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Give a stick to a Yellow Shirt, a Red Shirt — see the difference

When you give a stick to a Chinese man, he uses it to brutalize a foreign-looking fella (see viral video HERE).

When you give a stick to the Malay man, he uses it to beat up his fellow Malays.

And you wonder why DAP can become a formidable opponent to Umno.

Parody portraying the Red Shirts as clowns

See viral video of grunting Red Shirts beating up each other HERE.

See parody clip of fake Red Shirts pretending to beat up each other HERE.

The difference is that the Dapster wielded his stick with utmost viciousness to cause injury whereas the Baju Merah’s huffing, puffing and stick-twirling is taken as nothing more than a joke.

And you wonder why a deadly serious minority can pose a formidable political challenge to the main-main majority.


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38 thoughts on “Give a stick to a Yellow Shirt, a Red Shirt — see the difference

  1. Pukul anak sindir menantu gali lubang tutup lubang
    Pandai buat hutang nak bayar tak tahu
    last last pi sembah minta pada bangsa yang caci
    dan menipu

  2. Helen,

    Unfortunately many Malays out of sheer toward UMNO, are unable to see that.

    Many time I cautioned them that DAP is a monster in disguise, just waiting to pounce them(Malays) when they have the chance. BUt they (my malay friends) mocked me.

    As many see UMNO though with its warts and all is considered lenient, they believe DAP too will be lenient if it rises to power. many of my Malay friends feel if we do not like DAP, we can always change back to UMNO.

    How wrong they could be

    1. Your friends are smart….they know how to make the politicians to work for them…..they know their voting power, and how to make demands…….not stupidly kow-tow to a party just championing race and religion, instead of Malaysia

      1. Sorry, all the smart ones had already left the countrylah. they know their future here will be unchangingly bleak without a chance to grab power. Only the politician liars and the very smart ones are left. The ones who thinks they know how make politicians works for them when actually they are being manipulated to make the politician richer and more popular. The ones who knows their voting power but still cant vote their umbrella party into Putrajaya. The ones who “menyalak macam anjing” demanding this and that but getting their demand fulfilled one tiny bit at a time like “itik makan dedak”. While pecking dedak on the ground, have to swallow most of the dirt in the process and some of their own shit along the way.

        Yes.. very smart indeed.

  3. As Muslims, no one is above the law so as to judge or punish others severely. But this belief is taken for granted by unscrupulous and irresponsible group, as examplified by the yellow masses. We hear a lot of beating cases by the yellow culprits. In cases, they share the maids between the male households.

      1. Bullshit? Anything others say are bullshit? know all along it is true. Just in denial like menegak benang yg basah. No matter what the dapsters n its ilk n clan think say or do does not matter. They do not belong to the land. Thus their behaviour. Its just a place to cari makan.
        Makan is their ulterior motive n goal.

  4. Unsurprisingly(and naturally) Malaysiakini and Malay Mail Online went silent about the bangla-beating video.

      1. Helen published this video on November 28, 2016 at 10:15 pm. Your article dated 29 Nov 2016, 12:09 PM. Helen is better than Malaysiakini perhaps? And for the life of me, i cant find the english version of the same article. Isn’t that suppression of information? With Malaysiakini KNOWN agenda and source of funding, i think Ayam’s take on this is valid. Malysiakini only published this to save face. Even the reporter covering this is an idiot that couldn’t get the IGP name right. Ketua Poils Negara Tan Sri Khalid IBRAHIM. hahahaha. Bersih supporters also highlighted that the guy who did the actual beating is wearing…wait for it……..BN colours. hahahahahah. just own it lah.

        i wonder if surrhead can come up with a rebuttal with some semblance of intelligence or he can only wiggle himself out by cursing us to death like his one liner friends.

      2. Surrhead,

        Err, the “honour” belongs to DAP.

        Kasihan masyarakat cina. Kena tipu hidup hidup dengan DAP

      3. surrhead

        Entah2 pijak masuk kampung pun tak pernah? Living whole life here with your imaginary “naive kampung folks” ke?


    1. Owh, you shld watch another video that went viral last Febuary.. using a pipe! Ma sha Allah, he just lashed at the foreign employee macam tebaih lalang!.

      Tapi I have witnessed my Apek LOTAN their kids, even as young as 3yrs old! Berjalur2 kulit sikit nak koyak. The kids turn out to be yes2 no2 anggok2 kids. Ask them anything belum habis soalan dah geleng2 kepala (taktau taktau) mereka.

      .. tak heran dapat MP2 atau pemimpin2 mereka yang nampak macam tak perlu tau sebenda apa yg dibentangkan/dibincang dalam Parliamen tapi kena tunjuk hebat dan yakin dengan “yes yes no no angguk angguk”, ikut aje apa puppet master arahkan.

      1. Aiyaa, Rina…you see kids being tortured, you don’t know to make report ah?? only know to jaga tepi kain org only ah?? only know to ngumpat only ah?? you want videos on rotan, i can give many…..but usually there’s a lot on the arabs caning women…….let me know if you need links

        1. surrhead
          …make report ah…

          Always at the scene to help la tapi kena malah sama itu Apek..kata thts their way of disciplining anak2 so they will ikut ciakap ibubapa, only answer “YES” or “NO” the kids feelings or opinions don’t matter to them..lagi talak ikut, lagi kena LOTAN wan.

          Haiyaa… some of your mums even sleep with a cane under their pillows since its your budaya, how to masuk campuq?

