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Tun the 5½ foot walking screwdriver

Umno now views MCA as Gunting Dalam Lipatan. The parti keramat is aware that the Chinese BN party has been secretly bersekongkol dengan DAP and thus enabling the evangelical party’s politics of hate.

More and more Malays are wising up. They’ve finally begun to realize that the spite and malice of DAP evangelistas know no bounds, and no amount of deflection by MCA can whitewash this fact.

Last week’s Umno general assembly was an awakening where the party president fingered DAP unequivocally as public enemy No.1.

BELOW: DAP is full of hate

My hitam metalik kitten
My ‘hitam metalik’ kitten

Beating the war drums

Najib Razak has promised the Malay community that his men “akan turun gelanggang berjuang habis-habisan … dengan roh perjuangan dan iltizam baharu” against the hateful Dapster-evangelistas.

In his keynote address, Najib reiterated his “no retreat, no surrender” motif from last year but this time the sabre-rattling is even louder — with brandishing the sword on the right hand and unsheathing the keris on the left.

He intoned:

Jangan kita mundur walau setapak,
Jangan kita berpatah jalan walau sejengkal,
Dengan ibarat pedang di kanan dan terhunus keris di kiri,
Berselempangkan pula semangat yang tidak mungkin bisa mati.
Kerana janji Tuhan pada tiap yang berusaha tentu ada balasan jayanya.
Kalau belum hari ini, esok atau lusa cahaya mentari pasti terbit dan memancar jua.
Ayuhlah! Ayuhlah! Tanpa gentar dan tiada ragu-ragu lagi,
Kita bangun dan berdiri, bersiap untuk berjuang bermati-mati pabila semboyan dibunyi-kan nanti.

Is the fierce rhetoric by Najib for real? Nanti the whiny MCA complain some more how their delicate feelings are being hurt.

Tun the only Malay man in picture
Tun sedia berjuang dengan DAP

DAP’s Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy in play

DAP invited Tun Mahathir as the VVIP guest at their party convention so that the ex-premier can use the platform to exercise his trademark stinging sarcasm against Umno.

The DAP delegates even gave Tun a rapturous applause. And why not? He is after all their screwdriver to turn pressure on Najib and the hated Malays. For Dapsters, it doesn’t get any better than to watch Melayu screw Melayu.

But I wonder who advised the DAP to extend this priceless invitation that is backfiring with unintended consequences.

Don’t take advice from fools lah – click below to listen – or from useful idiots (i.e. Malay mercenary 20k bloggers who are the BFF of the RBA).


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19 thoughts on “Tun the 5½ foot walking screwdriver

  1. Whether ‘gunting’ inside or outside ‘lipatan’ is not important. What matters most is the end results. There are many especially after last GE. The recognition of UEC by Sarawak is an example of positive outcome resulting from MCA loosing to DAP. It appears that the more MCA loses the more the awards.

    1. Boy, as far as your shallow opinion on Tun M, you should keep it to yourself.

      Before you criticize someone who had done great things to the country, ask yourself, what have you done to yourself to make sure you live a life like Tun M.

      You have a lot of growing up to do, and the most credible thing you can say about Tun M now is that he could be your great grand father. Other than that, you are just parroting what Helen and other adults are saying.

      1. Adik Ahmad,
        Do you think what Setem said to you is line with the “universal human rights” that he and his kind champions? Doesn’t what he says to you contradict with the “freedom of speech” that he and his ilk will hide behind whenever Sedition Act 1948 is applied to them? Do you feel the merit of his argument that you are parroting when he didn’t offer any insight other than his age is greater than yours. That is hilarious when most of the old folks home is filled with their elders. Well, enough about him and his empty comments.

        Does past misdeeds render future good deeds void? Can the good deeds done in the past brought forward to balance the scale for a present day betrayal? When you find the answer, ahmad, just forgive the old man. He did it because of his love as a father, not for himself. However never ever put your trust in him again.

        Oi setem doplohsen. Budak kecik pun lu mau buli kah, chinese underworld betul kau ni. Jangan ingat lu sorang boleh hayun getah paip. State your argument, let see whether you can take on someone your own size…..

        1. Never put a trust in any man.DrM always will earn Malaysian respect.He defied odds.He is not half bake.
          And he is sharp as always.Hate him loves him.He is not a one man army.He got followers.
          He is my Kapitan.

        2. And nowadays, not many people guna setem lagi. Almost redundant.

          The future belongs to the youth, so make way for them.

        3. Dear AE and Aunty RINA,
          Thank you. Yes, it is against my Freedom of Speech as written in Article 10 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia to tell me not to have my own opinion as long as I respect the Sedition Act. Apart from that it is also against the Articles 12, and 13 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) that says:
          “States Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to
          express those views freely in all matters affecting the child,
          the views of the child being given due
          weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child.”

          ~Article 12(1) of the CRC
          “The child shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek,
          receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or
          in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of the child’s choice.”

          ~Article 13(1) of the CRC
          They should respect the CRC for it is part of the the “universal human rights” that COMANGO is fighting for all this while at the UPR.

