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Tun’s terror-cotta army to scorch the earth

Tun stole the thunder from Bersih 5.0 today.


Protuns and Dapsters embrace in Bersih 5.0

BELOW: Dr M did an Anwar — reminiscent of what ketum did in stealing the limelight during the first Bersih in 2007



ABOVE: Mama Dapster and her yellow-clad tudung buddies

Tun successfully hijacked Kuning to win this round

I said this months ago: Sah Protun bersekongkol dengan Dapsters.

So there is confirmed a paradigm shift in our political landscape. It’s now Umno vs DAP-oppo led by no other than Tun himself.

Tun is an old warhorse who goes for the jugular and takes no prisoners.


Above is the Umno president swearing, “There shall be no retreat, no surrender. No retreat, no surrender!”

Don’t think Malaysia is big enough unless one or the other is made to retreat and surrender. Place your bets now.


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37 thoughts on “Tun’s terror-cotta army to scorch the earth

  1. Kesian pula kami dr kampung tengok gitu terdesak hidup oghang2 bandar…pollution udara, noise, pendatang2 haram, otak macam stressful aje nih! Nak tunjuk pandai cara membodohkn orang saja yang depa pandai. Mooo mooo

    Klo BERSIH 5 mai kampung kami arini, pakat tolong semai benih jagung, sayoq..badan pun sihat, otak tenang, hasil2 nanti pakat agihkn free bg semua… macam Gandhi pun bawa pengikut2 dia berarak pi pantai buat garam…kan lebih unique cikit?

    Ni sekadar pi syiok2 sendiri aje, isssh kelolo la hangpa ni semua!

  2. Haha…bershit #kotor rally.
    Sadist doh tengok bershit rally goers. What hv they attained by involving themselves in such gatherings? Nil a.k.a. zeilch.
    In the mean time life goes on as usual for other netizens. The teachers were and are o.t.w. to the various centres in determine the best means to award SPM marks for the candidates. End-of-year gatherings being held for staff of government dept. Deepavali open hs held in Selangor, etc.
    As for bershit wtv, hmmm, it’s heading nowhere and becoming a menace to the society. Why don’t they devise smarter ways to douse their grouses. Or is this just their means to keep being remembered by the masses albeit negatively. That desperate, huh?

  3. TDM is not the only one who benefited from today Bersih rally. Hospital and private clinics too are the benefactors. Business must be brisk today considering the number of people seeking treatment due to heat related complications. The same with food stall owners and toilet operators. They too benefit from the rally. Welldone!

  4. Looking at the pictures, it’s pretty obvious that the number of Yellow shirts are significantly fewer this year than last.

    The estimated 60,000 in the aerial pic of Bersih 5 protestors at KLCC in this Malaysian Outlook report appears fewer than the Bersih 4 marchers in the Masjid Jamek (Jln Tun Perak/Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman area towards the end last year and the still was a stream of protestors heading towards the stage by the Jln Tun Perak/Jln Tar jubnction and another stream heading back in the direction of Puduraya.

    I wonder if Tun Dr. Mahathir will be hauled in and charged.

    1. IT.SCheiss

      Malu teramat sangat dgn Psy. Home coming event dia dulu pun mencecah 80,000 peminat.

      BERSIH 5? Dengaq habaq tokoh2 terhebat mereka semua hadir, lagi hebat TDM landing dgn private jet pula tuh, isshh dasyat betoi… Eh eh sekadar mampu menarik 15,000 – 60,000 (inclusive 40,000 imaginary Banglas kut) olang aje? Mana gi yang depa habaq 1.5juta ahli yang turun tandatangan aritu?

      Isshhh menyusahkan orang lain aje. Masuk stadium bukit Jalil pun celuih la.. Polis tak tahan semua atas tuduhan “public nuisance” ke?

      Hah…MeorUsa, yang lain2 tu lesap! sekadar tabiat genat baling batu sembunyi tangan, belum apa2 dah lari sembunyi masuk lubang cacing.

    2. Where were the 300k baju merah promised by ikan bakar jamban?
      Oh, i forgotten! He never passed his maths. That sum it all. My bad actually.

  5. I don’t know how a street demo should be like coz I’ve never been in one. But I’m sure the rally resembles a boring street party than a political rally seeking reform. No government in power should be threatened by it. Then what’s the point?

    1. A rally is an excellent place to listen.I might not like what i hear but you can listen as well as you hear.
      One chinese man complaint that he got grade one and but did not get any help /sponser by the governments like Malays did to studies in local or overseas Universities.
      One Chinese lady who hardly speaks Malay complained that I am Malay.Thats it.
      I listen.
      I am tired.

