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S’gor exco must explain Christian presence in mosques

Only religious programmes are allowed in Selangor mosques. Even PAS cannot stage its political programmes at the mosque and surau, state exco Iskandar Abdul Samad told Malay Mail Online.

What kind of “religious programmes” are the evangelical Christian Hannah Yeoh – pix below – and her horde staging in the mosques?

See Yahoo! News yesterday.


Hannah Yeoh pergi ke masjid untuk ma
Hannah Yeoh in her cosplay get-up
Hannah's Christian interns participating in a
Hannah’s Christian interns participating in a “religious programme” in the mosque, is it?
Religiously themed costume parties seem to be an annual affair for Hannah's interns
Religiously themed costume parties seem to be an annual affair for Hannah’s interns


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115 thoughts on “S’gor exco must explain Christian presence in mosques

  1. If she had worn jeans instead, you and many on here would have been on her case for disrespecting the Mosque etc. Can’t win with you people.

    1. Why go to the mosque (with a posse of interns some more) in the first place when it is a tempat ibadah for Islamic religious activities, and she is a non Muslim?

      Buka puasa can still be shared together by the various races if the majlis is held in a community hall, open house or restaurant/hotel.

      Don’t reckon the non-Muslim guests actually puasa, and in any case, Norman Fernandez exposed the Johor DAP bunch as meeting up at Bak Kut Teh joint before proceeding to join the iftar.

      Hypocrite Hannah the two-faced evangelista misusing the tudung.

    2. Formerly, if she had wore anything but the appropriate attire, she could not set foot inside any mosque compound.PERIOD!

      Non Muslims cannot enter a mosque. This is LAW as per HRH Sultan of Selangor decree on Apr 23, 2010 and the Selangor Mosque and Surau Guideline 2010.

      To further showcase the dishonesty of these DAP proselytizers, i present to you the draft of PERJANJIAN BERSAMA KERANGKA KERJASAMA PAKATAN HARAPAN DAN PARTI PRIBUMI BERSATU MALAYSIA

      Click to access Deraf-Perjanjian-Pakatan-Bersatu.pdf

      Please note item 1(i) and (ii). My question is how can you say you are committed to the cause stipulated if you disobey the Sultan’s decree repeatedly? However, you can always show us your new found commitment by surrendering each and everyone of these women, at least ten by my count including Madame Speaker, to the authority in order to be tried under Sedition Act 1948 Sect 3(1) (e) and sentenced to the full extent of the Penal Code as a deterrent and example for the Malaysian populace. Bring along the stupid Nazir who let this event takes place.

      Time to earn our respect, Formerly.

      1. AE, I wasn’t aware of this. Another interesting exercise of Islamic supremacism in “moderate” Malaysia I must say. Nonetheless, as petty and as stupid as the ruling is, I think Hannah was even dumber, and yes, you can say extremely arrogant to enter the Mosque having known the laws that had been brought in. And the people who invited her are to be blamed as well.

            1. i dun know, do u know? if there is such law b4, then what is that for since no one care? or u wanna start the babbling again u r kind?

              1. Yes i do, but cant you think on your own? Compare dates? Do research before opening your mouth? Google? So hai.

          1. HY
            Hang pun elok mula pi belajaq alif ba ta, lepaih tu Muqadam atau sistem iqrak mudah sikit, lepaih tu on to Quran. Tapi kena masuk kelas nak paham betoi2 isi kandungan hadith2. There you will find the answers perihal wanita2 dan tatatertib ‘NIAT dan TUJUAN’ etc nak masuk masjid. Kalau sekadar nak gunapakai rumusan yg keluaq dari kepala otak kamu yang “kononnya cerdik” tapi kerdil, payah sikit tau.

            Semua tu dah tersedia ada sejak zaman tok kadok lagi, ancestors Aso Hannah masatu mungkin masih dok di negara China atau Africa.

        1. If you don’t like Islam why not leave to a less “supremacist” country?

          If there was supremacy then surely the masjid becomes a place of politics?

          You are either Muslim or not there is no in between or your pitiful “moderate” malarkey

          1. I’m sure many people don’t like you and they choose to live in the same country as you live in. Don’t talk out of your arse man. The old why don’t you leave the country argument is lazy and irrational.

