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Would Umno pour RM100m into Malaysiakini?

“The Star, in fact, is owned by MCA. But they serve DAP and the opposition agenda. Yet MCA is pouring money into The Star. It is as funny as Umno giving Harakah (or Malaysiakini) RM100 million to write articles critical of Umno and the government.” — Raja Petra Kamarudin

Everybody knows the urban legend … J-Star is owned by MCA, run by MIC, for the benefit of DAP.

The paper’s star columnist Marina Mahathir has even accused the prime minister of arresting Maria Chin because he (Najib) is “living in fear“, or so claims Tun’s daughter.

The Star comprises a bunch of shit stirrers alright.

P. Gunasegaram — former managing editor of The Star

Nest of evangelistas


Siakap senohong, gelama ikan duri

Bela sarang pembohong, MCA jadi DAP


MCA’s objection to RUU355 amendments ‘nothing to do with Islam’?! Really?


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59 thoughts on “Would Umno pour RM100m into Malaysiakini?

  1. Only when UMNO has a clueless President who couldnt see the way you see MCA’s financed STAR paper being an indirect political tool for DAP.

    1. The J-Star is an MCA-owned and MCA-controlled asset.

      Ultimately WCW is only an employee yang makan gaji. MCA is the boss.

      But you’re right that currently the media group is paying millions in dividends to MCA.

      1. Did you know that the Star’s media buy rates is the highest in the market and they won’t ever give discount because they know their circulation numbers can’t be beaten. So they pander to the anti-establishment sentiment of the urbanites to milk the maximum dollar from advertisers.

        The MCA may seem to lose face via their own newspaper but they gain back in hard cash. Maybe they felt that is a worthwhile trade-off…

        1. Getting money from being stabbed in the back every morning? If that isn’t business acumen, i couldn’t recognize one even if it is biting my nose. The things people sell these days….
          I always wonder, if i pluck out all the greed from the chinese, what else is there left behind.

            1. No.. Its actually your mother does since she cheated on your dad. That’s why you look more like your uncle. Two can play this game. And stop looking at your mother like that. She got rights too!

              1. Ae, you ought to know that not everyone is an incestous begger like you and your ilk. You’ll have to live with that…now fuck off and run along to collect your next handout…

                1. this all the superiority that you can muster from your 5000 years of civilisation? Hikmat Mencarut Tanpa Bayang. No wonder not even your emperor of old trusts you and cut off your small penises before letting you wash his sperm off the palace floor. The new ones never even cared until they have a use for you. Did they care when you were fighting for communism, their ideology, in the jungle during The Emergency? Lol. They sold you out to Tun Razak. Today they sold you out to Najib Razak. Whose money going to pay for these projects from China. Not us beggars. We dont pay tax. You do :) and thank you for the hand out. Its your money too. I do not like Najib but i like what he is doing to your people. He took the candy from CINA, gave it to CHINA in exchange for toys that the MALAY can play with at minimal discounted price. Quite good for a bunch of beggars eh?
                  Well if you dont like it, you know where the door is.

                  Now let see whether you can articulate a rebut without using the f word, the only weapon you have in your arsenal of 5000 years civilisation.

                  1. I don’t beleive the Chinese showed you the door.You jump off the cliff on your..Dig one hole hole to fill up anotherr hole.Dig up another bigger hole to fill up the previous hole.From Arab street to Wall street to Silk road.One pothole after another.One bigger then the other.You might not like Najib but if you don’t bring him down you done nothing meaninfool.

                  2. Ae, so you’ve come clean on the begging bit eh… own up to being an incestuos goat fucker too will ya? No wonder you fuckers are known as dumb assholes…all those years of in breeding….now once again, run along and collect your upah….

                    1. Some people just do not deserve the space they occupy…if this is a contest of cursing repeatedly, I concede defeat to Di and his superior arts. And this year Great pretender award goes to MeorUSA for his performance in convincing himself that the lower his IQ score is the smarter he will get. Enjoy your victories winners!

                  3. Ae, it’s ok. The inbreeding shows. For the last time, fuck you and your racist bullshit. This is Malaysia. My country yours solely fuckface.

