. He lived in the United States for many years learning his trade. He agreed with me that our beloved Malaysia is still the best country to live in whatever the circumstances ! Here is a person who has seen the World.

    1. I know which shop you are talking about in MK. Its on the lower ground on the (relatively) new mall.

      Well personally i think he didnt learn his trade well. :)

      His roast beef sandwiches were pretty average at above average prices, my own personal opinion of course :D

      1. Orang Perlis. Sir, Have tried the Kari Ikan Kepala Lucky Garden or Aunty Nat next to the PETRONAS in Sri Hartamas ? Malaysian fusion through cuisine at its best !

    2. I always remind people that Malaysia is and still a very comfortable country to live. People take things for granted.

  9. I see a lot of BN supporters were overjoyed to see Trump win.

    Maybe they should watch the campaign video Pence made appealing to Israel to ensure continuity of the Israeli state. ;)

    1. I saw the Pence short vid. But a H.Clinton administration would not have been able to evade supporting Israel either.

      Between Trump and Hillary, it is the Dems who are more beholden to the big funders (read: Jewish lobby).

      Why do you think a lot of BN supporters were overjoyed to see Trump win when he is accused of being “Islamophobic”?

  10. I believe this coming election Najib and his coalitions wiil be the establishement party that got the support of “cawangan” while the “bunga raya” party and its coalition got the surprise surprise rakyat vote.
    Consultants poll won’t be able to predict.
    Sooner or later rakyat will abandon party.Choose for themselve.

    1. Bukan parti bunga raya tapi parti bulan purnama yang pemangkin pantai berubah lepas banjir.

      GE14 will bear the full impact of the Malay heartland backlash. The only question is whether PAS is with Umno or with the opposition.

      1. I will like to simply share with you that thoughts.
        As x,y approaches to zero…z tends to…
        Thank you Helen.
        What is x and y thinking right now.?Tomorrow?
        I’ ll keep reading your blog and ask my family member back home.
        Right now they going BN.Yet just as their love for me…that can change.

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