            1. Formerly Kown as FHAAHD
              …why don’t you leave the country argument…

              Bila keluaq saja results Trump menang, Canadian immigration websites crash tau tak pasai apa? Trump belum masuk White house lagi, ramai Americans yang tak suka dia dah mengelabah nak migrate to other countries.

              Hangpa tsunami konon “Putrajaya is in your pockets” tatak menjadi, dok sini melalak2 tak renti. Bertahun2 pulak tu.

              Awat? Tak dak British tak dapat Putrajaya hangpa taktau cari rezeki sendiri ke?

    3. Stupid. Rules are rules. Ladies hv to be cleansed before entering a mosque. Prob is when you people blatantly evade the issue without knowing the real cause

  2. There colud only be one explanation. Hannah is undoubtedly attracted to the original teachings of Christ instead of those invented by the church. Her dressing especially the headscarf bears similarity with the Virgin Mary. Obviously she does not find the concept of triune god very palatable, so much so she is seeking an answer by going to the mosques and talking to the congregations there. She is doing the right thing. Hopefully more in DAP would emulate Hannah.

    1. God must be pretty disappointed with himself to reveal teachings that barely last a few years before getting corrupted, right? Why did he even bother? Man, I thought God was almighty and all knowing. Clearly he’s not according to you. And apparently 600 years later, he corrected things….but again not in one go, there was a need to abrogate certain teachings and verses because he couldn’t get it right the first time. What a God you believe in, Blue!

          1. atheist now i see…no more old new testament..just logic. But still picking and choosing what suits your desire best and never the whole truth.

                1. I’m just shocked at your ability to almost always miss the point. And don’t lecture anyone about manners, you haven’t displayed any by constantly attacking a religion that you know very little about.That’s clear to me by your extremely weak, ignorant and incoherent arguments.

                  I don’t believe for a second that your religion is from God but I choose not to attack it. My subtle digs at Islam have all been in retaliation towards people like Blue and you when you guys feel the need to get on your moral high ground and attack Christianity.

                  Many brilliant and learned scholars of Christianity over the centuries have had no problems accepting the legitimacy of the religion as well as the historical and theological accuracy of it, so when an uncouth clown such as yourself, who clearly doesn’t possess the intellectual capacity or the required knowledge about the religion to poke holes in it, but yet tries to, it becomes pretty hilarious and embarrassing.

                  1. At last, Formerly have to resort to name calling and personal attack albeit cleverly disguised with long and winding rhetorical which only amount to an emotional outburst with zero facts. Do you like how you feel now? How you like the feeling of being villified at every turn,whatever you do or say can’t seem to wash the slander away. Don’t you hate it when someone who don’t know anything about you, your history, your aspirations presume to teach and decide you that your faith false and its law outdated? Nice eh?

                    What you are feeling now is exactly how i feel about you people with your superior culture, superior religion, superior history, superior righteousness when all you are was uninvited immigrants brought in by uninvited invaders to help them steal the wealth away from my motherland. When we grant you citizenship, we had hoped that you would take the chance assimilate and build a great nation together with us but you did the opposite and wall your self up with vernacular education, your requirement for chinese tongue in employment and your opposition to affirmative actions meant to bring us out of poverty.

                    I pity the malays and muslim that think they are a credit to the race and religion by sucking up to your pretentious agenda of pluralisme and racial harmony when you are actually the enemy pulling their strings. Small wonder the malay are where they are, Asyik sibuk bertukar penjajah.

                    Do keep planting your seeds of hate. Have no doubt, you will reap what you sow. Thank you for the uninformative banter you provided but I would never stoop to your level of superior labelling technique. I think i’m finished with this. You can continue with your rant though, i don’t mind.

                    1. “At last, Formerly have to resort to name calling and personal attack ”

                      Shouldn’t I be congratulated for this?. It’s taken me this long to finally lose my patience with you? I think I deserve a medal.

                      “How you like the feeling of being villified at every turn,whatever you do or say can’t seem to wash the slander away. ”

                      I can’t speak about your interactions with others, but as far as you and I are concerned, only one person willfully attacks the other’s faith, and it’s definitely not me.