                    1. This is your country. Di.Help us Malays that are with you.One law one nation.You are represented in the legislature.Help us introduce laws that support liberation.

        2. C72

          ….Did you know that the Star’s media buy rates is the highest in the market and they won’t ever give discount because they know their circulation numbers can’t be beaten…

          Memang pun kos cm/col mahal tu pasai you tak perasan ke ramai ikhlan sekadar print black and white aje.

          Circulation tu claim by them keluaq berlori2 aje. Ramai Apek Aso Amoy Akow bukan pandai BI sangat pun ….Banyak yang beli;
          …nak tengok nombor ekoq aje.
          …pasar2, peladang dan petani beli nak bungkus ikan, sayoq esp peladang2 buah2an tempatan
          …home movers mega stall pun pasti beli Star, senang nak bungkuih pinggan mangkok kaca
          …saya pun bila kucing beranak beli Star, nak buat alas2

          Wrapping papers kan mahal sekarang so beli Star can save wan.

          1. Why need to pay? Get the kertas jamban utusan malaysia for free from umno.
            Why waste money on alas2?

            1. tehtarik

              La aaa kamu nih. Macam tak caya pulak? Next time pi pasar beli buah jambu, starfruits or papaya or go to megamall beli la satu cawan you just peghati, depa bungkus pakai surat kabar ape?

              Mata tu kena buka luas2 sikit.

              1. My bad. I agree with you, depa pakai any other paper than utusan sebab utusan’s circulation is so ” good ” these days that it has become a rare commodity. Truely a good move from utusan!

                1. tehtarik
                  Memang betoi utusan circulation plus the sister Kosmos circulations are highest (BM). Walaupun advert revenue tak seberapa, people buy to READ the contents la… tu yg buat kamu semua tak senang hidup.

                  Anyway you will soon be seeing McD and their likes coming back to Utusan. Hmmm bila bisness dah banyak kena katop..datang le hele’ balik to lure Bumiputras.. the best of ‘cos Utusan and Kosmos.

        3. C72
          Most Agencies are Apek controlled so paham2 aje la where they will place their clients’ advertisements. Oso lua2 business Apeks playing contras most often and kawteem on discounts la!

          News and advertisements? Gen Y infact even my grandparents majority today are glued to their smartphones for almost anythg they may need.. sikalang paperless ma!

          Haiyaaa.. kamu ni pasti not in business or cara busines kamu dah lapok? Thats why Najib brings in Jack Ma.

            1. C72
              point is ur trying to gloat about Star tapi ingat tau, bukan semua olang2 bodoh senang dkelentong.

            2. To simplify, your point being, its ok to sell your mother as long as you turned a profit, right C72?
              So let me ask you a question, which one keeps you up at night, the guilt of selling your mother or the fact that you could get more by selling her earlier?

              1. AE,

                C72 is a long-time commenter in my blog, so I more or less know his style and content.

                You’re misreading him, and as he says, his point is being misunderstood.

                He’s not gloating (Rina); he’s just sharing info about The J-Star‘s massive ad revenue.

                And he’s not personally condoning the MCA-J-Star profit vs principle trade-off. He’s merely pointing out the mechanics of it between Wisma MCA in Ampang and The Nest in Phileo Damansara.

                1. Cik Helen
                  Well business ni to kill a competitor macam2 cara sanggup mereka buat. Tambah2 lagi nak psycho the mass.

                  Just follow the Israel fire media coverage. Lebih kurang camtu la juga.

                2. C72, I apologize for misreading you and lashing out with my serrated tongue.

                  Thanks Helen for grounding me a bit here and there, You know how i get in attack mode. If i may, i would like to redirect my question to any MCA member/supporter in here…if any exist.

                  1. Aduhai kalau no Helen around to ground you, peoples mummy kena lasak ikut hawa nafsu hang ya?

      2. my point is rpk often writes half truth story n conclude with a so called statement of fact. he shd cite utusan n perhaps his mt to reflect how “smart” is umno.

        one cant control or kill a goose that laid golden eggs, but one can laid racist n partisan rubbish to continue cari makan, in a way, rpk is smarter wakaka.

