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Bersih 5.0 — where Protuns embrace Dapsters

DAP is so thrilled that Tun is supporting Bersih 5.0

Retweeted by Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh, below


“Tun Mahathir wearing a Bersih shirt, urging people to go to the streets.” — Syahredzan ‏ ‘Melayu Liberal’ Johan, hotshot human rights lawyer


Bersih 5.0 — the mass selfie street event

But participants won’t be able to berselfie with Tun because he’s reportedly out of the country … after encouraging Malaysians to take to the streets




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35 thoughts on “Bersih 5.0 — where Protuns embrace Dapsters

  1. I want to share with all some news my DAPster friends were so excited when it was first shared. They were so excited that China will accept them with open arms if they decide to leave Malaysia because they hate the PM.

    “China to implement “Chinese Card” for overseas born Chinese including those from South East Asia.

    South East Asia has the world largest overseas born Chinese. This is going to draw millions Chinese in South East Asia especially those from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Mauritius, Vietnam migrate back to China.”

    The funny thing the news is a hoax.

    “China has no plans for now to introduce an “overseas Chinese card” that will allow foreigners with Chinese ethnicity to enjoy permanent residency treatment and other benefits, said a top official.

    Ms Qiu Yuanping, head of the State Council’s Overseas Chinese Affairs office, said China will instead focus on relaxing its permanent residency rules and coming up with new initiatives to make it easier for foreigners – including ethnic Chinese – to work, study and live in the country.

    “We are not thinking presently of issuing an ethnic Chinese card,” she said, when asked on Sunday on the sidelines of China’s annual national legislative session.”

    Comments RINA, 1st, HY ?

    1. Hehehe..I commented many moons ago on this.. and the many abandoned ghosts towns there which I tot wr built to cater for the mass “balik kampung tanam jagung dtanah ibunda”. One Ahkow already alerted tht was a hoax.

      Baca cerita TDM not here, betoi ke? Kekeke leaving all the cows to blow their horns esok? .. mooo mooo

    2. Regardless real or hoax, this is good and welcome news especially the hardcore democrats. Any move by China to resettle their dispora must be applauded. In fact this country must contribute both financially and logistically if it means speeding up the process. Such a resettlement will benefit both parties. Populating the brazen hinterland for China and reducing overcrowding for this country. Great idea!

    3. ok la i comment sikit since ko macam sangat terangsang. ini dah abab globalisasi, pegi sana sini bukan lagi satu halangan besar, kalu aku mahu pegi cina, aku boleh pegi tiap tiap tahun, atau tiap tiap bulan, sebenarnya tiap minggu pun bukan masalah. hanya orang yg fikiran sempit hari hari membebel tak henti henti pasal warganegara, matang la sikit fikiran jangan perangai macam budak, umur dah berapa ni?

      satu nasihat ikhlas, kalu ko mahu balik indon, beli la tiket airasia, tongkang tu bahaya.

    4. Why the local Chinese needs to leave Msia and balik Cina? With Najib pivoting to China for debts, investments and infrastructure/defense expertise, the Chinese need not balik Cina as China is coming to Msia. Don’t believe?

      Look at Danga Bay project by a China developer, Country Garden:-

      Relevant extract:
      New numbers show that the Chinese have surpassed Malaysians as the largest group of buyers at the project, holding some 35 per cent of units. Malaysians make up 30 per cent of buyers and Singaporeans, 25 per cent.

      If you go there, more than half of the property owners are non-Malaysians. That would make the area a Chinese land due to 35% ownership by Chinese from China and 25% Singaporeans (presumably Chinese). Same thing will happen to Bandar Malaysia and Forest City, Johor soon.

        1. Tak puas ke Islam1st? Still living in denial? No need go Danga Bay to find the experience of foreign land in Malaysia soil. Try go to selected areas in Puchong, Subang, PJ, Bangsar, Damansara, Cheras, Mont Kiara and KL. Drive around the neighborhood or walk at the shopping malls in such area. You will see the property owners, visitors and traders at the malls are majority Chinese. These areas are already dominated by Chinese, both political and economical. With the influx/influence of China, don’t be surprised to see Chinaman in Bandar Malaysia, Forest City and Danga Bay.