                      Even with our recent arguments, I believe that I had responded to Raj with a defence of the Christian position on eating pork when your butthurt ego felt the need to join in the conversation and attack my religion. Up to that point, Islam was not even mentioned. I will even quote the line you came in with which was ” Don’t you think a revocation of a previous SPECIFIC commandment issued by a GOD deserved to be SPECIFIC as well? Clearly a case of pagan interference or simply twisting your own scripture to suit your desire…”

                      “What you are feeling now is exactly how i feel about you people with your superior culture, superior religion, ”

                      Once again, just back up for a second there tiger and read the Chan Lilian thread in chronological order.It will be pretty evident as to who believes in the superioity of their religion and who starts belittling the other religion initially. The news is not good for you I’m afraid, as it’s not the Christaians.

                      “Do keep planting your seeds of hate”

                      People in glass houses…I keep on referring you back to the Chan Lillian thread…

                      ” I would never stoop to your level of superior labelling technique”

                      Thanks for thinking of me as superior, but I don’t need to be labelled that. After all, it resulted from an accident of birth and was not deserved. Jokes aside, just look back at your posts and how you have labelled Chritsianity and Christians. Do the terms “pagan”, “corrupted scriptures”, “immoral”, “infidels’, “molestation of children by priests” etc ring a bell? Your words, AE.

                    2. Yup..still picking and choosing and ignoring the “whole picture” as any superior christians would. What you can never explain or refute is labelling?? Show us more please, of this superior cherry picking.

                    3. Always the victim. Even when presented with facts, you choose to deny it. I pity the people who have to live with you.

                    4. What facts? Facts that you twisted to suit your narrative? It is the “in” thing with you and your fellows now ain’t it.
                      Are you sure i am the victim here? Seems like you are the one that needed help deflecting the issue.

                    5. “What facts? Facts that you twisted to suit your narrative? It is the “in” thing with you and your fellows now ain’t it.”

                      So you are saying that I was wrong in asserting that you joined a conversation to attack Christianity when Islam was not raised at that point? Here’s your chance to prove it. I challenge you to show me a post from the Chan Lilian thread, which was the thread that started our recent argument, where I attacked Islam before you attacked Christianity. Don’t wimp out now, AE. Here’s you chance to prove that I twisted the facts to suit my own narrative. And if you can’t prove it, I expect you to admit that you were wrong.

      1. You must be jealous of Hannah. She is just emulating the real virgin Mary and perhaps updating herself with the history Christ from islamic perspective. These are absolutely her rights.If you happen to be in the category of “person-who’d-been-misled” then may I encourage you to follow Hannah’s footstep

    1. i oso dun know what is the problem, can someone enlightened us? no muslim ever tell me its a problem whenever i enter one.

      1. Dia olang tak tau lu kafir kut apek. Lu ada declare ka lu kafir sebelum masuk? Kalau pakai seluar panjang, baju pun elok, kita sangka baik saja, mungkin mualaf mau sembahyang ma. Lu try la masuk sambil pegang colok sudah on punya atau pakai salib lapan inci luar baju next time. Dont forget to share your experience here.

        1. Ae, your mosque is yours. That’s clear enough. But take it easy on the threats eh asshole? Try living without handouts and taxes collected from others before you diss em eh?

          1. Err.. can you try living somewhere else. Clearly you do not like paying taxes to a malay goverment. Save some money by using less prostitute, drink less alcohol, stop clubbing and then you can buy a yacht and head for international water. No tax there. Toothpaste is also something you can save on. Pakai ke tak pakai ke, mulut tetap busuk.

            1. Ae, why don’t you and your illegitimate ilk fuck off back to Indon? Berani tak? Until then I suggest you shut the fuck up…

              1. What Indon?? Lu bodoh ka, mana sekolah? Indonesia negara baru bila ada itu Pancasila, lu tau? Melayu sini sudah merantau satu Nusantara wor… talak baca ah lu?

                1. Bodoh punya Apek DAP. Do you know what is the Malay archipelago? Oh, I forgot you produk sekolah China did not learn geography, only ching chong cheng!