      1. Meor USA,

        My son also got 9As in SPM 2 years ago. He applied for scholarships from JPA, Tenaga Nasional and many other institutions. But he did not get any.

        But I am not bitter. Neither is my son. I try my best to support him studying. World does not crush simply because my son did not get any scholarship.

        And I am not blaming Kerajaan, UMNO, Najib, Datin Rosmah, PKR or anybody when my son did not get the scholarship he really hopes for.

        Life goes on.


        Gone With the Wind when shown in 1939 to public created a huge sensation It was an epic movie then. The movie captures the romance and nostalgia of old world charm . Images of Southern belles in magnificent ball gowns together with men behaving so gentlemanly of era gone by thrills America.

        The sequel was made in 1989. But it sorts of lost the charm. The enthusiasm is not longer apparent.

        SIMILARLY, after BERSIH 1 followed by few BERSIH sessions, it(BERSIH) loses its appeal. Yet the “who’s who” in DAP, the prime mover and supporter of BERSIH never learn. All because they preach so much and spend too little time to listen to signals.

        BERSIH 4 is a “Chinese” affair mainly. So does BERSIH 5. Despite presence of quite a number of Malays, it is still a Chinese affair.

        And why is it that yesterday participation shows decrease in numbers attending it? The obvious reason is that it has outlives its purpose. Come what may, Najib still rules. UMNO still maintains the lion share of malay votes.

        ANOTHER BIG REASON that somehow the Chinese learn especially after BERSIH 4 is that majority malays though are upset with UMNO, Najib, are not prepared to support DAP led BERSIH.

        And thanks to Jamal, he managed to “check mate” DAP. Chinese in BERSIH 4. Jamal brought the mess of demonstrations right on Chinese face. The demonstration BERSIH 4 was held in Petaling Street, the heart of Chinese settlement in KL.

        Suddenly Chinese becomes “enlightened”. The advices that demonstrations are bad for business suddenly are taken seriously. All because Jamal retaliated and brought the effect of demonstrations right into Chinese settlement. Malays are “Puas” to see Chinese started to appeal to police(whom they mock previously) to control the demonstrations. After many times suffering from disturbances from BERSIH, finally Malay traders said “padan muka. Sekarang rasakan”.

        BUT THE MAJOR REASON why last night BERSIH fails to bring hundred of thousands participants as hope is due to PR( or is it Pakatan harapan ) is not that clean at all.

        The image of a mansion owned by a young boy closely associated with Zuraida, the MP of Ampang, is damaging. And Adam made it worse by being “so cocky” while responding to Jamal.

        Besides, things are not that well in Penang. Guan Eng’s under price “bungalow saga” shows he is too not that “BERSIH”. DAP’s alliance with TUn riles both Malays and Chinese.

        Now Malays feel Tun has gone too far. We are prepared to accept Tun’s harsh remarks against Najib, Rosmah, UMNO. We accept that Tun left UMNO.

        BUT Malays find it hart to accept TUN wanting to demolish UMNO to bring down Najib. Tun’s appearance with “free Anwar” logo actually damages whatever left of his credibility.

        This does not mean UMNO is all well. Najib too has image problem. Ringgit is down though not UMNO’s fault.

        What Najib does is just letting opposition makes blunder after blunder. He let Pribumi being registered quickly. Yet Pribumi fails miserably to excite the Malays.

        He allows BERSIH 5. And the number shows BERSIH is losing steam.


        1. Where were the 300k redshirts?
          They went to the wrong place?
          Or were they the headless chickens moving around at padang merbok and left behind tons of garbage? They are just like what they left behind, sampah!

          Oh btw, unfortunately for the all the pendekar silat, they did not get any chance to perform their skills yesterday.

          Kesian betul. Perhaps that was one of the reason they mengamuk and hence threw the sampah everywhere.
          Undisputed bunch of useless sampah mentality ikan bakar jamban supporters.

          1. Tehtarik,

            Ever heard of word “fatique?”

            Whatever said about BERSIH or Baju Merah, only morons would want to say BERSIH is a success.

            Let us not argue so much on figure? How many hundred thousand of BERSIH participants joined in yesterday?

            You can mock Baju merah, Malays . Go ahead. But do accept reality

        2. “He allows BERSIH 5. And the number shows BERSIH is losing steam.”

          This can be described as “I will let you peacefully march and protest but will fart in your face” strategy.

          After all, whilst people have the right to freely assemble and march peacefully in the liberal democracies, very rarely does the government yield to their demands and that is what the authorities here have done in the case of Bersih 4 and Bersih 5, when especially in Bersih and Bersih 2 they fired tear gas and water cannons at the protestors.

