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Marina: “Najib is living in fear”

Tun Mahathir’s daughter took a shot at the mercenary Red Shirts whom she accused of being paid by the government to rear the ugly head of racism.

(Video minute 10:00 onwards)

Marina Mahathir: “The Red Shirts would not have come out if they weren’t paid to.”

(minute 14:17 onwards)

Marina Mahathir: “Well, he [Najib] is just in denial, really, but we all know that he’s living in fear because if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have bothered to arrest Maria Chin yesterday and charge her under Sosma…”


Will Najib do anything to remedy his past mistakes?

A bad decision by Najib Razak to appoint Marina to the NUCC.

(minute 24:00 onwards)

Marina Mahathir: “I think it shows that that type of use of racist slogans and all that is not really working that much because we know it’s all done in order to keep someone in power, someone we don’t like in power.”

On the other hand, Marina claims that her dad is “inspiring a lot of people”.

Actually we don’t like you at all


J-Star is a Nest of Evangelistas

A really bad, bad, bad decision by Najib to listen to the Wormtongue J-Star and its Evangelista-in-Chief — the Star Group CEO Wong Chun Wai.

Yup, sometimes the PM can be clueless alright, as with his appointment of Marina and his creation of TalentCorp to bring back Dapsters to Malaysia.

Actually our media is pro-DAP but you’re the last to know


Gunting Dalam Lipatan, snip-snip-snip

The Al-Jazeera Inside Story special report asks, “How will Malaysia deal with rising public anger?”

According to Al-Jazeera, something has got to give against the present backdrop of rising race and religious tensions and escalating public anger.

MCA is a problem and no part of the solution since the party refuses to rein in its media empire – one that also provides Marina a prominent platform through her Star column – which is sympathetic to the evangelista agenda.

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai whispers in Najib's ear


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43 thoughts on “Marina: “Najib is living in fear”

  1. quote,”Yup, sometimes the PM can be clueless alright…”unquote.

    Nothing new.

    He was clueless with university entrance exams that he had to take them twice.

    He was so clueless that he had to spend bilions of tax payers’ money to hire many CONsultants to make decisions for him.

    Now you got it. Thank God.

    1. Setem.

      Yup, Najib is sometimes clueless.

      I read that Chinese examination going to be accepted by government. Oh dear. Najib is still dreaming. Please accept reality that whatever gestures made to Chinese, will be accepted. But come voting day, they vote for DAP.

      And UMNO is still willing to babysit MCA. Please UMNO. Get your candidate to contest in Alor Setar, Kulim, Alor Gajah, Tanjung Piai. Let the big boys in MCA face off with Kit siang, Guan Eng in Chinese majority areas

      1. SA,

        Get real. Najib needs the Chinese. Whether local Msian Chinese or Chinaman from China. Didn’t you see all the mega debts, investments and infra projects from China flowing into Msia? Trump already promised to revoke TPP and China has offered to step-in as the lead country. Najib is beholden to the Chinese.

        I hope the news link below will not “scares-the-hell-out-of-you”.

        1. Agreed Chinaman. Najib has sold half of KL to China already. Bandar Malaysia being case in point. I can’t say I blame him totally given the grave economic mess the country is in atm and it needs large amounts of investment to get itself out of it. But for the hardcore Umno supporters to think that China and the Chinese people do not already have a huge stake in Malaysia, and that Malaysia doesn’t need them just shows how ignorant they are to the current economic climate.

          1. Typical pendatangs behaviour!

            Haiya, apa yang Najib buat is purely economical la. Lu Cina turn it into something racial, about the Chinese plak…so typical

            Orang suruh balik China marah, tapi bila ada chance dan2 tunjuk true colours…Haiya so typical la these ultra kiasus!

            1. “Haiya, apa yang Najib buat is purely economical la”

              Still haven’t worked on your comprehension skills I see. That’s what we are saying. Don’t think everything is an attack on your race and religion.

            2. Islam1st,

              No point shouting labels like pendatang, penumpang, balik Cina etc. You won’t change the status quo. No need to Balik Cina. Najib is bringing China here.

              Fact remains that China is Msia largest trading partner since 2008. Please google. With the influx of China investments, debt, infrastructure projects etc, Msia will be subservient to China. Did you not read the arrogant interfering statement made by China ambassador on the eve of Red Shirt rally in Petaling Street? Who flew to see the other? Najib flew to China to see Xi JinPing or the other way round?

              Isn’t Malaysia apparently an Islamic nation? Having the same religious roots with many rich Arabic countries. If Najib can get RM2.6 bil donation from Saudi royals, he should be able to get massive investments, debt and infra expertise from Arabic countries as well. Did you see any of these coming into Malaysia?

          2. Formerly Kown as FHAAHD

            …tuntutlah ilmu sampai ke negeri Cina…hadith ni sejak zaman tok kaduk lagi dah ujud, bukan sejak zaman Najib aje…

            “KE NEGERI CINA…” Hang bukan dok Negeri Cina tu pasai nothing much anyone can to learn or progress from you.