          2. Di
            ..Try living without handouts and taxes collected from others before you diss em eh?…

            Banyak sangat ke taxes hang dok bayaq? Minimum 5% income tax pun nampak gaya macam hangpa tak pernah bayaq nih?

            Kena aje GST 6% pun hangpa kelupoq semacam?

            1. More than you’ve ever paid Rina. And much less than you’ve received as handouts …dok pi paham ni

              1. Di
                Ya ke? Tapi apahat kena bayaq GST sekadar 6% aje pun hangpa melalak macam anjing?

                Handouts? Alaaa doksah temberang sini la. Just observe open houses udah la. Ada yang sampai tapau bawa balik! Kekeke

                Bulan2 berapa banyak subsidy products hangpa dok pelahap all these years? Check your monthly TNB bills dan lain2 dah berapa tu? Congak tengok, setahun mesti lebih dari BRIM handouts.

                Haiya aa nak temberang celik mata dan minda kamu jasi luas2 sikit.

                1. Babe Ruth

                  korek? I tot itu kemahiran kau olang. Kolek bijih sampai licin, dapat la juga TDM buat lumah dia kat kawasan camtu. sikalang kolek tanah bukit dan pasir2. Atas darat habis semua kolek sampai laut pun mau kolek bikin jalan? Kekekeke

              2. Wakakaka, takde la banyak mana pun. Ingatkan billionaire mana kena bayar tax juta juta… Rupanya kais pagi makan pagi je. Gempak lebih la apek ni.
                Aku rasa kan rina, dia bukan paham pun apa dia tulis kat atas tu. Hidup nak mencarut je…

      2. HY, this absurd law only applies in Selangor, but no where else in the world. Do i need to explain more?? Not to worry, you may visit The Masjid Negara, which is situated in WP. And they have all the necessary attire to cater for non-muslims. As always as it has been, it’s always Muslims who gives Islam a bad name….These freaks will freak out out when they go to Hagia Sophia and see Muslims, Christians and Jews using the same venue to do their worship.

        1. Alahai…boleh tahan bodoh jugak kau ni surrhead. It’s a tourist attraction la. That’s why we, muslim, prepare the attire for tourist. Any tourist want to visit Masjid al-Falah, Subang Jaya? For no good reason?

          Hagia sophia is a more museum than mosque/church. Not much reason to freak out. Lol and Turkey is a secular country.

          But still, i urge you and HY to try the joss stick or visible cross stunt at Masjid Negara. Cuba la.

            1. There is, I fear, no accounting for one’s power of imagination. However, i think the parrot kept by Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty have more imagination and vocabulary than you. Can’t you do better than a parrot, can you Di? Repeating the same word over and over and over does shine some light on the length and breadth of your vocabulary.

          1. halo budak, cakapan berbelit belit lu sudah mendedahkan lu tak ada jawaban, gua tak tahu samada soalan gua rumit, atau akibat lu kekurangan keupayaan kognitif dan intelek. mahu gua ulangi soalan kah?

            1. Halo so hai. Lu sakit hati apsal meh? Kontrak jamban kena tarik balik ka?
              Gua jawap pakai teka teki la, kasi lu exercise lu punya otak sikit.

              Apa barang lu makan tapi gua tak makan?
              Apa industri ternakan yg tidak diusahakan oleh orang islam. Orang jahat di USA panggil polis sana apa?

              Gua malas jawap sebab budak sekolah rendah pun tau ini jawapan la sohai. Otak kecik, punai kecik , cakap saja besar..

              1. halo bodoh, takde jawaban diam diam la, tak payah tulis panjang lebar, orang putih sifat ni useless verbiage, belajar la bagaimana nak sampaikan mesej sepuluh ayat tak berguna lu dalam apa yg bolih dimuat dalam satu, misalnya sumua olang sini paham gua jelas sekali bila gua panggil lu bodoh, short n simple.

                so bodoh, sila jawab jgn tak jawab.

