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Shahrizat is wrong

She thinks Kit Siang and Tun “cium mulut”. Actually Kit Siang is leaning over to nibble Tun’s ear.



Dogs and cats think differently and head in opposite directions — as illustrated by my cat and dog below.

Throughout GE12 and GE13, DAP herded its sheeple in the direction of “PAS for All’. But now that DAP and PAS have fallen out, the flip-flop party is redirecting its lobotomized flock to Tun — a bunga mas tribute tied with yellow ribbon and gift card bearing the legend “I’m yours”.

(Listen to the song in the music video below; its lyrics are very appropriate of the DAP’s free and easy love-love-love behaviour.)



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31 thoughts on “Shahrizat is wrong

  1. Like cat and dog, the new and old testaments cannot be mixed as far as present day christians are concerned. The teachings invented by Churches are more superior than those revealed by Christ.

    1. Worry about your own religion and the freaks in it, since you clearly know jack about the religion Christ formed.

  2. Awesome.lets put aside reasons and put our emotions is best enjoyed with emotion.Malaysian politics has been a roller coastal ride for so long.
    Enjoy this bend.

    1. A reminder for muslims wherever you are

      P/s: takyah la ambik port sangat apa mangkuk ni tulis, ke laut sudahnya.

  3. has tun deleted anwar’s sodomy story from his old diary, an accusation that he had strongly held onto previously and now he rewrote back into his old diary that anwar is innocent therefore he (tun) was mistaken / intentionally made up story ?

    haha …who can give me the answer ?
    well melayu mudah lupa or buat2 lupa..

    the best person to answer my question is no other than tun himself…ha ha

  4. This is simple….DAP distanced itself from PAS, after PAS want to go along with hudud implementation. All of us have seen how Syariah laws has already been unfair to a few non Muslims (AE an verify on this, Syariah laws are meant to oppress the nons)….and non Muslims are afraid of any improvement on Syariah laws, which might bring more unfair results on them.

    1. That’s another royalty payment for me…don’t worry i won’t claim now but you know when.

      Why does everyone who ever lost a case in court always blame the court for being biased and unfair. Simple, they are a sore loser. Civil court, syariah court, high court, federal court, jugde by jury of their peer, by a panel of judge, by king or by god. The winner never complain..ever. Only losers like surrhead that will whine and whine and whine and whine and whine and keep on blaming the system. Don’t commit the offence if you cant take the punishment. That is the gist of every law there is. Deterring wrongdoing and bad choices. Care to rebuke my argument, surrhead or are you just one of these loser criminals?

      1. AE, conversion of kids and infants to Islam by one parent is totally wrong. In the case of Deepa vs Ridzwan, the syariah court sided ridzwan, which is certainly unfair. Do you want more examples?

        1. Firstly who says it was the wrong judgement? Another judge? A lawyer? You? On what grounds? Do you have any details of the case that will support your claim that the jugde had made an error interpreting the law?
          Second, who says it was unfair? Deepa the loser? Deepa’s lawyer? Surrhead the loser? Please cite the law that will render this judgement unfair.

          I am sure you won’t reply after this. Not with facts at least. Maybe you want to go down the same road as Di and his 5000 years old taichi we have seen. Be my guest.

        2. ‘ one parent is totally wrong’

          Wei bodoh siapa cakap? Lu ciakap ah? Perlembagaan Persekutuan, highest law of the land tak cakap itu macam wor! Ada baca ka talak??! Jangan tipu, boleh??

    2. How could the syariah is unfair to non-muslims particularly the Christians when the same laws are also found in the Old Testament? By right the evangelists in DAP should be working with PAS and not opposing it.

      1. Blue, you always seems lost. Jews and Muslims follows the old testament, i.e the Torah and Quran…The Christians have old Testament and New Testament. I believe JC wants Christians to follow New Testament. That’s why Christians don’t practice floggings and stoning. JC was all about love and peace.

            When Jesus died on the cross, He put an end to the Old Testament law (Romans 10:4; Galatians 3:23–25; Ephesians 2:15).

            Truthfully, i don’t much bother on who follows what, but more on how it impacts social life of humans. If religion is going to be used to suppress a being, i despise that gesture.

            And i am not also gonna give you this boring phrase where you should talk to a Christian priest, take classes and whatnots to understand more.

            1. All the verses that you have cited do not support the claim that you are making. If I can cite Matthew 17-18 as a proof of JC ordering his followers to obey the OT then I am expecting you to do the same on JC asking his followers to abandon the OT.

              1. My claims doesn’t matter at all. The fact is what i have said is what the Christians are practicing. My advice to you is to run demos in front of churches on Sundays and state your concern….i.e that YOU are worried and concerned that the Christians are going astray by not following the OT….and YOU wish to save them from “eternal fires of hell”…….are you game for this??

                1. Yes, it does matter since you have made a very important claim. All I asked is for a verse in which JC says something like “Hey guys, forget about the OT after my death on the cross”

                    1. Biasanya kalau surrhead sudah bagi “advice”, mmg dia tak boleh jawap dah. Sudah lari la blue.

                      Bro 1st, rasanya for GE14 the question will be “Apa lagi kafir harbi mahu?”

        1. How do you know JC wants you to follow the new testament instead of the old one? What proof do you have that JC did tell christians to follow something written at least 50 years after his passing? Please do enlighten us surrhead.

          Chronologically speaking, shouldn’t Al-Quran be called the LATEST and LAST testament? Just stating the obvious.

          1. How do I know? The answer is in Matthew 17-18. Not only JC wants all the laws in OT be followed but fullfilled too. No single dot of words should be left out – said JC.

                1. AE, that you gotta ask the admin……she’s picks which on which response goes first and which to delay for days… know how the game goes……’s all about fooling you guys

                  1. No such thing. Your responses are all moderated in batches when I’m online and in LIFO order (last in, first out).

                    If you feel that your comment has been delayed days, then it means your response has been too provocative – or I deem it seditious – and it won’t appear at all.

                    Those who are able to comment within boundaries always have their comments appear.

                    1. My comments are ok, usually stating the obvious, and the truth usually hurts. Anyway, it’s your say against mine. And i think you don’t want your supporters to speak on matters from a logical point. It’s easier to lie to when they remain stupid, and don’t use brain matters much.

                  2. Open your own blog la surrhead. Let’s continue there. Helen tak boleh kacau ma. Gua punya pun banyak tak lepas…sikit complain pun tarak. Very entitled la you. Mulut busuk pun kena ada orang tolong berus.

                    1. come on, grow a spine, AE….u wanted my reply, and now u are sucking up to Helen. One spineless bas***d you are, aren’t you??

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