        1. re: “he shd cite utusan n perhaps his mt to reflect how ‘smart’ is umno.”

          If Umno were really smart, their members would treat The J-Star just as how Dapsters treat Utusan.

          re: “one cant control or kill a goose that laid golden eggs”

          True, their media empire is the golden goose.

          But like I said, WCW is merely an employee. MCA is the majority/controlling shareholder and effective owner of the Star Media Group. It’s like the towkay allowing the chauffeur to hold his Mercedes hostage.

          re: “but one can laid racist n partisan rubbish to continue cari makan, in a way, rpk is smarter wakaka.”

          I don’t complain about media partisanship. Malaysiakini for example is clearly pro opposition.

          What I cannot stand is The J-Star being the tail that wags the dog (MCA), and MCA allowing its slanted media to continuously undermine the BN, and then Liow Tiong Lai sitting in the cabinet meeting and smiling and assuring Najib that MCA is loyal to the ruling party and promising that MCA will get back the Chinese votes when the J-Star is stabbing BN in the back.

  2. One proposal. Perhaps Parliament should come out with a bill to exclude all non Muslim MPs from voting on Muslim issues at Federal or State level.

      1. Yes. Currently a Muslim and a Bumi can become of Menteri Besar because the office deals with Islam and Bumi matters. It would be wise if Muslim matters are decided by Muslims only.

        1. Mulan,

          I afraid you have used a misplaced example. You do acknowledged that all MPs irrespective of race and religion may vote or object on the RUU355. To disallow non-Muslim MPs to vote/object on any Parliament Act or any amendment thereto (whether it relates to Islamic matters or not) is tantamount to denying the non-Muslim MPs from carrying out their function. How can this be constitutional?

          1. ‘It would be wise if Muslim matters are decided by Muslims only’

            Mulan cakap wise maa. Lagipun Muslim sibuk ajar budis cara mau ibadat meh?? Tak kan?

            Dulu boleh abstain sekarang kenapa mau ultrakiasu?? Itu constituents tak ada Muslims meh??

          2. So is it constitutional to deny muslim MP the chance to debate/vote/object RUU355 before its tabled (like what star/mca is campaigning now)? Shoot it down before it see light of day?

            At least you didn’t equate RUU355 as hudud like mca/star is actively promoting.

            1. Jin Tanah,

              By all means, please table the bill for debate and voting by following the due process. After all, Najib has announced that the bill will be taken over and becomes a government bill. It is a numbers game. If BN has the required no. of votes (simple majority 112 votes), the bill will be passed.

              MCA and The Star are partially correct to label the bill (in its current form, i.e punishment of 30 years prison, RM100k fine and 100 lashes) as hudud. With 100 lashes, 3 hudud offences can be punished i.e. 100 lashes for zina (unmarried), 80 lashes for qazaf and 40-80 lashes for drinking alcohol.

              MCA and The Star were almost 100% correct to label the bill as hudud (in its previous form, i.e. all punishment except death). This would effectively allow all forms of hudud punishment to be carried out except death for offenses like apostasy, zina (married couple) and murder.

    1. Mulan – why don’t you add another one. All tax from Non Muslims can’t be used for Muslims…berani?

      1. SETUJU! Apa kata semua pergi berambus? SETUJU?? Kekayaan pun sini amik, lu mau makan and berak sini saja meh??

        Your tax money is not your money la! Lu pergi bawa ini kes pergi court la wei! Tengok lu punya duit banyak sangat kasi sama Muslims in this country!

      2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Only you chinese pay income tax (13.4% govt income). Only you pay gst (17.3%). Only you pay corporate tax (33%). Only you pay cigarette tax, tolls and whatnot. And you make money from who exactly? Are the chinese only have chinese as customers/clients? I take it that Yeo’s, Hong Leong (Yamaha), Boon Siew (Honda), Julie’s biscuit, Giant store, Power Root (ali cafe), Poh Kong (jewelers) etc biggest market is the chinese then?