                1. Aiyo sohai sudah marah. Tak boleh tidur malam ka kalau gua tak suap jawapan? Wakaka. Ok la gua kasi tau la ek. Jawapan 1: Babi. Jawapan 2: BABI. Jawapan 3: PIG
                  Tapi kenapa babi jadi hal, itu lu pikir la sendiri ya, tak pun google. Meritocracy ma..semua kena cari sendili ooo.

          2. Ae…, Hagia Sophia is a great example of tolerance among religions. You won’t get it, cos a person has to be smart to understand and embrace it. BTW, given the proper manner and attire, any mosques is visitable, and everyone knows the Selangor Sultan clearly meant no politicking at masjids and suraus. You are doing great in painting Islam a bad name…..what a joker you are….are you one of those guys who don’t eat tomato – A Salafi group called the “Popular Egyptian Islamic Association” has warned Muslims against eating tomatoes on the grounds that the fruit is a “Christian food,”…and to add on “We said don’t cut it in [such a way that it reveals] the cross shape.”

            1. Then can you tell me what does that politician doing in a mosque? Sembahyang? Masuk islam? Nak berbuka puasa konon, puasanya tidak. Lu ambik la point hagia sofia jane dengan tomato tu, takde rasa tercalar sikit pun. Now let see you taichi this one…..boleh ke jawap? Jangan menyorok belakang helen pulak.

            2. Hagia Sophia Mosque is in Turkey is it not?

              A man once asked Rumi: “Why is it you talk so much about the silence?
              Rumi answered: “The Radiant One inside me has never said a word.”

              “This Aloneness [witnessing of Truth within] is worth more than a thousand lives!”

              Why do the wahhabi salafis hate the sufis so much?
              After all no man calls himself a sufi but that he walks the path of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) for the Presence of his Beloved Lord.

              Abu Hurairah r.a. narrated that Allah’s Messenger (s.a.w.) said: “Whoever has faith in Allah and the Day of Judgement should speak good words or remain silent. And whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should be gracious towards his neighbour. And one who has faith in Allah and the Last Day should be hospitable towards his guests.”

              [Sahîh al-Bukhârî and Sahîh Muslim ]

        2. surrhead

          …when they go to Hagia Sophia and see Muslims, Christians and Jews using the same venue “t o d o t h e i r w o r s h i p”….

          You paham tak sentence tu? Tang bab tu you kena paham ya.

          Yang betina2 dalam gambaq tu pi masjid dok buat ape? HY hang dok pi masjid selalu hang dok pi buat ape? Dapat kontrak pi repair tandas, atau saja2 pi nganga2 tengok Muslim solat?

          1. yg dia org turun gi masjid tu nak eratkan sillaltulrahim antara kaum..tu pun payah nak paham ka??

            1. Sudah la surrhead. Banyak tempat lain boleh buat ini “eratkan silaturrahim antara kaum”. Kedai mamak pun boleh apa? India, serani, nepal, bangla, myanmar semua boleh datang sekali. Tempat yang orang kata tak boleh, itu yang korang nak langgar. The visit served no purpose but the “visitors” own ends. Stop deluding yourself la

              1. surehead,

                The Malays and Muslims know the real reasons DAP leaders enter our mosques and surau , so stop bullshitting!

                1. Kalau korang iman kuat, korang pegi la masuk church….takder org halang pun…….buat sama mcm Hannah buat……ada berani?? ini kan tgk salib pun gigil, lagi nak langkah kaki masuk church……..kartun betul la korang ni

                  1. hehe cina ni sebok ckp pasal iman. kihkih.

                    Bro, once I had a relationship with a chinese lady so aku biasa masuk church tgk korang merepek repek cara korang kat dalam church tu. Yes, aku masuk duduk dgr sermon dan tgk korang nari nari tu. Happy tol paderi tu tgk aku rajin dtg situ (aku tunggu awek aku). Anyways, aku selalu lepak dgn awek aku punya friends and the hot topic will always be sapa fuck sapa, sapa nak sapa, sapa buat abortion .. kihkih… in the end, awek aku nak terus hidup dalam kegelapan dan aku pulak geli dah tgk perangai korang semua.

                    Ini bukan bermakna aku ni beriman sgt kerana iman itu hanya Allah s.w.t sahaja yang tahu dan bukannya no(surr)head ataupun manusia.

