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PAN walking into a mousetrap

My kittens have been catching mice.

The roly-poly mouse thing it’s having fun smacking is from Daiso. Costs RM5 + 30 sen GST.



Three blind mice

Mr Pink Ears above is a high-rolling mouse on wheels while Mr Pink Nose is a church mouse that jingles a bell.

The green one in the middle is Mutant Mouse.

Dapsters believe that if you live in Kuantan near the Lynas plant, your skin too will change to a leafy green colour — see the Chinese demonsrator below.

Genetically modified radioactive oppo supporter

Everybody smells a rat in the DAP’S unnatural codddling of PAN, except perhaps members of the Mat Sabu party themselves.

Can you visualize the tailless orange-coloured rodent below as a metaphor for PAN?

It’s actually a good illustration of what the bedraggled PAS splinter party will look like after the DAP chews it up and spits it out.

This is something the PAS people can easily tell the PAN people. The process is called learning from bitter experience.

Poor thing


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11 thoughts on “PAN walking into a mousetrap

  1. Your short post has put a smile on my face. More of these metaphors, please. =)

    Looking at that photo of the mangled mouse did me the hibby-jibbies though, as I suffer from trypophobia.


    P/S. What outlandish lies do you think the Dapsters will be coming up with before the next GE?

    1. Eugene
      hmmmm NEXT?

      With Trump taking over as President, Brexit rolling and EU countries all squirming, probably will declare their “School of Democracy” is the one and only school in the world teaching “Democracy”.

    1. Low level mutant only. No need to worry. Powers limited to making noise and creating traffic jam. No threat at all but annoying to humans. Don’t even deserve a cameo in a comic book. If they want better power i think we need to build a particle accelerator like LHC in Geneva.

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