18 thoughts on “Siapa tumbuk Jamal? Aksi slow-mo

  1. Jamal jamban yang kuat bohong idola orang umno…. tak boleh tapis tumbukkan kat hidung, buat malu geng silat jer…putar alam Jamal jamban ni

  2. Makkkkk….MAK!!!!…….tengok ni, Zuridah tembuk Amal…..uhukuhukuhukkk….MAKkkkkkkkkkkk….!!!
    JamalJamban the cry baby.

  3. There was a video on the net the other day showing him doing a supposedly silat stunt. His disciple took a wooden plank with a bit of burning fire at the tip of the plank, and hit him on his back, thus breaking the plank. Everyone cheered and he walked away smugly.

    And that was supposed to be a warning for the insolent Chinese and intimidate us. I shared the video with my friend with the comment: “SOHAI”. Everyone had a good laugh. (And you wonder why we look down on your monkeys.

    Unfortunately that’s a trick. If the contact point is the mid-section of the plank, the force of hitting something like his back will bend the plank and if you apply enough force, the plank will break IN THE MIDDLE.

    BUT, if the contact point is the TIP of the plank, that will be a different story. Moreover, it you hit him ON THE HEAD, rather than the mid-section of his back where there’s a lot of muscle/flesh… again it will be a different story as well. Using the edge part rather than the flat part of the plank also has different effect.

    He’s “superman” tricks can only impressed the fucking low IQ Melayus dominating the Red Shirt Monkeys (RSM) and your readers.

    I humbly offer the re-enact that particular stunt, MY WAY, with that Ikan Bakar monkey or any of your fucking Melayu supporters.

    I will make sure I break your fucking skulls, as thick as they are.


    1. I do not concur that malays hv low IQ. I think you do. I think you are the odd malay who has low IQ.
      You try to insinuate and instigate like the blog owner.
      People like you and the blog owner are same species. Like to spew …… Hatred!

    2. Why not your apply your bloody theory on yourself yourself. Then after, you could forward yr lengthy explaination aided by a recorded proof aswell. Good luck, be hearing fr you. Othetwise don’t bother with yr physical explaination of things hete. This is a non-scientific site. Nobody is interested. Perhaps you cld try yr luck wt any scientific journal out there if anyone is intetested at all.

    1. Who says we need draconian law? We just need 3 more laws that we never had before. 1) All election candidate and their families must declare their all theirs assets and interests before nomination day. 2) All election winners and families must stop all their business and economic activities, shares and interest in all public and private entities must be disposed of and the proceeds declared prior to taking office. Any family members who is working for govt entities and GLC must resign immediately. 3) elected leaders and their families should only live on the income of an elected representative for the duration of their appointment with yearly audit by JAN and authenticated by SPRM
      Any deviation or corruption of the above will be punishable with no less than 15 year of prison, at least 10 lashes and all their family assets and interests nationalized. And bar them along with their families from any govt and GLC position or better yet exile them all for endangering democracy and decieving/defrauding the citizens of Malaysia. This wil also deter dynasty building which is the norm here e.g the Razaks, the Hussein, the Mahathirs, the Niks and last bt not least the Lims. None of the latter are the better of their predecessor and that costs us as a nation.

      Before all this become a reality, i would think that voting according to ones religion and race is the wise thing to do. I rather have power in the corrupt hands of Muslims and Malays rather than the hands of corrupt infidels or nons. Label la apa pun racist ke, jumud ke dreamer ke but any thinking person would agree that not one honest politician exist in malaysia at the moment. Not BN and not the other side. But if, and it is a BIG IF, the proposed law above is enacted, it will be an exciting time to be a malaysian because we will have something rarer than a purple panda. We will have an honest politician with no other agenda but serving the people. Greed and money is the problem here people, take the right to amass wealth while in office and i am very very sure we would have shortage problem on nomination day.

      But if u want jamal off the streets, marina must also be removed, if fairness is at all in yr interest. To wertnk/knn stop watching Kung Fu Hustle repeatedly, too much tv affects the IQ, not that you had any to begin with. If you had any you would already be an australian by now.

      1. AE,

        Very good 3 suggestions you have there. Please ask the ruling government to make them a reality. To enact and approve such laws, only simple majority in Parliament is needed which BN definitely have.

        1. Buat sendiri lah, time benda mcm ni manisnya nak melayu ke depan. Masa dapat BR1M atau nak kontrak kerajaan pandai pulak beratur sendiri. Btw you sure yr race can accept this? Pretty sure most of your politicians will act just like they did for RUU 355. If not hostile, indifferent. Tak bole cari wang ma. Sama macam kerja jadi polis atau tentera. Gaji kecik but have to put life at risk. Nak ke korang?9

    2. MeorUsa,
      Tengok video dari jauh sja ke? I have homestay banyak, can offer U discount… mai le balik selalu baru dapat rasa keadaansebenar. Kami sini pun payah nak amik video pasai depa ni laju tau… suka baling batu sembunyi tangan and play victims all the time.

      Payah sekarang nak cari Jantan macam Jamal tau. You pula dok jauh sangat.

      1. Jantan macam Jamal…that’s a good joke……Jamal Jamban or Jamal Auta is more appropriate…rina pun dah pandai putar alam mcm Jamban skrg….keep it up

        1. Surrhead
          Macam kamu mana berani, pesyen baling batu sembunyi tangan aje.. Then MCA meets nanti sengeh macam kerang busuk. Kekeke

          1. Baru balik bersih event…tak nampak sekor baju marah pun… mana pegi geng silat papan plywood?

    1. Pak Kalioh

      You beli baju Bersih5? Apek Jiran saya dah pun tutup kedai satu minggu gi Australia jalan2 satu keluarga.

      Satu hari average steam talapia 1500 ekoq @RM12 tak termasuk side dishes lain2. Ternakan telapia kolam sendiri. Apek2 macam dia mana suka kacau2 macam Bersih5 apatah lagi pakai T-shirt Bersih, customer talak masuk lia restoran mayak susah. Elok lia pigi makan angin, bila semua aman, baru balik buka restoran.

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