                    Takda org Islam yang aku jupa yang takut dengan salib, pergila baca Al Quran. Setiap bacaan menyentuh jiwa kerana ianya benar. Tu sebab ramai manusia yag takut membacanya baik Muslim maupun otak kolot mcm kau tu.

                    1. above…..ko ni, masuk church pun pasai pepet, nak lecture org pulak….ko masuk denomination mana?? Org Islam @ Malaysia takut salib……baru2 ni ada kes kat kampung medan,dimana salib dikerah turun oleh penduduk Islam di kawasan itu…..only 2 explanation here – 1. takut tgk salib 2.takut org Islam terikut masuk church dan jadi kristian sebab iman tak kuat……apa rumusan kamu pasai kes kampung medan tu??And sebaiknya, jgn libatkan Al-Quran, kang aku mula soalan logik, tang hilang ntah ke mana kamu

  3. Hannah Yeoh looks good in the costumes.
    Sharp contrast with some fatso whose only mates are the nuisance cats in her home.

    1. Tehtarik, that’s not a fair comparison. Ones a state speaker and the other a turncoat failed journalist now feeding off dedak. Not fair to compare.

      1. Ones a liar and one has principles?
        The political lady looks very fat and seems to have no principles.

        Trolls don’t have principles either

  4. When Christians become more Muslims than Muslims themselves, at least trying hard to be one. At same time I never saw PAS or UMNO politicians entering churches and temples for similar gimmicks.

    1. Kebanyakkan muslim@malaysia iman tak kuat…..tgk lambang salib pun dah freak out giler…, inikan nak masuk rumah ibadat org christian, org itu dah boleh kira superman la…..anyway, kunjung mengunjungi ini adalah salah satu cara eratkan sillaltulrahim antara kaum…..looks like the christians are doing a job and you may interpret it any way you wish…….or just be sore about it and continue with you stuck up attitude

      1. Kalau cerita pasal open house raya cina ke, deepavali ke, aidil adha ke. Betulllll sangat apa kau cakap ni. Tapi tak payah la nak masukkan rumah ibadat sekali. Berlebih lebih sangat eratnya tu. Macam nak berdakwah pulak.

        Ahh. Some honesty at last… Christians really are doing their job. PROSELYTIZING!

        1. AE, you are just sore that Islam restrains you from being a good being to people of other faiths…..and there’s nothing much you can do except bitch on this and that… you can’t even voice out your feelings cos you have been brainwashed from young that you will burn in hell

          1. Surrhead, many Muslims actually believe that non-Muslims will go to hell. AE obviously falls into this category. They really don’t use their God-given brains to reason things out. One of their supposed top scholars, Dr Zakir Naik, even said that Mother Theresa who many would argue is a model for humanity, has gone to hell because she wasn’t a Muslim. Talk about brainwashing 101.

            1. That is exactly right and very true formerly as per the Quran 2:61-63 and 98:6. Thanks for rectifying surrhead’s misconceptions.

          2. Now that is pure slander surrhead. We only see u bitching here. Everyone else is sharing ideas. Muslims have always be good to FRIENDS of other faiths. We have historical facts to back that up. And actually the brainwash is “muslim with one tiny speck of faith will eventually enter heaven after paying for their past sins. Infidels will go straight to hell and burn eternally”. Get your facts straight la surrhead, bosan la comment2 emosi ni.

            1. iNFIDELS WILL STRAIGHT GO TO HELL AND BURN ETERNALLY……..guess what…..the jews are saying the same phrase, and the christians too…..and should i point out who copied who??

      2. surrhead
        ….tgk lambang salib pun dah freak out giler…

        Dasyat betoi imaginasi kamu nih! Apahal pula tengok dua batang kayu, batang besi atau batang stainless steel ikat buat jadi bentuk ‘t’ pun oghang can freak out? Karut la kamu nih!

          1. surrhead
            …freakout tgk lambang salib… Kamu yang freak out kut?

            Isssh kamu ni pasti seumur hidup tak pernah main WAU. Kami kat kampung kecik2 dulu makayah ajaq buat wau sendiri tau!