          The only difference being that they literally decapitated the leadership of Bersih 5 by arresting the leaders. ALso, the police blocked the marchers from getting to their main rally location at Dataran Merdeka, thus splitting the protestors into several groups.

          Heck! Even Nazri made a joke by suggesting that Bersih should be held monthly as a tourist attraction.

          “Tongue-in-cheek Nazri wants monthly rallies as tourism event”

          There you have it:- “I will let you peacefully march and protest but will fart in your face”, no tera gas, no water cannon, no rubber bullets, unlike with the anti-Trump protestors in the U.S., one of those “enlightened” liberal democracies.

    2. The issues they raised are the same about free and fair elections as before, except that this time there did not seem to be any banners calling for Najib to step down. Otherwise, it was just an opportunity to have a street carnival (provided the Yellos and Reds did not clash).

      The way Mahathir hijacked the carnival towards the end makes me wonder whether he is vying for leadership of Bersih 6 if and when it happens again.

  6. despite all the threat from red thug, provocateurs like petra, ktemoc, abd aziz, n many in this site, the chinese still join the b5 along with the rest, of course we ptefer to keep a low profile knowing how the dedak givers n eaters modus operandi. those that attend not necessary possess a better moral high ground, n those that absent doesnt mean he dun care, however bersih proved again n again a certain segment of msian regardless of race is able to shown our maturity to demonstrate peacefully, unlike the red thug supported by umno.

    revolution, 513, killing etc ??????wakaka.

    1. 513?

      Hahaha, baru saja dapat 144b sedekah dari China.
      Nanti China batalkan sedekah tu baru tau.

      Mana itu negeri2 arab yang konon seumat?
      Tak mampu tolong ke?
      Dah pecah belah sebab mahu menjaga kepentingan sendiri saja dan dibatu api AS.
      Senang hati melihat perang saudara di negara2 teluk.

      Disini, jaguh sedekah terpaksa telan rhetorik ” apa lagi cina mau ” dan dilabel pula ” apa lagi lu mau jual ”


      Sehingga kena jual maruah, jilat jari kaki dan mintak sedekah dari mata sepet China?

      Apa sudah berlaku kpd ” keagungan ” kepulauan2 melayu, maruah dan bangsa ?
      Yang kononnya termasyur seluruh pelusuk dunia sampai lubang cacing di Afrika!

      Dah akhir ke?

      Mungkin kalo Hang Tuah masih hidup, ” keagungan ” tu dapat dipertahankan.
      Sekarang dia sudah takda, sillibus sejarah pun tiada hang tuah lagi.

      Memang padan muka.

  7. hahahahah! dah kekeringan modal nampaknya Kak Helen, selain dari memberikan pelbagai gelaran apa lagi yang mampu dilakukan? Mana pergi tentera prepaid baju merah yang dijangka mencecah 300,000?

    1. You all yang tak habis-habis memberikan pelbagai gelaran — “klepet”, “thief”/”robber”, “murderer”, “dedakian” …

      1. hahaha kak Helen, MO1, kleptocracy pun kebenaran jugak, sebab sampai sekarang tiada prepaid blogger dapat menafikannya.

    2. Mesin reload prabayar tu rosak. Belum hantar servis. Jadi, tak jadilah tentera baju merah datang sebab wang tidak di bank in.

  8. Paradigm shift.?if it is so i welcome it.But not yet.
    Nobody broken up Dap yet as to what happen to Pas and Umno,Dap members has to follow suit.
    Dap has to be broken.None of that racist affiliations.
    Then we can have a multi racial party.
    DrM is “my Kapitan oh my Kapitan”.Some far right Dap member or non Dap members still cannot accept DrM in Bersih.Stole the tunder konon.
    Lead the way Sir.We all can change.

    1. RE: Above is the Umno president swearing, “There shall be no retreat, no surrender. No retreat, no surrender!”

      Mr. Najib must note that virtue is the will of Heaven if he keeps on condemning Dr. Mahathir for his past – but the people mostly remember Tun M’s governance with pride for Malaysia.

      Confucius said, “The superior man thinks always of virtue; the common man thinks of comfort.”

      He must acknowledge his motives for his own actions. So that he can retrace his steps.
      The master also said: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

      Never forget goodwill for the people because the soul of the leader will never escape the karma of the people he despise.

  9. And we gave it to this Najib kaw kaw.

    Jamal promised a multiracial gathering for his red shirts. But all I saw was a bunch of mat rempit loser types.