      3. Di

        Eh, wiki kata

        …..:PETRONAS provides a substantial source of income for the Malaysian government, with 45% of the government’s budget dependent on PETRONAS’ dividend”.. (and campoq balik subsidy2 yg hangpa dok pelahap)


        ….klo amik kira revenues from GLC lain2 which are also mainly managed and run by Bumiputras

        …Balance berapa persen sangat kamu contribute ni? Kamu silap conggak kut?

        1. Rina,

          Are you saying Petronas and GLCs (eg. TNB, Maybank, Telekom etc) are 100% owned by Bumiputeras?

          1. 100% or not…CINA who do not like their tax money used to further solidify MALAY MUSLIM DOMINANCE in this country should leave before 1st April 2017, before you are required to fill up Borang E. Myanmar is a great destination nowadays for investment and muslim hunting sport enthusiast.

              1. And what do you own? If you are a muslim you should know that you dont own your own asshole. Dunia ni semua pinjaman dari Allah. Innalillahi wa’inna ilahi rajiun. Jangan pandai sebut je.

                  1. Why so much animosity.?It only suggest that the experiment Umno did on us is not working.Go Dr M path.Thanks to her daughter the father now can see.
                    Yes dunia pinjaman.You should be mad at Najib pecah Amanah bangsa.Selamba je muka.
                    Aku oran teranu.Tak pernah bermusuh dgn Cina Keling.Tanya Rafizi.
                    We growimg up with Chinese and Indian freinds we kept as ours.Bolih laiillah haillialah sekali.Dok kesoh.
                    Yang mung nok bermusoh ni….culture pata barat ke.?
                    Bau busuk mung sapa East river NYC pun kaloh.

                    1. So rafizi makan taik, kau pun Especially for MeorUSA,

                      Bagus la kau ni. Kawan kawan kafir kau boleh mengucap syahadah tapi kau yang terpengaruh dengan cara hidup mereka? Pelik islam kau ni. Mak bapak kau tahu ke yang kau ni percaya ada kebenaran yang bertuhankan jesus christ, gautama buddha, guru nanak dan dewa vishnu? Jangan jual agama demi pegangan politik saudara. Jaga lisan kita. Terlampau bersungguh sangat nak jadi hero sampai sanggup syirik? If you are not interested to defend your religion do you need to help others to attack it? Lebih baik tukar saja agama kau dari berterus terusan menipu tunggang tunggek berlakon sembahyang depan mak bapak dan orang kampung di pagi raya. Sama macam najib, kau boleh teruskan drama kehidupan kau ni dan pintu taubat akan sentiasa terbuka selagi Izrael belum di depan mata. When that time comes for you, remember that AE had done his duty.

                      PS: BTW, i never thought you to be the genuine article. Whatever, just in case…..

                  1. Hehehe..the length people go to have the last word. You are just repeating old news to me. Why? Apa lu punya point?
                    All politicians in the world with power in their hand will, without fail, abuse that power for personal gain. The difference between them is the magnitude and how well they hide the fact. If najib did this(IMHO, he did) he must be brought to justice through the correct channel otherwise what value does “human right” have? If you say that its ok for me to execute chinese criminal, pimps and dvd seller without due process of the law then by all means do the same to najib. I’m not stopping you. Since you aren’t a muslim lets stop here, you wouldn’t understand what happened in our afterlife even if i explained in 99 languages. Is there anything else that you have that wasn’t old news?

          2. chinaman
            Jangan malas buat research atau asyik dok angan2 mat jenin tau.

            Kamu risik dan congak2 sendili la. Kalau look down dan MALU nak guna Arabic numerals revert and use your sempua.

  3. Star owned by MCA but runs by DAP is no different to Genting owned but Pahang but runs by Gohtong. Similarly Danga Bay is owned by Bangsa Johor but runs by Singaporean. The list goes on. Nothing new about it.

  4. why pm najib still could not see this? what is he doing? nanti kat PRU, kena tikam belakang lagi macam PRU sebelum ni, Tanya lagi soalan sama. Padahal orang dah warning awal2.

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