            Amik dua batang kayu elok pakai bamboo…ikat dengan tali jadikan ‘t’ …. alahai sejak kecik dah expose dengan lambang ‘t’ apahal nak freak out plak?

            Kamu ni pasti baru tukaq Agama nampak macam peghaq semacam? Zaman British dulu toknek Makayah kamu belum naik tongkang mai sini ke?

          2. haha. Org bukan takut tapi taknak korang merepek repek nanti ckp semua org kat situ suka salib.

      3. Bila kebanyakan Melayu berani bersama attend majlis sembayang orang Hindu, Christian dll. pekara diatas tak timbul jadi issue.Hormat bukang maksud asing diri.
        Ni tak,bila Hannah acap ke Masajid…Tok Guru kata….Hannah nok masok Islam


        1. Kebanyakan melayu tu sapa bai? Mak bapak kau? Anak anak kau? Tu la dia bila dah banyak sangat minum holy water. Buat apa pun boleh, ikut nafsu mana yang mampu. Cakap jangan sebarang. Takde melayu islam yang cukup rukun iman yang buat apa kau cakap tu.
          From personal experience, org terengganu ni mmg mudah kena renjatan budaya. Yang mana dtg KL lagi KL dari aku yg lahir kat GHKL. Masa duk seberang takir, selekeh je baju kurung ke hulu ke hilir. Lepas je tol gombak seluar lagi pendek dari boxer aku. Apatah lagi yg ke NY. Tahniah la ye..dah maju.
          Aku rasa aku nak panggil kau Abu Lahab la. Macam kena sangat dengan sifat yang kau tonjolkan kat sini.

            1. “Sampaikanlah khabar berita kepada orang-orang munafik: bahawa sesungguhnya disediakan untuk mereka azab seksa yang tidak terperi sakitnya; (Iaitu) orang-orang yang mengambil orang-orang kafir menjadi teman rapat dengan meninggalkan orang-orang yang beriman. Tidaklah patut mereka (orang-orang munafik) mencari kekuatan dan kemuliaan di sisi orang-orang kafir itu, kerana sesungguhnya kekuatan dan kemuliaan itu semuanya ialah milik Allah, (diberikannya kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya).”
              (An Nisa’ : ayat 138-139)

              Consider this a reminder from a myopic to a blind.

            2. Kat US dulu ada gak bebudak melayu yang masuk kristian. siap pakai salib besar besar lagi tuh ..hehe. Nama dia aku tak pasti tapi yang pastinya mungkin bukan si meorUSA ni la. Besala .. dah duduk luar negeri lain sket tak mcm melayu melayu kampong kat sini.

      4. @surrhead: I know I shouldn’t reply to you but what Hannah Yeoh and her rest of her DAP politicians are nothing but political gimmicks. The Muslims, politicians or not, never enter churches or temples not because they were afraid but rather to respect other faiths and religions. They know holy places are not political battlegrounds in first place. If you want to move the goal post, go ahead. I’m not bothered with it.

        1. Ayam….it boils down to niat, and HY being smart, would see surau as a good place to meet a larger crowd at one go. And since HY is a wakil rakyat, the people can relay matters to her. you are missing the point that she takes the trouble to meet her constituents….how sure are you that HY’s action is a political gimmick? Or by just assuming it makes it easier to cope with?

          FYI, HY helps out with temple matters too.

          looks like it’s hard for you to digest, but this is what christianity and its teaching is all about – by being down to earth, humble and help out as many as possible.

          And Muslims do freak out seeing crosses. There are many cases here. Here’s one with a politician visiting a church and freaks over cross.
          “PM aides’ orders to St John’s Cathedral to remove crucifixes and banning of singing hymns at St John’s Cathedral constitute a violation of religious freedom guaranteed under Article 3(1) of the Federal ConstitutionThe orders border on the ridiculous. The excuse given by PM aides that the cruciffixes would be offensive to the Prime Minister while visiting the church and grounds.”

          There you go…. PM visits a church, and created a boo-boo.