    1. And the feeling… so sublime. Unlike the malnourished red shirts, Bersih 5 is multiracial, the pictures and videos (I’m in it) will make the women wet their panties

      1. I was there too

        Multiracial? Kekeke

        Multi Tongkang lebih tepat kot? Tak caya check dari mana asal toknek makayah dan diri mereka sendiri.

        Kalo oghang yang taktau mati2an depa sangkakan Bersih 5 actually happened in Hongkong, Taiwan or China.

      2. I was not there. I was in Ipoh attending a year-end department dinner . So do my 5 children, either overseas or in Selangor, working or studying, attending to our mundane-sounding daily routine-nevertheless resouceful . We do not see the point of attending any rally. We have other more resourceful commitments to fulfill such as accomplishing our end of year tasks as government servants etc.We cannot afford being in K.L. city centre for the precious time that we yearn for.
        As told to me by someone, that he was passing by a rally in London on his way to the university. That time, it was for better benefits for the tube/public transportation workers but their demands were not entertained. I was worried and advised the person to take the longer route for his safety. It was not necessary, as told by the person. He just walked pass the rally goers emerging safe and sound That was in London, I am not too sure how it is in K.L.
        So do my other 5 siblings with their 5-7 children each, most will be voters of pas or umno.But, we are eagerly waiting for the next ge so that we could whack beershit be(e)arers kawkaw. Just a simple minded person(Malay-muslims are simple-minded, right?) who wants peace for the country. Btw, as muslims, we believe our prayer is the best weapon. We do not need to be there to be effective and resouceful. Any Muslim should be aware of that fact and I pray for the well-being of my country every minute, every hour., believing in Allah for whatever happens is not without God’s consent.
        For the chinese aso, a beershit(party)goer who complained about not getting dedak for her son, here is another version. I know someone(related) who was top 10 for spm(not many know such category exists, for obvious reasons) who turned down a scholarship just because the officer in charge said:: There are many scorers…”(What? How many top 10 scorers were there..she was not even aware of that fact, again, for obvious reasons to those in the know, anyway, only). Anyway the person accepted another offer and now is working abroad. To that aso, there is a world out there if you are really worth. If you are soooo good, do not always depend on the government, the dedak provider for all MALAYsians and sundry.
        Working abroad does not equate to disloyalty to the country if you know your worth. Bringing in the hard yearned cash for the country is definitely a show of patriotism(when everybody screams about the exchange rate and money outflow, Why not instead of going to vietnam, china, indonesia shopping and spending your money there, go to London and earn some hard-earned cash there and help tilt the balance of the ringgit here), besides the knowledge transfer once one is back in the country. And I am an income tax contributor who does not even claim the yearly surplus yet.
        Anyway to those officers in charge I gave them a piece of my mind, my style, definitely not by going to the street, especially Jalan T.A.R.,(where I used to go for raya-shopping) where the office was, just told them of the fact. They are simple(again, Malay-muslims as always) people who could understand it if you explain to them nicely. Changes could not take place instantly but by voicing(nicely, for everybody has her/his own pride and ego to begin with) out you could benefit others after you. Changes could and have taken place and for the better.
        Btw, later I saw one yb going to that same office, just hope he did not misuse his position to screw the officers there for not awarding a scholarship to his son, “..for there are too many scorers out there…” and there are top 10, top 100(can google the list (that the gomen has to introduce other methods of assessing the students nowadays). We normal people could also handle the matter our way unlike the screwing methods often applied by the opposition leaders. Cheers to government workers who are often degraded by the opposition a.k.a. beershit followers. We should know when to whack them.

  10. Why yellow shirt for bersih. don’t they know yellow is the color that signifies cowardice. Maybe they are all penakut sebab itu they need people. Penakut tak berani buat kerja sorang diri but they become berani when they are among other penakut.

  11. Yellow if worn by the royals signifies royalty, for therr blood. If worn by the ordinaires, there is no such definition yet, and one could not just define anything according to one’s whimps and fancies. This is not yr nenek moyang thing to meddle with, to begin with. Clearly, you do not understand the language of the Land where you do not seem to belong..

    1. Who cares abt moyang or wayang.
      Go and argue about until the cows come home.
      For a race who change the history as where and when they like, what moyang and legacies they want to talk about. Bring back Hang Tuah in history books and then only you start talking abt nenek moyang

  12. The puny red shirts don’t stand a chance. If there is another Bersih next month, we will still get the numbers, that good and some more

    1. Golden Army
      Lucu la kamu ni. Next Bersih make sure you people wear clowns outfit instead of the boring yeĺlow t-shirts, can or not?

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