          1. very proud of you ahmad, i don’t think setem need someone his own size to get a beatdown. He cant even beat someone your size…lol

    2. “used by his own foes” is a cheap propaganda, i never appreciate mahathir unlike most of u, maybe i did during the first 2 years when he became pm, howewer i think he is a great n astute politician. i believe he will win if he live long enough. my view is that umno lose a most prominent n symbolic malays statesman, mo1 is the one that screw the malay, chinese, indian dll.

      1. A great and astute politician rarely mean a good person, never met one in my lifetime that qualify. Yes, Malays as a whole lost a great statesman, but Mahathir lost ALL OF US. The royals’ snubbing he received is a clear sign that he does not have their support, and of their loyal subjects. I cant stress enough about going through the correct channel where justice is concerned. It is never enough that justice is done, it must SEEN being done. Otherwise he is just THE BATMAN.
        I do not understand chinese politics, but i understand MALAY sentiments. DAP will be better off alone than in the company of PPBM and PAN. The malay votes that u will get through them will be insignificant compared to the nons’ support you will lose by pimping Mahathir(note the absence of the usual prefix) and Mat Sabu around. Both do not stand for the malay/islam dominance principle hence no standing in the eyes of malays and muslims. How the high and mighty had fallen….

        1. can agree with yr first sentence, thats y i used the term ‘politician’, not statesman or even person.

          my view is that the malay ‘civil war’ (helen word wakaka) would become more fierce, vicious n intense solely because most know dap or the chinese is no more a threat, the struggle for power would only become bad, to worse, perpaduan ummah is actually caused by a perpecahan umno. i never expect mahathir to win, however i somehow think umno start engaging pas could be a deadly move, i mean to umno.

          the younger chinese generation give their vote to dap not because dap is great, it is more likely partisan, the older generation however prefer a balance, umno attitude remain essential to them. i dun agree with raja petra and ktemoc that mahathir approval of dap would kill dap, it is the other way round to ensure chinese vote stay with dap/pakatan.

          i really have no idea how malay look at mahathir today, no matter we like it or not, mahathir is the only pm that make many malaysian proud, it is not easy to tear down his legacy, unless najib could improve the economy.

          1. IMHO economy wont improve under Najib. Even if he did nothing wrong and everything right, external forces will drag it down no matter what. On Mahathir, when he attack najib in umno, parlimen and later in ppbm, malay can still accept. But not after
            Sure DAP will get all chinese and evangelical vote. Nothing can change that but what about the other multiracial part of DAP. Maybe they still be a member but where will their votes go since the leadership already state that they aren’t needed? I guess staying home is better than voting BN, right?

            I’m genuinely interested on how would siding with pas will be detrimental to umno. Do you think mca/mic/gerakan will leave BN since without malay support, i do not think they will amount much next GE. Do you mind elaborating? I’m being civil so please return the favor.

      2. Agreed.Look at the recent Umno family gathering.Its sad.Where all the good people go.?Hismuddin looked at Xaid , Zaid looked at Adnan…who else i s missing.?Comenting on this blog.?
        Dap family meeting is the happening.Dap is in.

  2. quote,”Don’t take advice from fools lah” unquote.

    Typical Helen’s condescending attitude towards those who are not “with her”.

    1. And then you emulate her “condescending attitude” on a CHILD? Alahai…paku dulang paku serpih! If you don’t know the meaning of that, you can ask adik ahmad! I bet he can give you an equivalent english proverb.

  3. Adik ahmadalikarim
    Syabas..keep your mind open and remain critical always. Tak tau tanya.

    Zaman skrg bukan macam dulu2 asyik2 kena cerkah “hang pi main jauh2, hang kecik taktau pape”. Yang lagi sedih ada juga jenis manusia bila anak2 buka mulut aje dah kena LOTAN!

    Kesian anak2 Setem kan?

    1. Anak2 Setem akan jadi mentally stunted being brainwashed by the father, who believes Mahathir, a mere mortal can do no wrong.

  4. Don’t worry about DAP.
    They are just 30% of the 31 million of Malaysian population.
    and perhaps other cities that are being developed.
    Think of their population menjelang tahun TRANSFORMASI NASIONAL NAJIB TN50.
    Starting with a mere 700 ribu di setiap bandar.
    Dalam tempoh 30 tahun will triple and quadriple
    to tens or 50ie or 100 of millions!!!!
    By than,maybe will will have LittleBeijing, Little Guangzho,
    LittleNanyang, LittleHongkong, LittleShanghai!!!!
    Do you think they will be happy just being the
    rakyat of the cities…………….?????
    What if they start feeling they too need KEADILAN
    setaraf ahli MCA,DAP,UMNO, BN, PAS,etc…….???
    After all, they hold in their hand all the BIG
    MALAYSIAN ASSETS like Petronas, TNB, Telekom,
    Sime Darby, Celcom and may be ASTERO too!!!
    They deserve to be treated like the 1st class citizen.

    1. kau ni mabuk ketum ke apa? ada ke DAP ahli sebanyak 10.3 juta? Mahathir punya fitnah 700K tu kat johor saja, Yang kau tokok tambah lagi ni kenapa. Baca benda tak betul pun tak betul. pegi la beli spek baru.

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