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What a shocking day!

Never thought I’d live to see this kind of story headline getting top thumbs in Malaysiakini.

‘Mahahtir deserves the best of seats’ – the Most Read article today in Malaysiakini – is written by strident evangelista Stephen Ng.

The evangelical embrace of the man they used to call The Father of Racism is now complete. What a day!




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18 thoughts on “What a shocking day!

  1. the problem with young people today is that they are buta history. Do you really want to invite your enemy to your most special day? I don’t think so. If they started looking back the history between that lunatic negara(sa)wan and the royal families, maybe. maybe (a shred of hope) they understand why he is not invited.and then when you think about it, these people (Mkini) just found a new brother to lead them to salvation (my f…)and everything else is forgiven. Now what did they say about the retired captain police report on them?

  2. Kesian plak pikiaq pasai DAP. Hele’ kat Anwar (march to Putrajaya), hele’ kat Arw TGNA (ramai2 masuk semejid). Sementara tu kutip habis reject2 dari BN. Sekarang hele’ kat TDM pula (1juta tandatangan).

    Macam lembek donno how to stand on own two feet? Takde leadership quality ke?

    Ampu jangan tak ampu jangan lupa kasi banyak2 carrot bole tunggang ‘kuda’ laju2.

    1. La aaa ingatkan saya sorang dok pikiaq camtu pasai DAP Lim anak beranak. Harini baca one article ex DAP pun bagi ulasan sama,

      …..Menurut bekas Ahli DAP kawasan Taman Chai Leng, Shamsher Singh Thind jelas bahawa DAP langsung tak mempunyai aura kepimpinan didalam menentukan hala tuju Pakatan Pembangkang…..

      All these years DAP and Pakatan2 whatever sekadar omong2 meghapu dan liar aje. Asyik melalak BN-UMNO bodoh, tak cerdik, korup, jahat ke tahap Hitler (LKS baru cakap) appartied bla bla sampai dah naik lali. Macam budak2 jahat ciri2 gangsters sja cara penampilan mereka.

      Mai pula ‘kuda2’ tua join in the flock. Malangnya bukan sekadar dedak, habuk pun tak nampak apa yg mereka bole contribute?

      Boring la opposition – empty drums. Elok pi audition jadi pelakun2 kat Bollywood dan Hkongwood aje la. MeorUsa.. tolong2 submit application depa kat Hollywood bole tak?

      1. Umno tunjang BN.What party is tunjang Pakatan Harapan.?Dap been the oldest.Any respect.?
        PH needs Pas, a chance for Pas to lead.
        Minus the Hudud exclusives.

        1. And PAS do not need infidels, munafiqs or two faced traitors in their midst or as allies. The same way we don’t need you here in malaysia… Umm where is your tax domicile btw?

  3. Yeah, now we know that Malaysiakini flip flopped over Dr M, were you not one of their darling contributors but had since been sidelined? Everyone made U Turns (included you). It’s a way of life!

    1. When I do it, I’m slandered through the Dapsters’ relentless, vicious smear campaign.

      When Kit Siang, Guan Eng & their groupies do it, all kinds of excuses & rationale are trotted out on their behalf.

  4. Well, what can we say now that they have embraced the “Father of All Hypocrites”. They have spat and lick back their spits. Their principles can be sold for just 5 cents, and that’s the standard of our evangelists led by their political prostitutes.

  5. Yeah yeah
    This time its for permanent change.Not what if.This is the road to the end of a regime.Regime Umno.Sieze the moment.

  6. The only kind of seat he deserves is the seat off a toilet bowl from 25 Pinhorn.

    Worn around his old, wrinkled neck.

    1. Have some respect. Dislike his politics all you may but do it with respect…then again it’s Helens site…so..

  7. I hope mahathir understand the full consequences of the words he utter. I hope his sons, daughter, wife and all his muslim friends and followers realize the implication of their nodding, clapping and encouraging the man. As if his speech that compares the prophet with najib wasn’t bad enough, now he added twisting Allah will and quran to his list of sins. No wonder the scripture twisting evangelist put him on a pedestal. From the deepest bottom of my heart, I pray that allah protect my family and i from this fitnah, protect this once great man from syirik or take back his life before that happens…

      1. Hahaha. Stop barking while sounding like a cat la. Do you think any of us would accept a Karl Marx quote as an unassailable truth? But i do strive to become an example to my fellow muslim on how to defend Islam from a hostile infidel just like you. Many thanks for making that clear.

        1. Of course you can’t accept Karl Marx’s quote, cos it would crumble your belief totally….Do you know how suicide bombers are made?? it’s links to belief and manipulation and empty promises

  8. Stephen Ng’s next karangan could sound like this : “Mukhriz deserves to be the next PM”.

    PS: Mukhriz is on the front page of Malay magazine “Maskulin”, December edition. Tun supporters should buy a copy , ha!

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