          Taliban I don’t know becos I don’t see with my own eyes. Awak daj go Afghanistan ke?

          1. So sorry the apek malah you for interfering….next time call Talian Nur, at 15999….or the police…..make a video and post it…..if it’s bad, somebody will take action…from what you have stated, looks like the abuse happens every week, and you can have many videos

            Plus, nice to know you have slept with mums of chinese origin who sleeps with canes under their pillow….

            NO, i have never been to afgan….i only watch online video where human rights are always infringed, women mistreated and men taking over as gods.

            1. surrhead

              ….. where human rights are always infringed, women mistreated and men taking over as gods…

              Amboi… videos KKKs, Palestinians, Mynmars, Thailand and similar happenings in India, Africa, China bla bla hang tak sebut pun? Apasal only Talibans Afghanistan?

              BTW all my househelp (since 1979) and few employees are Chinese tau, their confirmation on lotan bawah bantal. Yes, klo sibuk event..they sleep over.

              BTW those kids dah grown-up now, they even threatened their parents they will make police report. Don’t worry.

              1. Because only Islamic nations punishes based on old outdated laws, and it’s interesting trying to understand what is running in their heads.

  5. Red Shirts or Yellow Shirts are not relevant here.
    There are assholes in Red Shirt and Yellow Shirt.
    i wore Yellow Shirt.
    The altercation to downright humiliation between Chinese and the Bengalis are well documented.
    Yes there are more Chinese that proudly wore the Yellow shirt.That has nothing to do with beating foreigners.
    But Chinese beware.Your humanity is at stake.Address the Bangali problem collectively,in community sprit.The Begalis like you Chinese will continue for a long while be city dwellers.

    1. Kau ni cakap bahasa kebangsaan USA ke bahasa Red Indian? Cakap melayu je lah, slang perak pun takpe. Jangan bersungguh sgt nak ikut HY kat bawah ni. Dia bukan melayu, dia tak pandai bahasa kita takpe. English kurang pun takpe sebab dia ada Mandarin. Kita ni nak nampak “maju” sikit kena la cakap omputih. Tidak nanti orang cakap kita ni bodoh, mundur. Malu la aku tengok SESEORANG YANG CLAIM DIA MELAYU YANG DUDUK DI UNITED STATES OF AMERICA tapi english macam google translate dari simplified chinese. Takkan dah bertahun berbual bual dengan jiran jiran USA camni je level kau.
      Kucing Bengal aku sakit hati baca komen kau ni, tak tau la orang bengali terasa ke tak…..

      1. You want to compare your written. English to my spoken English.?
        I feel you needed a subtitle.?
        Your written English ..threaten.?
        no hambla.?

        1. marah nampak..sakit hati ke? mmg itu yg aku nak!

          You know what Mr.Red Indian, I am pretty sure that an englishman would need an english subtitle for your written english.

          Threaten? hahaha. By you? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

          Challenge accepted! Please post your voice recording here, post haste. And to make things more interesting,i promise to only use my left index toe to type the reply to your “spoken english” on my phone.

          Don’t take too long….

      2. What is your level?
        “nak nampak maju…malu aku tengok….english macam Google translate…aku sakit hati baca komen..”????
        There is another level you lacks.
        Figure it out quietly.
        If i can figure out your English you can figure out mine.


        1. Mana spoken english kau RBA? Cakap la sikit. Ke malu spoken english kau ada sengau?

          I already figured you out 2-3 days ago, but i want every reader of Helen Ang’s to notice your “intellect” so they will ignore you in the future.
          Better explain that to your RBA boss. Better yet suruh RBA boss kau ambik alih persona kau ni.

            1. Betul Helen, tu yang best nak dengar slang mat saleh dia tu
              MeorUSA bayar la VO talent mana2 tolong cover tuk kome…karang AE tuduh yang bukan2 kome marah!

              1. islam1st,

                I don’t believe MeorUSA is RBA.

                In my humble opinion, he is what he claims to be.

                1. Felt like we in the tv series Walking Dead.we are here to protect from our own and to get rid of the walkers.?
                  Not so right.?
                  Cause whatever race, religion, creed we are still the one looking after each other.Its we the induvidu and we the people.Sometimes our ideas snd beliefs are our own enermy.
                  This platform is to reexamine those ideas and beliefs.
                  Weed out bad peoples I am for that.
                  When the opposition and the resistance wins in Malaysia maybe we can celebrate.
                  I am with the resistance.

                2. A rose by any other name is still a rose, helen. Dah la bro 1st, lemau dah biskut yang ni. Bukan ada isi pun. If this one a muslim, i really feel a deep and profound disappointment.

  6. a thug is a thug be it red yellow black or green, the difference is the brutal n violent type revere thug.

  7. The sticks are nothing compared AK47s which are promised by the communist to all yellow shirts if they return to China.

    1. If all the garang wahhabis go back to the middle-east desert will they become son-of-a-gun?

  8. Instead of blaiming “dedak” Dr M must explain to high acheivers Malays the alternative to “dedak”.
    If he can convince them that there is nothing to loose by giving up Umno the coalition of opposition will break ground.
    Umno Najib and its coalition BN will eventually have to stop printing money.

    1. “high acheivers”? Get a spellchecker la, duit soros tu jgn asyik guna utk makan atau main judi saja….
      “nothing to loose”? Apa yang longgar?

      Yang kau tiba tiba Tun M ni kenapa? Kena marah dengan boss la tu. Desperate nampak hehehe

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