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  1. We must thank Trump for highlighting the damage fake stories can do as he used a lot of it to defeat Clinton. In our last elections, fake stories marred our elections too, much to the detriment of BN, who were caught napping. By depending on facts, and not stories, BN almost paid a heavy price, and just managed to hang on to rule.

    But here’s the thing: many Malaysians (I’m using hyperbole, just as Trump did when he says, “Many; Every American; etc.) do not believe in mainstream media. So this reporting of fake news in The Star will probably be dismissed by them.

    How can we stop news like “40, 000 Bangladeshis flown in to vote for BN,” at the next elections?


    1. Protuns are terlalu taksub. They are taken in by the RBA and Melayu DAP black propaganda.

      The chameleon blogger Annie is, needless to say, a liar and a fraud. Hence the plentiful fake stories generated by him.

      1. Pls can explain ,what is Melayu Dap black propaganda.?
        Malu nak tanya sesat jalan., kan?

    2. DO you really want to know why many OR most don’t believe mainstream media…..let me give you today’s example from nst – EPF has sold all its shares in FGV
      Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/12/198772/epf-has-sold-all-its-shares-fgv


      The news reports as per headline, EPF sold off FGV shares….what was not in details were how the felda folks were coaxed to buy the shares at 4ringgit plus, and now the shares are only 1ringgit plus and how much are these kampung folks are going to lose. I have yet to see how utusan is gonna report on this – i mean the lies it’ll print to fool the kampung folks.

      BTW, SPR has not yet explained on the 500k new voter surge for Q3 2016.
      And you want us to believe main stream media…..you gotta be kidding….

      1. The NST report may not have contained the backstory as you’ve pointed out but The J-Star is an outright spinmaster (on other matters such as RUU355).

        Annie is of course an outright liar and contributing to the climate of fake news.

        1. Fear not, Helen…….most felda and kampung folks don’t read J-star, or nst….they are more to utusan and sinar harian….that where the lies lies…..

          1. You’re a typical Dapster. Post GE14 and the Malay tsunami, you’re going to be swept to the margins by the backlash you’ve created.

            1. Yes, i guess, with the influx of 500k new voters in 1 quarter, logically umno should still be holding power. The Colorado Party from Paraguay lasted 61 years being the sole party in power. Maybe umno can beat this record.

              BTW, Saham FGV susut 4.94% ekoran pelupusan oleh KWSP

              What does main stream media says on this ah?? Helen? Eugene?

          2. surrhead

            Hang ni tak pernah masuk kampung kut? Kalau TDM umuq dah 91 thn pandai speaking, umuq dia lebih kurang umuq toknek makayah kami la.

            Zaman makayah kami dulu mereka sekolah omputih yang mengajar mereka tau.

            1. rina, biar betol toknek ko baca j-star?? nice to know that…..kalau FGV ok, nape yer Isa ketot itu nak diganti dgn shahrir ya?? Dan mana logiknya org felda beli syer FGV dgn harga RM4+, dan skrg harganya RM1+, dan itu dinamakan ok……..kan bagus kalau rina ajar ekonomi org felda ni

      2. surrhead
        FGV …to fool the kampung folks…

        Alahai kamu nih.. Saham FGV org kampung semua relax2 la, cool and steady macam Warren Buffet simpan saham Coca Cola dia..

        Kamu macam tercungap2 dok jegay mata tengok counter saham hari2 ke? Turun naik saham tu its a cycle la.

      3. Sold? ” Sold ” is an understatement.
        ” Dumped ” might be more appropriate.
        DUMPED FGV shares to salvage whatever value it can get before it becomes another 1mdb. Pity the settlers.

  2. Ms H. Our Malaysians are not even aware that we practise our Malaysian Style Free Democracy with a Malay bias with our loyalty and devotion towards our Constitution, Yang Di Pertuan Agong, and the Royal Sultans successfully since 1957 ! That Singapore practises the Lee Kuan Yew created Anti-Cambridge Godless Neo-Communist Political and Socio-economic System which is imposed upon the citizens without their knowledge and supported by his Apparatchiks and the West. This System has been known for decades in the West as ‘authoritarian capitalism.’ or ‘benign dictatorship’ or ‘ rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas.’

    1. Pity that when Trump takes office, he will upend all your postulating.


    2. Uncle, it is impossible to imagine those traits you attributed to the “System” with the idea of creative innovation and a compassionate society – they are mutually contradictory.

      “I feel very strongly indeed that a Cambridge education for our scientists should include some contact with the humanistic side. The gift of expression is important to them as scientists; the best research is wasted when it is extremely difficult to discover what it is all about … It is even more important when scientists are called upon to play their part in the world of affairs, as is happening to an increasing extent.”
      – William Lawrence Bragg, joint Nobel Prize winner with his father in Physics, 1915.

      Was Sir William speaking out ahead of his time for “emotional intelligence”?

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