          The Malays are already fear of the local Chinese with the siege mentality of “Salah Cina”. Not to mention “Salah Yahudi, Salah Soros, Salah Amerika, Salah Anwar”. Soon, a new tagline will be created “Salah Cina dari Cina”.

          If Malaysia’s relationship with Middle Eastern countries are indeed so good on the basis of Islam, why we don’t see Najib get huge investments, debts and infrastructure expertise from such country? The only thing that Najib got is the RM2.6 bil donation. That also went into his personal account with no details on the identity of the donor and how the money was spent.

    5. Alamak. Kesian to those 1st class Cina living in low class Ma lai Si a!

      One paper Cina published the news juga mula2. Pastu tarik balik. Pasai ni ka? Kesian sama HY n Shu Zeng…hopefully next time itu Wall kasi buka luas2…

  2. Did you know Bersih 5 is on the Memali anniversary?

    “19 November 1985, ketika peristiwa hitam Memali berlaku di mana 14 ahli PAS terkorban di Kampung Memali, Mukim Siong, Daerah Baling Kedah, Perdana Menteri pada waktu itu, DS Dr Mahathir Mohamed dikatakan berada di China.

    19 November 2016, tarikh peserta BERSIH 5 akan berkumpul. 3 hari sebelum itu iaitu semalam, orang yang sama, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, mengadakan sidang video mengesa Rakyat memberi sokongan penuh dan menyertai himpunan BERSIH untuk memulihkan negara. Hari ini, beliau dengan selamba membuat keputusan untuk tidak menyertai BERSIH 5 dan pergi ke luar negara.


    On a lighter note
    Oh yes. Chinese woman please don’t stand and selfie with Amanah leaders. Don’t be so slutty.

  3. Harini mendung sejak pagi dn hujan tak renti2 ni. Puchong dh banjir kilat. Esok klo KL tiba2 banjir kilat, lega pihak Polis, tk perlu spray air.

    Sediakan payung dan sampan ya, mana tau nanti tiba2 banjir yg taktau berenang, hanyut masuk Sungai Gombak. Klo pun banjir, jangan marah Jamal juga ya..

  4. Tun wearing the Bersih yellow.

    It’s all rather surreal.

    Hannah Yeoh is right, for once. The participants are probably too young to know what went on before.

    I loved The Tun. Most of my Chinese friends hated him.

    I don’t hate The Tun now. I’m just dismayed. But the same Chinese friends now love him.

    Confirmation bias. What a lovely cognitive bias.


    1. Eugene,

      ACtually BERSIH only manages to bring Malays closer to “kerajaan”.

      The last BERSIH was so “Chinese”.

      1. The last BERSIH sebenar kurang bersih with islamist tahaluf siyasi dan isle liberal si nuar

  5. I just saw a poster in Shah Alam, near Setia Eco.


    The poster had the image of a parang and a beheaded individual wearing yellow with the number 5 on the tee-shirt.

    This is all very disturbing and sad.

    It is time Bersih supporters stopped demonstrating. Some might ask why can’t they demonstrate? Well, just look at the US. If the demonstrators continue to protest the appointment of Trump, it too will degenerate into violence.

    Bersih supporters will argue that their demo is peaceful. On the surface it seems so. But the subtext to it is insidious.

    Elections are just around the corner in Malaysia. We must allow the ruling government to govern.


    1. Its not out of love for the country these Bersih 5 demonstrators are out there in KL tomorrow but more for the individual’s ego.

      One thing for sure is NOTHING GOING TO HAPPEN AFTER THE DEMONSTRATION especially the purpose and its demands.

      What worry me as a non participant in any group be it YELLOW, RED or whatever colors may be, is SOMETHING UNTOWARD MIGHT HAPPEN DURING THE DEMONSTRATION.

      Our Ringgit, economy and racial harmony is all heading south slowly and what further contributions would you expect from these demos?

      Maria and Jamal, do they represent the kind of personalities we want to lead us and our beloved Malaysia. Its time to take a closer look!.