            Tu pasai Najib minta JackMa mai ajaq.. hangpa sini sekadar pandai guna IT buat perkara2 tak senonoh macam Namewèe, Alvin Tan, Teresa Kok dan Tony Phua aje..

        2. Chinaman,

          Get real. Despite entire Chinese community rejecting him( and more importantly UMNO), Najib and UMNO prevails.

          Get real. Even if Chinese firm did not get the contract on ECRL, other companies be it from Japan or look can take its place.

          1. SA,

            “………………Najib and UMNO prevails.”

            I must agree with you based on the voting trend of the Chinese in 2013 GE.

            “Even if Chinese firm did not get the contract on ECRL, other companies be it from Japan or look can take its place.”

            Please proof it. You are merely giving assumption without basis. If like that, I also can throw in any assumption.

            If not mistaken, ECRL was given to China on a direct nego basis. No open tender. How can you use assumption to nullify an event which is already happened?

            Would you dare to bet with me for the upcoming award of HSR project? There is an open tender participated by Japan, China, South Korea etc. I would bet that eventually China will win the contract by virtue of the sale of part of Bandar Malaysia to a consortium consisting of China company.

          2. I thought the Chinese in Malaysia reject the Chinese in China calling them uncivilised? It’s kinda typical for them to be racist towards everyone, even the subgroups within their own race.

            Now when China decides to help Malaysia, suddenly they decide to turn this into a racial issue and claim credit for what their brothers in China whom they despise are doing.

  2. Helen,

    Seriously, Najib is beyond help. He has lost his integrity and credibility with most Malaysians. The worse part is that some of BN staunch supporters are deserting BN, not because they support the opposition, but they distrust Najib.

    If Najib wants to save UMNO’s and BN’s position in the government, he has to go. Malaysia will still be intact when he is not around. Malaysia is so much bigger than Najib.

    He is the worst Malaysia’s Prime Minister ever. He will forever be remembered as a PM riddled with economic scandals.

    1MDB fiasco is already synonymous with Najib.

    Enough said.

    1. Setem
      Jeles nampak? Itu pandangan awak jgn memandai sabit semua oghang lain….”He has lost his integrity and credibility with most Malaysians”…

      And this Marina? Who is she? Yang dulu kawin dgn Mat Salleh skrg dgn Indon ke? Tak berapa follow this lady la..

      1. Why should I be jealous? I dont need dedaks from PMU to live. I lead an honest living and I dont fear anyone but God. Unfortunately we have non-fearing God amongst the PMU.

        No one asked your opinion about Marina, since you dont have the intelect to do so. That’s why you ‘Tak berapa follow this lady’. Enough said.

        1. Setem
          Pasai hang intellectual sangat hang follow pompuan macam Marina? Siapa dia owh? Cerita pasai dia kat sini sat?

    2. Setem like Marina is sure that Najib purposely created 1MDB so that he can take people’s money and transfer it into his personal account. It is as simple as that. For that he would be put in jail if not in Malaysia, it would be in the USA. Protun followers believe that implicitly.

      1. And you believe every single word by the PMU propaganda machine and its dedak paid bloggers and main stream media about 1MDB?

        How long can you pretend that there is nothing wrong with the whole 1MDB fiasco?

        For someone with a “Dr” title infront of your name, I am not impressed. Unless you are amongst the many Malay intellectuals who decided to abandon their intellect for the bits of pieces of the dedaks. You dont need to be grateful too much to the BN government for the perks you got via NEP.

    3. “If Najib wants to save UMNO’s and BN’s position in the government, he has to go”.
      Hahaha if najib go 90% chinese sure vote bn like you will(?). So funny la you.

      1. No one in BN is looking for chinese votes in the next GE laa. Recent GE already showed that BN can do without chinese votes and stayed as government. Helen had showed and written in her previous blogs that BN could tell the 90% chinese to go jump into the lake for BN does not need their votes.

        The Malay votes are the ones BN needs to retain and improved. Najib wont be getting many Malay votes in the next GE, other UMNO leader will do.

    4. I had rather remember Najib as the one who

      – checkmated Mahathir:- humbled his IPP cronies; bo layan his crooked bridge dream; burst his Boy2 as PM bubble…
      – still belieaves in 1 Malaysia despite being tsunamied
      – introduses GST to outsmart the tax evaders
      – withdrew subsidies to put a stop to unscrupulous opportunists
      – helps the lower income groups with Brims, 1 Malaysia shop, 1 Malaysia clinic, fuel subsidy for the fisherman…
      – took step to try solve the Klang Valley traffic woe by upgrading/ building LRT, MRT….
      – tries to bring development to less developed parts of Malaysia by proposing The Pan-Borneo Highway n East Coast Rail Link…

      Nenek Kampung

      1. u r one of the very few that can write with some sense, I might not agree but at least that’s positive deed under najib, only thing is i still cant understand y ringgit is so low, perhaps u can elaborate more?

        1. marina is correct when she claim mahathir inspired lots of people, didnt u see how one turned into murderer, thief n robber?