          Mahathir really meant it when he said – Melayu Mudah Lupa

          1. Way to go spinmaster. Countless of non-Muslims already freaked out hearing “azan”, labelled “ceramah” as terrorist propaganda and labelled Islamic preachers as “terrorists”. As a Muslim man donated food and money to Christians in this Christmas, Christians and Jews “donated” bombs and bullets to Muslims. Christian hypocrisy at its finest.

            1. Ayam, you should also list the muslims that goes around shooting and killing innocents plus themselves……..all in the name of almighty……..BTW, where’s this story on christians and jews donating boms?? or are you pulling a fast one here?

  5. The sanctity of place of worship.No interpersonal or intrapersonal relationships can transgress..
    Not even the state.

    1. MeorUsa
      Tempat hang sana, celebrities Hollywood selalu ke dok pi masuk dalam kawasan masjid to promote dan jual muka mereka time berbuka puasa? Bole ka macam tu?

      No wonder Akow Namewee pi masuk dalam kawasan masjid buat video loklaq, ni pasti dapat ilham dati oghang2 macam hang.

        1. Rina,
          I like your core value.
          Aku Melayu perantau kau,i assume ,duduk umah.
          Mari kita compare notes, because duduk kat umah ke atau kat perantauan kita bolh terlajak.
          Let check on each other.
          To my fellow visitor to this site, let Helan strips us of our BS.She already earned our respect.She is not a Robot.

          1. MeorUsa
            It all begins from home. My nephews n nieces (mak Irish Catholic convert) born right thru graduation all in UK.. yg sulung umuq dah 34 tahun tapi dari segi iman tidak tergoyang langsung!

            Many of my family and friends who once studied and worked overseas mereka pulang sini dengan lebih kejap dari segi pendedahan dan pemahaman Agama Islam mereka.

            Tak kira perantauan atau dok rumah dMalaysia, rajin2 baca Surat Al-Ikhlas. Tidak akan lari kemana2. In sha Allah.

  6. Do they check the religion of visitors to Masjid Negara? Do they ban Christians from visiting Masjid Negara?

    A true bunch of sickening hypocrites!

  7. Ms H. I wish to draw your attention to my recent discovery of the complete change of the core values of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. This is about how DAP is doing deals with the Private Sector less than a year after the demise of its Creator and Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. The Singapore Government and Lee Kuan Yew never did any deal with the Private Sector. All the Projects are owned by the PAP Government of Singapore. Contractors were invited to submit bids transparently. This high Principle of Good Governance and Transparency are upheld by the Singapore Government to this day clearly and dearly. But the Lee Kuan Yew created Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP which is the State Government of Pulau Pinang after the 2015 demise of its mentor and creator Lee Kuan Yew embarked on multi-billion ringgits projects with the Private Sector directly which raises questions of valuations, costs, nepotism, corruption, tenure, ownership, commercialism, ethics, propriety, NOT TOEING THE HIGH PRINCIPLES OF LEE KUAN YEW DAP’S INSPIRATION ! etc. Why the change when it concerns Money ! Money ! Money ! All DAP supporters including HY and the whole World and the Malaysian public must know that the DAP is no longer the DAP of old. It is now something else and has NOTHING TO DO WITH LEE KUAN YEW ANYMORE ! The political partners of DAP must also find out who they are sleeping with – a horse or a donkey ? The supporters must find at the end of the day they are not going to be diddled by the leadership. I CONSIDER THIS IS OUR MALAYSIA’S GREATEST POLITICAL SCANDAL OF ALL TIME. From a true pink Socialist to the other extreme of making Money ! Money ! Money ! for the State ! It is not even a U-turn but a complete change of POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY ! This is very serious !
    Let all Malaysians be informed accordingly including the Selangor State Exco ! Is the DAP now a horse or a donkey ?

    1. Ms H. I wish to state categorically that I do not hate Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore or the Singaporeans, In fact, I wish all of them well. I believe that Lee Kuan Yew was honest, frugal and hard-working. But I vigorously and robustly disagree with 47 of his failed Policies for the good of all Malaysians and Singaporeans. I also believe that there are great days to come if Malaysia and Singapore work more closely together on socio-economic projects in the future. That’s all, folks !

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