      1. Certain things are not suitable for Malaysia. Demonstrations and counter demonstrations are downright dangerous (in Malaysia just as people in US are just about realizing). Another thing ordinary Malaysians do not use vulgar words like “morherfucker” in a serious discussion.

  6. Protun sememang embrace BERSIH, CEKAP & AMANAH, lamaaaaaa dulu sebelum DAP, PKR, PAS bercerita tentang bersih, dan sekarang jika kita menemui titik pertembungan dalam perjuangan, itulah sebab kita BERSATU. Kita mahukan kerajaan yang bersih.

    Apa yang peliknya ialah dulu Kak Helen anti Encik Clueless, malangnya sekarang apabila semua issue 1MDB yang dikritik oleh Tun membuktikan kebenarannya, dari US, Switzerland hinggalah di negara jiran yang paling dekat di Spore, Kak Helen pula yang embrace Encik Clueless dan Madam Rosmelda.


    1. Hence blog ini pun kurang popular sekarang. Commenters pun kurang.
      Always avoid the real issues but focus on petty issues.
      No wonder she is unwanted. The only partner she has are the dogs and the nuisance cats.
      The cats epitomises her, ie, lazy and fat.

      1. On the contra, saudara tehtarik, saudari Helen has provides a platform that allows us to mirror ourselve and be a candle to others.
        We live in one world let be honest.
        I will keep following this blog cause of its sincerity and honestly Really,she isn’t as bad as my Malay uncles and aunts, now my anak anak saudara.
        I value this blog.i read it half way round the world.Its relevant.Its seeking the truth.
        Hidup Malaysia.Maju rakyatnya.

  7. well

    it was peaceful gathering after all.

    and Tun came back in time.

    most importantly, red shirts also behaved!

    so where is this violence some of you speak of? :)

    1. Orang Perlis
      …. Tun came back in time….

      Baguih juga kasi hati TDM syiok sikit. Dulu2 depa esp DAP dan PKR gelar dia macam2 nama, dictator etc.. at least now he knows how much these people actually adore him.

      So MeorUsa mana gambaq2 Bersih 5 hang adakan di NY? Share la?

      1. content://media/external/file/44533content://media/external/file/44534
        Felt like its my “Occupy Movement ” days in Mew Haven and Hartford ,CT.There is no leader in this group.Vary grassroots.Vary small community of elders.Have to wait until somebody step up.

  8. Monumental? I think hypocritical would be a better word, coz if you don’t know how hypocritical it is, then you are too young.

    1. Grandmarquis, I think being old has little to do with hypocrisy. More years can be a help, but more years also can increase the hypocrisy.

      ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr narrated that The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Whoever has the following four (characteristics) is a hypocrite and whoever has one of the following four characteristics will have one characteristic of hypocrisy unless and until he gives it up:
      1. Whenever he is entrusted with a thing, he betrays your trust.
      2. Whenever he speaks, he will tell lies.
      3. Whenever he makes a promise, he turns out to be treacherous.
      4. Whenever he quarrels, he behaves in a very imprudent, evil and insulting manner.”
      (Bukhari Book 2, Hadith 33)

      “The hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the Hellfire; no helper will you find for them.”
      (Quran, The Women 4:145)

      Abi Waih narrated that Hudzaifa bin Al-Yaman said,
      “The hypocrites of today are worse than those of the lifetime of the Prophet, because in those days they used to do evil deeds secretly – but today they act on such deeds openly.”
      (Bukhari Book 88, Hadith 229)

      “Give to the hypocrites these tidings: that there is for them, a painful torment.”
      (The Women 4:138)

  9. HY,

    Klo tak silap pernah baca biodata leader kamu, Zuraidah… makayah dan dia kaw kaw Indon mali 》bertapak sini via Singapura? Kalau betoi apa yg saya baca dari situ asal usul dia, you seharusnya nasihat dia dulu tau!

    Harap pihak berkenaan benar2 teliti sekali lagi dokumen2 asal kerakyatan depa2 ni (termasuk dokumen2 toknek makayah anak cucu dan cicit mereka) semasa dok buat siasatan atas pemimpin2 Bersih 5 ni semua. Harta benda dan income tax sekali ya. Pastikan mereka sendiri benar2 Bersih.

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