  3. If the target is to win but not to lose, just do what it takes to achieve the target…yes, anything. And the one that has been proven again and again as the most effective tools is none other than “play to the gallery”. If the gallery is Democrat, all cards need to be played and that include the liberal cards. If the gallery is Republican, even though there holding all cards, a simple religion-phobic cards or anti-migrant cards or conservative cards will do. That’s how the games have been played and accept it as it is. If don’t like, no need grumble grumble…go play other game lor.

  4. Mereka menyoalnya dengan berkata: Siapa Tuhanmu?

    Ia menjawab: Tuhanku ialah Allah!

    Mereka bertanya lagi: Apa agama mu?

    Ia menjawab: Agamaku ialah Islam!

    Mereka bertanya lagi: Siapa dia orang yang telah diutuskan dalam kalangan kamu?

    Maka kalau si mati seorang yang beriman, ia akan menjawab dengan berkata:Orang itu (Muhammad s.a.w) ialah hamba Allah dan RasulNya, aku mengetahui serta meyakini bahawa sesungguhnya tiada Tuhan yang berhak disembah melainkan Allah dan bahawa sesungguhnya Muhammad itu ialah hamba Allah dan RasulNya!

    Mereka berkata kepadanya: Kami sedia mengetahui bahawa engkau mengakui yang demikian.

    Dan pada satu riwayat oleh Abu Daud bahawa Baginda s.a.w bersabda: ”Lalu diseru oleh penyeru dari langit katanya: Sungguh benar hamba-Ku, maka bentangkanlah kepadanya satu hamparan dari Syurga, dan pakaikanlah dia pakaian dari Syurga, serta bukakanlah baginya sebuah pintu ke Syurga.”

    Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda lagi: ”Lalu datang kepadanya sebahagian dari bau Syurga dan keharumannya; kemudian dilapangkan kuburnya seluas tujuh puluh hasta persegi, dan diberikan cahaya yang menerangi kuburnya; kemudian dikatakan kepadanya: Tidurlah! Lalu ia berkata: Bolehkah aku balik kepada keluargaku supaya dapat aku ceritakan kebaikan halku?

    Dua Malaikat itu berkata kepadanya: Tidurlah seperti tidurnya pengantin yang tidak dibangkitkan dari tidurnya melainkan sekasih-kasih ahlinya; Demikianlah halnya sehingga ia dibangkitkan Allah dari tempat baringnya itu.

    Jika si mati itu seorang munafik, ia menjawab pertanyaan Malaikat itu dengan katanya: Aku dengar orang berkata demikian, maka aku pun turut berkata sama; aku tidak tahu benarkah atau tidak.

    Lalu dua Malaikat itu berkata: Memang kami tahu engkau berkata demikian.

    Dan menurut satu riwayat oleh Abu Daud: Lalu diseru oleh penyeru dari langit katanya: Sesungguhnya orang itu berdusta maka bentangkanlah kepadanya satu hamparan dari Neraka, dan pakaikanlah dia pakaian dari Neraka, serta bukakanlah baginya sebuah pintu ke Neraka.

    Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda lagi: ”Lalu datang kepadanya sebahagian dari bahang Neraka dan udara panasnya; kemudian diperintahkan bumi supaya mengapitnya lalu bumi mengapitnya sehingga berselisih tulang-tulang rusuknya, maka tinggallah ia dalam azab itu terus menerus ke masa Allah bangkitkan dia dari kuburnya.” (Abu Hurairah r.a)

  5. A leader who misuses power and abuses the system for his or her personal interest will not last very long. One term is the best if not less. Look at LGE. He is already charged in a court after completing his first term as Penang CM. The same with Khir Toto who’d spent time in prison on graft. The same fate awaits PM and his wife since neither one is above the law. But the rule of law is very simple – no one is guilty until they are proven guilty. Absolutely no need for street demosntration or rally. Just relax and watch.

    1. Corruption is not in her scope of work. That is why she never do research on 1MDB. So she is not able and refuse to comment. Her scope of work only covers Hannah Yeoh’s dressing, dogs and cats.

    1. Najib had a Filipino VVIP guest. Filipinos are famous songbirds who enjoy karaoke. Manny Pacquiao even cut a single.

      Great that the PM and the Prez let their hair down.

  6. Dear Helen,

    Q.1 Al Jazeera made use of video recording of which Bersih rally ? It is definitely not Bersih 5 …
    Q. 2. Where would you score Marina’s answer on the scale of 1- 10 on the statement that sounded roughly, ” Najib is doing what he is doing based on the system created by her father ” ?
    Thank you.

    Nenek Kampung

    1. Methinks despite her age (59.5 years), Marina is a pipsqueak who can never crawl out from her father’s shadow.

      She is defined by him and hence the type of questions – vis-a-viz Tun – posed to her by the Al-Jazeera host.

    1. Dead Rabbits
      tu pasai since Merdeka UMNO asyik menang. Rakyat seram dapat oghang2 otak macam hang…sampai bila pun tak akan kasi their votes la.

      Budaya menuduh dan memfitnah dan melalak2 atas jalan macam oghang gila babi pun ngeri tau, klo cara camni hangpa nak jadi pemimpin kami, elok aje you pi main wau lagi best.

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